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Posted by | February 16, 2012, 18:40 (MST) | 29 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXThe Hollywood Reporter chatted with Julie Plec about tonight’s new episode, All My Children (EP315), and the faces (new and familiar), agendas, and potentially elusive “happy endings” that will carry us through until the Season 3 finale.

THR: In a recent interview, you said there’s going to come a point where a decision needs to be made with Elena and the Salvatore brothers. Will that come before the season’s over or will that be series long?

Plec: The current state of the triangle will definitely come to a head by the end of the season. The most important thing people need to understand now is that “end game” equals end. All conversations about the endgame should be tabled until the end. We’re not going to get out of this season without Elena realizing that she cannot keep fighting her feelings for these two brothers and that there’s a decision that has to be made.


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  • mary.m155

    So, someone please help me out…

    By the end of the season the triangle will be over? She will have made her dicission as to who she wants to be with?

  • KatAttack

     No. She’s saying that Elena is going to have to pick somebody soon because this wishy-washy lack of decision-making is getting on everyone’s nerves, but she’s also saying not to get too up in arms, shippers, because “end game” won’t happen until the end. In other words, if Elena decides to start dating Damon at the end of season 3, Stelena shouldn’t give up hope for the future, and vice versa. Whoever is together can always break up again between now and the end of the show.

    So I’d say the writers are going to milk the triangle in some way until the series concludes, or at least until Nina, Ian, and Paul are no longer acting on it.

  • KatAttack

     And I’m personally torn about who I think Elena will pick… I think SE will get together again, I really do. But every season finale has had a Delena kiss (or at least what we thought was a Delena kiss), and the writers do love their symmetry. So IDK!

    Of course, she could surprise us all and pick nobody… of course that doesn’t really resolve the love triangle AT ALL, so…

  • Anon

    Endgame does not mean the end. TVD got to endgame a long time ago – Elena and Stefan hit that point pretty much beginning of Season Two. Yet the drama has gone on.

  • Sarah

    u know wat For The First Time , The End of Season 3 – Finale , I Want Stefan/Elena KISS because it will be interesting.

    (Whether you are a DE or SE fan – this is the truth) ——— I think She not going to Choose Anyone because She wants to do the right thing as she is a Human – BUT she will still have feelings for both of them But MORE OVER Elena WILLNOT Lose or Forget her Feelings, Passion about Stefan….. 
    (She may have feelings for Damon But It Will Always be Stefan that Elena Loves and Heart Beats for.)  

    I love the Love Triangle Though. It’s hot.

  • Iansfan

     Well it´s purely speculative but Stefan said that he let the human Stefan go for good. On the other hand he is back to his bunny diet and both brothers say that Elena is better off without them. Besides both men said that they loved her. There has never been a romantic relationship between Elena and Damon so actually it should be his turn now, while Stefan should be the one to fight for Elena´s love. And in this case with one girl and two boys there aren´t so many possibilities. She will chose Stefan or Damon or none of them (like in True Blood) Whatever it will be we have to live with it… ;)

  • mary.m155

    It should be his turn they r together in real life so u know the love making g scene would be epic….they would show more for sure ! ;)

  • Kiki

     Everything looks so much like Stefan and Elena are getting back together so I am sure that’s what’s NOT going to happen. Everytime this show makes us believe something it always turns out to be wrong

  • ihatepeople

    I’m sorry but the writer’s interviews are just irritating me.  Once again up until this point everything has been one-sided for the “triangle”.  They have yet to have Elena acknowledge any true feelings for Damon so to say a “decision between the two brothers has to be made” is ridiculous.  She has made her decision.  She has been so mean to Damon that she doesn’t appear to even want his friendship.  They just keep making it worse and worse between Damon and Elena that I see a very, very slim chance of that turning around. So whatever happens in the end it’s seeming pretty predictable to me right now.  A lot of people after the ball guessed Damon would sacrifice his feelings for her so she and Stefan could be happy.  That’s what he did in this last episode.  So just because Stefan says he isn’t good enough for Elena doesn’t mean it won’t happen.   We’re always lead to believe things couldn’t possibly turn around for him yet they always do.  At least the brothers are actually being honest and open with each other.  The only thing I can see changing is that maybe Stefan will stop thinking of Damon as an unworthy person.  For once after the whole Katherine thing that tore them apart they’re finally showing emotional vulnerability with each other.  That’s the only thing I think the writers are being truthful about in these damn interviews.

  • midnight

    If Delena aren’t endgame, then I have one question for Julie: what was the POINT of their story?  They’ve taken 3 and-a-half seasons (most likely, it will be 3 by the time Elena realises she’s got to make a decision), to ‘build’ this relationship, which is longer than any ship on the show.  Including Stelena.  With Stelena, it was a case of ‘they met, they talked, it was epic’, but they never got anything like the level of continual suspense that we got with DE.  And so many people love Klaus/Caroline, but that too, was a pairing that happened within a few episodes.  If they were as gratuitous with giving us DE as they were with SE, and if SE got the same level of build-up that DE have been given, then I don’t think it would come as a huge surprise to me if SE were endgame.  But as it stands, I cannot buy it.  I’m sorry.  Whoever heard of an ‘epic’ couple’s journey being EASIER than a couple who are not?  If Elena doesn’t choose either brother, or if she chooses Stefan, then the ending of the series will be hugely unfulfilling on so many levels.  What’s next for Damon?  Is he just going to go back to being ‘bad’, because that’s more ‘fun’ for him?  Is he going to shack up with a ‘hot’ vampire girl or leave Mystic Falls behind him forever?  Without a proper conclusion for Damon, then the writers have put him through all that pain for nothing.  Because without Elena, then his journey as a character might as well be worth nothing.  What he needs most is true love.  I think the writers have demonstrated that pretty well.  He’s always giving Elena up for the greater good because he loves her so much, and stepping aside for Stefan, but what about HIM?


    Relax. Delana is endgame. At series end. It’s just good writing. I like Damon as season 1 Damon. The “I’ll do it” Damon. For her. But now it’s even better, because we know he’s a great guy. A lover and a fighter. Stefan is great and their love is sweet, but the end game will go to the warrior. He’s been giving no choice, but to move on. Let’s watch Elena hide from her feelings when he walks away -far away – for awhile. Damon has made sacrifices for both stefan and Elena. Remember, ” I’ll even let her hate me for it”. he is the better man. I can’t wait to watch Elena squirm. And even though Stefan went dark for a whole freaking season- I never bought it. Nice try, but he wasn’t ever believable as a bad guy. Only Damon can pull it off. Stefan’s bad guy was just scary. Pyscho. Damon’s bad guy is passion driven, not blood thirst driven. Waaay hotter. Just my opinion.

  • Jenna

    I made a joke that Damon and Elena got more action in their EW magazine spread than they ever did on the show, lol!!!

  • Jenna

    -Triangle? What triangle?
    -It’s always been Stefan! Brooding/martyr Stefan!
    -There is no need for a decision, the only decision would be that she DECIDES to give Damon a chance! And accept her feelings for him!
    -Stefan has been saying a lot of things that no one is buying, he fools no one!!!
    -And maybe just maybe Stefan can stop condemning his brother so much!

  • Izzyshepp101

    Does anyone else think it would be awesome if she chose neither? Both of them have been kind of unappealing to me lately. I think it would be interesting if she chose someone entirely different altogether. It’s not as if she doesn’t have a deep relationship with any of the other characters other than the Salvatore brothers. This past episode, along with multiple interviews, has proven that Elijah certainly has deep, complex feelings for her. I don’t know. It’s just a thought, lol. I’m also kind of in love with Elijah myself so I might be seeing things that aren’t there because of my devotion and fascination with his character ha ha :)

  • ImAPrincessandThisIsMyTiara

    Why are you arguing the definition of “endgame”? The writer and producer of the show just defined it for you…

  • ImAPrincessandThisIsMyTiara

    Interesting. I don’t really know what I want as a Delena fan. Yes, I would love to see Damon and Elena get their proper chance as a legit couple like Stelena had for two seasons, but I would probably have doubts of them being endgame. Am I willing to sacrifice my happiness for at least a season’s worth (or two) of Delena for them to be endgame?…

    You know what? Yes. Yes, I am. 

    I really don’t care how torturous the wait will be, as long as my couple survives as the last one standing. Because if you think about it, if they continue to go through so much together, their moment of realization and giving in will be that much more epic. And I don’t want a bull**** ending with, I don’t know, Stefan dying as being the catalyst for them being together? Then all the Stelena fans would claim that she only picked Damon because Stefan was gone, and Delena deserves the acknowledgment of being a couple with true love. I don’t even know if Stefan dying will happen, but I just tried to think of a justifiable reason Stelena fans would add to their list of “DELENA ISN’T AS REAL AS STELENA BECAUSE…”

    You know? 

    Maybe I’m just overanalyzing things. 

    Anyway, I noticed something interesting from the last episode. Well, not something interesting as much as it was tragic.

    In 3×02, Damon promised Elena that he would drag his brother back from the edge and deliver him back to her. 

    In 3×15, he did.

    He knew that if Stefan would’ve been the one to kill Abby, the guilt would’ve made him “go off the edge” again and made Elena hate him. It would’ve been the perfect opportunity, but he sacrificed his happiness so that his brother and Elena could have theirs. Again. 

    I don’t know, I feel like the writers are trying to tell us something. Damon is always going on about being the bad guy, and most of the characters in this show as well, but some of the most selfless acts have been committed by him. The noblest acts. It’s easier to be the person everybody loves than it is to be the person that everybody needs but hates. That, along with many other things, makes me respect Damon’s character. 

    Why all this build up of the dismission of Selfish Damon’s selfless acts (and in Damon’s case, the denial that he is the better man) if he isn’t going to get acknowledgment in the end? 

    D: This is starting to remind me too much of Spike’s transformation in Buffy and that did not end well…hopefully I’m wrong on what I’m currently thinking…

  • Wadisara

    my interpretation of this: elena is not going to choose either of them…really sucks , she will admit how she feels abt damon but we won’t have anything between DE….for god sake i want a kiss, holding hands, hugs,  a proper relationship, am tired of the waiting and the angst , i don’t want angst, they can have angst while they are together the other possibility is that there will be an SE reunion, and that why JP is re-assuring DErs that the endgame is not now, meaning even if SE get together , don’t be upset, that doesn’t mean endgame

  • Wadisara

    if it will always be stefan then why did she fall for damon, that makes no sense elena said that in 2×01, and since then a lot happened and when damon in 1×22 told her it s always going to be stefan, she didn’t say anything she just cuddled them to him, she didn’t even care what was happening with stefan at that moment, as katherine said….elena still loves stefan but she also loves damon as much , she just thinks falling for him is sooo wrong becos first he is the brother of stefan and secondly she doesn’t want to be katherine as she pretends to be the better person and finally because everyone see damon as the bad vampire, and she feels it s wrong if she loves him…

  • Wadisara

    and pleas no damon/sage relationship i would love a friendship but no romance, the only person i can accept damon with is katherine and a little rebecca and purely because it is fun and entertaining and brings out the best witty side of damon

  • Gdu

    The second she chooses the show will end. That is why it will never end. With the triangle in place they keep both groups of followers hooked. But since it is getting old they may try to create a new triangle with other characters to liven things up. But to do so they have to change the characters a bit. Can you guess who they are?

  • Jenna

    But what triangle?
    The Elena Damon side was destroyed b4 it even started… not right calling it a triangle! 

  • ihatepeople

    Well if we’re waiting for endgame for DE to happen we’re going to be waiting another 3 seasons at least because they said they expect it to go that long.  That’s a LONG flipping time to wait.

  • Anon

    I will argue the definition of ‘love triangle’ too if I want to. I don’t see one anywhere.

  • ImAPrincessandThisIsMyTiara

    I wasn’t telling you not to argue your side. I was just asking why you thought endgame didn’t mean end. I don’t know about you, but when someone makes a statement that confuses me, I would like some backing up of that statement with reasons other than “Because I said so.” 

    And I agree with you on the whole love triangle thing. I don’t see one either.

    There’s no need for hostility or attitude. Jeez. 

  • Jgarza

    I was thinking the same, too if they kept Elijah long enough to build a relationship for them two….kinda’ tired of Stelena/Delena shippers by now…..

  • Georgia_Peach

    In the episode Dangerous Liaisons  Elena made her choice.  She chose Stefan. Damon tried to win her fair and square, but Elena did not choose him, instead she rejected his love by throwing it back in his face.  Now it is time for him to move on. Who knows what will happen by season 6, but for now that non existent D/E  romantic voyage has sailed and they are not on that ship together.

    In order to have a love triangle there has to be a love story between Elena and Stefan and then a love story between Elena and Damon and then a love story of Elena loving and being with both Damon and Stefan,  and finally a choice is made, or Elena takes herself out of the equation completely because she cannot choose.  What is still being told…. in season three…. is the Stefan/Elena love story.  There is no love story between Damon and Elena, which means there is NO love triangle.   This love triangle was D.O.A in season one.

  • ihatepeople

    Spike didn’t get Buffy in the end but he was brought back to life on Angel.  LOL

  • Miss_luuucy_

    I hope the writers does the right ting…
    Like klaus said: That kind of love never dies!

  • Jenay Carriere

    Some fans have to know: Will Elena and Damon EVER get together?
    If at any point in the life of this series, that could go on forever and ever, I think that if we didn’t go down that road eventually, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right. But, I would never say when or how or to what end. I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show. There are roads we can go down with that in the future, for sure, so stay tuned.

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