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Posted by | April 15, 2011, 10:19 (MST) | 20 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV Series: The Last Dance (EP218) ratings + downloadsIt’s the morning after The Last Dance (EP218) – everyone still intact? And did the final scene make you cheer? (We sure did.) According to TV by the Numbers, Vampire Diaries pulled in an average of 2.788 million viewers over the hour last night.

The CW’s The Vampire Diaries stayed at its season low 1.2 adults 18-49 rating.

That’s steady with last week’s ratings, but we think we can do better, yeah? Roll on with the Original action next Thursday!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the PHILO Virtual Viewing Party last night! PHILO has announced the comment winner and will announce ALL of the prize winners shortly.

Episode Downloads: Buy on Amazon US Buy on iTunes US Buy on iTunes UK

Canadian fans can watch the episode over at the CTV website.

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  • Yana Ruseva Ruseva

    2.788 million viewers, baby

  • Sfinn85

    A lot of CW shows return next week so I think more people will be tuning it to the network then.

    I absolutely cannot wait to see Klaus in the flesh! *lol*

  • Sfinn85

    I meant ‘tuning INTO the network’. My bad…

  • Anonymous

    Respectable ratings… but could and should be better…

  • Habiba

    come on you guys what are we doing wrong here? we need more viewers!

  • laney

    call every person on our cells and ask them to put their tv’s on the cw on thursdays at 8 – whether they watch or not doesn’t matter…. wait, they need to have one of those boxes right? Nevermind…..

  • Aa1710

    i would love too but I can’t :(

  • Lynn

    To be honest I’m not shocked that the ratings are this low. I mean 2×18 was a great episode but some of the episodes that came before were not that great. Season one I thought was amazing & season 2 started off amazing as well, but some of the werewolf stuff was such a bore. I like Tyler but the werewolf storyline did not compare w/the vampire storylines. Just my opinion. Also, American Idol needs to go! It’s really time for that show to end. Plus its ruining the TVD ratings. Hopefully, before the season is over TVD will have over 3 million viewers. =)

  • Bree

    It’s because most of us record the show and then watch it at our convenience. I am going to now watch during the actual viewing time to boost up views! Who is with me?

  • CanadianTVDFan

    Hey, nevermind that Klaus can enter any house that he wants at anytime when he possesses a body, but how does he get ‘out’ when it was a blood transfusion spell? Hope Ric surives the vacating Klaus.

  • charlotte

    Idol is the is the biggest show on TV noone wants to be up against it. I think most people just watch it out of habit …Casual viewers will watch idol results live and DVR TVD because TVD is still awesome an hour later whereas watching “live” results after everyone else knows them is not exciting at all. Hopefully Idol will get rid of this stupid separate results show next year..

  • Katherine


  • Michelle

    I actually do the opposite. I always watch TVD live and DVR Idol. Then I watch Idol at 9 and fast forward through most of the show and watch just the actual results and none of the filler. So I know the results by 9:30 and it works out great for me.

  • Remi

    I don’t believe these ratings…this is all Bulls***! Every person I know (at least in the 15-19 and 20-25 age groups) watch the show no matter what. How can this be? They ought to consider the ratings from internet viewer-ship as well…lots of people are doing that, although it does not directly fetch any TRP’s for CW network.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Remi- You’d be surprised on the age groups that watch this show. Most of the people who watch the show are 30-50, with several 70-75 (I’m looking at you Rehabber) year olds thrown into the mix. It’s not all early teens, mid-twenties. What sucks is that the ratings are only recorded by a “Nielsen Family”, that’s what I find as tiresome because it really doesn’t express the number of people who are watching on a given night.

    Don’t worry, TVD is the highest rated TV Show on the CW, it’s not going anywhere.

  • eve

    Hi VAMPLOVER, my Damon loving friend! Completely agree with you. As for the Nielsen Family…obviously the wrong people are given those boxes. LOL BTW, your guy looked so damned hot in those leather pants…and his dancing well…umm…hot. He does make us smile.

  • Sfinn85

    I have also been really surprised at discovering the age groups that love the show. I’m nearly 26 years old and have managed to get my 30 year old brother to watch it and he loves it as well. Our mum, who turns 63 next month, has also been asking me questions about it and says she might watch it sometime.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sfinn85- Yep, I’m 36 and don’t miss this show AT ALL! It’s definitely my guilty pleasure. Actually, I’ve gotten several of my friends from work to start watching it, too (ages 30-40)….they don’t miss it either. It’s like a mass exodus every Thursday afternoon:)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Eve- you’re right, the wrong people are given those boxes- I can’t get over the fact that anyone would prefer American Idol to TVD- weird!!!!!!!

    Yep, Damon was smokin’ hot on the dance floor…one things for sure, he’s either making me laugh out right, making me cry, or making me want to rip someone’s heart out….he’s a vamp of many talents:)

    BTW- I thought the whole scene when the boys were trying to help Jeremy from getting rear end kicked was smoking, too…..Stefan & Damon fighting side by side made me smile:) I was also very happy to see the Damon I know and love from season 1 in this episode…..I think the writers have been paying close attention to what the fans want, because the continuity between season 1 & season 2 has been MUCH better, lately:)

  • eve

    Hi VAMPLOVER, yes that was definitely Season 1 Damon. I too loved when Stefan and Damon were fighting side by side. Although, way too short.

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