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Posted by | January 24, 2014, 10:07 (MST) | 3 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries: 500 Years of Solitude (EP511) Post-Mortems with Julie PlecOKAY? OKAY. If you’re jonesing for some insight and teases following last night’s epic 100th episode, behold! A list! Julie Plec talks about what went down in the 100th episode, how those events could reverberate throughout the rest of Season 5, and more.

OODLES OF SPOILERS AT THESE LINKS! Beware if you haven’t watched last night’s episode yet. But here’s a non-spoilery comment from Julie’s Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter:

We have a lot of stories to tell, which is the good news, so there doesn’t need to be an ultimate end date. I think we will keep going as long as we have good stories to tell and as long as people who work on the show want to stay with us and tell us good stories. When the stories start disintegrating into those pitches that we swore we’d never get to unless we were desperate, then we’ll try to wrap it up. But those decisions come with a lot of people’s input — a lot of people’s opinions so we shall see.

And here are a few leftover links TVD100 links from yesterday. First up, a must-read piece at Entertainment Weekly about TVD Writer’s Room debates, big and small:

The cure was something Plec and Williamson thought up before they even wrote one word of the series. When the decision was made to turn Elena, they knew they needed to be able to cure her. But four years later, they weren’t so sure she was the one they wanted to cure anymore. “When Kevin and I first started talking about it it was Elena, of course. And then it was Jose Molina, who was our writer during season 4 who said, ‘But if you start the season searching for a cure for Elena and then you end the season and you cure her, then isn’t that kind of a buzz kill because you accomplished the exact thing you set out to do and don’t you just generally want to twist that?’”



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  • Marie

    So much to think about! My first question would be: wouldn’t Bonnie notice when Katherine didn’t pass through her after she dies? Wouldn’t that clue her in? Since we know Damon was awake when Katherine and her daughter were talking about the incantation needed, wouldn’t it have occurred to him that Elena was with her when she died and this was a possibility? Matt was able to “come to” when he was possessed, can Elena do the same? Lastly, I AM SO HAPPY KLAUS AND CAROLINE GOT TOGETHER! I wish more would happen, but it sounds like it won’t.

  • Nico Gonzalez

    One thing that disappoints me about this show is how fast it goes with the reveals. For example, Klaus and Tyler switch, Stefan and Silas, and I’m sure there’s others. I have a feeling that next episode, Kat will be caught. I think it would be fun if Kat was inside Elena’s mind the rest of the season. Make me MISS Elena Gilbert, because I haven’t been liking her character that much. I think the only reason to go back to the triangle would be is if they played out kat Elena switch longer. I say kill Elena off in her own head then in the season finale it’s a mind struggle to get her body back. Then maybe while Elena was “away” she might want time to herself, or maybe even have her lose her memory of the last few seasons as a repercussion

  • Lulu

    Well, now it’s a little more clear why Damon will nosedive even more, since he’ll be led to believe that Elena now has decided that breaking up was what she really wanted, too. That will be double trouble if it starts to look like Elena wants to get back with Stefan, when in reality its Katherine. Though its true that Katherine posed as Elena before, she’s never had to do it long term-so I have my doubts that she’ll be able to hide it. I hope not, because I really don’t want the fact that they don’t know its Katherine to go on for very long. So I hope that its more like the Silas storyline where it was known pretty soon after Silas/Stefan made his appearance. I hope that Stefan would feel that-besides probably really wanting to believe that Elena has realized she still has feelings for him-something just did add up, if Elena starts to signal that she’s interested in him again. Subtlety really isn’t one of Katherine’s strengths, and that is probably what will tip everyone off that something is wrong.

    I’m wondering if Stefan will start wondering himself what the other travelers did with his and Elena’s “blood.” Of course, then “Katherine” would have to figure out how to get Stefan to not go looking for answers.
    Ms. Plec has said that Katherine is really going to screw up things(oh goodie.) So, not looking forward to that at all. My sympathy for Katherine has been very short lived. Damon looked like a jerk when he fed her to Silas, etc., but turns out he was right-that her being human didn’t change her self-serving ways. All of the nice things that Jeremy and Matt and Stefan did for her didn’t phase her one bit. Yes, she had a few moments of true gratitude, but it seems that was all that they were-just moments.

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