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Posted by | May 15, 2014, 21:00 (MST) | 25 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

WARNING: If you have yet to see tonight’s Vampire Diaries season finale, do not click this link as it contains a massive spoiler and, honestly, you should just experience it. Okay? Wait until you’ve seen the episode, you will not be sorry.

According to TV Guide, The Vampire Diaries has added a series regular for Season 6. You can find out who it is by clicking this link, but seriously, please watch the episode first unless you hate experiencing pure happiness and anything that is good or wholesome and just in this world.

Just saying.

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  • Myriam Laurent

    i’ve seen it and now damon is stuck on the other side and bonnie died

  • Brittney Traucht via Facebook

    It can’t end like that:(

  • Addison Martinson via Facebook

    You need to bring damon back first its lexie than it stafan now it damon stop your making me sad

  • Brittney Traucht via Facebook

    Damon better come back or this show sucks can’t watch anymore tell he comes back:(

  • Beata Jancso via Facebook
  • Merit Magdy via Facebook

    Salma Abdelrahman 3ayza ashof el vedio da :D

  • Irene Castro via Facebook

    This ending really sucks… what a mess! Did Elena and Stefan got back as humans from the Other Side, just like Tyler?

  • Heather Katherine via Facebook

    I agree. Unfortunately if Damon doesn’t return the show no longer interests me. I love the other characters but he was the glue.

  • Irene Castro via Facebook

    My favourites are Damon and Caroline, and mister fabulastic is Klaus… (not in TVD now, but who cares?).

  • Helen J Smith via Facebook

    Took them long enough 2 bring Alaric back!

  • Crislandia Arruda via Facebook

    Eu amo esse seriado e o maximo.

  • Nicole Zylstra Desero via Facebook

    Excited Alarics back but I agree if there is no more Damon, for me, the show can not go on!

  • Georgia_Peach

    Matt Davis returning as a series regular in Season 6 is excellent news.

  • CrimmyJ

    I’m totally bumming that Lexi didn’t come back as her and Ric would have been awesome drinking buddies.

  • My Heart’s Mirror

    Matty Blue Blue, now that you’re unemployed, I think it’s the right time for you to start manufacturing bourbon. Something tells me that the demand is going to skyrocket.

  • Benjamin Gomez via Facebook

    who? Stefan going stayed with?

  • Heather Herringshaw via Facebook

    excited or more

  • Ashley Dannielle Wagstaff via Facebook

    Yay OMG!!!! BUT if Damon doesn’t come back next season I don’t think I will ever be able to watch it again. But, it can’t just be like that. Because HELLO MAIN freaking character!

  • 121194

    YES YES YES!!! I’ve missed him in every episode since the one he died in. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING HIM FINALLY COME BACK.

  • Ilean Latinloca Collazo via Facebook


  • Carina Oliveira de Camargo via Facebook

    Dalena forever

  • Sheba Townsend via Facebook

    I agree Damon and Bonnie need to come back…I believe they will I can’t unwatch the series finale that took them away.. I think grams made sure that Bonnie would come back and Damon will be with her because they were holding I right?

  • darkvencry21

    in season 6 when it airs they need to figure out a way to bring bonnie and damon back

  • Kae

    I hope they bring Damon back! Fingers crossed! Long live #TeamDelena

  • Kae

    Please come back to us, Damon! We need you!

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