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Posted by | February 20, 2012, 8:24 (MST) | 180 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: All My Children (EP315) - Enough to Feel Guilty AboutDitching the glitz of the previous episode, All My Children takes the weekly battle for survival underground as our Mystic Falls residents pick sides on Esther’s plot — righting the wrongs of a thousand years and restoring peace, or an immoral atrocity that would remove five of the most entertaining characters from our show in one fell swoop?

Though the stakes were high for the Original family (I don’t think I’ll ever grow accustomed to calling them the Mikaelsons), this episode lacked the excitement and tension of the previous one. Though The Vampire Diaries has made bold choices in the past — with characters killed off and unexpected plot twists — rarely do events unfold as heralded. Maybe it was just me but I didn’t feel there was any real threat that Rebekah would kill Elena, that Esther’s plan would be successful or that Bonnie would be killed as collateral damage as a Salvatore plays knight in shining armor to Elena. Instead, the episode felt like redirection after the buildup in the second half of the season: a way to break up the happy Original family, put distance between friends, and allow the Salvatore brothers to continue their role swapping. Complaints aside, there were some truly enjoyable parts to this episode: Klaus and Caroline could just stare at each other and it would be compelling TV; Alaric and Damon’s brief conversation was hilarious, and anytime the Original siblings want to tease each other and bicker it’s A-OK by me.

Elena has a not-so-terrific time in All My Children and hurt feelings abound — on all sides of the Salvatore triangle, and with Rebekah, who’s not over the time Elena faked being her friend and then stabbed her in the back. Nothing like her otherwise buzzkill big brother asking her to kidnap and possibly kill Elena and on the day after Damon and Rebekah have “Original sex.” There are some exciting moments in the kidnapping scenes, despite Elena realizing, like we had, that Rebekah won’t actually kill her — who would she torment should she live to see tomorrow? In particular, the clever gasoline and lit matches attack was terrifying (though next time, Elena, just ditch the gasoline-soaked clothes; way better to be naked shivering in a cave than burned alive).

In Elijah’s interactions with Elena, he speaks of her what’s in her nature — being compassionate, not being deceitful — but she’s capable of both. She has an “attack of conscience,” as Damon phrased it, after each morally shady thing she does — from stabbing Rebekah to compelling Jer to letting Elijah drink the champagne. Just as the vampires struggle with what is truly in their nature — to be uncaring monsters or to strive to be the best parts of humans — Elena is figuring out who she will be in the high-stakes mortal peril world in which she lives. The crappy part for Elena is that even when she isn’t the one at fault — here with Esther’s actions and Damon turning Abby — she’s still feels she’s somehow the cause. Is the darkness in her best friends’ lives a result of who she is — her supernatural status as doppelganger and who would do anything to keep her alive because of how much they love her? Caroline’s explanation of why Bonnie is shutting Elena out brought back Bonnie’s feelings after Grams died. Bonnie went to Caroline in her grief, and shut Elena out. Though admittedly I don’t have any feelings about Abby one way or the other, it’s a terrifying situation for Bonnie: being in the witch-house basement with Stefan telling her that a Bennett has to die. Creepy times!

But fair or not, Elena spends the episode experiencing the consequences of her past actions and of her status as perfect kidnap target. Esther, on the other hand, is raring to deal with her regret: she’s watched her children make others suffered for a thousand years, and now can make peace with the spirits and find peace for herself. Though he successfully stops his mother’s plan, Elijah hears truth in her words, telling Rebekah that they made themselves monsters, that his morality is exercised only when convenient, and in his apology letter to Elena that he will carry his regret with him — always and forever. It’s an impressively self-aware moment for Elijah, and one that highlights the kinship between Elena and Elijah. If he’s really leaving Mystic Falls, here’s hoping he doesn’t go far or for long.

But the Original family is scattered — Finn and Esther vaporizing as soon as the spell went south, Kol fled, and Elijah saying his farewells via handwritten note — save for Rebekah, who realizes her loyalty remains with Klaus. (And that they have a magical tree search on their to-do list.) Like these siblings re-bonding, so goes Damon and Stefan’s fraternal bond. Damon has his eye on Stefan, seeing his brother going back to his old ways and he makes room for him to do that by being the bad guy. Damon selflessly picks up the mantle of doing what needs to be done, whatever the fallout may be — a role Stefan had been playing even up until the last episode. Will both brothers take a step back from Elena? They don’t deny their feelings — “Pot, kettle, brother.” — but they also seem to think that to avoid any more hurt, it’s in their best interests to retreat. These brother moments are the best, as Damon supports Stefan’s decision to take the path away from ripper life and back to bunnies. As Elena tearfully insisted that night on Wickery Bridge that was the turning point for Stefan, there’s more to life than destroying Klaus.

Anything I missed? Oh ya, that Alaric cliffhanger . . .

Compelling Moment: Elijah taking Elena on a stroll in the woods — and ending their conversation by smashing a hole in the ground.

The Rules: Esther requires the mother-daughter Bennett duo of witches in order to maintain the connection to the power of the ancestral line. By Abby turning into a vampire, she loses her witch status — you can’t be both — and Esther loses the power of the Bennett line that she was using to reverse her original vampire-making spell. As she explains to Bonnie, the pentagram represents the connection to magic, salt to the earth, and one torch for each child.

Foggy moments:

  • Were the clothes-ripping noises added to the final scene of the previous episode after the Rebekah-in-intact-ballgown scene was filmed?
  • Did Rebekah somehow have cell phone reception in the cave, even though Elena didn’t? She was filming Elena to inspire the bros — but had no way to actually send it them? It seems like this was just slightly illogical (and product-placement-y) way to lead her to the sapling cave drawing by the olden ‘native’ calendar. Blerg.
  • Why didn’t Elijah tell Kol or Klaus that their mother was going to kill them in a few hours’ time?
  • How is Esther alive (or at least, not dead) if her power source has been cut off? Where did Esther and Finn disappear to?
  • Abby is at Caroline’s house to turn, not Bonnie’s: this wasn’t actually a foggy moment from my perspective. I think we can safely assume (a) that Abby hasn’t been staying with her estranged husband at Bonnie’s, and (b) even if she were, it’s a better idea to have her transition at Caroline’s — where Sheriff Forbes knows and understands about vampires — rather than at the dad’s place.
  • Stefan won the coin toss and was supposed to be the one to kill/turn a Bennett: why was he creeping up on Bonnie? Was he planning on killing her? Or had he already agreed to let Damon do the dirty work and turn Abby?


Other thoughts & questions as we brave the brief hiatus and wait for 1912 (EP316):

  • I think Elena needs to start training in an obstacle course (in case of another cave kidnapping/chase scene) and to start actually carrying the weapons she’s learned to use.
  • Will Abby complete her transition or will she Bill Forbes it?
  • What’s Meredith’s deal? Why did she take Alaric to her apartment if she didn’t want him to see her stash of Mystic Falls Murderer stuff? Or was she planning on killing him at some point anyway — assuming she is actually the killer and not just totally overreacting to him snooping?
  • We get a Mystic Falls history lesson in this episode, and perhaps an explanation of why that cave is secure from vampires. If the “natives” were recording history and the existence of vampire-killing weapon there, it’s like another founders’ journal: cave edition. How will Rebekah and Klaus locate the killer oak tree? As soon as one way to kill Klaus dissolves, another one appears . . .
  • Will that necklace that Rebekah tossed back at Elena come in handy again?


What did you think of All My Children? Sound off below with your likes/dislikes, theories, and predictions.

Crissy Calhoun is the author of Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries and Love You to Death — Season 2. When not obsessively re-watching CW shows, she works as managing editor at ECW Press in Toronto. She blogs at and tweets @crissycalhoun.

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  • mary.m155

    Ohhhh this is soo good! Im dying to know!!! I really think this Alaric is the killer theme is right!

  • mary.m155

    I know ive heard the actors say that what happens is completely unexpected, but makes sense….

  • mary.m155

    Well im starting to think after ready two others comments ab Alaric and his ring…that maybe is is turning into sonething supernatural…

  • Aife

    At first I thought it would be a brilliant idea and it would so deliciously complicate already twisted lives of our beloved characters! And it would perfectly fit to witchy balance rule (for every life regained, another must be taken)! But then it occurred to me Alaric wasn’t the only one with the ring. What about John or Jeremy?

  • ihatepeople

    Though Jeremy and John died with the rings they haven’t died as many times as Alaric has.  That poor guy has died a LOT!  Maybe that’s why his ring is running low vs. Jeremy’s.  Plus Jeremy did pay the price for cheating death by being haunted with seeing the dead.  The writers seemed to have forgotten about his ability to see the dead before they sent him on his way.  We hadn’t seen anything about that since the Ghost World episode.

  • DianaPauline

    I absolutely agree with you midnight, about the D/R love scene.  In fact, I said in a prior post that it was just angry sex, and nowhere near as sexy as the love scene between Damon and Katherine in Season 2′s “The Return”.  Especially on Damon’s part – he really loved Katherine and despite what she said to him she loved or at least cared about him.  I could see and feel his pent-up passion after longing for Kat for 145 years.  Now THAT was a hot scene!

  • Calineczka

    Hopefully next season they will start to give Bonnie more screen time. ——> oh I hope not!

  • teamklaroline

    Quick Question… When did Rebecca toss back Elena’s necklace??

  • ihatepeople

    Near the end of the last episode when Elena was in the side of the cave where the writers are that is blocked from vampires entering.  Elena asked her why she was still where her mother’s necklace if she hated her (paraphrasing here) and Rebekah said do you want it then tossed it in to her.

  • mary.m155

    Another foggie moment for me : Did Caroline kno what was going on when she walked into the bar? She glanced at Alaric when she walked in, did she know she was drawing Klaus into a trap? So that Ric could dagger Kol?

    When Klaus was spittin game to C outside and Kol got daggered, Klaus Grabs Caroline and said WHAT did U DO? She honestly looked and sounded like she had no idea…So i dunno if she knew or not…

  • Canderella

    She walked in when Damon told Ric about the blond distraction they needed. So yes, she deliberately lured Klaus out of the Grill. She looked honest as she actually did not do anything and she has a brilliant poker face.
    What was totally foggy to me was the way they got Kol out of the grill. That really dumb. They should have sneaked in, grab Kol and get out at vampire speed as far as possible.
    Another foggy moment was: where the hell did Elijah come from and where had he been before?!

  • ihatepeople

    Really Canderella how DID Elijah get there so quickly?  I mean wasn’t he affected by the daggering too?  It took Rebekah some time to recover from it so you’d think he wouldn’t have been able to get there so fast or be on top of his game that quickly.  Caroline was in on the plan but technically all she did was bring Klaus outside to talk so she really didn’t DO anything.  Damon might not have also only told her to distract him to help Elena but not any more details so she could lie effectively.  I’d like to know what happened to the plan to dagger Elijah like Stefan said.  I guess maybe they couldn’t because they didn’t have a human near him to do it so they had to improvise with Kol.  Still they had to have known that Klaus would be a problem.  It would’ve been different if Caroline got him to leave in a car somewhere instead of just in the parking lot.

  • cute7

    ❖❖A FEW LESSONS I LEARNT FROM “All my Children” ❖❖

    It is not bad once in a while to learn from my fav TV SHOW:

    ❖If that bi*** is asking you for your last words, just remind her that her mom wants her dead to feel guilty.

    ❖Toss a coin when deciding who should take out the witch

    ❖When crushing on a girl, she will look stunning as she walks away from you

    ❖ “Say another word and I’ll tear out your liver” is the best threat I have heard so far.

    ❖It takes practice to mess with a thousand year old resurrected witches.

    ❖Blame the new family in town when you have got yourselves a killer at large

    ❖Slutty news travels really first ~ have original sex, next thing you know everyone will have known about it.

    ❖It hurts if you own mom wants you dead & gone.

    ❖With vampires in your area, there is hardly any privacy for yourself as they would hear everything.

    ❖:-o even a hybrid son like Klaus doesn’t have manners to talk to his mom…

    ❖First do an investigation about the person you’re going to date as they may have serial killer characteristics.

    ❖These days even one can get cell phone reception deep down in the caves…

  • Darkangellee27

    my tv has no use without TVD to  watch.. i’ve been having many thoughts on how on earth Esther would kill all the originals. Many of us knew that Esther planned to turn her children into humans and kill them all. Does that spell will affect all vampires? If Yes, that means they will all become humans??? If that’s the case for vampires how about Klaus? will he still  keep his werewolf side? as we all know back to the episode “Ordinary People” before the Originals were turned to vampires the werewolves are already there (i mean without witchy juju humans turning  into vampires). can we expect some history of the Original Werewolf/Werewolves? Can we expect some flashbacks or history telling about Klaus father? maybe his father is one of the originals among werewolves (Oh boy! Seriously? Double Original? Very Unique.haha)

    Seriously?! (thinking of how the way Caroline said that) 
    Hiatus = Headache, Bigtime! (i miss Lexi.^^)
    BTW (Damon, Season 1) where are the hybrids? why no exposure? Maybe they are having bonfire party together with Tyler. (haha. Forgive me, seems like i am going crazy waiting for March 15).

    Stelena… ahhhhh.
    Delena…. more!more!more!

    Stefan – no more ripahhh badass.. heloo mr.nice guy!

    Elena – Why don’t you try hanging with Bex?? You can ask Bonnie and Caroline to have a tag team match with you two. but you’re still lucky, you have Matt:)

    Damon – i remember Jacob Black. what’s the point of me (Damon) loving you (Elena), and you loving him (Stefan)?. This is an Endless Love Story – the complicated type..

    Katherine and Bex Face off – Which between the Salvatore brothers they prefer?

    What if Damon and Stefan will turn to humans??? wow. fair and square match between the boys… Who will win Elena’s HEart?

    Back to serious questioning… (i am really sorry for my comments. i am a serious person but when it comes to TVD, i transforms into a dork when it comes to joking with characters.) 

    Will Elijah track Esther and Finn?
    and speaking of witches, where is Lucy? i thought Bonnie will see her again? Doesn’t Klaus know Lucy? Saying he is prepared to end the Bennett line with Abby and Bonnie.
     Doesn’t Lucy qualify to the “Operation Kill All Originals”? or Strictly for MOther and Daughter Bond only??

    i’ll see you guys on march 16 for comments.. weeee. i am excited for 1912 episode.. gudnyt^^

  • ihatepeople

    Here is thought…if all the vampires turn human again will they remain the same physical age they are now and start the aging process from there or will they rapidly age and die of natural causes?

  • dman


    What is this, a soap opera? All my children certainly lived up to its title. Infusing all the back-stabbings, heartache, unforgivable sins and melodrama soaps are famous for. But what seemed like a rather underwhelming epsiode on first glance, particularly with a giant hiatus on the loom, actually became much more enjoyable and interesting on second viewing. Hopefully as the season goes along, TVD ups the stakes(Pun Alert!) and these episodes not only become exciting but are more gratifying the first time around. I’m going to keep this short and highlight the things that I found interesting.

    Elena: Didn’t I say she would feel terrible about the way things turned out and do everything she could to correct them? Looks like it didn’t take her too long. Turns out she called Damon like ten times that night to apologize, but I guess he was too busy sleeping with Rebecca, the strumpet(Ha! Thanks Kol), to pick up the phone. You can’t say she didn’t try. Would it have killed Damon to anwer one of her phone calls? I know he was probably in the throes of passion to pick up, but what about afterwards? He could have at- least sent her a text, even if to tell her stop calling him. Looks like he really wanted to send her a message.

    Next on Elena’s apology/where’s everybody/what’s-going-on tour was Stefan. He also doesn’t want anything to do with her. Anyone noticed a theme throughout this episode. The I-dont-want-anything-to-do-with-you-Elena theme. I mean, it was pretty obvious. Moving on. Stefan also doesn’t pick up. I guess he had better things to do. Like writing in his diary, for instance. Uh-oh, you know what this means? The Rippah is on his way out and “Saint Stefan” is back, back, back! Ha! I’m sure some of you fans are really looking forward to that. *Anon raises hand.  lol

    Poor Elena, no one answers her calls. But it looks like someone is at the door. Turns out it’s Elijah. I was a little scared for her. I kinda figured he knew something was up and wanted to question her so I didn’t fall for his little Mystic Falls History Tour. Though that was a nice car he was driving. What was that, a Lincoln? A Mercury maybe? Anyway, Elena apologizes to Elijah, like I knew she would. Turns out she didn’t really know what Esther was up to. Though, as I mentioned before, when she did find out I was very disappointed that she didn’t warn Elijah. Maybe that was payback for not killing Klaus. I mean, the girl did die for nothing. Thanks for that Elijah! lol

    I loved how smart she was with Rebekah in that cave. She high-tailed it out of there when Rebekah went down and managed to ‘lock” herself into that room with the coffin. And when Rebekah wanted to play firestarter with her she did the clever thing and appealed to her need for revenge. Good thinking Elena. She may not have superpowers but she’s smart(at-least most of the time. Ha!) and can be very manipulative when she needs to. It’s amazing how many of these Originals seems to let-down their guard around her and end up getting duped. Just amazing.

    The last scene with Elena at the door was very emotional and intriguing to watch. I think I can see things from both perspectives, Elena’s and Bonnie’s. Bonnie clearly loves Elena and  would do anything for her, but most of the time she ends up getting hurt in the process. She’s admittedly willing to sacrifice for her, but after awhile, how much sacrifice is enough? Bonnie was obviously devastated about what happened to her mother and though I don’t think she blames Elena for what happened, nevertheless because of Elena’s connection to the events, she just didn’t want to see her at that moment. I can understand where she’s coming from. I’m sure after she calms down a bit she’ll reach out to her. Elena being at the door is obvious. Bonnie’s her best friend and she just wants to be there for her. I felt bad for her that Bonnie didn’t want to see her. You can tell she was hurt by that and after the day she had, the hurt was even more. And after all that, she has to go home to a empty house. Very sad. I think this is where she could have used Stefan’s help, but alas he’s lost in his own world and doesn’t really care anymore. Too bad. But I feel that maybe this is something Elena needs to go through. What does she do when she feels like she’s all by herself ? Maybe she’ll realize that she can do things on her own and take care of herself when she has to.

    KLAUS: What can i say about Klaus? Is he getting a bit softer? Yes. But is he still the same badass villain that emerged out of that coffin in “Klaus”? I have to say yes. Despite his relationship/infatuation with Caroline, the melodrama with his family and his recent chess match with Stefan, I still think he’s the villain we all know and love and this episode clearly reminds us of that. I loved the way he snapped at Kol for his little remark about Caroline. “Say another word and I’ll tear out you liver”. Ha! Hilarious stuff. I also loved how he was able to figure out something was wrong when everyone was being daggered and gave a nice little beating to Stefan, Damon and Alaric. Even though he was outmatched, he made short work of them. But I’m very happy none of them died though. I mean, I want Klaus to show he’s still badass, but not at the expense of Stefan, Damon and Alaric. Thank God Elijah showed up at the last minute or it would have been curtains for Damon. Him being a hybrid certainly came in handy because he would have been dead like everyone else and with Esther completing the spell, all their death would have been the permanent kind. I also loved at the end when Elijah and Kol was chit-chatting with Esther about the atrocity of it all, Klaus walks over and says “enough, all this talk is boring me” and tells Esther he’ll send her back to hell. lol Just what a mother wants to hear. And you though your family was screwed-up. Good stuff. I love how Klaus doesn’t waste time getting down to business.

    Movie villains and television villains are very similar but also very different. Over the span of a movie a villian can stay on his objective while still retaining that menacing quality he had when he was first introduced. He rarely ever changes his demeanor and most often we never really see the underlying motives for his descent into crime. Television villains, especially ones that have a season long arc, can’t really engage in such restrictions. If they were to do that, they would become very predictable, the story would eventually stagnate and the character would be reduced to a trite cliche. Television characters have to change and over seasons they usually do. Klaus couldn’t just remain the character that sacrificed Elena. You had to see the real reasons for that sacrifice. You had to understand what motivated him. And as you’ve seen by now, he comes from a pretty screwed-up family. He clearly has deep isues because of that and over the years things have only gotten worse for him. Who knows how his story ends, but so far he’s been a very entertaining character and a definite plus for the show.

    KLAUS/CAROLINE: I think eventually something like this was bound to happen, especially on a show like this. I just wished it wasn’t Caroline or anyone else he just recently tried to kill. The thing that really fascinates me is why such a badass, worldly vampire like Klaus would be interesting in Caroline? I get that she’s beautiful, but I’m sure Klaus has seen his share of beautiful women throughout his lifetime and I don’t think Caroline is anymore beautiful than them. I don’t know, maybe she’s that awesome, but this whole situation is still a little strange to me. Saying that, they do have a cute little thing going on. Klaus is clearly smitten by her and because of that he’s allowed himself to be much more vulnerable and we, as an audience, are able to see that part of him. Caroline is clearly playing hard-to-get and is understandably still processing the unusual situation she finds herself in. Klaus is a charming guy though, no doubt from years of practice(I’m a little jealous), so even though Caroline doesn’t really have interest in him, he’s not willing to give up pursuing her. Expensive jewelery not working, how about some beautiful drawings? Drawings not getting the job done, how about the tried-and-true “tell me your hopes and dreams”? Ha! Works every time. Looks like Caroline’s interest was peaked a bit. She dedinitely gave him a little smile after that line. Klaus, you smooth bastard. lol I don’t know what will become of this, but it’s kinda sweet and definitely interesting to watch.

    ESTHER: So much for Abby being a bad mother. Esther makes her look like Mrs. Brady. I understand she’s upset with her children and understandably disappointed in what she let loose on the world when she made them vampires, but they’re still “her” children. Killing them is something a mother should never do. Yes, they’ve done some terrible things over their lifetimes, but what will killing them solve now. The damage has already been done. Unless all other vampires die with them, this vendetta of hers would seem rather trivial in comparison to everything else. This just seems like a waste of time. But even though her spell didn’t fall through and she “lost” this round, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Eloise Hawking, I mean, Esther Mikaelson. lol

    FINN: There’s mammas boys and then there’s Finn. For whatever the reason he has the weirdest attachement to his mother. So much so he’s willing to let her kill him. Yeah, he doesn’t have issues. I get that he doesn’t like what he is, but isn’t sacrificing yourself taking things a little too far? I just don’t get him. If there was someone that ever needed a girlfriend, it’s this guy. Maybe after some good (insert word) he’ll rethink this whole self-sacrifice thing of his. Maybe.

    DAMON: As I’ve said before, Damon was tremendous in this episode. I loved the way he took charge of everything and was willing to take all the blame. Poor guy. He knew Stefan was trying to get himself together and decided to kill Abby so that he would have one less thing to feel guilty about. Kudos Damon. That’s what a brother does. Despite the things Elena said to him, he’s clearly still in love with her. But he obviously haven’t forgiven her yet for her little remark to him. He’s right, how ironic indeed that he would be the one to let his emotions get in the way. But that’s what happens when you’re in love and Damon clearly is. For now there’s going to be some tension between them, but I’m sure one way or another she’ll fix things. Once again, great job Damon. If you keep this up I may actually become a fan of yours. And yes, I see the Damon fans rolling their eyes. Especially you, Jenna! lol

    HIATUS: I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!

    Really looking forward to Cassidy Freeman. Now that is a sexy woman. Loved her on Smallville and I have no doubt she’ll be great here too.



    Ha! You get a like for me on this one dman;) Very, very well done;)


  • dman

    Thank you.

  • Jamayca724

    If Meredith was a hybrid why would she be gathering blood from vamps when she can?

  • Guest

    For real! Why does every show have a Heroine Love Triangle?  ie: Twilight, Buffy, TrueBlood, Vampire Diaries…alright ppl we get it!

  • Tania Rahman

    I’ve said it before (and so has everybody else a thousand times), and I’ll say it again. Vampires are hypocrites, no matter how charming and intelligent they are. Its clever of the writers to keep reminding us of that. The most interesting thing about this episode was the reversal of Elijah and Elena’s roles, for once she had the upper hand over him, giving her blood willingly meant she could choose whether he lived or died, and she decided to let him die, and why shouldn’t she? He has not been able to protect anyone she loves, despite his promises. He admitted himself his family came before his love for Tatia in the end and he did nothing but use her all through season two, even threatening her life when it suited him. Its also good that Elena is developing a few flaws this year, it makes her seem more human, (and means that she left the martyr Elena behind). She’s not a superhero or slayer who’s bound by some code of morality. Now, if only Katherine could stop hating her for a second, imagine the teamwork.

     I still don’t see the appeal of Rebekah, (she makes Katherine look like the epitome of stealth and cunning) and its not just Elena she hates, she’s not too fond of Caroline either. The writers have made her the token female Original and haven’t really given us a reason to sympathise with her, and she just gets more and more annoying each episode. I would have liked to see a bit more interaction between Elena and the WHOLE Original Family.
    This whole review has been about Elena, but I noticed something else, yes Bonnie is devastated that her mother is now a vampire, but like the first series when her grandmother died she lashes out at everybody and what’s more she lets her grief overtake her. It is not just Elena who loses her entire family, so did Jeremy and everybody just treats him like the stoner he was in season one or worse still, invisible. Even Stefan for all his reclaimed humanity in season one and two didn’t take much notice of him. Then there’s Caroline, I thought Klaus taking a fancy to her was the worst plot ever, but she’s manipulating and standing up to him quite well. 
    Esther on the other hand is really interesting, she’s as devious as Elena can be, and she has a point, she turned her family into monsters and she’s set on righting her wrongs.

  • Tania Rahman

    Ive probably commented on this episode before. It just seems to me that the writers are trying to turn Elena into a more Katherine -type character, and that doesn’t necessarily work for her. Everyone seemed to love Elena last season when she agreed to sacrifice herself. In the whole series she’s lost her adoptive parents, Isobel, John, Jenna and now she’s had to send Jeremy away. On top of that Klaus allowed Stefan and Rebekah to assault Elena and worst of all Elijah was perfectly willing to let Rebekah tear Elena apart. What kind of a message is the show sending out, one is that both Klaus and worse, Elijah are hypocrites. Both of them destroyed Katerina and Elena ‘s family yet people are probably too scared to confront them.
    Now we have to deal with Bonnie’s ‘so – called tragedy’ her mum has been turned into a vampire, at least she’s still alive and yet Bonnie is allowed to show how devastated she is, what’s more she wallows in it. And she’s getting Caroline to pass her messages on. When Klaus tried to kill Jeremy did anyone show any sympathy to him, has anyone mentioned Jenna, or John or even Isobel. We haven’t even seen Elijah express any regret. In my opinion, as charming as Elijah is, he is probably the biggest monster of them all. Perhaps Elena would become more appealing as a character if the writers allowed her to express her emotions more, even if she is supposed to be toughening up.

  • Tia Serena

    Buffy didn’t have a love triangle, at least not for ver long. When Spike comes into her life (as a love interest), Angel was already gone to LA, and her relationship with Riley Finn was almost ended.

  • Tia Serena

    “in the end Bonnie is always the one who gets hurt”

    Seriously???!!! Coming from “Caroline Who Everybody Loves to Torture”? The girl who was abused by Damon in Season 1, turned into a Vampire, tortured by her father, who she later had to watch die and was fatally bitten by her Werewolf boyfriend? All of Elena’s friends and relatives have been caught in the doppelganger crossfire.
    Matt has lost her sister (three times), kicked his mother out of his life, is the only person in town worried about bills to pay, now has a crushed hand – and no one has offered him a bit of Vamp blood to heal him. Tyler lost his father and uncle, killed somebody, got transformed into a werewolf, then into a hybrid, became sired to Klaus and now is hiding in the forest breaking every bone in his body repeatedly for the love of Caroline. Jeremy lost his two vampire girlfriends, died more than once, went all 6th Sense, killed a hybrid and had his memory wiped. Who know how many died trying to kill Mikael in the 90s? Now that we know that Greyson and Miranda knew she was the doppelganger there is a good chance that the accident that killed them was not an accident after all… Jenna, Jon, Isobel and a parade of smaller characters died so that Elena could live…When one looks at it this way, if Elena REALLY cared about her friends, she should kill herself soon…Extended vacations with Elijah far away from Mystic Falls would also work…. ;)

  • Tia Serena

    Elijah obviously has teletransporting abilities, plus a crystal ball (palantir???) that lets him know when somebody he is supposed to be protecting is in danger….

    He always appears instantly to deal with evil doers throughout the series!

  • Tia Serena

    Nah, vampires can also use hair extensions!!!

  • Tia Serena

    Elena’s magical powers to defend herself is her ability to magically make EVERYBODY in town and far away decide that they are willing to die for her to live…

  • Tia Serena

    … and I thought one could not see the drawings from the place where Vampires cannot enter anymore…

  • Tiaserena

    Damon tells Stefan that after 146 years one pick up on the other habbits, but I thought the brothers have been estranged for the best part of those 146 years….

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