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Posted by | May 17, 2012, 20:28 (MST) | 16 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries at the CW Upfront 2012: Photos, Interviews & Video

The 2012 Upfront took place today in New York City and most the Vampire Diaries cast – Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Michael Trevino, Steven R. McQueen, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig and Matt Davis (for his new show, Cult) – were in attendance. As we posted earlier this morning, The Vampire Diaries returns in October for Season 4 and the cast may have had a few hints to throw out on the green carpet. Check out links to videos and photos below.

Video & Interviews


zach2~0.jpg zach1~1.jpg steven1~3.jpg matt5cult.jpg
michael1~3.jpg michael2~1.jpg matt4cult.jpg matt3cult.jpg
candice1~2.jpg candice2~0.jpg kat3~1.jpg kat5~0.jpg
kat4~1.jpg kat2~1.jpg kat1~2.jpg ian4~2.jpg
matt1cult.jpg matt2cult.jpg group.jpg nina3~8.jpg
nina2~9.jpg nina1~10.jpg ian2~5.jpg ian3~4.jpg

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  • Tessa

    Steven R McQueen was there too = )

  • Vee

    Doh! I had him in the tags but forgot him in the opening paragraph. Thanks.

  • Marce

    No Paul pictures? :-(

  • Tessa

    No problem = )

  • Stevie1421

    Nina looks so beautiful with her hair that lighter color. I think she should keep it like that in the show too.

  • Iansfan

    Look at that.  If you watch this interview with Kristin dos Santos. Look at Ian´s body language. He stands very close to her, he looks long and deeply into her eyes. He holds eye contact throughout the whole interview. He smiles at her and flirts all the time. Finally he even kisses her. At that he is so humble and smart and lovable. A great actor and a great person. Have I already told you that I´m officially in love with him? ;)

  • fantasysux

    Sexiest TV cast is all I can say!

  • cute7

    How is it fair that they can all be so Hawwt and sexy!!! World aint fair lol Goodness the history teacher has also grown on me…PHWWOAR

  • Iansfan

    Hi Heidi, in case you read that, please send me an e-mail, my computer is haunted – no dates whatsoever – sorry guys completely off topic I know, but to get back to our topic. I love TVD and Nina looks different. Has she coloured her hair?

  • Laney

    Wow, zach and Matt Davis look delicious!!!

  • ihatepeople

    I hear you on that one. He knows how to work it and make women melt. ;) Some guys just have that charisma. It doesn’t hurt to be smoking hot too. LOL.

  • Iansfan

     You know, Paul Wesley definitely is smoking hot too but nonetheless he is much more distanced. I know that Kristen and Ian did lots of interviews since the VD started and they seem to know each other quite well. And Ian is somebody who allows this kind of closeness. It´s the way he meets people. He isn´t afraid of touching his fans or being touched by them either. And that is one reason why people are completely mesmerized by him. He never gives anybody the feeling that he has a wall around him that nobody can overcome.

  • ihatepeople

    Paul might be more reserved or who knows a little shy in interviews. I honestly don’t know much about his professional background prior to TVD. Ian we know started out modeling young. I’m sure because of this he learned early on how to be engaged and personable with the media. Ian’s graciousness, generosity, greatfulness and humility all combine for a public figure you can’t help but love outside of how attractive he is. He really leaves his mark on whatever he touches.

  • ihatepeople

    Side note: I too wish I looked that good when my allergies are acting up and I haven’t slept. Hell I don’t even look that good when I have slept. LOL. ;)

  • kego

    There are many pictures of Paul and Torrey… why not here?

  • SonyaMarkova

    Intentionally there no photos of Paul Wesley???

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