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Posted by | July 12, 2012, 11:34 (MST) | 12 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The cast of the Vampire Diaries have recorded a video to thank the 13 million people who have followed them on Facebook, and to tell everyone to tune in for the Season 4 premiere on October 11th, 2012.

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  • a_softsong

    Joseph, Joseph, once again you still the show.

  • Ashley

    I love how they saved Joseph till the end just to say “don’t miss it” in his sexy British accent!

  • Iansfan

    Look at that, Joseph Morgan only says three words and I immediately had goosebumps and knew that Klaus was talking.
    I´m so happy that they start filming again, maybe we get some juicy bits of information then.
    Have I already told you that hiatusses suck and that I´m officially and honestly in love with Damon… ( I think I did so… ) I´m eagerly waiting for October to come.
    On a sidenote: Nina looks slightly but strikingly different, I think she changed the colour of her hair. She doesn´t look like a teenager any more. I like this new image.

  • katfly

    I noticed Nina hair too! I like it a lot, so pretty!

  • lola.rose17

    and who wants to miss it………… definitely no one …never…..ever

  • Georgia_Peach

    There is no way to not love each and every cast member on this show. This was such a nice way for the TVD cast to say “Thank you” to the fans.

    However, I must say Joseph’s three words of ‘don’t miss it” truly made by day. Klaus, Klaus and more Klaus…. please!


    Adorable….and what an awesome way to say “Thank You” to the fans. Loved seeing each and everyone of the cast members. They look really well rested and well, really good, after their summer breaks. Love Nina’s hair. Here’s to hoping this is going to be vampire Elena’s hair:)

    As to Joseph’s ending…..ahhhhhh…..I can’t help it, but that was hot as hell….and just three little words did that? Wow! Gotta love him:)

  • Cherrie

    All JoMo had do was say 3 words & I got chills! OMG it was awesome because he was talking in his Klaus voice.

    Also I think Paul got hotter. I’m being serious. The whole whole cast is beautiful. Every single one of them.

    TVD needs to come back fast because I really miss my Delena & Damon.

  • Missy

     JOSEPH always steals the show..yikes hes OUTSTANDING!!

  • Sasha

    I am so immensely glad the producers/writers decided to keep Klaus. Joseph adds something really special, and the cast just feels more complete with him there. 

  • a_softsong

    Shhh, don’t tell anybody. This is our secret, okay. 

  • Piapajus1998

    The Klaus’s “Don’t miss it”, was the best, but did anyone else noticed too, that all the girls, were wearing like a little bit formal clothes, and yes Nina has coloured her hair a little bit lighter, and as always Ian’s hair is always longer, than it usually is at the beginning of the season, except for the first one, but it was the very first So yeah!:) And I have to say it, as I think one of the biggest Delena fan, please it just would make my life if They would be together! LOL :) Anyway, can’t wait!:)

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