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Posted by | February 8, 2012, 10:23 (MST) | 173 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV



UPDATE #2: Check out MORE PHOTOS from the shoot at

UPDATE #3: Thanks to EW for passing along a bigger version of the cover! View in Gallery.


Thanks to the eagle-eyed @epnebelle in NYC, we have our first look at Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder on the cover of the February 17th edition of Entertainment Weekly. And yes, it is absolutely real. Details are scant as of right now, but we expect EW will have more soon now that the cat’s out of the bag, including a nice clean version of the cover. The cover implies there will be three different versions available (we’re speculating possibly one of the three, one of Nina and Ian and one of Paul and Nina, but that’s just speculation) and should be hitting newsstands any day now. Watch this space for more details as we get them!

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly has posted ALL THREE special covers – and holy crap, y’all. As we speculated, the other two covers are Ian/Nina and Nina/Paul. They’ve also posted a teaser of the feature article.

This week’s EW cover story also features interviews with Vampire‘s stars — Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley — who talk about keeping the love triangle red-hot, where they fall in the Stelena-Delena shipper wars, and all rumors swirling around their real-life relationships.

In the meantime, VIEW THE COVER HERE. If that link is down, try here.

HUGE congrats to the cast/crew of Vampire Diaries!

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  • Ayoosh

    this cover is Freak’in super  HOT  , I’m literally speechless  

  • Joshua Young

    My fav site, dlisted, just posted bout this cover and also has a photoshopped version with just the guys. Very funny write up. 

  • Joan Sandberg

    “panty creamers”  LOL – they are definitely that!  And the one of the guys – too funny

  • Tilly Shuker

    can i get them in the uk?

  • Lola Rose17

    partial nudity that is right better than selling sex on tv i dont want to attack true blood but tvd show is successful the way its now no need for elena to be another sookie,damon on its own is breath taking (mr gorgeous blue eyes)stefan is mysterious mr sexy and is good they showed respect to paul wife on his photos  

  • Anonymous

    do you really think such a large magazine as EW is considerate of the relationships of the “models” ? I mean do you really think that´s the reason for Paul not being naked (not that he is any less sexy on his photos). That would win me over for American magazines. From what I get the photo shooting business is hard and very commercial and doesn´t give a heck about what the models want or feel.

  • Lola Rose17

    to ianfan you r right

  • DJ

    I would like to know that too if anyone can help.  I have just looked on ‘click here to buy’ and it looks like USA only :’(

  • Sarah

    Paul is sooooooooooooooooooo Hotttttttt!
    Nina Luks Hot too
    also ian

    I luv the one with paul&nina in it, it looks very realistic and Also luv the trio main cover

  • mary.m155

    Ya thats very true if a pphotographer wants u to do something and you dont, then your not worthy for the shoot. But that goes for models usually, im not certain if its the same for actors that are already so famous

  • mary.m155

    i like the two shows for different reasons. i started watching true blood first. i actually like a lot of gore and nasty stuff, its more intersting to me. but i love tvd

  • Anonymous

    I´ve got another question: The perception of Americans here in Germany is very often that they are much more sensitive concerning nudity then we here in Europe. The main audience of this show is somewhere between 12 and 25. Is it O.K. then to have such pitures?

  • Joan Sandberg

    The fans I know are a lot older  than the demographic and only certain groups are as sensitive about nudity as in the past (i.e. religious folks).  Besides nothing seen in these photos that you don’t see at the beach.  We don’t actually get to see  any naughty bits.  Darn it!

  • Anonymous

    you´re absolutely right, I´m in my 40ies myself and I´m a great fan of the series. But if I watch those hapenings in your large malls, there seem to be thousands of mainly young girls, screaming and enjoying themselves. And of course you can´t see anything that you can´t see on a beach either – what doesn´t make them less hot. I think those photos leave a lot room for phantasy and imagination. I like them much better than e.g. the True Blood photos (which were gross and too naked for my taste).

  • Anonymous

    …  they tore his shirt … now I understand, I was wondering why he was wearing a bustier ;) Well then you´re right, they should have torn it a lot more.

  • cute7

    Damn!!! Yummyness & hotness of the highest level… am actually feeling hot after seeing that

  • mary.m155

    Nudity is when u actually see a naked private body part. They are covered In those areas

  • cute7

    How can people be this hot!!! The world aisn’t fair…Nina is so lucky wishin was the one there lol!

  • Joan Sandberg

    I agree that it is much sexier when something is left to the imagination and mine is working overtime!  I’ve been a nurse for over 30 years so nudity is no big deal.  But I agree that the True Blood photos were unappealing.  Them being naked wasn’t so much the issue, rather than the photos were not sexy to me.  Also as much as I like the vampire genre, that show just isn’t for me.  

    And I have to confess, my 50ish year old friend and I are actually considering going to one of these convention things to drool in person.  Her husband just shakes his head and leaves the room when VD comes on.  LOL

  • Anonymous

     Well, if you like nasty and gore I guess True Blood will fit your needs for sure.  I think True Blood is funny and can’t be taken seriously by no means, but sometimes the soft porn is a bit much even for me.   The True Blood Rolling Stone cover photo shoot came across as exactly what the show is about, which is gory, nasty, and comical. Looking at three naked lead stars with blood all over them is hardly hot, sexy or steamy.   However, The Vampire Diaries photo shoot shows the hot, sexual, sensual story of desire that is being told and it was done tastefully.

  • Anonymous

    Well, there is going to be a convention here in Germany in summer, too and I´m quite sure that I want to go there and meet or rather see those examples of accidental sexiness in person. My family live with my addiction and turn on their own computers if I´m lost in TVD once in a while ;)

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