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Posted by | April 14, 2014, 13:51 (MST) | 11 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Another webclip from Resident Evil (EP518). This one features Bonnie and Jeremy. Just a few more days to wait!

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  • Vidhvansh Kumar via Facebook


  • Syed Rajin via Facebook

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    this writer is just amazing..!

  • Gwen

    OUCH…that was cold….OK…so why are they not including Bonnie in their plan? You would think the anchor to the other side would be a huge asset, especially with the information she just revealed to Jer. This is Exactly what Elena was trying to tell him…he has not exactly been making the best decisions lately…if I were Bonnie I would think twice about trusting him.

    Loved the way Bonnie smacked down Liv…that’s right you don’t mess with a Bennett witch (or retired BW).

    Sorry but this looks like we are really dealing with amateurs.

  • Prediction

    Poor Bonnie…Idk why Jeremy hides the stuff he’s doing…
    Off topic… but as a girl I have to mention… I love her new haircut ;-)

  • aristar84

    Yes very cold. Earth to Jer: Bonnie, your gf, needs your help & you show her the door??? Keeping your scheming w Liv a secret?? With all these 2 have been through, I would think Jeremy would be more open.

    Honestly, communication lacks btw the both of them, which only means a big fail. I understand they want to protect one another but Bonnie has battled Klaus & Silas, she can handle whatever little plan Liv & the trio has going. Plus we all know Damon gets things done.

    Also, why would Liv lie to Bonnie in the 1st place? Bon’s no longer a witch, but her ancestry & being friends w Elena, makes her good person to befriend and get help w the Travellers. I feel that her/ the trio’s agenda and Damon/Stefan/Elena’s agenda are going to butt heads in the end.

  • aristar84

    Yes her hair is the bomb! I’m waiting for her to fluff it up & break loose, have fun, but I know it’s not a Bonnie thing to do :(

  • Jennifer2667

    Jeremy must know Bonnie’s in danger right now, given everything Liv knows about Travelers, anchors and the Other Side. This sounds like another misguided attempt to help someone by keeping secrets. Jer, Liv, etc. are trying to keep Bonnie alive, but it probably involves something they don’t think Bonnie will agree to.

    This sudden lack of communication is an example of TVD choosing plot over characterization every time this season. Jeremy hasn’t been the perfect BF, but they grew to be very devoted to each other when Bonnie was on the OS then returned as the anchor.

  • Gwen

    Right – I think Jer’s heart is in the right place trying to protect Bonnie but sometimes it is a slipper slope with him and attaching himself romantically, just like with Anna. Poor Bonnie another awkward conversation with Elena.

    Hopefully, TVD will give us a little more communication on this one and tell us exactly what they are up to.
    ?? – in addition to NOT being able to be compelled by the travelers what other skills does Jer. possess as a hunter? This gang of misfits is going to need all the help they can get.

  • shoe20

    I agree, Jeremy should listen to Elena, she’s an authority on making bad decisions. lol We know Damon only went to the PTA meeting to make a pass at Elena. If he was so interested and engaged in being Jeremy’s guardian, why did he not know about the 11 days of school missed and the cheating in math class? And why didn’t Elena ask Damon (who she left in charge) why he didn’t know anything about Jeremy school problems? Elena has dropped the brother ball this season.
    Who besides Elena and Stefan is more vulnerable than Bonnie the anchor in the upcoming war? Jeremy should be pulling her close not pushing her away. Wonder what Grams thinks of Liv?

  • Jennifer2667

    Bonnie is all alone in the world right now, and it’s meant to be that way. Her last heroic journey will involve her connection to Grams and inhabitants of the OS as she tries to save basically everyone. I wish Jeremy and her friends would comfort her more. The way the show is going about it, awkwardly and suddenly pulling Jeremy and Bonnie apart, doesn’t make it better. It’s her reality though – she’s not going to be part of the MF world for long, imo. So it’s not about Jeremy falling for Liv; that’s a red herring.

    I’m all for the motley crew of underdogs! Liv/Luke have expertise with the travelers. Like you said, Jeremy will discover more powers. I’m sure they’ll make a critical mistake or two attempting to outwit or overpower the travelers. It all sounds like a Scooby gang adventure. The important point from a character standpoint is Jeremy desperately needed to start making his own choices, and there will be consequences like there always are when teens/young adults venture out in the world.

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