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Posted by | June 16, 2011, 13:23 (MST) | 25 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Thanks to @ShiraRose1 for the heads up: The official USA cover for The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season has been uploaded to Amazon. (It’s also on the WB Shop site.) This follows yesterday’s Warner Bros. press release detailing the set’s special features. What do you think? (Click the image below to see a bigger version.) The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season will be available August 30th on DVD and Blu-Ray.


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  • Sfinn85

    The cover looks kinda strange… like someone just Photoshopped Paul, Nina and Ian onto a dark forest background. :-o

  • Lauren

    It looks fake. I’m not sure if I like it or not. 

  • El

    I like the one where they were all lying on the grass better..this one looks a little odd..they all still look hot but meh I can’t put my finger on it.

  • Sfinn85

    I prefer the picture of them on the bed. :-)

  • CheckeredYcats

    I really think they need to put Nina on the cover twice since she plays both two roles. Season two was about the doppelganger, shouldn’t Katherine AND Elena be on the cover?

  • Anonymous

    It’s most likely photoshopped. Don’t like it
    It looks like this picture (at least Nina and Paul).

  • Saphiraheart_lightning

    That’a nor the real cover, this one looks more real to me;

    I thought THAT was the cover. But who knows. xD

  • Saphiraheart_lightning

    I think this will be the cover as this picture on here looks to photoshopped to make it as a DVD.

  • TVDfan007

    Ditto @vampyrfan .. and Damon seems to have been added in, probably this pic batch : .. they just photoshopped the colors of their clothes a bit .. don’t really like it, seen much, much better shots of them..

  • Habiba

    I much prefer this cover you shared. 

  • night magic

    What happened to the cover above .i like that one better to the side of the comments?

  • katoributa

    Eh, i really hope this isn’t it…i definitely prefer the cover from the UK site…

  • Yoyo Wan

    Anyway, three of them look hot in every photo, especially Ian, “he’s rediculously hot”. I like looking at his eyes, so desirable.=]

  • NHadzhiantonova

    I think you are right about that to put both Elena and Katherine on the covers, maybe K. near Stefan and Elena w/
    Damon, that would be very cool and in fact connected to the content of the whole season. To me the pic looks photoshoped only if look at it for longer time than few seconds. But hey the pic w/ all 3 of them on the bed is really cool. I’m gonna take the 2 seasons anyway, but I was wandering is there a way 4 a small sneaky-peaky on the inlay of the DVD. There my imagination works really in a creative direction. And at last cheers to those who preorder it. Enjoy watching it!!

  • Kat

    This is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love the cover art, especially after seeing two other covers claimed as the official one. I’m sorry, but I can’t stand the sweaty picture of the three of them on the bed. This one is WAY better!

  • Sfinn85

    The cover you attached in your post is a fan-made cover, but I’ve loved that picture ever since I first saw it.  I personally hope it is used as the official cover as it gives a better feel of the overall tone of Season 2 than the ballet one, IMHO.  The one of them that’s on the Warner Bros. website and definitely looks fake. :-(

  • Saphiraheart_lightning

    It just hit me, I think the cover I posted is real, BUT THIS WILL BE THE inside cover box. The first dvd has the little box with all the dics in it. This will be season twos. Personally the one I posted seems real and fits the theme of season 1..

  • evangeline

    Oh no… I hoped of the picture with the bed or the ballett picture…why they choose this:( Now I am a little bit sad;/ 

  • Sfinn85

    The cover you posted with the picture of them on the bed and the writing on the back is a fan-made cover as the person who made it is from New Zealand and posted it ages ago on the forum.  If you do a Google search you will find a link to the post they created about it.

    I was browsing Google today and I think the official cover for Season 1 was only revealed on this site in mid-July last year, so I’m really hoping the cover that has already been posted on the Warner Bros. website and is just a temporary one, cos it really does look Photoshopped. :-(

    I’ve checked, and and the first 2 sites have the ballet picture (with even saying ‘Artwork subject to change’ if you click the ‘Special Features’ tab) and still hasn’t confirmed what the cover art will actually be. doesn’t even have a picture of the cover art.

    I definitely think the picture you posted is the most suitable one to use.

  • Sfinn85

    If you look on and they both have the ballet picture, but if you click on the ‘Special Features’ tab on it says ‘Artwork subject to change’.  On they haven’t even put up a picture of the official cover art and just has a blank where the picture is supposed to be.

  • Katie

    ian is cute. i love vampire diaries. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!

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