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Posted by | October 30, 2011, 17:21 (MST) | 80 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Joseph Morgan as KlausWe had suspected that the last 2011 episode of The Vampire Diaries would air on November 10, and now we have it straight from the horse’s mouth. Julie Plec tweeted that Homecoming (EP309) would in fact be the last episode to air this year, and The Vampire Diaries will return with episode 310 on January 5, 2012.

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  • Naruto is awesome!

    I’m not American. I’m Eurasian who lives in Asia… My country over here is running season 2 of TVD. We don’t have it live cable. But yeah… We got video stream for online views at around 8.30am. I always look out for TvTeam.

  • Naruto is awesome!

    You know what I suddenly miss in that show? That damn green diary of hers… She don’t write it anymore…

  • dman

    Thanks. The idea just came to me as I was reading Eve’s comment about Stefan and Damon celebrating Christmas. I then imagined what might if Santa came to Mystic Falls and ran into the Salvatore boys. I injected my patented humor along with character personality traits, weaved it with current TVD storylines and there you have it.

  • dman

    Thank you.

  • dman

    You’re welcome.

  • dman

    Thank you. But I only do something like this when I’m really inspired. The idea was spontaneous and I decided to go with it. Sorry, I’m not really into twitter.

  • tvd fan


  • Anonymous

    The original crafty little witchy is using Bonnie, yep, either she will try to posess her or manipulate her. you know I wouldn’t be suprised if she came back either. And in some spoiler they said Bonnie will play a key role in bringing down Santa Klaus.  And ref to the necklace I had to rewind ten times, then I listened with my eyes closed to shut out the visual disturbance,it worked.

  • Naruto is awesome!

    I really wonder what happen to that diary of Elena Gilbert…

  • dman

    *what might HAPPEN if

  • Quietriver

    We will miss you TVD!  But, I might actually be more productive at work during that time! :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh gosh this show only makes me crave more. I’m so on a TVD high going through withdrawal for 2 months will be brutal. :( *cries* I NEED MY TVD AND MY FORWOOD FIX!!!!

  • Anonymous

    dman, I just now read your story and thought it was terrific!!!  Loved how you brought in both characters’ traits.  Those of us who live and die by these characters and know them well can see how good this piece is.  I could picture the whole thing in living color as I read it. And I laughed out loud hysterically when Damon started moaning about the rugs!  He’s been trying to keep the furniture and the rugs blood-free since S1!  Bravo dman!

  • Anonymous

    I know it’s a little late to be mentioning this, but it kept slipping my mind.  In the last two TVD episodes there was a commercial for a SIMS animal game.  There was a man in a suit with the head of a dog talking about it.  Does any one else but me think that the voice of the “dog” was Joseph Morgan’s?

  • silvia anderson

    it was really good… i laughed at lot…

  • Lina

    Yup can’t believe they are gonna make us wait a whole month and an half this totally sucks gonna have to rewatch season one and two. Hell it’s only been two months since it started, here’s to hoping the next 2 episodes are totally awesome like usual.

  • Olka

    I hope that will be the 4th season, this may be not the end!!!What am I watching on TV???

  • Stelena fan! Rebecca

    well for christmas i want stefan to be good but a little bit off the rails and be dating Elena again. LOL1 I loooovvvve Stefan soooooo much!

  • Olivia Williams

    Jan. 5th is my 19th birthday. BEST BDAY PRESENT EVER! :)

  • Eyuke88

    positively okay, so i have more time to be focus on my work..:)

  • Ynya

    We had been waiting for months to see the third season and now they’re going to put a break on it????????????????????????????????

  • charity connolly

    I may be 37 years old but I feel just like a teenager again watching “Vampire Diaries” with my teenagers.I think I am 16 again for one hour every week.Thank you for giving that to me.One of your most devoted fans    Charity

  • gayle

    I don’t have inspiration for my Board Examination on Dec. 18 & 19. But ohhh well I can concentrate with my review and have to give my best shot. Attaining my price on 5th of January. Weeee:) 

  • Alisha xxx

    Is this in the UK or USA??

  • Monystarlight

    is this when it airs in Australia or the US?

  • Sarah Webster96

    Do you by any chance know when VD’s return in the UK?

  • Red

    February. No exact date yet.

  • gillybeanz

    Date? Year? I just want TVD and a preferably shirtless view of Ian Somerhalder and I want it NOW!!! he he :oD

  • Paltanea George

    hy i am from romania,,i want to see sezon 5

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