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Posted by | October 13, 2011, 9:40 (MST) | 50 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXHere’s some exciting news, especially for those of us who are still trying to get all our friends hooked on The Vampire Diaries: Netflix has entered into a four-year licensing deal with the CW. The wording is a little unclear, but we think this means that seasons one and two of The Vampire Diaries will be available for instant streaming in the U.S. starting THIS SATURDAY, October 15. Season three will be available on Netflix streaming in Fall 2012. This deal will give the show an awesome new level of exposure and availability for Netflix members who have streaming-only plans, and make it much easier for new fans to catch up and watch live next season. And if you’re trying to catch up on other CW shows, they’ll be available soon as well.

So clear your calendars and call all your skeptical friends – S1 & S2 marathon parties can start this weekend, and if you skip a couple days of work, everyone you know can be caught up before next Thursday.


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  • Snakedoggy4

    I am so happy that we bought an internet ready TV and downloaded Netflix.  My husband and I were browsing thru our choices and saw the Vampire Diaries seasons 1 and 2.  We decided to queue it up and let me tell you — BEST DECISION EVER!!!  We love this show!!!  Hurry up Netflix and make a deal to season 3 sooner!!

  • William

    Vampire Diaries is already on netflix, that’s how I found out about it. It’s been on there at least a month already.

  • Kels fred

    I’ve already watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix 3 times! And have gotten friends into it as well because of Netflix. Love it!

  • Clarksvilled2

    Love Vampire Diaries. I got hooked after recording Roku Asa Christmas gift. If Hulu can get season 3 so can you Netflix! I prefer commercial free. You got me hooked so please

  • Mattstrcharz

    Really want vampire dairies season 3 to be already on Netflix.The waiting sucks!please release season 3 for steaming!

  • katie

    Your probably talking about season 1 & 2. Season 3 is the one everyone wants. Including me. It turns out that the book isn’t as good as the show!! Seriously the show is SO much better.

  • Jds_43

    Can’t wait for season 3 to be on Netflix!!!! Thanks to this I got the chance to expirence vampire diaries and now I’m addicted!

  • BRIT

    season three comes out on netflix in august. 

  • BRIT

    lol I was hooked in the first ten min! I have medical issues where some days I’m stuck in bed and that’s about all I can do, so we got netflix and it became my very best friend lol when I started I think it was about 10am and next thing I know im watching the sunrise the next morn. I think it fried my brain a little cuz for the next week it was always on my mind and every night I would dream about it… it has definitely helped take my mind of the pain… and gave me some good little butterflies in my belly! :) 

  • Mallory

    I watched season 1 and 2 on netflix and even got my husband hooked lol…i cant wait for season three to come to netflix!!! i am missing it so bad!!!

  • Katerina Petrova

    This television device is quite marvelous, This show however, lacks the proper intellegnce af Vampirism and Bulgarian history. Vampires have a reaction to verbena, not vervain. Vervain does not exist. Verbena grows almost everywhere. The genesis of the vampires does date back to the original family. I am a member of that family. My mother bore 9 children. At first, we were not all vampires. We were oce, a normal family. But my mother begged the witches to turn us into a supernatural force. They had no choice, They turned us into vampires. But there were punnishments. We could not enter a house unless invited in, we could not smell the flowers (verbena), we could never see the sun again. But my mother and father turned one of their witches into a vampire/witch, they made the witch allow our family to walk in the sun, the witch made us have the power to control minds. We are the oldest vampires, in the world. My sister Anastasia was made, extra, powerful. She hunted down my family and she took them from me. She killed them all. Similar to the relationship of Klaus and Elijah. My brother Kol and I are the only ones left. We want to kill Anastasia, and we need more vampires that are willing to help. I reside in a small cottage in a city just east from the capitol of Bulgaria.  Довиждане, свържете се с мен, ако се интересувате от подпомагане на брат ми и аз убие Анастасия веднъж и за всички.Също така, ако знаете някои вещици, които могат да помогнат, да ги вземете със себе си, както добре.

  • Chasitychester11

    Y can’t u just it on there because vampire daries is very interseting because it the it excitement of what is going to happen to next I want I know I’m a little late but I really like it

  • Felicityaroberts

    I watched season 1 and two in about three days tops!! i ws soo hooked to it!! and now i want season three!! waiting even a day is soo hard i cant find season 3 online anywhere please get season 3 streaming I AM LOVE  vampire dairies

  • liz320

    My husband was never into the “vampire” shows. After the first few episodes, he turned off his NFL videos and paid full attention to Vampire Diaries. We’re waiting, Netflix!

  • Guysangel77

    When does season 3 come on?????????

  • Kai

    Chronic pain chick in the same boat. ;-) Along with Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anotomy and Weeds, this show helps take my mind off things while I wait for the pain to subside so I can get back to it.

    I’ll be psyched when the day comes that I can watch a show withOUT having a migraine and icepick headaches. Until then, go Netflix! :-p

  • guest

    Season 4 comes out October 11, 2012 on Thursday at 8pm this is the official date because it is on the CW vampire diaries website i saw it when i re-watched the final episode of season 3 i’m so hooked its like bad!

  • Ashley2369

    you can watch season 3 of vampire diaries at this website for free type vampire diaries in the search at

  • Miguel_shooter08

    I love The vampire diaries i wish u guyz could make another season ;))

  • msaxy

    Missing my vamps!!! Please release season 3 on netflix!!!!!!

  • gabby12345

    There was an announcement that stated that the vampire diaries will become avaliable on instant streaming on 9/11/2012 but when last checked on 9/11/2012 the vampire diaries wasn’t on instant but it was avaliable for dvd . Many fans are waiting for season 3 to come on instant rather than dvd beaccuse they have a more flexibale time watching the episodes repetitively rathering watching them in a hurry to send the dvd back and not showing ant intrest for season 4. Iloves this show and cant wait to see season 3 for instant on Netflix   

  • Kayla McKinney

    Where was the announcement at?

  • Crossnobethany1

    When does season 4 come on Netflix

  • Say1houchens

    I Love Vamp Diaries its one of my fav shows of all time ive watched all 66 episods and i cant wait to make it 88. :)

  • bailey jane

    When do you think season 4 will be out on netflix? With everything that has happened in season three I need/ must see season four as soon as possible! I love vampire diaries. Im hooked!

  • Olesjawilhelm

    when is season 4 coming out on netflix

  • heightsfeathers

    When when will you get season 4 of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix?

  • Vivianemickelson

    I know right, season 3 is out on Netflix so now I’m waiting for season 4. I miss my vamps!

  • Jazzy

    When do season 4 comes out on Netflix love vampire diaries please post it fast can’t wait

  • Crazygileadgirl

    When will season 4 of vampire diaries be on Netflix? I can’t wait much longer!!

  • Robert Allison

    i want them to hurry and put season 4 up on there ever though they only have like 9 episodes out…

  • Melaniershelley

    I need season 4

  • Comprehensible

    Is it? I still only have up to season 2…

  • Ajspink123

    Im so Addicted, I watched all 3 seasons in two weeks, Now what do I do. HaHa Cant wait for season 4 to come out on netflix!

  • Jessica Lobos

    When will season 4 come out on Netflix??
    I’m dying to watch it!!

  • Joyjumper

    Hey I watched all 3 seasons on netflex and I really want to know when 4th season comes out!! Espiccially now that Elena is vamp!! Help?!? I heard season 4 comes out in september but I don’t think I can wait!!! I’m already dreaming about it litterly!! Anyway I could watch season 4? If you have answers contact me on kik at cupcake5052

  • Joyjumper

    Same here!! Anyway I can watch it earlier? I don’t think I can wait tik September :(

  • Joyjumper

    I have the same question! :(

  • Eemgirl731

    when is season four going to be on netflix????

  • Kate

    Since people keep asking: There is no way season 4 will be on Netflix before the season ends in May. It will likely appear in the fall around the DVDs come out. Hope that helps!

  • Eemgirl731

    really… darn… so how else can i watch the 4th season

  • Kate

    You can buy it from iTunes or Amazon the day after it airs, or stream episodes for a limited time from Hulu or the CW sites!

  • Kourtney

    when does season 4 come out on netflix?

  • Lynn

    I have watched all of seasons 1,2 ,3 and wat to when is4 coming out on netfix.

  • pixie

    When will season 4 be put on netflix

  • Pricilla

    I Love Vampire Diaries

  • VampGirl70

    The season 4 DVD will be released May 21, 2013 so it should be on Netflix after that

  • Thoward

    when will season 4 of the vampire diaries b on instant streaming? im so impatient. season 4 vemp diaries and season 8 of supernatural come on please!!!!

  • XxTROuBLExX1

    I heard it will be on netflix in september of 2013. I wish it would hurry. I found part of season 4 on hulu plus. But I can’t watch just the last half a season. Netflix hurry up please I have nothing good to watch lol.

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