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Posted by | April 26, 2012, 11:39 (MST) | 67 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Ian Somerhalder to discuss the answer to this question: “How would Damon deal with the fact that Elena could choose either brother (or even neither)?” Watch his response below:

And The Insider caught up with Persia White to chat about the final three episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 3:

Insider: Does she get in the mix with magic in the upcoming episodes?
Persia: Abby helps Bonnie in a pretty pivotal way that involves witchcraft in these last episodes. I know Abby isn’t in a stable place but her help causes some twists that lead to the big events of the season finale. They’re heavily influenced by the problems Abby is helping Bonnie with.


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  • ihatepeople

    So if this is true that Elena and Katherine are identical in every aspect expect that their environment has influence on their behavior, why the Hell are we waiting for Elena to make a decision regarding the brothers? We know what Katherine’s preference was so we already know Elena’s.

    I’d be interested in finding out if there was some curse placed on the Salvatore line that caused them to fall for the same woman not once but twice. Since we know it started with Klaus and Elijah does that mean their families were related somehow? And I don’t mean by way of Klaus turning them.

  • Jenna

    Ian has always been very honest about his perspective on the Damon and Elena relationship. Obviously, from a realistic point of view, he would not recommend for them to be together, or even her and Stefan. But this is a fictional story and we love it because of the darkness and the good in both our vampires! And the innocence and maturing of our heroine, Elena!!!
    I agree with you that this whole teams thing is very contentious. As much as I would love to see the story of Damon and Elena unfold, if this is how it’s going to be… I wish the writers would go another direction from this triangle. But then, they would be going against the very thing they have set up for the past two+ years!!!

  • Jenna

    Ian is so down to earth and entertaining, and matter of fact. I love his interviews… of course he NEVER gives anything away, in fact if anything he leads you in the opposite direction of where things might be going…
    I hope they are all getting much needed chill time… ‘cos we will be ready for S4- like yesterday ;)

  • Guest

     I personally think there are still some significant differences between Elena and Katherine. Differences that lie in their intentions, coyness, and how much they enjoy toying with the Salvatores. But Damon also compared Elena to Katherine in the 9th episode of this season but as a compliment. Katherine does have some good traits and if Elena could get a little of Katherine’s hard as nails backbone without her cruelty that would be awesome.

  • Genny

    True, but don’t underestimate environment. Katherine’s life impacted her and shaped her into the person that she is. Same with Elena. It is very possible she could prefer Damon.

  • NoMoreBoringTV

    Double like


    Actually, who’s to say Isobel didn’t beg Damon for it? Seems to me when they met back up in Season 1, Isobel was more than happy to play with Damon…..

    Damon had no way of knowing that Isobel would be the birth mother of Elena, the girl he’s in love with in present day. When Damon slept with Isobel, it was in the past, not present day. To continue arguing this point is silly, you’re trying to make something dirty out of a chance of fate….

  • ihatepeople

    Interesting thought. I would still guess that since Elena had a stable home up until her parents’ death that she would choose the less challenging brother which is what she keeps grasping for.

    I’m still interested in the Petrova curse that has been placed on our boys. They need to devle into that one of these seasons.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Duly noted!

    It is okay and allowed to comment one’s opinion on whether an actor or actress looks too old to play a part, which could be considered a personal insult on the actor or not. 

  • night magic

    stefan is about the same age and as damon so no ian is sometimes team delena sometimes team stelena .

  • night magic

     i agree and its about time if it does happen Damon and elena have become so close during this season especially .

  • night magic

     but if elena was turned the dynamic of delena and even stelena would be changed .Elena brings out a kindness and softness in Damon and that would change if she became a vampire .He would nt need to help her or rescue her not the same way as a vamp rescuing a human .

  • ihatepeople

    God his eyes are even bluer when the light hits them right. :)

  • guest

    Sorry Abby, but even by clarifying her point she ended up insulting Ian. Why not tell MFQueen to stop making their physical appearance an issue. Does she even know that Ian and Nina are dating in RL? But more often than not, I’ve seen people get away with insulting Ian here…

  • guest

    If Ian is too old to play the part of a 20-something, Paul is definitely too old to play a 17 year old. Why not just enjoy the show without bringing appearance into it… 

  • Kate

    Saying someone looks their real age isn’t an insult. Both sides, please drop this and move on. Thanks.

  • Michaelfordescortescort

    No, he dated her half sister Megan. Literally, his ex is her sister.

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