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Posted by | May 22, 2012, 13:29 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Tonight in the UK: The Departed (EP322)

The moment we’ve all been impatiently waiting for and dreading all at the same time. The season 3 finale will be on our screens very soon. This is a Vampire Diaries finale, and we can guarantee that you’re in for shocks and surprises. Prepare yourselves with tissues, cups of tea and the usual supplies that can be found in a Vampire Diaries Survival Kit. You will need them.

Season 4 has been confirmed, and will be airing in the USA in October. We don’t have any idea of the return date for the UK yet, but will post as soon as we hear anything.

ITV2 will be displaying the Twitter #TVDUK hashtag during the episode, and will also be reading out the best or funniest tweet using the hashtag over the end credits. Be sure to tweet your reactions, and make sure you’re following @ITV2 for some entertaining keyboard mashing while you’re at it. As always, you can also follow us on @tvdnews.

So, want to whet your appetites? We’ve got some teasers for you, as well as some links to check out after the episode.


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  • Lisarobinson1986

    omg just watched the final episode of session 3 cant believe its not out til oct in USA so when will it be out in the uk. even til oct is 5 months and we will have another 3 to 4 months on top. the uk views want to know what is goin on, wjodoes she choose and is she a vampire. dont want to wait so long me and my best mate watch every week in the uk and canNOT WAIT TIL THE END OF 2012 TO THE START OF 2013

  • shila1307

    Why don’t you watch on the internet? Here in Germany they show only the dubbed versions and they are way behind…just saying :)

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