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Posted by | May 27, 2010, 11:31 (MST) | 8 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesThe anticipation has been building all month and the moment has finally arrived: Tune in to The VRO at 9pm ET tonight as Vampire Diaries executive producer/writer Julie Plec fields your questions. As she tweeted earlier, “I’m happy to defend it, explain it, or revel in it w u, depending on topic. Or we can just talk about Paul’s abs.” Word on the street is that tonight’s show is going to be extra-special so, whatever you have to do, make sure you’re there. We have a feeling it’s going to be lots of fun.

If you missed this week’s interviews, you can listen to them in full over at Blog Talk Radio: Paul M. Sommers and Marguerite MacIntyre. And tune in for Malese Jow on Friday night and Susan Walters on June 1st.

And tonight at 8/7c, the Vampire Diaries Season One encore officially begins on the CW. The Moonlight pairing kicks off next week, June 3rd.

And, if you follow Kev and Julie on Twitter, you know the writers returned to work this week to begin Season Two. Yes, as you read this, they’re plotting how to drive you all insane. Exciting, isn’t it?

Lots going on behind the scenes here at (good stuff!) so bear with us as we work back into a groove. It’s becoming a very interesting summer indeed.

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  • woot

    wait…if TVD is now shown on TV again, this means it will run 21 weeks from now on. That would make 21th October for the Season finally. Season 2 starts FALL. Who else bets 10 Bucks, that Season 2 is gonna start October 28th?

  • Marina- Stelena!

    wait…if TVD is now shown on TV again, this means it will run 21 weeks from now on. That would make 21th October for the Season finally. Season 2 starts FALL. Who else bets 10 Bucks, that Season 2 is gonna start October 28th?  (Quote)

    Your right.. I never even realized that.. hmmm.. well maybe they wont air all 22 episodes because most CW shows start in September, and the rest of TV usually starts in October, so it is possible it might start in October but since it’s CW they might just air only half/ or 2/3 of the episodes and then start airing season 2 in September. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see though

  • chelsey

    We really enjoy when Julie is being interviewed. She is so positive and upbeat. Love when she gives her opinion on what she thinks of each character and where she hopes the show is going. The biggest reason why we enjoy Julie is because she doesn’t play fav’s. Unlike other people Julie talks positive about all of the cast. She great! It’s obvious she really loves her job and it shows.

  • chelsey

    oops, I meant to say that she is great!!

  • amanda

    I enjoyed the show with julie. I didn’t know that they had already picked there callers and told them what time to call. Strange.

  • salta

    Is there a transcript of the interview anywhere? I can’t listen to it from here…

  • GA Peach

    The writers need to pull Damon & Elena into a closer relationship in Season 2. Damon is in love with Elena and Katherine will not be able to lure him away. He is too strong for that to happen. He is extremely loyal and committed to his “purpose”, which is to protect his brother, the town and most importantly Elena. Supernatural or not, the writers need to show Damon’s powers (ie: fog, crow, etc). It adds to his character. Damon is HOT! HOT! HOT! Ian Somerhalder owns this character! Great job Ian! Stefan is sweet, but has a very dark side and tends to be secretive. He is weaker due to his diet and will be easy for Katherine to manipulate. Stefan is still in love with Katherine. He keeps her picture on his bedroom table. He will break Elena’s heart. The Tyler/Werewolf storyline sounds interesting and sounds like it will be a big part of Season 2. Another witch in Mystic Falls? Sounds like a challenge for Bonnie & company. Writers please give us more of the Alaric/Damon duo. They are great! Also, more Jenna & Alaric please. Jeremy as a vampire? Hope not. Anna will be missed. If possible, please bring Isobel back. She is very interesting. All of this going on in Mystic Falls, I can’t wait for season 2.

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