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Posted by | July 18, 2013, 14:54 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT – Vampire Diaries: A View to a Kill (EP412 Encore) Airs at 8/7c

Need a vamp fix? Stay tuned this weekend for lots of links to coverage of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals at San Diego Comic-Con. Meanwhile, A View to a Kill (EP412) airs tonight on the CW at 8/7c.

Episode refresher course:

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  • Gwen

    This was a fairly decent episode – I really liked the Stefan / Rebekah tender moments in this episode…even if Stefan was on dagger duty…it was nice to see him have some fun, the ease at which they danced (which makes you wonder why he did not like to dance with Elena when she would ask?), the way he shared with Rebekah his time with Lexi and how much it meant to him and when he delivered to her the news of Kol’s death.

    We get to see how strong Bonnie is becoming…she stops Kol and Klaus in their tracks so effortlessly.

    Sad to see once again to see Elena / Damon kept apart, Damon locked in a cell, questioning Elena’s feelings for him.

    Elena coming up with a plan that actually worked but at what cost and why? Yes, she stops Kol from killing her and Jer, stops Klaus from taking Jer on a vampire / hunting road trip but is her motivation to find the cure for herself, for Jer, for Stefan? So many unanswered questions of S4.

    Interesting conversation – Kol and Elena, when he was talking about hanging out with the witches in NO in early 1900′s and their conversations about Silas and how evil he was. So far we have not seen evil Silas as he describes…more to come? Elena also asks Kol what he did that was so bad that Klaus daggered him and put him in a box – did it have to do with killing the witches or someone Klaus loved? Which leads me to the following interesting timeline…feedback very much welcomed.

    So… “The Originals” were in NO in early 1900′s, Kol is daggered (for being bad – not sure why), Fin daggered by the hunter and left that way, not sure? Rebekah & Klaus leave NO on the run from Mikael? meet up with Stefan in Chicago in the 1920′s and while running from Mikael again, Klaus compels Stefan to forget them, daggers Rebekah, puts her in a box along with Kol, Fin until MF. Elijah leaves NO maybe around the same time as Rebekah/Klaus? Rebekah for whatever reason chooses to leave NO with Klaus and Not Elijah…the “Always and Forever” is over for now. Elijah shows up in MF seeking revenge against Klaus, for killing his family and dumping them in the ocean (which he believes to be true until the sun / moon ritual where he learns the truth). From 1920′s to present day MF Klaus continues to run from Mikael, carts his family around in boxes, still seeking revenge against Katherine and trying to turn into a hybrid.

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