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Posted by | July 11, 2013, 12:16 (MST) | 6 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT – Vampire Diaries: Catch Me If You Can (EP411 Encore) Airs at 8/7c

Hiatus drags on, but San Diego Comic-Con is next week, so we should at least have some interesting tidbits to think about soon! Catch Me If You Can (EP411) airs tonight on the CW at 8/7c.

Episode refresher course:

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  • dman_24

    Jeremy: I found this in your nightstand drawer. (Very funny BTW!)

    Elena: Okay, you got me! I’m addicted to whittling! There, I said it. It’s all Damon’s fault!

  • Debbie

    This was a tough episode – not just really dark (the torture damon eps have to stop!) but it also gave me more questions than answers…and I don’t think they were ever fully answered, even in the finale.

    The sb is still not completely clear. Did Elena trust Damon in s4 just because he told her to? My guess is no as trust is a feeling, and sb affects actions not feelings (as was confirmed in the finale). And have her decisions become more daring because of the sb, or just because she’s now a stronger being with heightened senses and beliefs? Did her feelings for Damon really change that much since s3…she has always trusted him.

    And was she being hypocritical? she told everyone that jer’s safety and not killing innocents was more important than finding the cure…yet directly puts jer’s life in danger and kills many innocent vampires by suggesting to kill Kol. Only way to answer that- did she have a choice, was killing Kol her only solution to a yucky circumstance? Then maybe she can be forgiven. I wish I knew the answer.

    From kol’s standpoint, as well as many viewers, the cure cannot be worth these lengths, a cure that she’s not even entirely convinced she wants anymore (she has accepted her vamper ism). The search for the cure then starts to lose its entertainment value, and just becomes kind of sad. I don’t completely hate Kol, although I think he’s a monster, he’s the only one that really makes sense.

    I hated Stefan and bex the first time around, but now I kinda get it. She’s nothing more to him than the 1st warm body that he could find, simply a fun distraction from what he really wants (goes along with the I don’t care attitude, maybe if you act like you don’t care you won’t). Really, minus the snarkiness Stefan was doing was Stefan always tries to do, save Damon and the others in scoobie gang…he just did it in an angrier way this time.

    Damon has to be praised for how he handled being compelled (so what if he couldn’t resist compulsion, that doesn’t make him any more evil and at least he risked his own life to save jer’s. I keep reading spoilers on s5 saying that Damon will try to calm down for Elena’s sake, but hasn’t he already been doing that in s4? After seeing an ep like this, we see how selfless Damon has become. And if this doesn’t make jer and Damon closer I don’t know what will.

  • Debbie

    Wow that was a long one…

  • dman_24

    Jeremy: I found this in your nightstand drawer.

    Elena: Um, Jer, it’s not what you think. That’s just a backscratcher. Really, it is! What, you thought it was a …….

  • Gwen

    I have to agree with other posts this was one of my least favorite episode, in fact I deleted it from saved recordings. Here are few reasons why:

    1) That pesky SB was supposed to be a minor obstacle but by this episode it was turning into a major Pain and extremely annoying.
    2) Damon / Elena have that epic moment where she finally tells him she loves him and he says…get in your car and come to me. But when she arrives at the lake house, all hell breaks out with the Bar Vamps. Elena needs to get Matt out of danger and both return to MF. Not even one tender moment between them, as if the phone call never happened. Very frustrating and disappointing.
    3) Matt / Jeremy both question Elena’s trust in Damon and she
    does not defend the man that she loves…SB or just confused about her true feelings? Again very frustrating and disappointing. When is Elena going to stand up for Damon?
    4) We get a small glimpse into glimpse Rebekah / Stefan’s old relationship as they go down memory lane…jazz, booze, feeding reckless abandon, enjoying life as a vampire in the 20’s but even though Rebekah says no emotions she falls hard and for Stefan he was just nursing some hurt feelings. They both deserve love and happiness, maybe in S5.
    5) Kol torturing Damon than compelling him to kill Jer
    6) Damon not really knowing if Elena’s feelings for him are real and almost kills Jer
    7) All the dead people at the bar. I think they may have crossed the line a bit with that scene
    8) The original family feud…after all this time…still going strong with Rebekah wanting to dagger Kol, Kol almost killing Rebekah and Rebekah and Klaus still at odds with each other
    9) Shane manipulating Bonnie and Bonnie losing control
    10) Jer looking to his big sister for guidance because he wants to help her but does not want to kill innocent people and what is Elena’s solution…kill Kol…What? I get that she is under pressure because of Klaus and now Kol coming after them but more killing?
    11) Klaus still non-trusting of everyone, and wanting the cure just so no one else can use it against him.
    12) The race for the cure, at any/all cost? Is that what the writers wanted us to believe? All the deaths to this point and those yet to come was too much and unnecessary. Entertainment value was diminished greatly due to all the killings. The whole cure plot was not very well written.
    13) Stefan to Elena, You don’t know what I look like when I am not in love with you. Stefan lasing out because he is hurting which I guess is justified but it still was sad to watch
    14) Damon having to be locked up and kept away from Elena…yet another obsticle

    Observations / Questions:
    1) Again, nagging question did Kol and Damon have a past? Klaus alludes to this when he tells Elena that Kol never did like Damon…makes you wonder.
    2) Is there more to Jer and Damon’s relationship other than the love for Elena? They both fought so very hard against the drive to kill each other. I like to think so. Maybe more of this will come out in S5 since Jer will be staying at Salvatore house

  • Debbie

    Hey Gwen, loved your post as usual. This was one of my least faves for the same reasons as you. I ESP agree with the lack of respect for Damon this ep…Elena could have defended him. Not even a little bit of a sweet delena moment. And I can’t agree more that Damon and jer do care about eachother more than they let on-when jer said to his sis that Damon didnt care about him, Elena didnt have to agree. I’m so thankful the next episode is a lot better!

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