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Posted by | June 30, 2011, 9:38 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT - Vampire Diaries: Plan B (EP206 encore) airs at 8/7c

We disagree, Mason. Salvatores wielding sharp objects (see Stefan and stakes, Damon with a fire poker) and a good-looking dude tied up is kinda sexy. Sure, your torture was tragic, and possibly not all that necessary, but we thank you for being in chains or ropes for most of your stay in Mystic Falls. Fan service at its finest. We salute you, Mason Lockwood. That being said… Want to relive the most uncomfortable fireside chat in Vampire Diaries history? (Amazingly, there’s been a few!) And then choke up all over again at Paul Wesley’s Stefan Tears? (They get us every single time.) Tune in to the CW tonight at 8/7c to see how Plan B rolls out. Only 77 days left until Vampire Diaries Season 3!

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  • Becca Leigh

    Ohhh….Plan B one of the best episodes of Season 2. Aside from Jeremy’s neck, I don’t think I’ve felt more rage towards Damon for what he did to Mason :( Coupled with Stefan’s tears *chokes up* I will need some serious tissues tonight.
    Kat you evil, slut vampire you….

  • Domonique schmid

    Thank god the vampire diaries are back on soon.Wish they would continue it as an ongoing series.Yay!

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