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Posted by | February 21, 2013, 12:08 (MST) | 10 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT: Vampire Diaries - Stand By Me (EP415) Airs at 8/7c

Aw, look at the old gang working together. Love it. Stand By Me (EP415) airs on the CW tonight at 8/7c. Enjoy!

Prepare Yourself for Stand By Me:

Previously On The Vampire Diaries: Down the Rabbit Hole (EP414) Recap Roundup

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  • cat

    please dont have elana sleep with someone else AGAIN

  • Rosie

    Lot of people are saying she will sleep with klaus…

  • Debbie

    Wow she’s gonna sleep with klaus! That’s just silly they hate eachother. Why do the writers hate Damon so much!!!

  • Gwen

    I hear this episode is going to be a real tear jerkier. From what I have been reading on recent posts, it looks like Jeremy is going to stay dead. Elena, shuts off her humanity, opens up a lot of possibilities from a character development perspective…like maybe bad girl Elena and bad boy Damon get their grove on? Just saying might be interesting, if Elena puts away some of her inhibitions and fifty shades it up a bit (just a bit this is still TV) with Damon. One character development I DO NOT want to see and would break my heart is Elena / Stefan going on a ripper binge…I really hope they DO NOT go their.

  • Ann

    I find it hard to believe it is Klaus…could it possible be Elijah? And Klaus hooks up with Caroline before he leaves for “the originals”?

  • Shannon

    Sighhhhh!!! Who’s ready to get emotional tonight? Possibly tear our of anger or sadness??? Or even yell frantically?? I know I am, and I know i’m not the only one. Don’t be shy people. LOL

  • lolarose17

    hi from uk.its 23:24 now ive to wait till 1:00am don’t know if it will air earlier in canada. prepared my tissue i hope this not another (the departed)please no no.i read some people say she will sleep with Klaus?where did that come from ?and what will add to the story and it will destroy damon and elena love story so what is the point.carina said on chat elena wont go ripper but she will be dark and depreessed.she also said NINA will destroy us this week meaning tonight episode.srsly i hope its not sex with klaus.WTH

  • lolarose17

    sorry meant to say depressed

  • Rosie

    I could see that happening too, I don’t know why people are saying klaus… Could be that sleeping with Elena would be the ultimate revenge against the Salvatore’s. dunno, sounds gross to me too

  • Hooked

    Why did the sire bond work on Elena to help her ‘turn it off’ but did not work when Damon told her to forget him?? I hope Elena and Damon can really connect now but she will probably break his heart…as usual!

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