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Posted by | May 10, 2012, 11:40 (MST) | 40 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT: Vampire Diaries - The Departed (EP322 - Season Finale!) Airs at 8/7c

Deep breaths. It’s season finale time. (Can you believe it? Time flies.) But we’re sure nothing bad will happen to anyone in The Departed (EP322) . . . right? RIGHT? To help you while away the hours until showtime, we’ve opened up the episode discussion thread in the forums early, so head on over and get worrying talking! The Departed (EP322) airs on the CW Network at 8/7c.

Prepare Yourself for The Departed:

Previously On The Vampire Diaries: Before Sunset (EP321) Recap Roundup

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  • Missy

    I want to see Klaus

  • I LOVE this show

    I want to see: Elijah, Niklaus, Kol and Rebekah

  • Andy

    Klaus is my favorite Original, I love the Originals on the show. Cant wait to see Klaus wake up

  • Alice

    this is a song that will be  played during the last scene tonight!!!

    sounds epic

  • Ana Bf6

     gosh! right now i dont really know where this show goes for the next season, at the begginig i thought elena was going to choose damon because that was what the writers lead us all the season, then i  change my mind and i was absolutely sure that the cliffhanger would be elena turning into a vampire and that would free her from making a choice between the Salvatores brothers, but now i think that wouldn’t be posible because if she dies, Evilaric would do it too and i think he will be the villain for season 4 unless they introduce us a new villain in this chapter…I CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT EPISODES… SO MANY QUESTIONS..!!!

  • Guest

    Wait, how do you know this?

  • Sasha

    Um if this is true, someone is definitely dying in the last scene.

  • Lola Rose17

    hi to all from uk i just listen to the song its i dont know how to explain im sad already and afraid of what happen is elena dying tonight or damon or what, it is so confusing so emotional ,if someone give us clue ,any clip so we can rest

  • Alice

     I’m from Poland and we have our own TVD website and I read about the song there:)

  • Guest

    Oh cool.  Thanks :)

  • Klaus & Caroline Fan

     Me too, cant wait!

  • Klaus & Caroline Fan

     Hes my favorite too <3

  • Guest

    I am 100% sure Damon isn’t dying. Not even like a temporary death. Apparently the last 30 seconds changes everything. That’s either Elena dies or turns or Ric kills Klaus and we have to wonder if all the vampires die. At least that’s my guess. But what do I know?  I wonder if any of our guesses are right because there are so many out there.

  • Alice

    Guys am I the only one who thinks that Elena is so not turning tonight? I bet they prepared something “OMG/WOW” for us (at least I hope so;)) I think the twist everybody is talking about is something completely different than ELena becoming a vampire/dying

  • ihatepeople

    JP said in that preview yesterday that someone 100% dies. Hell that could be anyone. Ric killing Klaus leaving us to wonder all summer if our people are going to die would be interesting but if they did that we’d have no one left next season. LOL! Someone’s guess here has to be right at least partly. :)

  • Modell_hcu

    What time is showtime?

  • Heather

     Originals are why I watch

  • Katrina

    My guess: Ric dies and Elena turns.

  • shila1307

    I am so tired it is 23:42 hours in Germany- I will dagger myself and undagger at 03:30 hours. Am very upset and have a severe headache due to brain explosion. Good night to all tvd fans. Enjoy!!!:))

  • Katrina

     And in Finland it’s 00:48. But there’s one good thing at least: I have an exam tomorrow so I can very well stay awake. :D

  • Lola Rose17

    ian said in interview damon is dying ,i read it on e entertainment and he said something about elena left with one ,my brain cant processes any more

  • EDM

    As much as I can’t wait for tonight’s episode, I am also dreading it, because just an hour later, the season will OVER!!! Who else HATES when “The Vampire Diaries” pops up on the screen at the end?.. and tonight it will be even worse!

  • Eric

     Give us Klaus

  • Carrie

    Oh God, I’m going to be bawling my friggin’ eyes out at the end of this. I don’t know if Elena will become a vampire tonight, but I can totally picture her under the water, hair moving around, dead. And then it fades to black. Though, maybe it won’t be her, but this scene is definitely going to be so beautiful and sad. … Only an hour and a half left!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!

  • guest

    okay, so what if???? in the last scene ric kills klaus (or whomever started the salvatore’s bloodline)…and we see Damon and Stefan die…then fade to black ?!?!?

  • guest

    then of course season 4 can be about them coming back somehow???

  • mary.m155

    Fml i gotta watch it late!!!! What will happen! Im dying!!

  • charmedone1545

    O.K. Count Down begins….I’m excited,nervous,sick to my stomach and heart in my throat and There was no bourbon involved. Check list:Clear Plastic Cup-check  New Bottle of Bourbon-Check Box of Kleenex,lotion free-Learned the hard way last year lol-Check.Big Bowl of Popcorn-Check,Defibulator-Double Check,DVR Set for 8pm-10pm-There’s no way I will be able to watch The Secret Circle right after-Check. Best of luck to everyone watching may the Salvator force be with us all LOL LOL LOL

  • ihatepeople

    Damn I forgot the defibulator! LOL. Love the checklist. Salvatore Wonder Twin powers activate…form of whatever the Hell weapon it is that can take out Alaric.

  • ihatepeople

    I thought about that too. We’d also be down Caroline, Kat and Tyler.

  • ihatepeople

    He was trying to get a rise out of the interviewer for shock value. He started laughing when she shoved him for messing with her.

  • Lola Rose17

    from uk its 00:16 so tired and sad and tears in my eyes (really need my brain checked )going to sleep to wake up later at 3:00 the ladies who run this website if damon  or elena or stefan dies (temporally)can you post picture to his/her grave so i can visit and pay my respect till the coming back thank you, goodnight crying

  • random

    1)Elena is fine-minor concussion in the hospital
    2)flashbacks from the day-night of car accident
    3)stefan kisses elena
    4) matt drugs elena and takes her
    5) Alaric “officially” kills klaus (ie. death by hiis fancy weapon
    *still 30 mins left*

  • charmedone1545

     15 minutes and I’m a nervous wreck………

  • random

    elena chooses stefan (tells damon if they would have met first it may have been diff)tyler is dyingeveryone else caroline, damon, stefan are A OKAY :)

  • Gil


  • Shannon

    3 more min!!! I’m soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!

  • random

    klaus over took tylers body
    alaric is beating damon
    elena goes over the bridge

  • AbbyGraham

    We apologize to anyone who got spoiled on this thread earlier tonight. The comments have been deleted and the author has been banned.

  • LovingDamon

    Amazing episode……when is the next season?

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