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Posted by | June 21, 2012, 9:17 (MST) | 27 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT – Vampire Diaries: The Reckoning (EP305 Encore) Airs at 9/8c

Tonight the CW continues its look back at season three with The Reckoning (EP305). It’s prank night! I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong. Just a reminder: Reruns are airing an hour later than the show’s normal timeslot, so tune in at 9/8c tonight! Season four will get underway in October, and as soon as we have an exact date we’ll let you know.

Episode refresher course:

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  • a_softsong

    The Reckoning, directed by John Behring and written by Michael Narducci is my favorite episode of season 3. The episode where Matt stops whining. He is really great in this episode and his true character begins to show.

    Season 4 I hope he finds a love interest, perhaps a secret affair with the local doctor. He is a very decisive character. I loved it when he and Jeremy went against the vampires. He drugs Elena and begins to drive her out of town. Great! I loved him for that.

    I think that if Stefan has an enemy this season it will be Matt. Matt, will not appreciate the fact that he let Elena drown to save him. Matt will not respect that decision at all.

    Again, Damon will have to step in to save Stefan. LOL. I would also, like to know why Matt is not able to see ghosts? He died too and was able to see Vicki. Bonnie a didn’t magically bring him back to life but, when she performed CPR he was able to see Vicki and relay a message to her which saved Tyler and Elena’s life.

    Matt and his rifle are awesome.

  • mary.m155

    hahaha funny pic. Matt, I loved you in this episode..such a good episode this was.

  • mary.m155

    this was a very good ep

  • ihatepeople

    I tried to watch this again but my stupid cable screwed up. Grrr.

    I think Matt only saw Vickie because she was his sister and she was trying to reach out to him. Bonnie brought him back by medical means not a magic spell to reverse his death. Jer was dead when she had the witches help bring him back. They warned her there would be consequences hence the “I see dead people” abilities. That’s how I took it. What I don’t get though is why Jer was never able to see his parents again. Shouldn’t they have warned him that Elena was gravely ill and Meredith gave her vamp blood? Maybe he would’ve been more careful about his plans to wisk her away.

    Matt does need something good in his life. His life has sucked. No parents, no siblings, crappy job, beat up truck, no girlfriend, no health insurance, and he’s stuck being the sounding board for all his ex’s. Let’s add on now the guilt he’ll feel for Elena choosing to die for him. Dude needs someone positive in his life. I’m not sure how mad Matt will be at Stefan. Everyone always seems to understand why Stefan does stupid things. We know Damon will be pissed. I’m pretty sure so will Jeremy. Caroline will be pro Stefan of course right along with Elena. Bonnie and Matt I don’t know. I’d say neutral. Personally i’d love to Elena become resentful that Stefan wasn’t more like Damon and over road her assinine decision to drown and saved her instead. It would be fitting for her to see which one really had her best interest at heart. Too late though because she already made her stellar choices. Hahaha.

  • a_softsong

    I understand what you’re saying but, I think that JP will never allow Damon to have a favorable script written. Elena will chastise him for yelling at Stefan even in vamp
    form. Matt whined all of seasons 1 and 2 then he got a new hair cut and became bad ass season 3. I hope JP will allow someone in MF to have a little happiness other than just Elena season 4. I don’t know who the female would be because if he messes with Jeremy’s girl (Bonnie) he’s gonna be pulling wood from his butt. LOL Caroline is occupied. Rebecca, is on his hate list now. It is a joy to watch the new Matt with the cool haircut.

  • Lexa

    JP said recently that Caroline might revisit her relationship with Matt but then she also said that Stefan and Caroline will get close over the Elena situation, so who knows what is in store for Matt but he does need something good to happen to him.

  • a_softsong

    JP and KW have said a lot of things regarding season 4 none of it holds water and it doesn’t make any sense to me. However, I don’t think that they would jeopardize Matt’s life by revisiting that dead issue. Klaus would suck blood from Matt’s heart if he even thought about getting with Caroline. Matt doesn’t even like vampires to the extent of having an affair with one. Nope, he needs a human girl. Maybe we can meet some more people from Mystic Falls High. You know that school that none of them have to attend on a regular basis.

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah I know you’re right about Elena. It’ll be beyond irritating when we see her defend Stefan’s actions while somehow she gets mad at Damon like he’s a jerk for pummeling his moron of a brother for “respecting” her “choice” to drown. I cringe just thinking about it.

    Nope Damon will never get a favorable script. We’ve pretty much been told that. It’s about Elena’s “journey” and her “epic” love for Stef that’s all that matters. They’ll struggle a bit but then it’l pull them closer. Yawn! Matt probably won’t fair well either. I mean he isn’t necessarily tortured by the writers but he isn’t exactly living a happy life either. They need to introduce someone new, another human to give him some happiness. I’m hoping to see Jer become a badass next season. He was getting fed up with the vamp situation before the accident. He needs to learn some planning skills from Damon though because he and Matt aren’t slick enough to pull off a good plan obviously.

  • ihatepeople

    I’m thinking Matt woke hook someone new until college. I don’t see him getting back with Caroline either. He specifically said he didn’t want to get involved with her after he found out what she was. Same thing for Bex. Besides Caroline is too bossy for him. She’d make him seem whimpy.

  • a_softsong

    My other concern is, how many times does Matt have to say/show that he is not into vampires? What I saw during season 3 is Matt resigning himself to supporting his friends, Caroline and Elena, and being concerned about their safety. Not that he wanted to be with either of them again. He decided to be a friend and that is it.
    Matt has a healthy relationship with both Caroline and Elena. Elena is the one that cries on his shoulders every chance she gets. He was there for Caroline when her dad died. Then ended up taking Elena (talk about selfish) home so she could bare her soul.
    Matt has been able to put the feelings he had/shared Elena and Caroline behind as a pleasant memory. He realized that they were all caught up in this supernatural mess and decided to save his friend. He almost died because of his “friendship” with Elena. Not his pining for a long lost love.

    Caroline really loved Matt but, he was done with her before she became a vampire. Matt doesn’t like to get too close. He really treated her with a long handled spoon. When she became a vampire she moved on to Tyler after Matt rejected her time and again. Not many choices in Mystic Falls. Now there is Klaus and she must be thinking about what he’s saying to her. She is not thinking about Matt. And Matt is not thinking about her.

    I hope JP keeps this in mind when she’s and her writing staff are writing another “epic” scene for Elena.

  • a_softsong

    It is called “pulling at straws”. When you don’t have anything fresh you revisit. It’s like retracing your steps to find your car keys. LOL. Caroline’s personality would make her take charge of Elena if possible. Stefan, is gonna have his hands full trying to dodge both Damon and Tyler/Klaus. So Caroline is the only choice to help with Elena.

    Stefan, will come out the hero. Damon will be the bad guy and Klaus, not Tyler/Klaus, will make Bonnie turn her back human if the ratings go down.

    By the way where is Esther’s Grimoire? The spell would have to come from there, I’m pretty sure. Maybe Matt will find it in the cave where no vampire can enter.

  • a_softsong

    If you remember during season 2, Jeremy was following Damon around like he was his mentor or something. Then season 3 Elena had Damon to compel him again and he doesn’t like Damon anymore. I think Bonnie did a spell and remembers, maybe. IDK

  • ihatepeople

    Emotionally Matt just lays it out for everyone and cuts thru the b.s. His maturity probably comes from having such a crappy life with no family. Being the sounding board for his ex’s in a town surrounded by supernatural drama is why I refer to him frequently as the token human. He’s become the anchor to everyone’s humanity. You’re right that he didn’t want to be involved in the supernatural/vampire mess but his feelings for his “friends” (a.k.a. ex’s) sucked him in with their allegator tears. With Caroline being Stef’s new bff I’m sure Elena will be seeking humanity advice from Matt. If this guy keeps it up he’s likely to end up dead (which he almost did) and it’s not likely he’ll end up with a girlfriend unless she is in the “click” so to speak. Maybe that’s the reason the writers are eluding to a possible reunion with Caroline. You know it’s funny how no one seems to mention how much Caroline gets around in that town. She hooked up with Damon in season 1. Yes, he compelled her but not to sleep with him. Next it was Matt. Then it was Tyler. Now they want to put her with Klaus and eventually loop back to Matt? Wow!

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah he isn’t fond of either brother but somehow I think he’ll be more pissed at Stefan now for letting his sister drown. He still thinks Damon is a dick but he listens better to him than Stefan. Probably because Damon follows thru with his threats. The skills training won’t happen really. I was being sarcastic because Damon is better at planning things.

  • a_softsong

    Damon’s diabolical plans, yes, Jeremy did benefit from watching him deal with Mason Lockwood.

    Jeremy had no problems cutting off the head of that hybrid. Matt and Jeremy make a great team. And yes, Stefan had best wear a chest plate because, hot headed Jeremy is gonna come for him.
    That will be fun to watch. I love Jeremy. I mean that guy is hot, too. Little 16 year old Jeremy the gladiator, vampire destroyer and wolf killer with his little crossbow.
    I can just see Jeremy with his crossbow and Matt with his rifle going after Stefan. The paramedics would have to be called for me. I’d laugh myself to death.

    Of course, Damon would step in a save all three of them.

  • a_softsong

    Caroline and Matt again, I just don’t see it. And yes Caroline has a lot of “fun”. She should be in the “rock and rollers” hall of shame with Damon. I love them both. They embrace being vampires.

    If Bonnie spells Elena back to being human, I wonder if Caroline would want to be human again, too? I kinda doubt it.

    Matt has a huge burden. All of his friends are supernatural in some sense including Jeremy. He is truly the only one in the group that is pure. The girls, Caroline and Elena, gravitate to him and he doesn’t push them away. I don’t think it will get him killed season 4 because he is the only pure human left within the group.

  • ihatepeople

    That’s why I call Matt the “token” human though I suppose Meredith is human too as far as we know. Her powers so to speak only lie in her medical knowledge and her use of vampire blood so I don’t think i’d put her in the special category. Matt seems to handle his burden in a very grounded way. That’s his special power.

    I wouldn’t say Caroline necessarily embraced her vampness so much as has done the best with what she’s been dealt. I say that because she doesn’t feed or kill humans. She’s just a control freak. That’s the part I’m so not looking forward to about her with helping Elena and being Stefan’s bff. She’ll be telling everyone what to do and they’ll be brainwashed by her controlling nature because they’ll both be in a fragile state. That means not just helping to control Elena’s urge to feed but enduring her constant rah rah Stefan to Elena as if that is necessary. She can be obnoxious about it.

    If the human spell is done on Elena I think Caroline wanting to turn back would be dependent on who she is involved with. Would she want to be human again if she were with Tyler? Maybe that’s how they’d put her back with Matt. Would any of our other vamps attempt it too even briefly? I wouldn’t want it to be permanent but it could be fun watching them trying to cope after being a vamp so long. We know they’d never tolerate it without the powers they’ve grown accustome to.

  • ihatepeople

    Jeremy has certainly grown from being that burn out teen to rising up as a protector. I hope they continue to show him mature into a hunter. He and Matt as “team human protectors” could work but only if they don’t act rashly. For all we know they could end up running the council once it’s over thrown creating a balance to weed out the bad vamps from the good ones to keep the town’s human’s safe. Ghost Ric will guide them from beyond. LOL.

    That’s a nice visual of Jeremy hunting Stefan because he is pissed. I still say he and Damon will be the only two to hold a grudge about it. Others might be upset but they’ll give him a free pass like they always do.

  • a_softsong

    Stefan always gets a free pass. This time I think, Jeremy is coming full steam for him. Jeremy is more mature than Stefan in this show. He is decisive, he makes a plan and follows through, he doesn’t need anyone okay before making a move and he is deadly.

    Bonnie couldn’t do better than Jeremy. He’d help her with her spells and keep her safe. She needs to make Jeremy a new eternity ring as well as making an eternity ring for Matt.

  • a_softsong

    I agree with you. Also, I think Damon would toy with the idea for a bit but, if you remember when Stefan was going through his moment and decides to end it all, Damon thought he was making the wrong choice. There is also, an episode where he says he misses being human more than anything.

    Temporary, is the keyword. Changing a human to a vampire means that person died a physical death. So turning her human again would mean reversing death. What witch has the power to reverse death. Esther was going to use dark magic to do it but, it was never fully explained what the consequences would be. Would they really be human or another form of the undead with just enough humanity to kill her family? I think this is another avenue that JP and the writers should probably reverse their thinking on.

    In everything that I’ve ever read or watch on TV a witch trying to reverse death has dire consequences. The humans are never the same and eventually had to return to the grave. In this case she’d have to revert back to being a vampire.

    It will be fun to watch. I’d love to see Elena kill someone like Caroline did. That would really poke a hole in her holier than thou attitude. But as I said before, I want Damon to make her drink human blood from a live human. If Damon is gonna be hated then… Game on.

  • ihatepeople

    If either brother went thru with the human thing I think it would be Damon simply because he would do anything for love (even if he doesn’t get it in return). I mean he wanted to turn in the first place to be with Katherine. This time turning back human would serve a dual purpose in that he misses being human and he might think it would put things in his favor with Elena. I don’t think it would last because he’s been a vampire longer than he has been human so losing the strength and invincibilty would be hard to handle for any of our long term vamps.

    As you mentioned I can’t imagine someone who is dead and I mean dead beyond an hour would would not suffer some kind of consequences for returning from the dead. Jer wasn’t dead that long and now he sees ghosts. When I think about what you mentioned with other shows who have tried to bring back the dead, I immediately think of the movie Pet Cemetary when they tried to bring back that little kid. It didn’t work so well with the cat either. LOL

  • ihatepeople

    I’m sure Stefan will get a free pass with most this time too. They’ll feel bad for him because he’s all depressed from making his tough decision. Jeremy is more mature than Stefan…sad but true. Maybe it’s the human in Jer. So Jeremy having the guts to follow thru with a tricky plan…hmmm who els3 does that sound like?

    Hopefully Bonnie will finally get over that ridiculous issue she had with Jeremy and a ghost. I liked them together.

  • a_softsong

    Bonnie and Jeremy are so cute together. If they stop using her as a prop in the script and put some real life into her, it’s not such a big thing to forgive.

  • a_softsong

    Pet Cemetery was a great movie and it had some serious consequences. I can’t imagine that Bonnie would perform such a deed knowing such a deed would not go unpunished.

    Jeremy was only dead a few minutes but it was long enough for him to bring his girlfriends back,

    When Bonnie sent Vicki Donovan away the witch wedged the door wide open allowing Lexi, Mason Lockwood and all of the tomb ghosts with unfinished business to come back.

    I can’t imagine the breach that would open. Esther would have a foothold that would probably get them all killed.

    S3E7 Ghost World. Gram says that witches make all the rules and they talk even on the other side. Bonnie needs to be very careful.

    Also, if Bonnie can resurrect Elena, couldn’t she do the same for her mother? Why just Elena? Will Bonnie loose her powers doing this spell? More and more questions. LOL

  • ihatepeople

    Hmmm interesting thought about turning Bonnie’s mom back. Maybe she would do darl magic under the guise of helping Elena but behind the scenes turning her mom back too. Then our gang has double trouble to deal with.

    Bonnie already performed her little spell on Klaus without telling anyone. She seemed to have a look of pleasure on her face when she was doing the dessication spell. Miss Bonnie could get sucked in.

  • a_softsong

    Bonnie would only get sucked in if Damon told her to do it. If you notice, she does anything Damon asks her to do. I always thought it odd but she and Damon have been helping each other since season 1.

  • ihatepeople

    Funny since she doesn’t really like him.

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