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Posted by | June 27, 2013, 12:02 (MST) | 13 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT: Vampire Diaries – We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes (EP406 Encore) Airs at 8/7c

Another hiatus Thursday. Is it driving you a little mad? Don’t worry. We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes (EP406),and most of us will be going a little mad tonight at 8/7c.

Episode refresher course:

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    I don’t get why it’s light out in this still when that scene happened at night.

  • Debbie

    This was the beginning of the end for Tyler and Elena. Tyler learns in this ep, really learns the lengths that the gang will go to for their own gain….and therefore learns that he really doesn’t want to be part of the Gang any longer. Tyler has always had questionable values, I’m happy he finally learned to question wrongful doings. I think that if he’s back in s5, we will still see his resentment towards ESP the Salvatores.

    Elena needed this very low point to realize that she can make it as a vamp, and have the strength to leave behind what isn’t working and go after what she wants (the brothers). From here, we see her esteem, stength and confidence increase significantly.

    I admire the way Jp can take such a low experience and give it such value, give it such a good outcome for its characters.

  • Gwen

    I know this still was such a tease…not only is it light but it leads viewers to believe a big Delena scene is about to happen on the bridge. It makes you wonder if they re-wrote parts of the bridge scene?

  • Gwen

    Interesting insight Debbie…Completely missed the connection w/ Tyler, Elena and the gangs friendship and how it started to change at that moment. Upcoming Eps.we see Tyler step up to become leader of his pack. I wonder if the wolf storyline will evolve more in S5? I can see some parallels with Klaus building his vampire family back in NO and Tyler with the wolf pack in S5, (now that Tyler has no family left). Only downside is that I do not see Michael Trevino as a strong enough actor to carry a full wolf storyline for very long. It might be used only as a means to and end for Caroline and Tyler’s relationship and Caroline’s move toward Klaus.

    One of my favor scenes, which always brings a smile to my face is when Jeremy says “give me a stake I’ll kill Damon right now”…I hope we get to see more of this fun playful bantering between these 2 in S5. Just love it!

    I remember being so very excited when they released the still of Elena / Damon on the bridge. Like most Delena fans I was disappointed that it turned out to be nothing. I wonder if it was meant to be more of a metaphor of what was to come (ie: Elena’s feelings moving closer to Damon)? Anyway…you are right…their was so much character growth going on with Elena in this episode…Baring her soul like an open book as she confronts her demons and worst fears. It was so hard seeing her, broken, sad and all alone (especially in Klaus’s home). But we also get to see her true strength begin to break through. Like when she confronts Stefan about lying to her and freely articulating her feelings to on the front porch at the end, instead of hiding them or being ashamed of them. As JP has often reported…S4 was truly about Elena transition, struggles and triumphs into becoming a vampire.

    Thanks for pointing out some of these key elements of the show. As a Delena fan I find myself often missing so much of the storyline. Focusing to much on the triangle. That is what is so great about watching these re-runs and reading the old posts you get to catch-up on what you may have missed.

    Now that the triangle is over (for now) I hope they take the show in a new direction and develop some of these other characters.

  • dman_24

    It could be that they needed the daylight to show the still better. Or, they re-wrote the scene and that was just a big tease; it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done that ( e.g. Stefan and Katherine make-out scene in the tomb. Talk about a disappointment!).

  • dman_24

    Elena: You’re here to save me again, aren’t you? What is it this time — I lost count! Geez, those writers sure love their damsel in distress!

    This was a much better episode on second viewing. If anyone wants my opinion on it, I wrote a long comment in Crissy Calhoun’s post for this ep.

  • Debbie

    Hi Gwen! Agreed with Tyler, although this ep was a good turning point for tyler as a better person and leader, I don’t think he’s ready for a lead role. He’s one of my least faves but I can’t figure out why…is it michaels acting or is his character a bit boring and doesnt quite fit in? And great take on Elena…looking at old eps its becoming more clear how important her transition is to the season. Next year the focus will shift…to Stefan I’m sure. I love that you quoted the line between jer and Damon because their love/hate bantor is what I look forward to most in s5 (other than delena of course!)..will they kill eachother living together develop more respect for eachother? And the rewatching old eps and reading old posts, I agree but I think I do it mostly because I don’t want to lose interest in the show.

  • Debbie

    i totally this still was misleading, but I’m now sorta happy nothing really crazy happened between them in the ep, it made 4.07 so much more shocking! Way to go Damon!

  • dman_24

    I hope they develop other characters too. So far they’ve done a lousy job of it. April anyone? It’s like she just disappeared into thin air. I thought she was going to be a big part of the storyline in the fourth season; I guess not! Also, that dramatic scene with the Pastor blowing everyone up seems a lot less important now. Very disappointed!

  • Gwen

    Could not agree more dman. Not sure if April’s acting just did not fit the show or if her character had nothing to really offer? Same with Vaughn…

    Also…just read 4 new characters will be joining TVD. Just names and a tiny bit of information about their characters…here is what I have read.

    Nadia is “emotional and beautiful” and has been traveling far and wide with a “vengeance.” Jesse is an upperclassman at Whitmore that becomes involved with the Mystic Falls gang. Megan is “too smart for her own good,” and finally, Tessa is “a nobleman’s daughter,” which hints at a potential flashback.

    It is good to see they are adding a few new characters to S5 but they need to give them some depth…or it will just be April’s character x4.

  • dman_24

    Thanks for the info. Hopefully these new characters will liven up TVD a bit; something that has been sorely lacking for a while.

  • Gwen

    Hey Debbie…did you read that they will be adding 4 new characters to S5? I wonder which one (maybe Nadia) will be a thorn in Delana’s relationship and which one (maybe Tessa) might be a potential love interest for Stefan? Stefan really needs to have someone else in his life that challenges him. And it would do Elena some good to get a little jealous and fight for Damon and their relationship.

    I also hope they finally give Matt a girlfriend. Poor guy has not been in a relationship since Caroline.

    Getting back to Tyler…I know I want to like him but he has become a loner and not a good fit lately. But now he is free to return to MF and Caroline. Their relationship has lasted 2 seasons…let’s see if it can survive a 3rd.

  • Debbie

    Pretty sure one of the women will be after Katherine…the male will be a flirt to either Elena or car but will end up being evil. And I agree, I hope one will be a love Interest for Matt…my feeling is Stefan won’t be matched up with anyone for awhile-when he returns to mf, I think he’ll be pretty messed up an dark after all he’s been through. My feeling is Tyler and car are over even if Ty returns…a lot of fans including me are getting a little tired of their back and forth.

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