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Posted by | December 6, 2012, 12:14 (MST) | 21 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT: Vampire Diaries - We'll Always Have Bourbon Street (EP408) Airs at 8/7c

Flashbacks! World War II! Vampires in uniform. Ahem. Some of us feel rather strongly about this issue, as you can see. We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street (EP408) airs tonight on the CW at 8/7c. Remember to come back after you watch to vote in the poll and discuss the episode in the comments!

Prepare Yourself for We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street:

Previously On The Vampire Diaries: My Brother’s Keeper (EP407) Recap Roundup

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  • Raven

    Damon Salvatore, you are a Greek God!

    Θεοί του
    Ολύμπου, σας
    δίνω τον
    αδελφό του

  • kallie27

    Damon Salvatore is Apollo’s brother?? I couldn’t agree more!

  • Yeppy

    I don’t know how it is in the USA guys but today in POland we celebrate Santa’s day and the only gift I want is sire bond not being a big issue!;)

  • kallie27

    I read somewhere that they will keep it that way for a while… Struggling with their feelings…

  • Raven

     Exactly! Apollo would be proud!

  • Georgia_Peach

    Ooo! I can’t wait to see those Salvatore brothers in uniform….

  • GermanTVDFan

    As to the clip in the school I think Elena already knows about the brother’s trip to NO otherwise she wouldn’t invite the girls. She would rather be eager for spending another hot evening …with someone else….

  • GermanTVDFan

     It’s right, not just right now!” -3×11

    “It’s our time” -4×08

    Fingers crossed

  • 8Dana8

     Mikolajki!!!! 6.12 :)))))) Eh, I’m sure the sire bond is actually GOOD, not bad ;)

  • Granny_Weatherwax

    In Austria today is the day of “Nikolo” – a name variation of Niklaus… and a saint BTW. We celebrate Klaus´ name day, if you want to see it that way (the saint thing doesn´t work for him though) ;)

  • Lola Rose17

     diary of a sad damon fan
        well,we had snow ,its freezing and the last few days were really disturbing for me.started with some depressing sire bond something,then the duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital (acute morning sickness,well she left now after been treated) and last my tutor returned my last assignment (forget to include explanation of the steps we follow to apply the golden ratio theory to solve the given triangle problem, luckily it wasn’t big deal i finished it and send ( really im not making up or lying).then to ease the depression i suffered from that something,and to prepare myself for the next coming something i took the train to london to the iwm (imperial war museum)and spend the time enjoying the different exhibition of the second world be i was trying to get glimpse of my beloved ones who lived at that time.the trip helped a little with my depression from that something.all the way back i was thinking about strange was about two young brothers .they served in normandy during the war.people say they were killed saving some civilian ,but there presence still there.the story tells that they are waiting for a young lady.the one she will fell in love with well come back to life and the other will rise up to heaven. strange story!anyway tonight ive to stay up tell 1:00 past midnight to watch my favourite show(american show,my favourite character is called damon,do not  confused him as some kind of demon).tell then  I’ll stay in bed reading one of my favourite novel(gone with the wind)

  • ihatepeople

    Haven’t they been doing that all along? Heavy sigh.

  • Raven

     Heavy sigh indeed.Let’s see how many more heavy sighs are going to escape from our lips tonight. Never a moment’s happiness as a Damon and subsequently Delena fan.
    Don’t get me wrong I would not love Damon if he was not a tragic figure but some balance would do a world of good to my mortal and easily wounded heart.

  • Youknowitstrue

    Haha get a life x

  • Raven

    Okay guys, let’s hear your predictions for tonight before they render us useless with all the nonsensical yapping and screeching of certain characters who shall remain nameless. here are some of the thoughts and as insane as I am as I’m sure you are all aware some of them have merit. Ce n’est pas?
    The Salvatore brothers are going to NO. it can be assumed they will meet with Charlotte in present time and that she will also be in the flashbacks.Are we to assume that Damon met her in the 1940s and turned her? Charlotte was aware of the Sire Crap but never told Damon? If Damon knew what were the indications and if there are similarities as Stefan is suggesting “you took advantage of her” can they be applied to Elena?
    Lexi is useless and no matter how cute she may look in a hat still useless.Again,Lexi, please stop talking.
    Damon’s heartbreaking decision cannot mean that he will let Elena go if we are to consider(tread carefully here) Ian’s interview “Damon will want to do the right thing but losing her is not option” so what will it be?
    Will he decide that he will continue with Elena and put aside all his doubts while looking to break the Sire Crap?

    Klaus and Caroline I’m not not interested.I was very much intrigued once but now I  only envision her as a bitter obnoxious copy of Carol Lockwood  hosting the MMF and arranging Founder Fathers events.

    Stefan! What’s in store for Stefan? If he were to give up his fixation in fixing Elena his character cab show some promise. I believe he will create major and constant strife for Damon and Elena and not of the benign kind but malicious of the Ripper like viciousness.

    Klaus if he does not move on from the silly hybrids is lost to me.

    Professor Creepy(I love you Damon you named him so aptly) is of course going to screw with poor Bonnie- who I have come to almost appreciate in comparison with “Carolying Hypoctite Mcjudgypanties”- the nomenclature courtesy of Robin Rogers-thank you Robin.

    Someone mentioned that when speaking of the cure Professor Creepy called it a “thing “which heralds that the cure might not be a cure at all. Poor Stefan. Elena will stay a vampire to his ever lasting regret and continue to be consumed by Damon.

  • Iheartdamon

    Iv been thinking about that quote from 3×11 all week!

  • GUEST31

    I mean do you guys have anything nice to say about any of the characters beside Damon?  Maybe Damon should just have his own show.

  • Raven

    Please read. It pretty much coincides with what we have discussing here mainly the Delena fans.

  • dark dimension

    Let me answer this last point. It can’t possibly be a cure as such, as it doesn’t make sense at all. Hunters are designed to kill vampires, not cure them. If the cure would turn them back into sweet humans, that would make their job a lot easier, less messy but they are not interested in curing them. Otherwise Alexander might have shown a bit more enthusiasm and try and help Rebecca, who was willing to change for him. It seems more like the hunters are some sort of puppets in a master plan to get to some magic that will help someone – Silas?- perhaps by turning one special vampire – a doppelganger? – for her blood that would be needed again. I don’t know, I’m reaching. Very much looking forward to finding out more.

  • ihatepeople

    Yep I know what you mean. My fragile little heart could use something to restore my faith in the notion that good things come to those who wait. Tonight I’m going with at least he felt love for a moment.

  • Raven

     I mean did you say anything nice about Damon ever?
    I didn’t think so.

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