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Posted by | December 27, 2012, 12:59 (MST) | 6 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TONIGHT – Vampire Diaries: We'll Always Have Bourbon Street (EP408 Encore) Airs at 8/7c

Happy holidays! The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus, and so things are pretty quiet around here as well. But if you need a fix, tonight the CW is reairing We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street (EP408). New episodes return with After School Special (EP410) on January 17th.

Episode refresher course:

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  • TVD_Rocks1985

    I know this is not the right plce to post my comment.. But i have to express my feelings. As a huge TVD fan, I took an advantage  of the winter break to go all he way back and watch again starting from season 1. Just can’t get enough of the show LOL! :-)

    Anyway. Here ae some of my thoughts from season 1 and on. Some things were never ever explained since. Here we go :-)

    * Damon & Stefan were able to fly. Yes fly. Well, sort of lol. If we go back to the first episodes with the mysterious killings (Which turned out to be Damon coming in town), we saw the character hunting the victims while kind of flying on the road. Especially the car scene where a guy and his girl are in the car on a road. Also, when Stefan fought with Damon for the first time in the first episode of season 1 in Stefan’s room, he kinda flew into Damon and pushed him out through the window which led to both of them falling on the ground from a height. The ability was never explained or used again in new episodes since.

    * Damon had a black crow. What happened to it? What was the meaning of it? Where is it now? was it some type of a signature? What was the purpose? This was never explained.

    * Damon used to control “Fog” and let it appear in season 1. It happened in the woods and in a cemetery where Elena sat down and wrote some of her diary. Why fog? and how did he control it? Was it an ability that some vampires had? It was never explained.

    * What happened to Lucy (The witch) Bonnie’s cousin? She said she’ll come around but never heard from her since? Never explained.

    * I thought compulsion works when a vampire looks at a human in the eye. They never explained how compulsion worked through a phone. It happened when Katherine compelled Jenna to stab herself.

    Those are the thoughts that i have so far lol. I feel like they never been explained. Especially Damon’s crow and the ability to control fog lol :-)

  • delenafan


    good analyze:-).
    The compulsion on the phone probably happened as follows:
    Katherine already compelled Jenna face to face and told her:” when I call you on the phone and say a specific word you will do a specific thing: action”. It is some sort of post hypnotic command / suggestion.

    And you are right about the crow and the fog, they never explained that to us and never used the “capabilities” again. So maybe we’ll get to see some of that stuff in the future…

  • DarcelleM90

    WINTER HIATUS SUCKS!!!!Hi Everyone!!! We are still stuck on break for the holidays but the good news is that the CW is still doing reruns on Thurs while we are waiting for the return.
    This one that is coming on tonight is probluary one of my favorite epsidoe I love so much this season so far!!!

    Stay tune to talk afterwards from watching another Epic Delena and Flashback episode yet!!!!

  • From Beginning To End

     When they starved Damon of blood back in early season one when he manipulated Caroline into letting him out he ate his crow- it was the only blood source around I guess. They stopped doing most of those things like the fog and got rid of the crow because I think they decided they were a bit over done, although I think they were things from the books.

  • TVD*fan

    Julie had said the the crow and the fog were a bit to mystic (and cheesy) for the show, so the ditched them, and boy i’m glad they did :P

  • Kyra Higham via Facebook


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