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Posted by | October 3, 2012, 12:24 (MST) | 11 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXThe CW sent out screeners for the first two episodes of Vampire Diaries Season 4 – Growing Pains (EP401) and Memorial (EP402) - and bloggers are teasing the hell out of what we can expect. WARNING: While no major twists are spoiled in these teaser articles, they do contain details some may consider spoiler-y. Read at your own risk! Click the headlines to read the full articles. Note: We’ll add more teaser posts here as they pop up.

Zap2It: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 scoop: Stelena, Delena, and 6 more things to expect

In a lot of ways, it feels like the love triangle is being relaunched. Instead of rehashing the old I-don’t-know-how-I-feel stuff, Elena’s new “condition” leads to new problems and new connections between her and the Salvatore boys.


KSiteTV: The Vampire Diaries: Ten Things About Season 4′s First Two Episodes

One thing I will definitely praise The Vampire Diaries for is it remembers its roots, and it remembers the characters that made a lot of it come together. A different show might forget characters like Aunt Jenna, Lexi, Anna, or Alaric, but not this one. The second episode in particular is willing to look back at The Vampire Diaries’ past while still looking forward, which is rewarding to this longtime viewer while at the same time not alienating a new one.


TV Overmind: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere Teasers: Transitions, Relationship Drama and Action

Elena is understandably horrified by the possibility of becoming a vampire at the beginning of the episode, despite acknowledging that her potential transition is a better situation than Matt being dead. She goes through all of the expected stages of the transition, including a strong desire for blood, heightened senses and wacky emotions.


HollywoodLife: ‘The Vampire Diaries’: 12 Spoilery Bites From The Season 4 Premiere

The premiere sees a major power shift in Mystic Falls’ government.


Celebuzz: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Premiere: 7 Scoops on Season 4

We already knew that Bonnie was going to do everything she could to attempt to stop Elena’s transition into a vampire, but how far she really goes is amazing. The girl gives literally everything she has to help her friend, no matter the repercussions are for her use dark magic.


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  • lolalovestvd

    Meh…I’ll just have to wait and see what happens for myself. I don’t trust in anything that gets put out in these spoilers anymore. Even though the reviewers have seen the show, they’re only allowed to print what they’ve been told to say.

  • ihatepeople

    I’m never really sure what to make of spoilers and interviews because they often conflict with each other.  I guess it’s a time will tell thing. 

    I don’t really see the “triangle” thing as being “reset” so much as stopped before it ever actually started.  It’s a shame that a wedge will be placed between Damon and Stefan again because of the circumstances surrounding Elena’s death.  They were just getting back to being brothers.  They worked well when they focused on what needed to be done regardless of the fallout.  I guess the strife between them makes it more interesting.

    I will enjoy watching Damon take his frustrations out on the Council and kick some ass.  Maybe we’ll see enemies (the Originals) become strange bed fellows because of the common enemy.     

    It’ll be nice to see some of these characters who were killed off like Ric when they do the “look back” in the 2nd episode.  Definitely going to miss Ric’s character.  Maybe this season we’ll get a few new ones that stick.  Last season we didn’t really have any strong characters introduced.  They were all disposable.

    Bonnie’s descent into darkness will give her character a storyline of her own instead of just being used to clean up when there is a problem.  We got to see a hint of her enjoyment of the dark power when she channeled it for the desiccation spell.  Reminds me of Willow’s dark phase on Buffy.

    It’s kind of interesting that the actual blood from the bunny diet will disagree with Elena.  I know we’ve been told it doesn’t taste very good but I wonder why her system can’t handle it other than it tastes bad.  It’s for the best anyway because she’ll be stronger if she drinks from the HB.  If she doesn’t want to drink from people because she doesn’t want to hurt them I can’t see why drinking form animals would make her feel any better.

  • Annemoore

    OH dear and I thought I could not get more excited. Turns out – I CAN!!!
    can´t wait anymore…
    Did I read correctly, that Elena is going to be Damons new drinking buddy??? That would be AWESOME :-) hehe

  • Shannon

    Ugh!!!! Hurry up already!!! We know this stuff, we just wanna see it!!…..IHATEPEOPLE, I MISS YOU!!!

  • katherine_fan

    My favorite was:”Damon asks Elena to pick another seat at the Grill” . Aww…Dalaric 4 ever!

  • Georgia_Peach

    Stefan and Elena have hot vampire sex…in the woods.., but  it doesn’t exactly end well.  So…Elena’s tummy cannot tolerate the animal blood.  Why not? 

    Stefan and Elena reaffirm their love and Damon is just….pissed off…over the whole circumstances surrounding Elena’s death, but makes up his mind to continue to be her friend.  Sounds like his frustration will be taken out on other Mystic Falls residents (Council members? Vampire hunters?  Rebekah – she did have blood on her shirt so does Damon put a stake in her?  Little Matty Blue Eyes?  and anyone else that looks at him wrong???)…… Damon will be “bad ass” this season, but not “bad”.  Okay well Damon is going to be just fine…especially when his blood hits the spot for Elena…WAIT!   Why does Damon’s blood hit the spot for Elena and help her hunger?

    Damon is taking Alaric’s death pretty hard and when he is drinking at the Mystic Grill he will not allow anyone to sit next to him on Alaric’s bar stool.  Everyone else has to sit on the other side including Elena.  That is just so sad…. he really misses his friend and there is just no replacement for Alaric.  :(

    Bonnie is going to die in order to try and bring Elena back as a human.  The price she pays to save her friend and give in to Klaus’ demands are high. Hmmm! How does Klaus figure into all this and who does Bonnie allow to come into her house.  Sounds like Bonnie is going to have a good story arc this season.

    Jeremy can still see dead people- but that’s not the only thing he can see that other people can’t.  Um…huh??? That is interesting…what is going on with young Master Gilbert?  

    Klaus/Tyler and Caroline – Glad to know that Klaus will put a stop to the make out session before it goes too far….  although I never thought he would do anything else.  If the deed ever happens between Klaus and Caroline, he will want her to know it is with him.  His elitist attitude would not settle for anything less.  He is such a fantastic character on this show…and so damn entertaining.

    So STOKED for October 11th!!!! 

  • katherine_fan

    Maybe Jeremy will be able to see Bonnie’s veiny face when she practises magic.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Kat Graham had tweeted out a promo pic of Bonnie that hasn’t been officially released yet, but it showed Bonnie with one half of her face ugly and distorted.   You may be on to something and Jeremy can see the dark magic evil that is taking over Bonnie.  That will be kinda scary….and horrifying…to look at….. but it will certainly make for good storytelling on a supernatural show. 


    So many spoilers….so excited for the new season.

    1. So, who else thinks it’s funny that Stefan/Elena and their “hot” make out session is ruined by bloody vomit? I’m sorry, it’s just the way it was worded…..but seriously? Bloody vomit? LOL…..OK, now that I’m through laughing, looks like the bunny blood (who’s bright idea was this anyway) isn’t sitting to well on her tummy? And I have one more question…why isn’t it? Caroline didn’t have that reaction to it, she just craved human blood……it obviously doesn’t affect Stefan that way…so why Elena? Is it because of the magic used to stop the transition?

    2. So……Elena can however feed from Damon. LOL even harder. Why am I not surprised?…..OK, not that I’m over the irony of the situation…why can Elena feed on the dead? And another question, can she drink human  blood from a blood bag and does it have to be human blood that a vampire consumes? If it has to be human blood that a vampire consumes Damon is going to be Elena’s new “feeding buddy”…..LOL…wonder how Stefan is going to feel about that? He is still on the bunny blood diet and can’t drink the human stuff in the amount it would take to keep two vampires fully functioning… that is an interesting turn of events;)

    3. Looking forward to seeing The Council in action. We’ve heard how bad ass they are…..looking forward to how the writers make them a serious threat to our bad ass vampires:)

    4. Looking forward to seeing Bonnie and how the dark magic affects her. I’m really excited about this particular storyline this season. I was really interested last season when they showed a hint of it in Before Sunset….I’m looking forward to seeing how it flows into this season.

    5. So, I was right…..I am so glad to hear that Klaus himself stops his make out session with Caroline. After all, if Klaus is going to be with Caroline in that way, I’m sure he would rather her know that it was actually him;)

    6. Wonder what else Jeremy can see now…..could it be something having to do with Bonnie?

    Looking forward to meeting all the new characters  and really looking forward to the start of the season. One week and one day…CAN NOT WAIT!          

  • From Beginning To End

    I’m curious about some of this, like what Jeremy can see and whether or not that writer meant that she drinks Damon’s blood or human blood that Damon has with him. Also I think it sounds like Katherine might be back, which I will enjoy. Aside from that I actually somehow feel less excited than I did all summer after reading this.

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