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Posted by | September 22, 2011, 7:00 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV Interview with Nina Dobrev: Elena's Life Goals, Crying & SurfboardsFollowing last week’s super-fun interview with Julie Plec,‘s Price Peterson chats with Nina Dobrev about mapping out her shifts between Elena and Katherine, the emotional toll of being an actor on The Vampire Diaries (hint: life in Mystic Falls is kinda rough, y’know?), what Elena really wants in life, Degrassi, and the somewhat sad reality of those Teen Choice Awards surfboards. And as Mr. Peterson himself tweeted, “Also: It turns out Nina Dobrev is MUCH funnier than Elena.”

I’m a little harsh on Elena in my recaps. For the most part she’s pretty self-assured, but then she goes and makes some pretty questionable decisions sometimes. Do you ever read the script and go, like, “Seriously, Elena?”

Yeah, I do. I’m very much an audience member as well as a cast member. I watch and read the show very critically and sometimes Elena does—I mean she’s a strong woman and she’s very courageous—but sometimes she makes some very impulsive decisions. Ultimately she’s making those decisions for a reason. And I know and trust that the writers have an ultimate path that they want her to go through, a journey that they want her to experience. So there’s a reason behind every little line and detail.

READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW AT TV.COM. And if you missed Price Peterson’s photo recap of The Birthday, go remedy that right now.

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  • Anonymous

    Cute interview!
    Nina should have been nominated for an Emmy Award.   She is doing a fantastic job playing two entirely different characters.

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