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Posted by | April 13, 2012, 9:26 (MST) | 85 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

In this week’s Vampire Diaries Bite, TV Guide‘s Robyn Ross has some intriguing teases about the season finale from Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, and Paul Wesley. Paul on the dynamic between Stefan and Damon heading into the finale and beyond:

“Stefan and Damon will always love each other, but they’ll always be in love the same girl. They’ll die that way or they’ll live that way for the rest of their lives.”

And watch the Bite for some scoop from phone interviews with Joseph Morgan and Ian Somerhalder:


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  • Lu

    I like Blue Moon’s theory that Damon compelled Elena to forget about the crash, to try and make it a bit better for her.This would be a completely unusual thing to happen for badass Damon from S1 who didn’t care about anything other than getting Katherine out of the tomb. Why would he care about this young Katherine look-a-like? … but something made him want to help her.That would actually be lovely. Imagine if something happened that made Elena lose the compulsion and then remember this memory.

  • Jenna

    Thanks for that link… great read! I’m wondering if Esther is going to be the big bad for next season?!!!

  • eve

    Hi Georgia Peach, I cannot wait!  Spoilers  be damned….I don’t care….I want to know what’s going to happen.  LOL

  • KatAttack

     What I wouldn’t give for it to be theory number 2… that would be amazing.

  • ihatepeople

    Could be but I think it might be something bigger.

  • Jilly_bean

    Definitely not caused by either brother, I agree. Even Uncle John said that the ring didn’t work because it wasn’t a supernatural death just a “tragic accident.” I am trying to remember exactly what Stefan said when he told Elena about the first time he saw her. I thought he told her that her father wouldn’t let him save him until he saved her, and then when he got back to the car it was already too late. 

  • Shannon


  • Shannon

    I won’t hold my breath, ugh! rolls eyes.

  • Shannon

    I’m DYING for a webclip!!! And the commercial just came on too, which made it so much more harder!! HURRY UP ALREADY!!! 

  • Guest

    The only problem is that Stefan told Elena what happened that day. She didn’t find out, he told her. He said he reached her father first and that he insisted that Stefan save Elena first. Stefan speaks of “pulling” Elena out and looking at her face. If he lied about it that would be awful. Stefan lied about a lot of things at the beginning of their relationship but he wouldn’t have lied about the car crash. If Elena was lying on the bridge unconscious, Stefan would’ve told her that and it would still be a mystery as to how she had gotten out of the car. As for the gaps in Elena’s memory…I won’t rule out compulsion but I honestly think she just passed out.

  • Jenna

    I don’t see the writers making Stefan out to be the liar about saving her… but definitely there is more to that story than what he told her. In all honesty that story was pretty much just touched on in season 1 and was very touching that he saved her… and she was crying when he told her that he couldn’t save her parents by the time he got back to them!!! I am guessing that Damon was somewhere in the picture! There is obviously something big to this story, after all it IS the finale episode!!! It’s gonna be pins and needles all the way to the end of the season!!!

  • Shannon

    I can’t obsess about this now…one episode at a time please!! Ugh!!!! I REFUSE to think about The Departed while i’m dying over Heart Of Darkness, my brain will go into overload!! (it already has, hehe)

  • kego

    If you´re right and JP rapes Stefan´s character in this way just to make Delena plausibel,they make it very hard for me as a TVD/Stefan fan to look forward to S4 !
    IMO: false soap opera


    So many theories about the car crash…..all of you are correct. JP said the The Gilbert’s death was not a supernatural death. But I have to wonder, if by some chance, one of our boys was just standing in the road, or crossing the street, and the car veered to the side to keep from hitting what Grayson Gilbert would have considered a human, would that be considered a supernatural death? Suppose one of the boys didn’t mean for it to happen? Meaning it wasn’t a deliberate assault on the Gilbert’s themselves. It really was just a tragic accident. 

    Stefan told Elena, back in season 1, that he was out in the woods when he heard the crash. He went to the accident site,  and dove into the water. But Grayson Gilbert told him to save Elena first, which Stefan did. When he went back in the water to get her parents it was to late. Keep in mind, this was after Elena found out she looked exactly like Katherine, who at the time, she considered Stefan’s ex. He then went on to tell her that her resemblance to Katherine didn’t make any sense, so he watched her through out the summer to confirm she wasn’t actually Katherine. He also researched, the best he could, Elena’s parentage. That’s when he discovered she was actually adopted. At this point, he also promised her no more lies.

    Elena said she remembered waking up in the hospital, but had no memory of the accident, at all. What she knows of the events, she learned from Stefan. It should also be noted, as far as the viewing audience goes, we have never heard a conversation between the Salvatore brothers regarding that fateful night.

    Back in Season 1, when Damon came to town, he came with one goal…getting Kat out of the tomb. And to do what he could to annoy Stefan. All of us know it, Damon & Stefan fans alike. Damon was a bit of a dick…a funny dick, for sure, but a dick none the less. He didn’t care about the repercussions of opening the tomb filled full of starved vampires and letting them loose on the town of MF. Basically, he considered it not his problem. All he wanted was Kat. Of course, all of that changed when he started to allow people to matter to him. He’s definitley not the same vampire who first came to MF.

    Now, here’s where it gets puzzling for me. If Stefan was being truthful with Elena regarding the car crash, how could he not have enough time to save Elena’s parents? He’s a vampire, albeit a bunny blood drinking vampire at the time, but a vampire none the less. Also, we’re also going on Stefan’s word that was how the events unfolded. At the end of season 1, I believed him wholeheartedly. But now? We’ve seen how Stefan can hide the true truth, or gloss over a few facts, if he thought it was for the best. That’s not an insult to him, it’s just the way he is. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the events that went down that night are not exactly what happened. If I remember correctly, Elena was an emotional wreck over finding out she looked exactly like Kat, and Stefan had just told her she was adopted….he may have felt that glossing over the events was better for her at the time.  Thinking back, I could see why he would think that. 

    I’ve always thought that the first time Damon saw Elena was in the cemetery at the beginning of the series. But with JP saying we would get to see the first time Damon actually saw Elena, well, it does make me wonder a few things.

    What if Elena was already out of the water when Stefan came to the accident sight? What if she was semi-coherent and told him about her parents being trapped in the car? What if it really was to late to save her parents by that point? What if Damon was the one who pulled her out, but heard Stefan coming and walked away because he just simply didn’t want Stefan to know he was in town at the time? What if he, like Stefan, was surprised by Elena’s looks? What if Elena was getting hysterical by the loss of her parents and Stefan compelled her to forget the accident? What if she’s remembering all of these events because her memory is coming back to her….after all, when one turns, anything they’ve been compelled to forget comes back. I don’t know, but I’m super excited to see how all of this plays out:)        

  • Iansfan

     Yep, that´s exactly what I posted somewhere: why would Stefan, being a super fast (bunny-diet-) vamp not have time enough to rescue Elena´s father, especially as he obviously had the time to tell him to save Elena. Either he had a reason not to save the man he thought would be responsible for almost killing who he thought was Katherine or he did not really talk to this man at all because he was not the one to rescue Elena from the carwreck.
    There must be a reason why JP goes back to that part of the story. And Ian said in one of his interviews that it was awesome to see which way they all have gone.

  • Canderella

    Gosh, I can’t wait to find out what actually will happen the next episodes – especially the car crash and Elena’s saving.

    I’ve always believed that Damon had been aware of Elena before Stefan had the guts to meet her in person. He has been at the cemetery and it always seemed he was not a bit surprised about her resemblance to Kat the first time they met.

    Moreover, remember one of the very first scenes when Elena and Bonnie were driving to school and the crow hit the car?!?

    When I think now a about it, knowing about the car crash of Elena’s parents, this scene gets a total new meaning to me and I have goosebumbs all over.

    Just hope it does not mean that Damon had something to do with it like causing it. He likes to lay on the street now and then …. And an obstacle on the street causing the driver to leave the street in panic / in order to avoiding hitting it, is no supernatural death, like said before.

    I dare not hope to think that the writers will have Damon being the one who actually saved her from drowning. Would be wonderful – but doubt that they’ll give us Damon fans that pleasure & exitement.

  • Charlotte

    I’m just hoping that stefan gets to be the hero for once without damon being a part of it.

  • midnight

     I know!  It would be amazing!  I mean, for almost 3 seasons, everyone thought Stefan was the one who saved Elena, but to have that completely turned around would be a huge twist in the story – something that TVD loves to do.    I also love that in the theory, Damon lets Stefan take credit for saving Elena.  It’s very in keeping with how his character has evolved, given that he’s willingly backed down to let Stefan have Elena in S2/3.  I know he wasn’t like that when we first met him, but he always had the capacity to do good.  It just took meeting Elena and caring about her and others to unlock that capacity inside him.  I think it would be brilliant to see that Damon felt drawn to caring about Elena when he was still obsessed with Katherine and before he and Elena had even officially met.

  • ihatepeople

    Also Ian said Damon does something that he never would’ve suspected of him. That’s what makes me think it was him too. He might have pulled he seen her parents pick her up and he followed her curiously because she looked like Katherine. Hell a deer or anything could’ve crossed the Gilbert’s car path causing them to swerve. Damon could’ve dove in to save the Katherine look a like and as you said she could’ve been hysterical. Maybe he heard someone coming with his super vamp hearing and compelled Elena to forget she saw him and he pulled her out. He didn’t necessarily want his presence known until he was ready for his plan about releasing Katherine. Compelling people to forget him was kind of his thing. Other than her memory coming back because she is turning, what if it comes back because any vampire compulsions done are broken when the spell causing them to be separated from their originator’s bloodline by making either the originator or them temporarily human so the originator can be killed? If they’re not vampires even temporarily then how could their compulsions still hold? Just a thought.

    I agree with Vamplover1973 about Stefan withholding info from Elena not maliciously but to cushion things. I know so many people get mad when it’s suggested that Stefan lied but he did do that as part of his character even if it was because he thought it was for the best.

  • ihatepeople

    I still don’t see a reason for showing Damon causing the accident. I mean they’ve done enough character damage to him in the past that it would seem redundant. Plus that would just piss people off. It would truly be nice if we could have him be the unknown hero of the accident since everyone always assumed Stefan was the hero and it fit his personality more than Damon’s at the time. However, as you’ve mentioned and I’ve mentioned before I just don’t know if the writers would actually give that to him and us.

  • midnight

    I remember thinking it was odd that Elena didn’t remember anything about the accident, but I assumed she must have been unconscious at the time.  I also thought it was slightly strange that her dad told Stefan to save Elena, but when Stefan came back to get him, it was too late.  I mean, vampires are super fast and strong.  You would think that Stefan would have had time enough to save her parents as well as Elena. 

    I really really love your theory about Damon being the one who pulled Elena out, but Stefan finding her.  Seriously, you have no idea how much I want it to be true.  If the writers did that, then in my view, it would be the best plot twist they’ve ever done.  Not sure about the compulsion, because 1) it implies Elena is remembering what happens because she’s been turned into a vampire, and I think it’s way too early for that, and a bit redundant with all these other vampires running around.  At least for now.  2) When Stefan compelled Vicki, he couldn’t do a good job of it due to his insufficient animal blood diet, so the compulsion wore off pretty quickly.  It’s been about a  year since the accident, or more, and Elena hasn’t had any ‘flashes’ or memories of that night that we know of.  If Stefan couldn’t successfully compell Vicki to forget about vampires, then it’s unlikely Elena would have remained compelled either.  If she was, some other vampire would have to have done it. 

  • Canderella

    “It would truly be nice if we could have him be the unknown hero”
    = LOVE.

  • Jenna

    I really enjoyed your write up Vamplover… Thanks for that trip down memory lane, nice little recap :)
    This flashback has to be pretty big and epic, it is the finale episode of the season… Obviously something is going to be revealed that has been hidden… Can not wait!
    A couple of things to add to your post, Elena told Stefan that the reason her parents had been on that bridge was because they had picked her up from the party, so she remembers that. Then cut to her saying she remembers waking up in the hospital. So between being picked up by her parents and waking in the hospital, she has no memory. Stefan’s powers of compulsion were substandard so he couldn’t have compelled her very successfully. Which leads me to believe if in fact she was compelled, it was done by Damon! I would say that without a doubt Damon was there that night and somehow involved. Whether he tells Elena the story because they’re having a heart to heart or she remembers because she becomes a vampire I don’t know… My fear as I said below is that he is going to do something that is going to cost his life and he is making a confession to Elena… And she realizes how heroic he has always been despite his dick moves!!!

  • Jenna

    It’s very possible that one of the brothers was somehow, indirectly involved with the car accident. As you say, whether it was Damon laying in the road or Stefan standing in the middle of the road because he thinks it’s Katherine in the car…
    Or they could be taking us back to show us that truly it was an accident caused by something other than our boys, and they in their own turn came to the rescue. If Elena was compelled, which it is looking that way right now… It had to have been done by Damon! It would be nice to see Damon and Stefan being painted in a good light here! We’ll see!

  • ihatepeople

    Yes, it would be nice! I think it would be awesome to find out that his humanity was never really gone like Stefan thought when Damon first came to town. That he just hid it to protect himself because he was distrusting of people.

  • ihatepeople

    See my thoughts below…I wonder if the compulsion wears off as a result of the spell which temporarily turns them human so they can be unlinked from their originator. If their not vamps for any period of time then no compulsion magic. Agreed it’s too soon turn turn Elena and I certainly don’t want Damon on his death bed again as a season finale.

  • ihatepeople

    What I always thought was interesting beyond Elena’s gap in memory, Stefan’s vague explanation about what happened, no discussion ever between the brothers or Damon and Elena about the accident is how does Grayson tell Stefan UNDER WATER to save his daughter? Does he use sign language? And regardless of the bunny diet he should’ve had enough vamp speed and strength to at least free her parents and let them swim to the top. How many times have we seen our vamps rip shackles and chains away like nothing? I doubt a cloth seatbetl or a glass window would be a match for any vamp to break.

  • Betty

    I’m also thinking Damon knew Elena before Stefan did….remember the next episode after Stefan tells Elena about her parents and the car accident? She has an accident herself and Damon saves her and takes her away to Georgia…hmmm. Maybe some foreshadowing? Damon never really seem phased about Elena’s resemeblance to Katherine, which makes me think he knew her before and then there is the whole fog & crow thing.

  • Midnighsun

    Only a thought but what if Katharine Is coming back. What if she Is the One who saved Elena and Stefan just found her? Or something like that, i think Katharina should come back at least in the Season finale! :)

  • midnight

    I re-watched the pilot again, and after Vicki is attacked and Stefan rushes home and finds Damon there, Damon reveals that he knows why Stefan came to MF again:”Elena”.  I never thought much about this before, but if Damon saw Elena for the first time that day in the cemetery, then how does he know who she is?  Stefan spied on her for weeks.  Damon obviously had met her before then.

  • ihatepeople

    Yep. I watched it a few weeks ago too. Damon definitely was skulking around in the shadows so it’s very likely he’d seen her before. He certainly wasn’t surprised that she looked like Katherine when he introduced himself. He just seemed curious at seeing her close up. He had that smirk on his face too like “I’ve got a secret”.

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