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Posted by | October 19, 2012, 10:09 (MST) | 6 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TV Guide sits down with Joseph Morgan to discuss what the arrival of big bad vampire hunter Connor (Todd Williams, introduced in last night’s episode) means for Klaus and whether the Original sibling showdown that happened between Klaus and Rebekah in the premiere will have long term repercussions.

“Season 4 will … see that bond tested more than it’s ever been,” Morgan told us on the Atlanta set of the CW series. “He goes a little further than he’s ever gone and [as usual] Klaus likes to ruin everything for himself and push people away.”

Watched last night’s episode? Then check out these spoilerific post-mortem interviews with Julie Plec, where she touches base on specific plot points (those of you who are little confused about a particular Damon and Elena moment will definitely want to read):

  • Entertainment Weekly: ‘Vampire Diaries’ EP Julie Plec talks the meaning of blood-sharing, this week’s emotional final scene, and what’s next
  • Zap2It: ‘Vampire Diaries’ ‘Memorial’ recap: Julie Plec talks Elena’s first ‘feed’ and that very special appearance

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    • ♔ Apollonia ♔

      Joseph Morgan…amazing! Cant wait until next week!!! 

    • sarah

      The fact that JP says bloodsharing is like “vampire naked cuddling” irks me even more how Damon didn’t add that part in with Elena. I get that he was trying to help her, but to not fully disclose what they were doing, and he was definitely getting off on it. And then to tell her to keep it a secret from Stefan, yet the first chance he gets he throws it in Stefan’s face–that really annoyed me about Damon last night. Good thing his one-liners made up some for his annoying moments, he was season 1 Damon hilarious last night. Still annoyed though! lol

    • John

      I agree, in my opinion the fact that Damon decided to omit what they were actually doing ruined the scene for me. 

    • John

      Thanks for posting, I am really looking forward to seeing Klaus back next week. Looks like it will be an action-packed episode.

    • Georgia_Peach

      Just throwing this out there…. but I am really hoping for some Caroline and Klaus action this season ….. Yep, I am really hoping ….

    • night magic

      what a shame they are still making damon the bad guy after all he did to help elena last season .not one thank you or tiny bit of acknowledgement .Damon deserves Elena so much more than stefan ever will .

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