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Posted by | February 4, 2014, 18:44 (EST) | 42 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TV Guide has a second, and exclusive webclip, from this Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries: Total Eclipse of the Heart (EP513). Damon and Stefan have a brotherly chat…and it goes about as well as can be expected.

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  • Debbie

    No doubt Damon still has his humanity. Yes, he says he likes being this way, but to me, his facial expressions give him away. Damon is angry and hurt. Good thing his brother is there to talk some sense into him. Please let Stefan be the hero of the episode!

  • InewtoTVD

    I agree! His facial expressions do give him away. Reminds me of when he played everyone in order to protect Bonnie, Elena and the gang. Made them all believe that he sat back and allowed Bonnie to die trying to kill Klaus at the high school. When in fact he saved her and everyone else too. Maybe something similar going on here.? I do hope Stefan or anyone will jump in and be the hero or heroin of this episode and get our Damon and Elena back!

  • guest

    well it’s about time the writers let stefan live up to his hero hair do.. this is totally out of damons character elena has turned damon down repeatedly over 4 yrs and he has never fell to pieces like this. its clear to me they want to keep delena apart. 5 minutes of delena this season is not enough.

  • T. Vernay

    All that sexiness in one room. Yeeesss!!!!!! Maybe Enzo is the long lost brother. :)

  • napoli

    Damon does have a point. He is better as an unremorseful murderous vampire. I don’t agree with Damon’s comment about changing for a girl, after all even while dating Elena he was still an active serial killer against people he believed were innocent. Scary to think that a serial killer targeting innocents is the best Damon could do when he was at happiest time!

    It wasn’t Elena (this time) who broke up with Damon but what Katherine said was all true! All she said was that Damon relying on Elena to be “better” was unhealthy, and unfair and that Elena shouldn’t have to worry about who he’d hurt every time they have a fight. And what does Damon do? He proves Kat right. Rather than Damon showing Elena that she has nothing to worry about by reacting calmly to their breakup he turns around and acts like a psychopath going after someone who Elena considers her friend.

    It’s also scary how Damon makes his kills personal. When Damon was angry at Elena in s2 he snapped Jeremy’s neck because he was trying to hurt Elena in the process. It’s the same with Aaron. Aaron had specifically said earlier in the episode that the only reason he’s alive is because Elena would be angry with Damon if Damon killed him. Damon specifically goes after someone he knows has a connection to Elena because
    he is not just lashing out because of anger but also because he is trying to hurt her.

  • ladym05

    They are pretty!

  • ladym05

    Here is the problem I have with Damon, he uses his lovers to become the person he says he want to be. You can’t allow anyone to have that much power in your life. Damon needs the Doorknob to make him a better person. I think Damon can be a good person all on his own, if that is who he wants to be. Damon basically said that it was Kat fault for who he became, really? Because by that logic it is Klaus’s fault for who Katherine became, which led her to do horrible things to Defan etc. So, the gang should be toasting when Klaus dies, he is the origin of the pain. Both Damon and Katherine are responsible for who they are and who they want to be, and so far both have chosen the path of destruction.

  • T. Vernay

    Hey Ladym!

    Damon will eventually realize this, I am sure. This just goes to show how sensitive and caring of a man he really is at the end of the day. He just has to learn how to channel his anxiety. He has to trust that he is worthy of good. He has to find this outside of his relationships. You are right!

  • ladym05

    We think like which should scare you. The ships in this stunk personal growth for these characters. I don’t who Damon is, I don’t believe is a killer but he is not the Doorknobs boyfriend either .

  • Cheryl12

    I _do not_ like the sound of this spoiler about darkening Damon: ” … Well, get ready for your indignation to deepen. By the end of this
    week’s episode, he’ll be responsible for a steep body count, which will
    have Stefan running to join your ‘I Hate Damon’ Club.”

  • Cheryl12

    If Klaus dies, then so do Stefan, Damon, Caroline, & Elena.

  • ladym05

    I know that. I was just saying by the logic that they were using Klaus is the source of their problems not Katherine. But I love both Klaus and Kat, they own their crap. I don’t want either yo die.

  • Cheryl12

    Fair enough :)

  • Justsayin’

    I agree with what others are commenting below. IMO it appears Damon is playing the game for the greater good again. His expressions to Stefan do seem like he’s telling him one thing and wanting Stefan to read his face for the truth. I could be wrong… IMO, I don’t think so. Damon has come so far and has become the better man over the past years and yes he does give Elena the credit for that, as he should and she deserves to know it too.(I hope she either heard him or he gets to tell her. Again. Soon!) Like the old saying goes,”Behind every great man there is a greater woman. And only the greatest of men can admit it.” And that’s very true. I do hope they hurry and get our girl Elena back. Just put Katherine in Nadia’s body and let mother and daughter fight it out.

  • ladym05

    I believe that Stefan is the one person that will never hate Damon no matter what.

  • InewtoTVD

    100% agree with you about everything ;) And Kat being put into Nadia’s body would work. Nadia already acts like Kat and they favor anyway. Plus Nadia (actress) could stay around. She’s good.

  • Cheryl12

    That is true. But unlike Damon, who IMO accepts Stefan unconditionally, Stefan has this habit of judging first and asking questions later – too much later. He’s going to have to get a handle on what’s really going on w/ Damon to help him. I think Ric needs to get a day pass from the Other Side to pitch in.

  • mydamonheart

    Damon fans, this is gonna be a double edged sword. Buckle up, and hold on tight. This is going to be a pleasurable but painful ride.

  • guest

    i just see a painful ride. … please if u see a light at the end of the tunnel enlighten me…

  • Kathoa

    Blah, blah, blah, Damon’s man pain again.

  • mydamonheart

    Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t see any light yet. These writers seem hell bent on heaping as much emotional pain as they can on Damon, It is canon. I wouldn;t be suprised if he ended up with the ripper serum to boot, but my money is on Tyler for that one. Niether scenario would be a shock to me though

  • eve

    How old are you Damon?….instead of manning up and taking responsibility for his actions he enjoys blaming everyone else….Katherine, Stefan….Elena….daddy… who is the real Damon? The one who ran from the war?….the one who loved Kat for over 100 years…..Elena….who?….have we met the real Damon yet?…..Just leave him alone Stefan…..stop enabling Damon and covering up….his actions…..let Damon grow up…..and stop acting like a spoiled child having a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his own way……totally going to contradict myself…..kind of looking forward to bad Damon… yelling….ranting…when he’s being a dick.

  • guest

    it looks like they want to keep damon bad long enough to let stefan get elena back while riding his high horse of course. THE GOOD BROTHER i dont care how they wright stefan now i know how he was before.

  • guest

    stefan has also played the blame game. i guess damon should sit in the corner and cry until someone comes to save him cause he’s never been able to do it on his own. lexi. caroline. damon. and kat.

  • lawson

    God bless you for your comment, i dont want to post cuz to me its not really important anymore some people will judge the way they want to even when they know it make no sense, but i respond to this post cuz that just exactly what i was just thinking it like u read my mind. my prayer now is that GOD should protect our loving stefan from all the evil and haters in and outside around him?

  • mydamonheart

    I really want to agree with this theory, believe me, but I can’t see it. He is going to hit rock bottom.
    Everyone gives Elena the credit for making him a better man, and she does, but she wan’t the only reason.
    No one gives Damon any credit for changing for himself (inc Damon), I think this is the crux of his problem, he still thinks he doesn’t deserve her, and her break up speech just confirmed what he believes. He changed for the better, but it still wasn’t good enough, and Elena gave up on him as a lost cause, that he will never change, that he is bad.
    Damon has also changed Elena for the better too IMO, but we never see anyone give Damon any credit for that either, rather we have everyone stating that he is changing her for the worst.
    If Stefan wants to help Damon, then he has to stop judging him, and try to understand him. He has to stop reinforcing the notion that Elena is the only thing that makes him the better man, and that he is not worthy of her.
    The last few Eps, Stefan has done nothing but judge and lecture him privately, and publicly.

  • LeighMariana .

    As much as I’m a Delena fan to the core, I can’t deny that I love bad Damon. The snark, the confidence, the power….it’s pretty damn sexy. I actually enjoyed his series 1 personality the most and I’m glad to see it back for a while :)

  • mydamonheart

    I have changed my mind. I think Damon has flipped the switch.
    “you are my life”
    “I can’t live without her”
    “without your light in my life, there is a whole lot of darkness”

    The last time he flipped was to protect himself from the emotional pain of betraying and losing Enzo, a friend he had come to love.
    He has now lost Elena, his life.
    When he is in the road with Aaron, he tells him he wants to back in time, to fix the past and get someone back he lost. (himself before comming back to MF).
    He also tell Aaron that he isn’t conflicted about killing him unlike when he Jess back in S2 (existential crisis)
    No humanity Damon is back, he is going to be very bad for a while at least.

  • Amanda

    I like bad boy Damon soooooo much better than whiney, do everything good for Elena Damon…. maybe now the show can go back to being awesome again with bad boy Damon and Kitty Kat!!! :)

  • Cheryl12

    At this point I find it a close call, but I find myself still doubting this because he did not flip it when he learned the full truth re: Kat’s feelings (or lack thereof) for him.

    In any case, when he did flip it in the 50s, I think I was a different person – and he flipped it so he could do something he couldn’t have done w/ it on to survive. When he walked away and left Enzo in the fire, he became a different person. We know in general what the Augustine experimentation did to him in the 50s, but we may not know every detail. I am also one of those who believe Enzo is a plant. And do we know yet what Dr. Wes did to him?

    I found the dialog in this final scene to be very well written. Referring back to the transcript, Damon does say that he wants to “get someone back he lost.” I think he could be talking about Elena or a different ver. of himself. Then he talks about his conflict/struggling w/ his instinct to kill, specifically “Right now, in this very, very moment, I am crystal clear. You see, Elena thinks I’m a monster. You know what? She’s right.” He says he was conflict, but in this moment things are “crystal clear.” He’s claiming he now accepts that he is a monster and bites Aaron.
    This is actually worse than his having flipped the switch – he has completely surrendered to his dark side.

  • Cheryl12

    I agree – Stefan is key to turning this around. Elena is MIA now & can’t play a part. Stefan has to figure this out, which means delving into the past. Damon has to want to change for himself & deal w/ his many, complex issues, the extent of which we likely haven’t seen at of this point in the narrative. Elena has helped & still can help him, but, no matter what she does, she does not cancel Damon’s problems out: she’s like a too small Bandaid on a cut.

  • Cheryl12

    Neither Damon persona appeals to me, & I am a fan of the character. There was an in-between Damon ca. late S2 into S3 that IMO was a good balance. I don’t know how long Kat can be sustained as a powerful nemesis, particularly inhabiting Elena’s body. The return to awesomeness would have to come w/ realistic character growth & development coupled w/ plotting to match.


    When Damon said he wanted to go back in time and get someone he lost I think he was referring to the man he used to be and lost when he met Katherine Pierce. He’s made comments in the past about wishing Elena could have met him in 1864, when he was still human. Just my two cents:)

  • Cheryl12

    True, he said that to Elena on his deathbed. The ambiguity of his statement in 05×12 works for me because it allows for interpretation, & your interpretation could easily be correct.

  • Gwen

    I love Damon but he is acting like a little bitch…just like Elena when she had her humanity off. Is this another gotcha moment with the writers wanting us to believe first impressions or has Damon truly come too far along to turn truly “DARK”…hopefully we will find out this episode or those character disappointing writers are going to have fun playing with the Delena fanbase.

  • mydamonheart

    Yep, could be that too, It is something I hadn’t considered TBH. Lets see if tonights Ep gives us any more insight.

  • mydamonheart

    Yes, I agree, this scene can be interpreted many different ways, most of Damons actions can be interpreted many ways, this is why he is the most interesting character to me.
    Damon is the most discussed character in the fandom, here is no exception. Even the most avid Damon haters prefer to discuss him, rather than anyone else. That speaks volumes IMO.

  • mydamonheart

    It is the writers favourite game, “having fun” with the Damon/DE fanbase.

  • Cheryl12

    Word! :)

  • mydamonheart

    See ya later :)

  • Justsayin’

    I don’t disagree with you. IMO the speech Damon made to Elena was the real Damon coming to terms with everything. Making peace with himself and acknowledging that it was love that brought out the good in him. Like Andy told him, “love does that Damon, it changes you”. IMO, it’s because He really loves someone and that someone really loves him back. That’s what has made him want to change and what did change him. Love in all that it means. I won’t get all relationship savvy text book explaining this. That’ll take forever. Lol But it was a Very healthy heart felt speech from Damon to Elena and if it had of actually been Elena, then we’d all be seeing a very different Damon and Elena. That’s why Kat twisted what he was saying and the meaning, hammered home that he was a monster and she couldn’t change him, it was to much for her and just ripped him apart with his feelings in True Katherine manipulation. IMO they have shown Elena’s change for the better because of Damon in an easier softer way. They have shown her to be actually happy now since her parents died, they had Bonnie on the other side as a witness to Damon making her happy , they’ve had Elena to tell Stefan that She got to be in love with Damon, they have shown Elena as a more confident and stronger person, she’s not backing down from loving who she loves just because her friend says so. And actually, even before Damon and Elena were “officially” together, whenever Elena was with Damon, she always became more vibrant, happy and a more self assured person than when she was away from him. I do agree Stefan judges Damon. That’s wrong on his part. Stefan at times seemed to be doing it because he knew he could beat Damon down by mentally abusing him. But I still have hope Stefan has changed. Although he did slip backwards when he told Damon not to come back. But then that new Stefan had a change of heart and said he’d help him. IMO I think Stefan thought of when Damon stuck by him and wouldn’t give up on him. And Damon told him, “I’ll be here for you until you don’t need me anymore”. That was very emotional and the turning point that helped Stefan come back. His brother Damon, Not pushing him away, but instead standing right next to him, holding him up and catching him if he fell… I think Stefan’s going to be there for him……..Justsayin’

  • T. Vernay

    Haha! I think Damon can be badass without killing the town away. When he is with Elena alllllllhe does is protect Elena. He didnt even look for his brother this summer bc he was all in Elena’s world. I dont think it is healthy.

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