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Posted by | February 27, 2013, 14:09 (MST) | 11 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TV Guide: Julie Plec on Tyler, Caroline, Elena, Klaus, Bonnie & PromTV Guide has more from their post-mortem interview with Julie Plec. Warning: If you haven’t watched through Stand By Me (EP415), best avoid some major spoilers. And, in case you missed it yesterday, check out our EP415 post-mortem round-up.

The second half the season will be more grounded in high school. What can we expect?
Plec: We just started shooting the prom episode, which is episode 19 and graduation is going to be the finale. We’ll get to end the season with all of those great questions of who’s going to be where, who’s going to be with who, who’s going to do what.


In other news, Futon Critic is reporting that the CW has nailed down a season finale date for The Vampire Diaries: Thursday, May 16th.

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  • Mairead

    So when will we know who Elena is taking to prom?
    Plec: You may have to wait until someone puts up the wrong photos or I accidentally slip and say something in the press.

    LMAO! So true…

  • PixieLavender

    The thing is instead of Julie making us guess and predictably get it right and say how obvious it is, why doesn’t she say who it is so us fans wonder and figure out all these plots and so on? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it was no one or any of the brothers.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I think that Elena, Caroline and Bonnie all need to go to the prom together with Matty Blue Eyes Donovan as their escort. It is only fitting that the close circle of friends go to their last high school dance together.

    Stefan should be the gentleman that has the honor of escorting Rebekah, who deserves to go to the prom and the dance she has dreamed of …. and he had best be good to her while they are there.

    Damon and Klaus can be “Prom” chaperones together now that Alaric is gone. After all, someone has to look after the young ones, especially if Silas is still on the loose.

    As for Tyler being gone, sorry to say …. I could care less. I much prefer to watch the scenes between Caroline and Klaus and hope to see their relationship actually build into something very special. There is always Tulane University just waiting for Caroline in New Orleans. There could be a lot of crossover material to use between Caroline and Klaus.

  • Taylorkayy

    I’m actually kind of excited that Tyler is gone “for awhile” his storyline was being worn down, not to mention Caroline basically became his shoulder to cry on for most of the season and we all know Our Girl deserves better than that :)

    What I’m hoping to see the rest of this Season…

    *Explore more into Klaus and Caroline’s “connection”

    *Also I have always been a Matt and Caroline, “Maroline” fan and lets face it our boy deserves some loving

    *I don’t want Elena to completely forgot that she was dating Damon! Now that she’s gone off the rails. I’m pretty neutral but the
    Delena fans deserve better!

    *A nice transition in The Originals Spinoff Episode in April

    *A bittersweet “Human” Graduation (The characters have been through enough Supernatural chaos and deserve one day of Normalcy)

    *A return to our confident, High School go getter, Independent, Season 2 Caroline :)

  • S15

    I hope this time Bonnie will get to go to the prom.

  • Erin

    My first thought was: I hope its Elijah. And while I know that has about as much chance as Alaric spontaneously returning to life to escort Elena I can still hope Xd

  • night magic

    i really hope Tyler comes back ,i cant believe he has left !

  • debbie

    As a romantic, I’d like to think the prom episode have some good couplings – Klaus and Caroline, Damon and Elena, Stefan and Bex. And it’ll be a new beginning for all couples…but this is TVD, nothing goes this well. The biggest trouble usually happens at these events.

    For one, I think this where Tyler will make his appearance, sweep Caroline off her feet and fight with Klaus. Tyler I will miss, but I can understand why we are losing him, his storyline is over and he just doesn’t truly fit in anymore.

  • Gwen

    Recent post and interesting plot twist, taking a page from Breaking Dawn 2 – “Dream Sequence”. The Prom episode could be the one where Elena wakes up from her dream. So many questions, starting with Elena’s choice. Take a look, interested to hear what you have to say…Here is the post –

  • Erin

    I hope not, turning an entire season into a dream is poor plotting. A few episodes could be alright but yeah I think that would be jumping the shark pretty hard core – except less cool than when someone did jump a shark.

  • Dblokland

    Don’ t get your hopes up….

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