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Posted by | November 11, 2011, 9:24 (MST) | 22 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Make sure to pick up TV Guide Magazine‘s Hot List 2011 issue this week! Our favorite Hot Hybrid, Klaus, has made the list and Joseph Morgan gives his thoughts on the “hotness” of Klaus and even reveals his personal pick for “coolest Klaus moment” onscreen. Thanks to Denise for the scan. You can read it below or in the Gallery.

TV Guide Magazine's Hot List: Hot Hybrid - Joseph Morgan as Klaus

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  • Sarag

    I wonder who klaus’s romantic interest will be … The original petrova ?

  • Schraapsel


  • Lauren Knott

    I’m all for Klaus having a love interest. As long as we get to see him shirtless. Though, I have a feeling that it’s going to be the Original Petrova. Fine by me. 

  • Candygirl9890

    You, my dear, speak my language. :)

  • Warisha

    I want to be his love interest.. :P

  • Ciska

    Are there even women left on the show who would want to be a love interest for Klaus? Cannot imagine Caroline, Elena or Bonnie wanting to do anything with him. Maybe Carol Lockwood? Or Bonnie’s mum

  • Selena

    Yes would love to see Klaus have a love interest on the show, but who can really stand him? Maybe he loves, but the person doesn’t love him back. I think that would make an excellent storyline with his temper.

  • Tamagura

    I first saw Joseph Morgan on Brit Com “Doc Martin” on PBS. He was a bad boy. He was only on a few episodes but he made his presence known.
    “Doc Martin” is on WLIW (Channel 21) in NY.

  • Guest

    A love interest? I really can’t picture Klaus having one. He doesn’t seem like the type. It will either be the original petrova or someone new they’re bringing in.

  • Becca Leigh

    Love Joseph Love Klaus Love this Hybrid article.

  • eeee

    we LOVE klaus…dont kill him!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It would be great to see some flashbacks of Klaus and Charlotte because Joseph and Nina have great chemistry.

  • Henrita

    I want Bonnie, but I doubt writers will do that

  • Anonymous

    I feel like Bonnie needs to be a more fully developed character before we push ANOTHER love interest on her. Let’s see more of her family and their dynamic. I’m not really “feeling” Bonnie.

  • Gingersez2

    Eeeeep! Every time I read a new interview with JoMo, or see him on tv, I love him even more! He is so refreshingly cheeky and cute! But at the same time, he is very humble, and always gives credit to the people he’s working with.  I’ve never heard one snarky or unkind thing out of him – he may just be incredbily media savvy, but I just get that is his genuine attitude. I love how grateful he appears for his success. And that smile is just the greatest. So, even though he plays a ruthless, egotistical, homicidal maniac on tv, he seems like alot of fun in person.

  • Anonymous

    After watching the first part of this season, seeing and reading all the interviews done by Joseph Morgan- I have to say, I am firmly on Team Klaus:) Of course, I’m also firmly on Team Damon, Team Salvatore, Team Katherine and Team TVD……..god I love this show, and aren’t we all so lucky that JoMo got the part of Klaus? By the way…came across this little fanvid and thought you guys might like it:)

  • Anonymous

    He’s fantastic, JoMo, he is. Thanks for the link :))

  • Anonymous

    You’re most welcome:) And your right…..JoMo is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.:)

  • $arah

    Klaus is really hot.
    I’d fuck his accent.. if that were possible xD

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