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Posted by | January 19, 2012, 6:35 (MST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Michael Trevino as TylerTV Guide‘s Robyn Ross is whetting our appetite for tonight’s episode with some teasers from Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan about what’s coming up for Tyler and Klaus, including an unlikely ally Tyler tries to enlist. WARNING: This has spoilers for Our Town (EP311) and tonight’s The Ties That Bind (EP312). On Tyler’s developing feelings about being a hybrid, Michael says:

“When Tyler drank Elena’s blood and transformed into a full-on hybrid … he had a swagger to him and confidence and felt chosen. Every male figure in Tyler’s life has either gone or passed away or has been killed and so there’s this little complex of daddy issues. He was chosen to become the first successful hybrid so he wants to make Klaus happy, but now he sees how evil Klaus is and maybe this is a curse upon the curse he already has of being a werewolf.”

And in this week’s Vampire Diaries Bite, Robyn has some interesting scoop from Julie Plec on that certain word choice Elena used at the end of Our Town (EP311):


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  • kate

    I think we all suspected so much but it’s nice to have it confirmed by Julie! Elena IS in love with both of them, she just needs to face her feelings. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode

  • Guniusiek
  • Sushila

    Oh please… not True Blood part two!! Sookie/Eric/Bill  Elena/Stefan/Damon = same story line :(
    The end of True Blood S3 was so annoying and stupid,Sookie and her whining “I can´t decide,I love you both” NONSENSE!
    I´m done with TB and if TVD goes the same way: bye bye!
    There are other,great tv shows and there the story isn´t dictated by fans.

  • Amanda

    About time they got the triangle going! I’m always surprised when I come here and read comments like this. The show was advertised as a triangle from day 1..a human girl torn between two vampire brothers. Not to mention that the show is based on a set of books which are all about the Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle. It’s funny how people complain about it after two whole seasons of an obvious set up lol.

  • Anon

    I noticed the wording, but I didn’t really care. Of course Elena loves them both. Duh.

    The problem is that while she can love both, she can only have one. So Damon gets screwed over again while Stefan gets the girl again.

  • Fridayrose11

    yeah yeah yeah, we get it, it’s a triangle, but you DE fans can appreciate your half season ship all you want. we know how the triangle is going to end up ;) SE

  • Anonymous

    Ok tonight’s episode had a lot going on.  Revealing the kiss was important and Elena did tell Stephan that she didn’t feel guilty for it but felt guilty for not telling him.  What frustrates me though is when he shows his reaction and tells her that she is better than the two of them he is laying a guilt trip on her which will probably result in a regression of things with Damon.  UGH

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