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Posted by | May 9, 2012, 12:50 (MST) | 25 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Spoiler alert! This week’s TV Guide Vampire Diaries Bite teases Elena’s choice of Salvatores (don’t worry, they don’t actually say) and addresses the issue of who might be getting a smooch. While there’s no outright revelations, there are some pretty strong hints. Remember, there might be some misdirection going on here, we’ve all been tricked before!


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  • Aerilyn

    I’m not really bothered by who Elena chooses or kisses. All I know is that I’m going to have an incredible TWO hours of TV tomorrow night with the TVD and THE SECRET CIRCLE season finales back-to-back.

    Please tune in and watch them BOTH ‘LIVE’ tomorrow on the CW. Especially if you’re a Nielsen viewer. But the more the merrier!

  • Occam’s Razor

    Elena kisses Stefan, tells Damon she loves him, and chooses herself. That’s how I see it :P

  • laney

    b4 i watched it i was saying “she kisses stefan and chooses damon” and then i liked the video better – 65% of the vote goes to damon – geez, doesn’t it always?  :)   I say she chooses damon and something drastic happens and they will not (can not) be together.

  • Marla

    Exactly…. I think she will not chose really. She will admit to loving them both. Although I think Jeremy may have something to do with hurting Damon. I am trying to determine if she kisses Stefan before of after the crash though …. if its before the crash then she is going to die , which would mean Alaric dies also. I also think that after Stefan saved Elena and went back for her parents Damon saw Elena unconscious and thought she might be Katherine. I am not sure if he had anything to do with the crash… but this would explain alot.

  • karen

     I hope it’s the other way around because if she tells Damon she loves him.  It will diminish the epic love story of Stefan and elena. 

  • ihatepeople

    Could very well be then they’ll continue it into next season. Ahahahahaha!

  • ihatepeople

    Well if the kiss follows right after the clip scene when Stefan comes in it’s obvious she kisses him. Is it a good-bye kiss or a “It’ll always be Stefan” kiss? Probably the latter. Damon will be off getting his ass kicked as usual. It’s their running theme. Why change now right?

  • Moniek

    IF she really chooses this episode, which I seriously doubt, I think it’s going to be Stefan, but I definitely hope it’s DAMON!! Delena<3

  • ihatepeople

    That’s because they like keeping Damon and Elena apart. :(

  • Amanda

    Elena needs some down time so she will choose herself, so that she doesnt hurt anyone. It is her characters personality, she isnt selfish.

  • Klausheart

    Say Elena does choose “herself” how will this change the love triangle dynamics of the show? The whole point of the show is a girl torn between two vampires. So what, she chooses to be single and Damon and Stefan both leave town? It would kill the show. Also even if they do stay in mystic falls, it is inevitable that there will still be mutual feelings of love when they’re with her. So basically both the brothers will be in stalemate for another season. Nothing will progress. I don’t care who she chooses but she has to choose someone for the show to move forward, or else it will be just like the other 3 seasons! Klaus ftw

  • LovemesomeDamon

    So sad but so true.

  • guest

    i like both brother i am ok with whomever she chooses. eventhough chosing elijah will make me the happiest women on the face of the earth lol lol 

  • Zara

    Nah, it’ll probably be a somewhere in between. “I still love you and I will always love you, but I have feelings for Damon and I love him too, and things cannot go back to the way they were, if I keep denying it, so I have to think things through properly. But, since I don’t know whether we’ll be alive tomorrow due to the high mortality rate in MF and the fact that I seem to be number 1 in a lot of people’s hit list, I just want to show you how much I love you.” Besides, Elena has been dying to kiss him since 3×14, it’s just that Stefan hasn’t made Elena address her feelings for him (Stefan knew and didn’t need confirmation, even though she did give it in 3×18) or made a move on her, in the subtle form of holding her hand whilst she lays in bed lol.  

    Besides, I believe from that Stelena still and the web-clip that they kiss, probably leads up to them going to her room to have a discussion “I will do everything in my power to make sure we all come back” (or something to that effect. Idk it word for word) is what Stefan said in the extended promo to Elena in her room, so it’s probably then. I remember a week ago or so, that someone flamed me for speculating a Stelena kiss would take place, according to that still. 

    Poor Damon, but don’t worry, he’ll have his moments with Elena this episode. It could be a goodbye kiss, but Stelena will never get closure, until they rekindle their romance, so that defeats the purpose, because it will only last temporarily. Damon is a busy boy this episode, from hanging out (I use the term loosely, getting his ass kicked is as normal as Ric being killed. Payback’s a bitch.) with Stefan, Bonnie, Rebekah, Alaric, Elena etc. I wonder what Stefan will be doing this episode, besides what we have seen and heard about which is saving and comforting Elena, but the first is at the very least a flashback, but present day, it’s a possibility too. 

    Matt’s attitude towards the Salvatore’s have become more positive so far, whereas Jeremy’s is getting worse. Thus, I am starting to prefer Matt over Jeremy these days; I still thought it was a bad call to have Jeremy compelled to ‘skip town’ alone. I wonder why Elena hasn’t done so herself, but you know?

    Wouldn’t Elena threaten to top herself off, if Alaric still tried to kill her beloved vampires and actually carry it out. Thus, vamping out?

  • ihatepeople

    “I don’t know if I’ll be alive tomorrow due to the high mortality rate in MF”. That’s funny as Hell! ;)

    Yeah I’m think Jer makes a deal with the devil (evila Alaric) so to speak. Funny how not long ago he wanted Anna to turn him. I literally just watched that ep 30mins ago. My how that boy has changed. Makes you wonder if anyone told him Ric’s life is tied to Elena’s. I wonder how that would influence his decision. You know in that same ep I just mentioned Matt’s mom was in it and it reminded me just what a crappy life that guy has. He lost Elena. He lost his sister (turned then staked). His mom is a lush, a tramp and an abandoner. He lost Caroline when she turned and now he has to watch both his ex’s with other guys. Dude is all by himself and yet manages to carry on and keep crap in perspective. WOW!

    Not really sure Damon is going to have any actual moments with Elena since Ric will be kicking his ass and trying to kill him along with Jer most likely. The Stefan scene is suppose to be in the present. I’m curious what group plan they have that he promises to bring everyone back from. You realize by saying that he just ensured someone will die right? Kind of like in the ep where they planned on Mikael killing Klaus he said if someone’s humanity gets in the way of the plan it won’t be his? Well it was. None of these guys should make sweeping statements anymore. Haven’t they learned at least that by now? LOL

  • Charms0813

    Jeremy does know that Rics life is tied to Elena’s. Jeremy mentioned at the enend of the last episode “what if Alaric kills all his vampires and decides he doesn’t want to live anymore, then kills himself and you die”

  • Guest

     Since I’m a spoiler whore I know for a fact that Damon will have an intense moment with Elena. So get ready and get happy for the season finale. woohoo!

  • Ianlover

    I really CANNOT take  Damon heart break, its DEVASTATING plus i have an AP exam the next day and i can’t spend the rest of the night crying so Elena PLEASE choose Damon and i hope to god that i have the will power to keep my eyes free of SAD tears for Damon during that Stelena kiss.

  • KatAttack

     I agree with you, and I feel like I keep saying this over and over. Elena is already with “herself” as she is single…if she doesn’t pick one, then nothing changes, and I DO NOT WANT THAT. We’ve all been going nuts b/c of the flipflopping and the lack of progress with the love triangle, the “choosing herself” (okay, I have to admit every time people say that I get a really really funny mental image that isn’t PG so I won’t be more explicit but anyway) doesn’t really help that.

  • RJMulroy1

    trust me its going to be damon, elena has already explored a relationship with stefan…wouldnt make sence to go back how things were… but end game most deff stefann elena

  • Stevie1421

    SO true. I love her with Elijah. It’s the way they understand each other. 
    But yes either brother is awesome. But at the same time I wouldn’t really mind if she chose to walk away from them both for a while… it would mean the brother she was eventually drawn back to would be a very strong connection.
     Or (God forbid) she could date a human for a while? – a new human, not Matt! So, all in all, I would be okay with almost any outcome… I’m easy to please… although leaving town with Elijah would be my ideal outcome but I think this is just wishful thinking :)

  • ihatepeople

    I’ve been dreading for days seeing Damon’s heart getting broken yet again. Ugh.

  • ihatepeople

    “Spoiler whore”! Love it. An intense moment doesn’t necessarily mean a happy moment though. Might be a tear jerker. They like messing with us.

  • Emma

    she’ll choose stefan. he was there for her when her parents died and she fell of him. so the way i see it she’ll choose. I can’t wait for Season4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VampGirl

    screw stefan and damon. elena and elijah are so cute together

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