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Posted by | March 8, 2012, 9:09 (MST) | 10 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TV Guide's First Look at The Vampire Diaries Poster for PaleyFest 2012The Vampire Diaries panel at PaleyFest is this weekend, March 10th at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills (remember: you will be able to watch it via livestream) and TV Guide has the first look at the limited edition PaleyFest poster. Festival attendees will have a chance at purchasing the poster at the event itself and any remaining posters will be for sale afterwards at Gallery 1988. Only 300 prints will be available.

Click the image to see a larger version of the poster at TV Guide. And let us know what you think of the poster in the comments.

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  • Eva Nicieza via Facebook

    OK, with all due respect, that’s hideous O_O

  • Georgia_Peach

    This is hideous!    TVD has the hottest cast and this is the limited Paleyfest 2012 poster……  Seriously????  What were they thinking?  

  • Joan Sandberg

    When I looked at this last night, I was like “Are they kidding?”  What no talent art student did this for free? Beyond hideous! Any one who pays for one of these is insane.

  • Ciska

    The red parts and letters are pretty ok, but the portraits are awfull. Looks like someone who just started drawing human faces did this. The proportions are all wrong and though there are enough hits with the real persons to be able to recognize them I still had a hard time really seeing it. It is a shame, could have been pretty…

  • Tanja

    OMG this faces… Damon`s nose… hahahaha… I can´t! ROTFLOL

  • Euras

    Paleyfest poster or how to make a smoking hot cast look ugly…

  • dman

    My God! This poster is so terrible, it’s laughable! I’m literally laughing my ass off right now. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! The worse is Damon’s. It looks nothing like him. Okay, maybe the eyebrows. But other than that, it’s just awful. And Paul looks like an old man. If anyone wants to know what Paul would look like in say…. season 20 of the Vampire Diaries, there you have it. lol What really surprises me is that people are actually going to buy this? What, does this come with a coupon for half-off at Sizzler? The only reason I would have this poster is for something to laugh at when I’m feeling down. Having a bad day, whip out this poster and voila, instant cure. But seriously, whoever drew this either has no talent, is visually impaired, has never seen Nina, Paul and Ian or quite possibly playing some cruel prank. I’ll go with the latter. PayleyFest should have just stuck with some promo photos instead of this joke. I’ll tell you one thing, it definitely made my day.  Just by the sheer hilarity of it all. This one’s a keeper! I think I’ll be laughing at this for a while.

  • Joan Sandberg

    I think they plan to give away free sleepovers with Damon to boost sales :)


    Eeeks!!!!!! Worst poster EVER! How anyone make the best looking cast on TV look like that is beyond me! Dear lord, what were they thinking?

  • DianaPauline

    Maybe the artist intended the portraits to be caricatures?? If so, I guess they succeeded to some extent, but not very well.  Caricatures are not supposed to be true-to-life paintings and are not very flattering. They’re supposed to suggest who the person is by overemphasizing one or more features that the person is notable for – like Damon’s eyebrows, Elena’s huge eyes and full lower lip, and Stefan’s “extra broody’ expression.  But caricatures not withstanding, these drawings are just awful!  Poor Damon/Ian looks like he needs plastic surgery on his nose and mouth!  Seriously people, you made beautiful people look ugly!

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