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Posted by | December 6, 2012, 9:28 (MST) | 8 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

This week’s installment of TV Guide’s Vampire Diaries Bite focuses on the Tyler’s mission to take down Klaus and whether Caroline will support the means used to accomplish that end. Candice Accola chimes in on whether Caroline has Tyler’s back:

E!Online caught up with Julie Plec to talk Stefan, Damon, Elena and sire bond:

Is there any real hope for Damon and Elena as a legit couple?
The sire bond issue will force them each to dig deep into their feelings towards each other as they try to define and defend them. This could either make them stronger than ever or tear them apart.


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  • ihatepeople

    Of course Stefan is all happy about the sire bond issue because that way he doesn’t have to accept that Elena actually does love his brother.  How does he NOT understand why they grew so far apart?  That’s not the sire bond issue it’s that she doesn’t trust him, they kept secrets from each other, they didn’t talk about what happened while he was post Ripper, he didn’t do anything to make amends for the hurt he caused her, instead they swept everything under the rug and tried to pick up like nothing ever happened.  THAT is why they were so far apart not because of some stupid sire bond but because of a word called denial.  The only thing in her statement about Stefan that actually makes sense is that he’ll his own strength and redefine what he wants for himself. 
    Well at least Caroline doesn’t spill about the sire bond crap to Elena if she doesn’t find out until next week.
    “The sire bond issue will force them each to dig deep into their feelings towards each other as they try to define and defend them. This could either make them stronger than ever or tear them apart.”  Damon has been sure of his feelings for a long time.  Elena is the missing link in whether or not they break.  If she is stands firm in the belief that her feelings are real then they’ll make it because neither of them give up easily.  The question is whether or not she is strong enough finally to stand up to ridicule from her friends.  Now that she has accepted being a vampire she appears to be stronger in standing up to them.  However, knowing this show I can’t help but think that they’ll have her regress to being indecisive when the bond is broken or if she turns human again so they can drag this triangle out.  That’s the trouble with the sire bond introduction.  It isn’t that Damon’s fans think her feelings aren’t real it’s that we can’t help but wonder if this is being used as an escape clause.  I know what I’d like to believe but I’m going to need some proof from the writers that they mean business this time.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Personally I would just like to have some really good lengthy HOT SEXY bedroom scenes between Damon and Elena that does not include Caroline’s voice.

    As for the sire bond, it is just a small complication to overcome. The writers have to give the fans conflict.  Damon is the one that will question whether Elena’s love is real and Elena will be the one convincing him it is.  After all, she has loved him for a long time, but just didn’t want to come to terms with her feelings.  It will be a nice change to see Elena proving herself to Damon instead of the other way around and for that aspect alone, I thank the writers and the powers that be.  

  • Georgia_Peach

    I have a feeling the end result of Tyler’s mission against Klaus will result in the death of his mother, Carol Lockwood.  After all, Klaus will kill family members of those that betray him.  Katherine is a prime example of that.   I also think that Klaus will kill all the hybrids that broke their sire bond to him.   Tyler and Hayley will run for the hills together as all of this goes down, which will leave Caroline alone … with Klaus …… and with Stefan.  That could get interesting……

  • ihatepeople

    “The writers have to give the fans conflict.” I think all we’ve had is conflict. LOL.

    Yep, I think a lot of us are up for some lengthy hot sex scene W/O interuption. It’s really annoying to have to fast forward thru it because I sometimes miss parts and have to rewind. Ugh!

    As long as the goal is for her to prove her feelings for Damon, which is LONG overdue, that’s fine. If it’s to back track later that’s just not nice to do to Damon after all the emotional pain he has already endured in his life.

  • Kego

    aww…Stefan continues to evolve,but without Elena as handicap THAT`s what I´ve been waiting for so long :)
    Elena explores her feelings for Damon (with or without sire bond,whatever!) and Stefan explores himself,his inner demons and who he is if he doesn´t spin like a top around Elena every minute. This is SO important to him! I´m excited to see how the end result looks like. (–> Stefan´s promo pic with the two keys and “From honor comes salvation”)
    btw: I would love if they give him a little love interest,Stefan absolutely needs some physical activities… (and with that I don´t mean push ups in the woods!) :D

  • Shawna

    Interesting Elena doesn’t find out until next week…makes me worry Damon might get sneaky.

  • Jenay Carriere

    That’s what I’m concerned about as well as to the sire bond introduction.What’s the use in having her fight for Damon if she regresses which she has done before with Stefan last season.I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop which is sad because I cant be entirely happy about their time together.Which is due to the writers and last season after 3×19 and the choice which wasn’t really a choice.Argh I will not go there this time I will refrain from bioching about last season.

  • ihatepeople

    I completely agree. It is sad that our happiness has to come into question just like Damon’s does. Why does there have to be this lack of trust? Well they put it there and I really hate that feeling. I rewatched the ep tonight and I don’t know how Elena is supposed to prove to Damon her feelings are real because of the way the sire bond of described. They said feelings aren’t affected by the sire bond just actions. So basically anything Elena does is going to be questioned whether is a siring thing or her choice. That means she can’t even kiss him without him questioning if he influenced it. Any action she takes to try to prove her feelings will be misconstrued as him manipulating her. When Elena told Damon she has changed not all of it is from Damon telling her what to do. She’s changed because she is a vampire now. I so wish when Stefan said name one thing Damon told her to do that she hasn’t was get thru this “rough patch” with Stefan. Sorry that was her and Stefan deciding that one. I know JP said this is a “tiny” obstacle but it seems pretty huge to me.

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