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Posted by | January 29, 2013, 7:02 (MST) | 15 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Arielle Kebbel is back with another TVD Rehash, this time for Catch Me If You Can (EP411). Enjoy!

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  • Shellie’s on Team Elijah

    Can we all take a moment and appreciate this new Stefan? I love this version of him. Please let him stick around. Forget about Elena. Damon can have her for all I care! (This coming from an (ex?) Stelena fan). Stefan has been bound down by her long enough. Anyone who has enough love for someone else to question their love for you didn’t love you in the first place. 

  • Johaina

    ‘You don’t stand a ghost of a chance’?? 
    Sara Canning??!! Yes please!
    I will miss you though, can’t wait for you to come back
    I miss Jenna so much :'(

    I love seeing Claire and Paul working together, but I hate stebekah… I love that they are teaming up, but don’t like the hooking up! :p
    Just have wait for Stefan and Elena to get back…
    idk if I want Elena back with Stefan, just for Stefans happiness. Don’t really like Elena since S3, she became weak… :$ Everyone is taking care of her…

  • Shellie’s on Team Elijah

     It’s like you dipped inside my head to write this. The moment Arielle said “ghost of a chance” Sara Canning came to mind.

    I like Stefan & Rebekah better as friends but I do NOT want Stefan back with Elena at least while she is being this new Elena (and I do not mean vampire Elena) but she was so much better in season 1.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I love these little rehash videos and Arielle is a complete doll.  It is going to be hard to replace her, but my vote will be for Malese Jow to come on board the rehash next, at least until Arielle comes back.

  • dman_24

    It’s too bad Arielle is leaving; I’m gonna miss her. She does such a good job on these rehashes. I wonder who the next person will be? If it’s Sara Canning or Malese Jow, that would be tremendous. Then again, it could be another “ghost” no has considered yet — Alaric! Okay, I’m joking. lol I mean Vickie! We haven’t seen Kayla Ewell in a while, so it would definitely be a treat for her to take over for Arielle. I really hope it’s her, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  • shila1307

    ROFL! Alaric would be great wouldn’t it…but seriously Sara Canning would be heaven, I miss Aunt Jenna.

  • shila1307

    Such a sweet woman,I think these little videos are fun, a pity she won’t be doing them anymore.

  • dman_24

    I certainly wouldn’t mind Sara either; I always liked her (talk about someone that was criminally underused on the show. RIP Aunt Jenna). But I don’t think it’ll be her, it would most likely be Kayla or Malese; the rehashes seem like something they would be interested in.

    How about this: Could you imagine Elijah doing rehashes? That would be hilarious! I don’t you could stop me from laughing if that was to happen. lol

  • Damonrocks

    I’m with you…Kayla or Malese actually played ghosts on the show….Sara did not. So my vote is one of them. Alaric is a good choice, because he did come back as a ghost, but he’s shooting a new show right now. Doubt he would have time. 

  • Bethany

    i didnt realize it was possible until last episode but stefan really has gotten 10x hotter. no scratch that, 1000000x hotter. i loved stelena right up until mid season 3. now i either want stefan and rebekah or even better, stefan and caroline. elena doesnt deserve stefan.

  • shila1307

    You’re killing me with the comment about Elijah LOL! If he did it and would begin like “Hi I’m Elijah, I’m an Original, show some respect and don’t put any trash comments under my video and don’t bicker around or I’ll disappear into oblivion again” Then he would do a beautiful and impressive hairflip…hahaha
    R.I.P. Jenna. What do you think of Mason? It doesn’t always have to be a woman who does it, right?

  • dman_24

    You’re right, it doesn’t always have to be a woman, but guys aren’t really into stuff like that, so that’s why I think it’ll be a woman.

    If it was Elijah, he’ll probably do it in front of a roaring fire place, while drinking a cup of tea with classical music playing in the background. And he’ll probably scold people for their terrible spelling and awful command of the English language. Ha!

    Elijah:Ugh! These kids nowadays with their LOLs and their OMGs; I tire of it all! What happened to a good book and a fine glass of Pinot noir? Alas, I do miss the olden days.

  • shila1307

    HAhaha! Exactly! Elijah is way too sophisticated :D

  • Logic

    New host will be Alaric?? Thats what i’m hoping for! 

  • wednesday75

    Why is Arielle leaving? I love her. She’s going to be hard to replace.

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