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Posted by | May 16, 2014, 14:32 (MST) | 181 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

TVD Season 5 Finale Post-Mortems + Michael Malarkey Promoted to Season 6 RegularThere’s a lot to parse from last night’s Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale, but before we get to the handful of Julie Plec’s teases for Season 6, some excellent news: According to Julie, via Entertainment Weekly, Michael Malarkey has been promoted to series regular for Season 6. Enzo will be back. Huzzah!

And here’s a spoiler-filled post-mortem roundup courtesy of Julie, who clears up some foggy moments from last night’s finale and hints at what we can expect when The Vampire Diaries returns in Fall 2014:

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  • CrimmyJ

    YES!! needing MEN on this show. Which is why I lady-fainted when they decided to bring my favorite back. Step aside kiddies…Ric is taking over.


    Ric was always a personal favorite of mine as well. He was the only one who could tell Damon like it was and Damon would re-think whatever it was he was planning to do. Damon/Ric- the most unlikely friends ever…but even now, still looking out for each other:)

  • vanna

    I think that Damon is coming back and that Elena will do what ever it takes to get him back .we are so over with triangle- they show us in this last episode that D and E are real thing…so The story is not going to be about Se or De but about finding damon in S6 -*I think that Stefan def should be with caroline and let Damon and Elena be 2gether forever- i would like to see how is she going to fight for him to bring him back… cant wait S6

  • soulful_singer514

    I don’t mind the spoilers…tbh, I never really got into the books…the writing style was different than what I typically enjoy. But I like what you said! I think it would make an amazing season to have Bonnie and Damon exploring the underworld and finding their way back to everyone. :-)

    Can’t wait for Season 6!

  • soulful_singer514

    The only thing that I disagree with is the addiction. Human addicts don’t need drugs to survive, however blood is a vampire’s only source of survival and human blood is what makes them strong.

    I think he does need to learn to use it in moderation…the same way humans, who need food to survive, should also practice moderation.

    I think Stefan has long held himself responsible for his brother’s vampirism, and rightly so. With Damon “gone,” and all hope of him returning gone with it, I think it will be interesting to see how Stefan grows as a character….to see what behaviors he develops as a tribute to his brother….I think the first half of the season will allow us to see the characters completely differently…they’ve been through many other deaths….but they will believe that this one is final…and that will make all the difference!

    I can’t wait for the Fall….as much as I despise winter, it’s when my favorite vamps return to me. I will miss them like crazy!

  • soulful_singer514

    And please don’t mistake my above comment as something against people with addictions. I think we’ve all been touched in some way by someone with an addiction. I’m not indifferent to their struggle.

  • Nicole Hardy via Facebook

    I’m glad he’s coming back he’s hot but for the love of god bring back Damon

  • Vampire Therapy via Facebook
  • Vampire Therapy via Facebook
  • Vampire Therapy via Facebook
  • Danny Newman

    call me 2074580334

  • Lulu

    Remember that Ric is “an industrial strength” vampire, which means he can’t just be killed easily, like Elijah or Rebecca are durable-but not quite as durable as Klaus, of course. So, like the original “Originals,” it would be a plus to have a guy like that around who can “take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ “- at least to a certain point, anyway.

  • Debbie

    I 100% agree Stefan has nothing to feel guilt about-and I’m the first to say he too finds peace and happiness. Doesn’t mean he won’t feel guilt, it’s in his nature. I only hope he gets through it ok.

  • Petra

    I think it’s is much more dificult for Stefan than for human adicted to heroine. Once upon a time Paul explained it very well – vampires need blood same as people need water. Can you imagine water is your drug? So for Stefan moderation is the only solution for his adiction. Animal blood is not solution, we could see several times when he is not used to human blood he repeatedly fall of wagon. I think it was nicely shown in season 3 when Damone forced him to berak his diet….. and beacause of it he was able to safe Meredith’s life, not atac her in blood frenzy.
    So what’s my point? People can avoid their drug, Stefan can’t…. and for that his ability to moderat his adiction is unbelievably adorable….

  • Petra

    Germantvdfan, Vamplover1973, it is like the breath of the fresh air to read your comments here!!! I’m with you!! Not in all your opinion but basicaly what I adore the most about TVD is family and frienship…… romantical relationships is not what I focus the most. That’s why Salvatore brothers are the core and heart of the show for me. But I would like to say something also about Elena…. We saw her to change and grow up really a lot through the series and I think this growing is not finished. Not only Salvatore brothers learned a lot during 3 years with her, the same goes for her….. and I think we will see in next season(s) another changes in here atitude and opinion – e.g. change in her relationship with Damon and her ability to acept ALL of him.
    The same I expect for brothers. It’s not the mistake or coincidence we didn’t see “epic good bye” between Salvatore Brothers in season finale!! There is unfinished bussiness between them, mainly from Stefan’s side, because we had Damon’s confesion of love this season towards his Brother but we are missing the same from Stefan…. and S6 and Damon gone (for while) is perfect oportunity for Stefan to sort his feelings and atitude towards his Brother and finaly to admit he changes them and he not only loves his Brother, he also apreciates him and accepts him….
    For me it would be the perfect happy-end – both brothers confes not only their love for each other, but also apretiation and acceptation….. never mind which one of them is with Elena at that point :-DD

  • Lulu

    Possible spoilers. for some, ahead.

    I was really feeling the disappointment of Damon possibly being “dead.” I am feeling better now that he will at least still be in season six, even though we don’t know in form that will be in yet. I have never read the books, but I have read the synopsis of them to help me understand the whole idea of the show to start with-and it does seem that they might be borrowing at least a bit of those storylines. I know that Damon “died” in the book, and Elena kept dreaming about him and realized that, somehow, he really wasn’t “dead.” So, I wonder if they will have her “dream” about him in the show, and insist that he’s still “out there” somewhere. I was glad that JP did confirm that both Damon and Bonnie escaped the demise of The Other Side-though she obviously isn’t saying just where where they escaped to yet.

    I also love Alaric. Without Damon, I wasn’t sure whether or not I would have really wanted to actually watch the show next year, but with Alaric returning that made it even more difficult to not tune in. Now at least Damon will still be there in some way-and hopefully will be restored. I had hoped that they would not kill off Damon, and now they seem to be saying that from this point forward that anybody that “dies” will not be returning-but he and Bonnie must be in some kind of Limbo that they will, I assume, shed more light on next season. So, perhaps Damon-and Bonnie-will be the last resurrected characters for the show.

  • Victoria Obodozie via Facebook

    Me think bonnie & Damon re going 2 hook up;)

  • Demetra Christakos

    I guess in the absence of Damon to act out / set things both positive and negative in motion for the first few shows anyway, Enzo will be the element of chaos, unpredictability and snark. Not a replacement for Damon more like a place holder at a televised awards show. I think he could remain centred around Whitmore, I don’t really get why he’d be too concerned about Mystic Falls.

  • Demetra Christakos

    Elenzo? That’s disgusting! ;) As is Elaric! Altho Matt Davis was campaigning a bit for Elena and Ric a few years ago. Nice to know via Lexi and Alaric by the way that you could still get your hair done on the OS.

  • Demetra Christakos

    Might be an alternate scene on the DVD.

  • Demetra Christakos

    Fire poker.

  • CrimmyJ

    I will hang on to that hope! Thanks, Demetra

  • CrimmyJ

    Thank you for clarifying, because I have been married to (and have two children with…) an addict so it is something tremendously personal to me as I have been through “war” with an addiction. It’s not pretty, or easy, and often oversimplified. Because of that I am overly sensitive when the subject is broached as too many people are both judgmental and/or glib about it.

  • Somia Khan via Facebook
  • Canderella

    hi rehabber, good to read you’re ok :)) wondered about you for a while…

  • Canderella

    *wow*… finally my favorite people are posting again – must be season finale ^^

  • Canderella

    …so sad I won’t see him this year, they cancelled the Bloody Diaries in German because Ian didn’t agree for a 3rd time :( … almost got used to see him live on stage. even got a high five from him last time ^^

  • Canderella

    Georgia_Peach, exactly my thoughts! I miss their superior, the predator, the speed in thinking and moving. why did they have to strip this away??!?! I want Damon to be powerful and superoir, not weak … that’s the only good thing I can say about the books: Damon was dark, sinister, caring. But only weak when he was human. But even then determined to get his strength back, no matter what. I miss that from the show.

  • rehabber

    Yeah, mostly posting on spoilerTV/supernatural, but have even cut back on that, all they do it fight. It is a TV show, not real. lol

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