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Posted by | November 11, 2013, 18:51 (EST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The TV Addict has a slew of brief, red carpet chats with Vampire Diaries cast, writers, and guest stars (and bonus Kevin Williamson appearance!) at Saturday night’s TVD100 Celebration event in Atlanta.

Ian Somerhalder:

Nina Dobrev:

Paul Wesley:

Kat Graham:

Michael Trevino:

Steven R. McQueen:

Candice Accola:

Zach Roerig:

Matt Davis:

Sara Canning:

Nathaniel Buzolic:

Olga Fonda:

Malese Jow:

Marguerite MacIntyre:

Julie Plec:

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  • dman_24

    I loved these interviews! It’s was great seeing all the cast members and also the former actors that were on the show. It was nice hearing from all of them.

    Even though I’m disappointed with the current storyline, and for some time — the direction of the show, I’m still a big fan of it and I’m glad it’s still around. Despite everything it’s still a good show, and I just want to congratulate everyone involved for giving us this tremendous show, and for making it to their 100th episode. It has been an “experience” TVD. That’s for sure. :)

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  • 121194

    Well, the conclusion is that we need Alaric back! If not, I say like Zach, give him his own spinoff please.

  • dman_24

    Hey, that’s not a bad idea! Maybe Alaric can travel the country fighting vampires (bad ones obviously). If it’s done right, this concept might actually work; His other show (Cult) was ambitious and original, but was too confusing (and dare I say it: A tad (trying to be nice here) boring!) to gain any real traction, hence the cancellation after mere weeks. I know Alaric was a great character, but obviously his show wan’t able to take advantage of that. A show of hands who actually watched the show? Anyone?

  • shoe20

    Half a hand. lol Watched 3 of the “Cult” series hoping it would get better and ……. The interviews at the 100th are all hinting at an Aleric reunion. But Lexie is back in Atlanta too….so who knows which way they’ll go? Usually opposite of what’s teased as we well know. lol =)

  • T. Vernay

    How how did I miss this?! This was awesome. It’s weird. There are few shows I follow in detail like TVD. So it was great to share in on their celebration with these clips. Everyone seemed genuinely happy. I was a huge Aunt Jennie fan. I went on an all and all campaign to bring her back long ago lol. So I would be ecstatic if she returned. I was equally shocked and angry about her death. I think we all miss Alaric. I loved he and Aunt Jenna. However after he went original it was time for him to go. #Missthegoodoledays

  • Silvia

    Where is Arielle Kebbel? Lexxxxxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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