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Posted by | November 3, 2011, 9:33 (MST) | 8 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XX It’s almost flashback time again, and Claire Holt is giving tantalizing hints about what might be coming up on Ordinary People tonight. There’s a lot more than fancy hair going on in this episode, according to an interview with TVLine, we’re going to be learning quite a bit.

“You get to see how [Rebekah] interacts with her family and what it was like back then,” continues Holt, who says the episode sheds light on “how her relationship with her brothers and how her relationship with Klaus developed. [You'll see] why they became so close and why they are so loyal to each other.”

AOL TV was able to get some exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from tonight’s episode. Here’s a little taste, head over to AOL TV to see the rest!



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  • Anonymous

    Rebekah, is still not one of my favorite but Claire Holt is soooooo freakin beautiful, I can’t handle it.  This show does not know what average lookin means. 

  • Anonymous

    They are all beautiful :)
    I wanted to ask you sth all along. Please enlighten me why do you hate Elena so passionately? Just being curious.
    I am not very fond of her since the last half of season 2 and esp this season.

  • Anonymous

    I never brought that fact Elena is so sweet and innocent.  I think she is Katherine x 10.  But at least Katherine is honest.  Elena knows how much power she has over both Stefan and Damon.  She is going to destroy the relationship between those two men because she needs the attention.

  • Anonymous

    … as Damon said to Elena at the beginning of season two when she used him to get information and then told him that their friendship was gone forever (I hated that scene) : You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your good looks.

    But we should cut her slack, she is in a difficult position and there isn´t any female rolemodel she could ask for help. In my opinion she realises more and more that she is in love with Damon too and that it´s not only physical attraction but her moral consciousness tells her that she can´t give up on Stefan.
    The only clean solution would be to not be with either of the brothers. (But where is the fun with that?)

  • Anonymous

    I think that the overall theme of TVD is the love between those two brothers, they love each other. In ep Smells like Teen Spirit I was starting to like her again, but last episode she got on my nerves. I can’t stand the moping look on her face: Kat on other hand she’s got spunk. Anyway I was LMAO today mrning when I read your comment, that if Klaus falls for Elena too that it would send you over the edge…:)

  • Anonymous

    You and I, will never see eye to eye on Elena.  I really hate her.  I try not to even mention her in my post. 

  • Anonymous

    However, do hope that my feelings about Elena will not effect our friendship.

  • Anonymous

    …not in a million years… and I hope that TVD will last till season 40 ;)

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