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Posted by | January 22, 2014, 16:09 (EST) | 44 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s two new webclips from tomorrow night’s 100th episode, 500 Years of Solitude (EP511). Katherine has priorities and Caroline laments her lack of scandalous sex. Enjoy!

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  • InewtoTVD

    Could it be; Kat’s in Elena and they’re with Stefan (no one saw that as a possibility. lol), Bonnie w/ Jer, Caroline w/Klaus (shocker! not.. lol), Damon killer crazy w/ Enzo, Matt w/Nadia, Tyler is trying to figure out wth, Dr. Evil trying to kill everybody, and Aaron is apologizing to the world……… I am refusing to even consider what another article theorizes as the “Big” shocker of this 100th episode. Damon hooking up with Caroline! ? No. Just No bleeping way! Not Caroline. No… My stomach couldn’t handle it. Not even for a fling. No way…. Maybe her mother the sheriff who is totally awesome. But an epic No to Caroline! I mean seriously.. Poor Damon doesn’t deserve to be tortured like that.

  • Justsayin’

    No. We must not go there. Not even for a visit.

  • InewtoTVD

    I agree 100%. Caroline? *turns head to barf* ;)

  • Debbie

    I read that too, and I doubt it…they have zero interest in eachother (ex 5.02) and after what happened in season 1 it wouldn’t make sense. fans would be Too pissed, and this is supposed to be episode fans would love. The big shock is anyone’s guess, but my guess is had something solely to do with the happy trio. Something in the flashbacks? Whatever it is, it obviously sets off Damon…

  • Andrew55

    Well it is Caroline being Caroline and Stefan being Stefan. Can’t wait for this episode. I think it’s important to appreciate this milestone. Not many shows make it to 100 episodes and I, for one, am proud of TVD….both cast and crew. This show has brought me happiness, sadness, anger, and excitement. But most of all it has brought me joy and something to look forward to every week. I’m glad to be a part of this fandom and to be able to discuss the show with so many wonderful people. :)

  • T. Vernay

    Yes, it will most likely be the trio. N.D mentioned in a recent article that it is some sort of challenge they find themselves facing. Probably wont be a shocker too us. We usually figure these things out in advance. lol

  • T. Vernay

    Same here. Awesome show. Brilliant fan base. Caroline is hilarious. Love her! She needn’t worry. She will have her fair share of scandal soon enough.
    Happy 100th TVD!!!

  • Debbie

    I have to say-this site has some pretty amazing fans with pretty spot on theories…let’s just say Most of the shocks aren’t really that shocking when you’re a regular on here. But this episode I’m pretty sure will have some shock that no one theorized, similar to the shockers on each of the season finales. just not sure if we’re going to like it…ESP not me As a long-time delena fan!

  • Cheryl12

    The wording I saw implied that it is a “twist” and seemed to be contained w/in a flashback either near the very end or perhaps in last scene of this ep. Also betting it has to do w/ the trio & will rewrite something we’ve been led to believe …

  • Gwen

    Yes Caroline…you are the only person on the planet not having scandalous sex because you are a BLABBERMOUTH!

    Jer. looked like he was about to stick a sock in her mouth. She is not going to have many friends left if she keeps this up.

    Enter Klaus….could be interesting.

  • lynne

    Happy 100th TVD.
    I Agree with you and Andrew.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow nights episode.
    Kat still has her sense of humor,and Stefan is being wonderfully supportive.

  • InewtoTVD

    I loved Bonnie! Kat G. really played that well. You could hear what Bonnie was thinking. Lol.. Bonnie really has been looking like she’s had just about all she can take from Car. Vamp or no vamp, Caroline might want to take a couple steps back and start walking softer around our little anchor Diva.

  • Gwen

    You are so right…Bonnie played that so very well…and her and Jer. could not get out of there fast enough…

    And Caroline was completely oblivious…so wrapped up in herself.

    I know the writers are showing this side of Caroline for a reason but I hope they get over this soon…her character is sooooo much better than this….

    I believe she will start feeling really sorry for herself and turn to Klaus…and she will try and justify to herself because she felt so lonely and if Stefan (her hero) can be outrageous…why can’t she

    Onto another topic & theory…Noticed a promo where it looks like Damon is snapping Matt’s neck…What if Enzo makes Damon prove his loyalty by asking him to kill either Matt or Jer? Enzo sees Damon in the bar drinking and being friendly with these humans so…just to be a jerk he asks Damon to kill one of them or he will…so Damon picks Matt knowing he is wearing the Gilbert ring and will be safe…also ensuring Jer’s safety…talk about “The Devil” being on Damon’s shoulder…poor guy.

    What do you think possible scenario?

  • T. Vernay

    You’re probably right. Ohhh now I am very intrigued! What could it be?

    Here are some theories I’ve heard around the site:

    *possible spoilers

    -Katherine will travel into Elena…possible Stelena sex
    -Damon will be responsible for Elena’s parents death
    -Stefan will leave MF after Katherine’s death.
    -Bonnie will turn Damon human again
    -Elena will get cure from Katherine’s body
    -Grayson is still alive causing wedge between DE
    -There is a third mysterious Salvatore brother.

    What is something so shocking we’d never think of?
    Elena is really a man? Elena dies and becomes the new anchor?

    To be honest I can’t imagine anything challenging that these three haven’t already faced.

    The only shock this fanbase didnt call was Silas as Stefan. And that was bc that was such a bizarre situation lol. I can’t think of anything else.

  • T. Vernay

    Oh no. No retcons please. :’(

  • T. Vernay

    They all need to lighten up a bit. You tell your besties when you lose your virginity. Caroline seems so immature because she’s the only character written as a realistic teen. Her and April maybe. Smh

  • Cheryl12

    Nah, no retcons: a twist :-| There are numerous bits of information that have simply been established in the narrative yet which have either: 1) never been mentioned again; or 2) remain unconnected/linked to to other info. even when the connections are obvious. Not to mention the number of events which were merely described but never seen, leaving many viewers to their own interpretations and/or to take everything which was said at face value.

  • KO

    Yes Justsayin’!! I 100% agree to the bone!! Do not even have a look in your mind, not even a glimpse of that place. It is just wrong, wrong, and wrong. N…O…JUST NO.

  • Cheryl12

    Yes, I think we’re running out of challenges per se to throw at the trio.

    I’ve now seen 2 different spoiler reports claiming that it is indeed the final scene which presents the twist. Frankly at this point a potential body jump has been the subject of wide speculation w/in the fandom and would shock no one who’s been paying attention.
    OK – there was [is?] a 3rd mysterious Salvatore half-brother, so mysterious that we don’t even know his name, but it was likely some variation of -Zach-. He was conceived during the Civil War, and it is his son who was killed in “1912.” Joseph (who was seen in “The Cell”) was his direct descendant. But somehow I don’t see that as the shocker in this case.

    Showrunners are already on record that Elena’s parents died in a tragic accident w/o supernatural causation.

    IMO the most likely scenario would play out like this: take something/any given set of facts [probably centered in the ~distant past and/or which started before the show began]. [Most] viewers would deem whatever it is to be factual, as there is a seeming consistency within the existing narrative/SL. However, the twist will show that there was always more to that story than anyone knew, and the underlying truth may run counter to all those assumptions: the guilty aren’t so guilty after all and the supposed innocents, etc. …

  • Debbie

    We’re thinking the same way…flashback episodes are there for that reason only, to give viewers another way of looking at a current storyline. Spoilers have made it seem like all the flashbacks will be about kat, which they will, but they will also tie Into the Salvatore’s, maybe even Gilbert’s in a big way. Nina just said it will leave all 3 confused…I can’t figure it out?!

  • Debbie

    Hey Gwen, I think you are onto something…Damon is not someone that’s intimadated by anyone-not klaus, not Silas, certainly not enzo. Damon’s guilt towards Enzo won’t lead him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. The only way he would break matts neck, take that risk, is if Damon really does go crazy, or if he’s trying to stop Enzo from doing something worse. But I don’t think it’ll end up being Matt that’s neck was broken-I think the revenge scheme will have to do with someone connected with whitmore (something mutually revengeful)..Wes, Aaron, another whitmore we haven’t met yet? Bringing in Enzo leads me to believe we have seen the last of the Augustine storyline. I think they will finally try to put an end to Augustine-i think there intentions will be good, but I scared of their tactics.

  • Debbie

    Tvd is good at twists, but as t. Vernay says, the only true shock since s3 was Silas//Stefan, and really who cares if Stefan has a doppel. What did it really do for season 5 other than give Paul an interesting job for a few episodes. My point is, although I really hope you’re right, my fear is that we’re wrong. This shock at the end might be that-just shock but doesn’t really enrich the present or characters in any way. I hope we’re not left saying-well, now we see these people in a new light, but who cares? Tvd used to be able to bring in shock that would also make us feel differently about the character, and would change storylines for the better (Katherine kissing Damon at the end of s1, no sun-an-moon curse, Stefan becoming ripper again, Elena’s, death). Can tvd do it again?

  • Debbie

    Like I said to Cheryl below, I have to agree with you. Has tvd lost the ability to completely shock us? You’ve given lots of good theories, not that any of these would be completely shocking. It’s possible something else will happen that no one suspects (prob in flashback) but then will it be another Stefan has a doppel, which was surprising at the time but never really mattered much to the storyline in s5? Or can they come up with something that will enrich the current storylines? Spoilers are leading us to believe that this shock will make a big change to s5, my question is, will it change for the better?

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  • Anne

    You tell them if you want to. It’s not obligatory.

  • lynne

    You are so funny. :)
    I can visualize you waiving your hands in front of your face, going, naah, no way, get-out-of my-face, your full of it,, kind of thing., concerning Caroline.. lolol

  • lynne

    We can not always write there lines for them. We must give the writers a say,, once in a while.:)

  • T. Vernay

    ..but expected. I know Caroline can be a brat at times but I really think the bulk of the fan base has unrealistic expectations of this character.

  • Cheryl12

    Since we know an 1860s flashback was shot w/ Stefan, if we don’t see that scene fairly early on in the ep., then I am expecting that to be either the final scene or to be placed right before the final scene. I am still interested in finding out how Kat actually located Stefan & why she targeted both brothers, etc.

  • T. Vernay

    I want it to be for the better. I think Kat transferring into Elena is the most plausible. If not I think it has something to do with one or both those characters. Nina has been the most vocal about the shocker. Only a few hours before we find out! *happy*

  • T. Vernay

    Wow that would be awesome as long as it brings us to a higher awareness. So exciting! Only a few hours now!!! :)

  • T. Vernay

    Lynne almost here. So excited hope your doggie is ready too :)

  • Cheryl12

    Indeed! And, since this ep. will be basically about Kat [and serve as her swan song at least in some ways], revelations may provide new information re: Kat and/or some previously unknown actions that she took.

  • lynne

    hahaha, Yeah, he’s fine, thanks. He Hates it when I cry. Such a woos. :)
    I don’t know if you have seen Leelala’s post of the Caroline-Klaus clip? Check it out, I think you will like it, nay, love it!! I have a bottle chilling, ready to go. I have not posted on a TVD night before. I usually wait until Friday, so I can read everyone’s post’s and get there takes on what happened in the show. Not tonight. 100th episode, Kat Dying, Karoline-Klaus, and a Twist?

    Too poetic to pass up.

    Clock – 1:00 p.m and counting.:)

  • T. Vernay

    He loves you very much. He’s protective. Our furry family members are especially sensitive to our emotions.
    I will look for Leelala’s post.

    Yes I am ready too, honey. This is gonna be a smoking episode, I am sure! :)

  • lynne

    post me after you check it out. then pop over to T.O. site and read what Nobody and I are posting. LMAO

  • T. Vernay

    Couldn’t find it. What post is it under? I’ll be back over to TO in a second hahaha. It’s like a part time job trying to keep up with both of these shows. I love it! :0)

  • lynne

    Hang on

  • InewtoTVD


  • T. Vernay

    Yay I was right for once. lol

  • T. Vernay

    Did they do a good job with the twist in your opinion? While I speculated that it would be the transfer, I still wasn’t sure. I think they handled it well.
    Once again
    +828 for speculations guessed right
    +1 for TVD pulling over a shocker on us


  • Debbie

    Perfect! Like you said, the inability to shock us, but it has some potential to be a good storyline, if doesn’t last for more than a couple of episodes, then it might get a bit stale. And, If Damon doesn’t figure it out soon, he might go so crazy they’ll be no getting Elena back…scared what he might do.

  • InewtoTVD

    Hey Gwen. So sorry I missed this post from you. As always I enjoy your theories and comments. And I usually agree with most every thing you say too ;) I had several to get back with and believe it or not I really don’t stay on here All the time. lol I got confused on who I had replied to and who I hadn’t…… I do believe Enzo is going to take full advantage of Damon. And now that Kat has taken over Elena’s body, Damon will probably do just about anything Enzo wants. Looks like our guy Damon is going on one heck of a emotional ride. Not good. Not good at all. :(

  • Gwen

    Hey….no worries…Thanks for replying. The 100th episode has reached over 700 responses…which is great but hard to get through.

    Yes, Damon is going to have a few really bad days…I just hope they don’t send him off with Enzo on a revenge tour like they did with Klaus / Stefan.

    During the 100th episode, when the brothers were having a heart-to-heart Damon once again with very deep emotion that he cannot live without Elena (I hope they dig deeper into this emotion)…even though he will be re-living the deepest darkest parts of himself, I believe all the good he has experienced since he’s returned to MF will out-weigh all the bad.

    I think Damon will realize he not only has Elena and his brother in his life but like it or not he has found family in Liz, Jer., Matt, Bonnie and I believe even Caroline (even Alaric…if they would bring him back)

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