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Posted by | March 18, 2012, 15:53 (MST) | 186 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: 1912 (EP316) - Brother BondingThe Vampire Diaries has returned with a sepia trip back through time. It’s actually a double dose of nostalgia: for the brothers Salvatore, a reminiscence of Mystic Falls in 1912, and for us viewers at home, many call backs to past episodes — crow in a cemetery and all.

In a town where history is always repeating, Damon’s plan to reopen a century-old unsolved murder is a solid one — and, with some unpredictable twists thrown in (in true TVD style) — it leads the brothers to the answer, while Elena and Alaric simultaneously learn he’s the Mystic Falls Murderer. The Gilbert ring is not just a force for good, protecting its wearer from death from a supernatural being, but an agent of darkness — somehow causing Alaric (and Samantha Gilbert, a hundred years before him) to become a murderer without consciously knowing it. Just as there was a price when Bonnie resurrected Jeremy last season, it seems that this magic demands a cost for resurrection too. Certainly seems like there’s more to learn here, but the long and the short of it? Meredith ain’t a psycho case.

Okay, maybe a little. Why did she clear Alaric from suspicion, knowing he was the killer? Does she care so deeply about him in such a short amount of time that she’d risk innocent lives to protect him? If that’s her motivation, than her conversation with Elena in the parking lot — which was awesome — can be read a little differently than it seemed at the time. She questions Elena’s ability to judge character based on the fact that the girl dates vampires — vampires who have killed in the (not-so-distant) past. But is Meredith thinking any more rationally than Elena? Despite their clash, it seems as though Meredith and Elena may have a fair amount in common, in particular belief in that oft-heard refrain on The Vampire Diaries: protect the ones you love.

And that’s just what Damon is doing by steering his brother onto the Road to Recovery. Damon has been keeping a close eye on his little brother and doesn’t need to hear that incessant tapping of Stefan’s ring to know that the former ripper is about to freak the frak out. It’s interesting that Stefan made the cold turkey choice: has he not learned from his past mistakes? Or from his successful human-blood-in-moderation lifestyle from last season? Estranged as they both are from Elena, it’s up to Damon to help Stefan from repeating the same mistake — winding himself up so tightly that when he loses it, he loses it — helping his brother now though Damon chose not to when they were in this same predicament a century ago. Though Damon sasses Elena (hilariously telling her that he’s mean, she hates him, and the earth is back on its axis), he’s actually grasping for moderation just as he hopes his brother will. Instead of being the vampire who waited, “spoken for” and alone for 50 years before re-discovering pleasure (albeit of an inhumane monstrous kind), or being the vampire devoted to Elena putting himself at the mercy of her affection, Damon is choosing to step up and help his brother — the one person he is bound to eternity, for better or worse. It’s great to see them together, snarking and teasing each other but at each other’s side. Team Salvatore forever.

What I never really thought about before Sage walked into the picture is how open to suggestion the Salvatores are. We see Damon in 1912 and learn that he has spent his vampire-lifetime feeding to sate his hunger only; Sage gives him a little pep talk, and boom — he’s a lothario. As with 1912 Stefan: it takes very little for Damon to convince him to have a drink of human blood after Lexi’s (probable) decades of convincing him to respect human life. One thing that did not sit well with me about this whole sequence of events, in both 1912 and present day: while a vampire basking in the pleasure of their power — Sage saying women are not just for food but for pleasure, that if a target won’t give in to seduction, then take what you want anyway — is fine for creating a creepy bad vampire character like Sage, it seems unrealistic and borderline offensive for the women in the episode to behave as if what Sage says is true. That women are all secretly burning with desire, waiting to be forcibly unbuttoned by random strangers. In present day, the woman Damon pounces on in the alley responds to him — a stranger getting all up in her personal space at night in a secluded place — as if she is so flattered that this handsome weirdo calls her pretty. And that’s before he compels her. Really? Are the women of Mystic Falls so desperate for male attention?

With so many TVD characters off hither and thither — five main cast members were AWOL this episode — aside from the brother bonding, we were left with a lot of room for quality Elena-Matt time. The scene at the Gilberts, home after they stumbled upon bloody-mouthed Stefan and Damon up to no good in the alley, was pitch perfect, in my opinion. Matt finally asks the question that so many of us have wondered over the last few seasons: what is her thing with the Salvatores? And beautifully, this moment too circles back to the pilot episode: her loss and grief has changed her, and made her accept certain dark realities, and fall in love with vampires. Elena knows her feelings for Stefan and Damon don’t make much sense, and in a strange way her estimation of Alaric mirrors it. Earlier in the episode, she tells Matt that she knows Alaric, knows that he’s innocent. But she’s wrong: he’s guilty. Just as with Stefan and Damon, there is goodness and humanity there, a side that is completely loveable, but there is a dark side. A side that could lose all sense of humanity and rip a woman’s head off or stab a council member or take away a person’s will in order to use them. For everyone in Mystic Falls, moderation is elusive, and the best way to stay this side of crazy is agreeing to take care of each other.

Compelling Moment: “You’re insane.” “No, but I think you are.” Meredith, for the win.

The Rules: We don’t know the hows and whys just yet, but the magic Gilbert ring has a dark side, giving its wearer a second homicidal maniac personality.

Foggy moments:

  • So… Giuseppe Salvatore knocked up a maid, who had a bastard son, but then Giuseppe died rather suddenly in 1864 after killing Damon and Stefan: who decided to give that bastard son the family name and inheritance? Did Giuseppe have a clause in his will, in case my acknowledged sons become vampire sympathizers..? Seems an odd turn of events for 1864, and even odder that there were no other living Salvatores to protest this.
  • Damon’s comment that Meredith isn’t the killer because she’s a woman makes no sense. She’s been his #1 suspect (which is why he calls her psycho), she took him down easily with the surprise vervain attack, and women murder grown men all the time.
  • Why did Meredith tell Elena all that stuff about Alaric’s violent, stalkery past if her end goal was clearing his name because she believes it’s his magic ring that’s making him a secret killer? Why didn’t she confide in Elena to team up with her, or at least to stop Elena from meddling in the situation, as Meredith could easily guess Elena would?
  • Sheriff Forbes says she’ll release Alaric after verifying that the coroner’s letter is authentic. Later, Meredith tells Alaric that she forged the letter. Couldn’t Liz just call the coroner and ask about the veracity of the letter? How else did she authenticate it?


Thoughts & questions before Break On Through (EP317):

  • Is there some part of Alaric that is choosing his victims or does the magic ring somehow target council members?
  • What made Samantha Gilbert stop her killing streak? Or did she stop? Seems like the councilmen killings didn’t continue unabated for an entire decade between her 1912 murders and her confession that landed her in an insane asylum. Did she remove her ring? Get some witchy assistance?
  • Will Alaric ditch the ring? Will Elena bring Jeremy home or just tell him to take off his ring?
  • What’s Klaus up to? When will Stefan or Damon clue into the weirdness of Rebekah asking 1,000 questions about old trees in Mystic Falls?


What did you think of 1912? Sound off below with your likes/dislikes, theories, and predictions.

Crissy Calhoun is the author of Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries and Love You to Death — Season 2. When not obsessively re-watching CW shows, she works as managing editor at ECW Press in Toronto. She blogs at and tweets @crissycalhoun.

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  • mary.m155

    I dont feel young! The 2 kids and all…they age u..

  • ihatepeople

    It was John’s ring and made Alaric give it back.

  • ihatepeople

    God one can only hope but I’ll have to remain skeptical until I see it so I won’t be AS frustrated if nothing happens.

  • ihatepeople

    I totally agree. Damon is Ric’s BFF not Stefan and Elena knows that. I think Damon is trying to stay away from Elena so he helps Ric but not when she is around. Also he is trying to keep Stefan occuppied and on track so if he has him help Elena with Ric it keeps Stefan in line.

  • Georgia_Peach

     The Gilbert rings were handed down through generations.  Grayson Gilbert had one and John Gilbert had one.  John and Isobel fell in love in their early teens and Isobel got pregnant with Elena.  Grayson Gilbert delivered Elena and adopted her because Isobel & John were too young to raise her. John Gilbert gave Isobel his eternity ring and eventually life took them in separate directions.  Isobel eventually married Alaric.  When she decided to become a vampire and leave Alaric behind, Isobel gave Alaric the eternity ring that belonged to John.  When Grayson Gilbert died in the car accident at Wickery Bridge, John took Grayson’s ring.  John eventually gave it to Jeremy because it was Grayson’s eternity ring and it should have been handed down to Jeremy.  John then wanted his eternity ring back from Alaric.  Alaric gave it back to John, but when John died it went to Elena.  Elena gave it back to Alaric. 

  • mary.m155

    Oh ok! I remember now! Silly me i thohght i had something there. *slaps self*

  • mary.m155

    Oh ok! I remember now! Silly me i thohght i had something there. *slaps self*

  • Georgia_Peach

     I would like to know where Meredith is getting all the vampire blood from.

  • Georgia_Peach

     I would like to know where Meredith is getting all the vampire blood from.

  • Dark-obsession

     Oh yeah, i’d forgotten about the vampire blood bit. Thanks for reminding me!  And yeah I guess I can kinda see why she’d shoot him in self defence, its just the way she said that one line just before. Made her sound like the bad guy haha

  • Iansfan

     … well he would be an idiot if he didn´t, right? He saw what happened to Jeremy when he lost his vervain bracelet. But in fact we do not know for sure. But the compulsion theory sounds good because I don´t really buy it that the ring´s date of expiry is gone…

  • Iansfan

     … that would lead to a sever blood supply problem…

  • Iansfan

     We saw her bloodjiking Damon, what should keep her from doing so with other vampires. (Is there any possibility that she works together with Sage?)

  • Georgia_Peach

     To get the amount of vampire blood Meredith seems to be using on her patients I would say she has a supplier.  When Meredith was introduced on the show she was already giving her patients vampire blood to heal them. As for Sage allowing Meredith to use her blood to heal humans, I doubt it.  

  • ihatepeople

    It would be incredibly stupid of him not to do especially since he’d already been possessed before but I don’t recall anything about him taking vamp precautions like vervain beyond wearing the eternity ring. If he is compelled, his memory could be all messed up like Caroline said in season 1 when Damon compelled her. She asked him why her memories keep chaning and he said because you’re only remembering what I want you too.

  • Iansfan

    Well if it is not Sage it must be a vampire we haven´t got to know yet. I can´t imagine any of our vamp gang to work with her. I did not understand where she came from anyway. She appeared out of thin air, seemed to be familiar with the council and known in the hospital. Did I miss some information? Did they give her backstory that I missed?

  • Georgia_Peach

     They did not give Meredith a backstory, but it appeared she had just arrived back in Mystic Falls after being away..possibly doing her medical residency at another hospital and then obtaining full employment back in Mystic Falls at the hospital.  Meredith, being a Fell, knows all about the vampire and their healing blood.

    You’re right though, I don’t see any of our vamp gang working with her by being her supplier to heal humans, but I don’t think it is Sage.  Sage is coming back for an entirely different reason.

  • Shannon

    IKR!!! Like we’re not nervous enough!!

  • Shannon

    I’ve been DYING for that flashback!!! I’ve been waiting for season 2 for that, and always wondered when and how they’d do it. Idk if it’ll be this season, and i’m not asking (i stay away from spoilers with this show, love to be surprised as much as possible) but i hope they do it soon, and yesssss i’m so ok with Originals leaving, I like Rebekah, always have, but I wanted her to get back with Stefan and it just isn’t happening, and i’m so annoyed then won’t give Stefan anyone else to mess around with or kiss it’s so frustrating!! I’ll still never get over what Elijah did in season 2, that grudge for me won’t go away, haha, but i still like him, somewhat, I don’t like the face that Klaus is pursuing Caroline hated that from the start, i don’t like that they made him want a love interest, he was so much more evil w/o them putting that in and he sure as hell didn’t have one in the books which just made it more evil, Kol was ok until he crushed Matt’s hand, and Fin…enough said, Lmao.

  • Shannon

    HA!! Yea I wish!! Actually nope, Stefan already left mystic falls for 3-4 months, even though he didn’t want to w/e he still left, Damon could leave, Damon should leave!! His little road trip with Katherine i don’t count, he needs to leave and take Alaric with him, lmao…they’ll have a bromance bonding weekend. Hahaha Imagine if all the boys, just left, hahaha, Elena would wake up ike where the hell is everyone?? LOL She wouldn’t know what to do, smh poor girl. 

  • Shannon

    Hmmm, that’s interesting…we’re reversed!! I never read the books for TB, i’m not going to, cuz a lot of the fans couldn’t stop comparing it or talking about it, so it pretty much ruined the book series for me, I got into TB after it went on hiatus when second season ended, then I watched season 1 and 2 to be ready for season 3. As for TVD, I watched that from the time it aired the Pilot!! Funny story actually, my younger cousin, who is a Twi-hard (YUCK) was excited about the show and I was gonna shrug it off, but that night i watched it with her and by the end of it, I said ok i’ll keep it(Damon totally sold me) but SHE didn’t like it. Apparently for her, Actually Vampire who don’t sparkle in the sun are just to violent not to mention REAL FREAKING VAMPIRES(Rolls eyes) ANYWHO i’ve been ADDICTED/OBSESSED ever since, and it was during the first season probably before episode 10 is when i said ok let me get the books, let me tell you, i’ve never read books so fast in my life, lol I couldn’t put them down, and then having to wait for the 6th book was torture and so on. I love the tv series so much more cuz well i’m a media junkie seriously tv/movies, are my passion, but I love the series so much more cuz I started with the series, and i’m soooo glad that they aren’t following the books step by step and have made changes, so much more interesting, I did enjoy the books but L.J. really lost her way and a lot of stuff that stayed in there could’ve been left out or was overdone to the point where it was tiring. TB it took me the entire first season to get used to it’s tone, I didn’t like the first season, but I rode it out, I enjoy it now of course, a lot, but I feel TVD is wayyy better, but i’m very anxious for this season!! My love for Vampires started way back from The Lost Boys, haha, but as far as a tv show, well that’s easy Buffy The Vampire Slayer is where it all began for me. TSC i watch just to support Kevin, but i’m really not invested in it. Besides When TVD airs and goes off it’s ll i concentrate on til the next day, lol nothing else exist after 9 pm, lol


    Quick history lesson on the rings:
    Both eternity rings were originally spelled by Emily Bennett and given to Jonathan Gilbert in 1864. They were passed down through the generations of the Gilbert family until they were inherited by Uncle John Gilbert & Grayson Gilbert. Uncle John Gilbert gave his ring to Isobel Flemming Saltzman after she gave birth to Elena and left Mystic Falls. When Grayson Gilbert died, his ring went to Uncle John Gilbert…this is the eternity ring Uncle John Gilbert had on when he arrived in Mystic Falls.  Uncle John Gilbert, at the beginning of Season 2, and upon leaving Mystic Falls, gave Jeremy this ring, telling him it was Jeremy’s dad (Grayson Gilbert) would want him to have it. To this day, Jeremy is still wearing it.

    Now, Isobel Fleming Saltzman gave her eternity ring to Ric (her husband at the time) to “protect him for all the things that go bump in the night”. (Yes, that is what she said when she gave him the ring). We can assume she did this to protect him and because she knew she was going to leave him and become a vampire. This is the ring Ric was wearing when he arrived in Mystic Falls. In Season 2, Uncle John Gilbert, upon his return to Mystic Falls, wanted that ring back. He made things incredibly uncomfortable for Ric & Jenna. Eventually, Ric caved and gave Uncle John Gilbert the ring back. When Uncle John Gilbert died, he left the ring for Elena who quickly returned it to Ric.

    I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the ring.  Emily also spelled the day-walking rings for the Salvatore brothers…there shouldn’t be a time limit on magic. I believe some sort of entity has attached itself to Ric and that is why the ring isn’t working properly.
    Only one other Gilbert (that we know of) has had a problem and that was Samantha Gilbert. If the rings were a danger to the Gilberts, they would not keep passing it down their family tree. It’s not the ring that’s the problem, it’s something else…and that something has a serious issue with the Founding Families and their descendants.

  • Shannon

    Eh, no worries, it took me the ENTIRE season 1 to appreciate it myself, now I really like it, it’s going into it’s 5th season when it returns, but TVD is still better, I think…Sigh, Buffy and Angel how i miss it so, I have about 15 shows, now, i’m not kidding, I have a show or shows for everyday of the week, lol, ooo ya know what you should watch, Being Human, U.S. version (haven’t bothered with the British version) it’s really good, right now it’s in it’s 2nd season, and it’s blowing season 1 out of the water!! But I think you’ll enjoy it, it’s different. 

  • TVD

    Elena was just trying to tell Matt about her feelings so he would understand.  She obviously loves Stefan!  She wasn’t going to tell her ex every juicy detail! I thought it was very well written! (:

  • mary.m155

    To funny. I dont like the tvd books. I read the first and half of the second. And thought it was stupid a d cheasy..ive been trying to find someone to talk me into reading them. TVD has become one of my favorites, along side to TB. I have to say im a twihard :/ i love the books love love love..the movies i only watch to get a visual. I think Twilight has the best novels out pf all the vamp stuff i like. TRUE Blood is just hard core and violent , and hot and sexual i guess thats why i like it so much. Its so seductive. TVD is awesome tho and is romantic dramatic and intense and everything!! I dunno i cant explain how much i love it! Everybody is gorgeous! Oh well i could go on and on and on!

  • Shannon

    Awww Mary, I thought we had something special something to tell the grand-kids, but then u reveal ur a Twi-hard, facepalm!, it just won’t work, lmao….ugh!! Ok ur a twi-hard, let’s leave it at that, lol, it’s cool, I just can’t talk about it, I hate when people compare it, cuz out of everything, TVD was first!! People always think TVD copies Twilight and it pisses me off!!! Cuz they are NOT the same, and TVD has been out since the early 90s, anyways…yea my cousin she loves the books and the movies, but i think she likes the books better, idk, idc, lol she’s the least favorite cousin of mine, actually i can’t stand her, but not cuz she’s a twi-hard, lol ANYWAYS….yea Idt u should try and re-read TVD books, just stick to the series. But there’s a lot or scenes in the books that I wish were in the series especially the delena scenes!! So passionate and intense, sigh.

  • mary.m155

    Hahahahahah!!!! Ur cracking me up ab ur cousin!! Lol. I only like twilight cuz if the books, that doesnt make it any better? :) ok so ill leave the tvd books alone. I feel like all the vamp series and movies got so much from Buffy. There were several things i found kinda similar.

  • Amanda

    Here’s an interesting question- what does it say about Damon and Stefan when it comes to knowing the difference between Elena and Katherine? Stefan has always been able to tell when Katherine is trying to “act” like Elena but Damon has been duped multiple times – he even thought he was kissing Elena at one point when it was Katherine. Any thoughts?

  • Abira Di Menon

    I’m sorry… but I just want to share a “concern”:
    do you remember on episode 15 “All my children” when Ester sayd to Bonnie “she can reverse the spell and make her children human again” in order to kill them… this still shock me!!! 
    I mean I feel this is gonna be a very important detail for the season finale… but I’m afraid where this could bring us!
    Will the authors turn one or both Salvatore brothers human too? (I think in books this happens, am I right?)My foggy moment, to be honest in almost all season 3, is the attitude of Elena… I really love her, just to be clear, as much as I love Caroline, but I don’t think is realistic the way she relate herself to the Salvatore brothers, I don’t understand why she is so hard on Damon (he was the “good” brother in almost all season 3) sincerely, after everything he has done for good…he deserve a better treatement, and why she still doesn’t get shocked seeing bloody-mouthed Stefan.. after all he has done her in season 3 (Wickery Bridge and all…) and, just to be clear, I’m both a Stelena and Delena fan… (why choose?!?! I’m with Katherine on this…)   

  • Team Salvatore

    Hey guys I know this is a little off topic, but it has recently come to my attention how some people are treating the writers.  I have read some of these comments and I’m just horrified! They are disgusting.  I understand the passion for this show but some of this has turned into utter disrespect and immaturity.  Everybody has opinions on where they want the show to go and that’s great, that’s what makes engaging T.V but to go so far as to Hate mail and threaten the writers that work so hard to bring these characters to our T.V screens is just sad. On a positive note I realize that their are a lot of passionate and respectful fans out there, our voices just not be as loud! I would really like the writers, cast, and crew to hear all awesome we all are and give them some positive commentary. TVD is really something special! There is a huge difference between passion and disrespect! (: 

  • Joan Sandberg

    Nah, just have the Red Cross step up the frequency of their blood deliveries!

  • Joan Sandberg

    Love Being Human – watch it regularly and have that on Amazon Instant Video too.  I watch the US version as well.  LOVE It!

  • Tania Rahman

    Just watched 1912 one or two times now and one thing really stuck out, the so called restraining order that Isobel supposedly took out on Alaric, how long did that last? Two days, according to Ric, they married quite young. Maybe Meredith should check all her facts first, did she realise she was talking to Isobel’s child?
     I can see what the writers might be up to, with Elena, trying to make her into a positive character again by having her helping Alaric out and showing that she cares for somebody else other than Stefan and Damon.
    Again, the writers are giving Elena, Stefan and Damon the major storylines so its no wonder viewers are getting fed up of the love triangle. It isn’t that Elena’s getting annoying the other female characters aren’t being given decent storylines. They’ve become victims or temptresses, although Caroline is still quite positive. Rebekah is still as annoying as ever. Having only one daughter in the family was probably a mistake, it would have been nice to see a daughter with a contrasting personality.Bonnie is conveniently missing from this episode. She’s grieving because her mother’s in transition, sorry but big deal, it wasn’t just Elena who lost the last of her family in the Sacrifice, so did Jeremy, Elena and Alaric are all he has left.

  • Tia Serena

    More Foggy Moments: In “A Few Good Men” Damon asks Sheriff Forbes to run a background check on Ric, and she finds nothing except a few speeding tickets. How come all his history of violence did not show up on her search, but showed up in Meredith’s seach? Does she have sources the Sheriff does not have access to?

  • Jackeyblade

    Hmmm… Pretty sure Sheriff Forbes checked out Alaric’s criminal history in season one and came up with only a few parking tickets…

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