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Posted by | February 6, 2013, 18:29 (MST) | 23 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: A View To A Kill (EP412) - Safe As HousesYou won’t get any dancing in Mystic Falls. It’s illegal! Okay, fine, no more dances in Mystic Falls, at least under the new reign of Mayor Rudy. A great ’80s-themed episode, A View to a Kill played to all the strengths of this series: it was fun and funny, scary and violent (I was legitimately concerned about Jer’s arms), full of excellent reusable turns of phrases (e.g., revenge sex handbook, villain bonding time, dysfunctional bickering lunatics…), and yet able to pull a punch emotionally.

The out-there supernatural and heightened situations were particularly well balanced by relatable moments. From the (perfectly soundtracked) Stefan sneak-out the morning after to the boys glued to their video game and the sink full of dirty dishes, to the actual parenting crackdown on Bonnie (parents! parenting! in Mystic Falls!), A View to a Kill was my favorite blend of TVD realness among the insane OTT scenarios.

Bonnie’s dad is taking an entirely different tack from event-happy Carol Lockwood: putting vervain in the water, sizzling the town’s vampires without warning, instituting a curfew, and cutting out extraneous fun. It’s like he has noticed that vampires love to pounce at a town-wide event. As hilarious as it was when Bonnie tried to argue that she was doing a great job of protecting the town (I mean, she tries but…), the conflict between her and her suddenly always-there father — not to mention her AWOL vampire mother popping back in town for a family meeting — felt like a proper teenage moment, despite the fact that the traditional “acting out” problem wasn’t the usual things but incredibly powerful, potentially earth-ending witchcraft.

While Bonnie’s parents worked together to control their daughter, over at the Gilbert household it was time for the Gilbert siblings to work as a team. That home was the only safe place for Jeremy and then that haven became a place of violence and then a prison for Klaus was an interesting twist. Elena and Jer work together to defend their house, their future, their family and the success of their plan is thanks to how they fight side by side, each willing to die for the other. But the greatest weakness of the plan is that same strength reflected in the Original siblings. As Stefan says to Elena on the phone, the Originals may bicker and dagger, but they are family forever and always, and by killing Kol the comfortable alliance they’ve had with Klaus comes to an impasse. Though Elena argues that they had to kill Kol, they all know it’s baloney and the wrath of Klaus is mighty. And I could not be more excited for a turn in this dynamic: RIP Kol and all (may you live on in flashbacks and spinoff flashbacks!), but the irrevocable action should have lasting consequences for the Gilberts, their allies, and the Originals. So exciting.

And how does it tie into the villain heart-to-heart between Klaus and Damon? Do bad things for good reasons, says expert Damon, if you want a chance at forgiveness. Is there honor in revenging one’s sibling? Certainly Mr. Honorable Himself, Elijah, thought so back in the end of season 2 days, when he plotted to kill Klaus. (What will Elijah think of Kol’s death? Eep!) In that wonderful scene between Damon and Klaus and in seeing his brother murdered, Joseph Morgan gives us that perfect moment of connection with Klaus — he’s still formidable and fearsome but, man, do we ever feel for the guy.

And add Rebekah to the list of Originals that just make ya feel for them. As a longtime Rebekah fan, this felt a nice payoff for her character. It’s like she’s owning her healthy skepticism and instead of being duped and daggered, she’s in charge. She knows what Stefan will do, but it turns out she also knows the way to not be betrayed by Stefan. She’s honest. I loved how straightforward she was about their hookup (and the potential for more), she calls him on his would-be trickier, and finally just opens up with him in the end. Her burning desire to go to a high school dance is not about boredom, it’s about getting what she most earnestly wishes for: the experiences the average 17-year-old girl takes for granted. The opportunity to make and keep friends, to love and be loved, to have fun, to grow up and have a family. And Stefan can’t full-on betray her; she doesn’t “deserve” to be daggered any more than one of the rest of them deserve that kind of treatment. Stefan can relate to Rebekah, and it seems like he’s having legit fun with her. Maybe it’s weird to be proud of a fictional character, but heck I was proud of Stefan for not betraying Rebekah and instead understanding that they have a lot more in common than visible at first blush.

Compelling moment: Jeremy’s Hulk-out. Amazing. Hilarious. The Best. Arms.

The Rules: Abby busts out the witch powder we saw last season, but it’s less effective against Super Expression Bonnie. Bonnie traps Klaus inside the house using a cool insta-version of the spell we saw in Masquerade. The hunter’s mark becomes visible to all once it’s complete.

Other thoughts & questions before Into the Wild (EP413):

  • Let’s just all picture Stefan — alone — practicing the Breakfast Club slide. Or watching Say Anything. Or doing tequila shots with Bon Jovi and Lexi. Fan fiction writers, are you on this??
  • Klaus mentions that Kol has stolen his daggers. With Kol R.I.P., where will these daggers ends up? Back in Klaus’s possession?
  • What sort of revenge will Klaus take on the Gilbert kids?
  • Map to the cure complete! Who’s excited to see where this leads us? (Me!)


What do you think of A View to a Kill?


Crissy Calhoun is the author of the Love You to Death companion guides to The Vampire Diaries: Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3. Find her online at and tweeting @crissycalhoun.

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  • Lindsay Smith

    The entire scene with Kol, and then Klaus was just PERFECT…. Perfectly horrible, exciting, and utterly heart breaking!! I LOVED it!

  • katherine_fan

    Great review,Crissy.I think the daggers melted when Kol was on fire :’( (the tears are for Kol,not the daggers).They are not protected by magic like the stake,are they?
    I wish you told us what you thought of Elena’s plan to kill so many vampires,especially since Stefan had easily convinced her not to kill Rebekah and her entire bloodline a few eps back.I love it when you use storylines from previous episodes (seasons) and how you point out if they are similar (or not) to the current ones.
    Except for the genocide side of this plan,Elena didn’t know for certain Kol wasn’t the Original who created their bloodline (Another recapper mentioned that,I can’t take credit for it).We,the audience saw R and Elijah talking about who could have turned their bloodline and be almost certain it was Klaus,but Elena didn’t know.
    I’m not so excited about the cure sl,because it reminds me of the sun and moon curse sl so much=it is going to be sth else than what everyone thought it’d be.What I am excited about is Silas and his witch friend.I look forward to ‘meeting’ them.I can’t wait to see Kol’s ghost telling the MF gang ‘ha,ha I told you so.’

  • From Beginning To End

    Honestly, it is about time someone realized nothing good ever happens at those dances. Although I’m not clear on why Bonnie’s dad thinks implementing a curfew will help at all, he surely knows about daylight rings yes? 

  • Quietriver

    My question is how is Elena going to take showers now that vervain is in the water.  Her hair won’t be quite as perfectly coiffed anymore! :)

  • Stevie1421

    As always, your reviews are my favorite, although I would’ve liked to hear what you thought of the ‘kill Kol’ plan.
    I know when Elijah finally blows back into town he’ll be mad about Kol, but I really hope Elena defends her plan instead of acting all guilty. After all they’ve put her and Jeremy through Elena owes the originals *nothing*, she had to do something to protect Jeremy, Bonnie and Damon. What else could she have done? The Gilbert’s were badasses with a purpose, and a noble purpose at that. While Klaus was driven to kill Jenna for revenge, Elena’s aim is always to protect those she loves with what little advantages she has. She doesn’t have the massive strength and indestructibility of the originals but she’ll fight anyway…I really admired her and Jeremy in this episode; even when Kol kept beating them they kept fighting back.
    Besides, Klaus was after Kol anyway! It’s like if Elena had been trying to kill Jeremy, then been upset if someone else had beaten her to it, it’s ridiculous! And when have the originals ever actively protected one another?

  • DJ

    I may be wrong, but I thought mythology deemed it impossible to be a vampire and a witch?

  • Wilson

    This was definitely one of my favourite episodes this season. It was just so awesome seeing the Gilbert kids stand up and defend themselves successfully. I agree that seeing their one safe sanctuary so violated as part of the plan was interesting, and also sad. 

    I loved the chase scene through the house and the confrontation in the kitchen – these scenes were so thrilling and well-done that I was genuinely freaking out for Jeremy as Kol dragged him down the stairs and strapped him to the table. If his poor arms had gone, we wouldn’t have had that magnificent shirt tearing and awesome reveal of the tattoo scene at the end. 

    I’m really excited for the island scenes in the next episode – it will be great to see most of the cast together in scenes and interesting to see what new alliances come about. 

  • Chelsey

     Once again Chrissy your recap was bang on.  For me a big question was  finally answered.  Who is the real Stefan?  It was definitely answered.  The real Stefan really is a strong, protective, loving, caring and passionate person.  He was being real when he was with Elena and his actions proved it in this episode.    Stefan loves and will protect the people he loves Damon, Elena and his friends.  A foggy moment for me is Jeremy.  I understand that Originals are the toughest.  However, Connor was a really tough badass who was crazy destructive strong.  Why isn’t Jeremy?  Kol tossed Jeremy around like a rag doll and Elena seemed like the only one who could do any of the fighting.  I have to admit it.  I actually prefer human Elena over vampire Elena.  How lucky are Bonnie’s friends?  She drops whatever she’s doing to once again save their lives.  Wonder if Klaus is working with a new witch?

  • blahblahblah

    So, I rewatched s4 and noticed Shane saying that whoever dies on behalf of Silas will be ressurected when he’s awaken. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but it could be a solution for Kol because I’m really angry they killed him and gonna miss him.

  • Jess

    It’s not possible.
    But didn’t she say it wasn’t magic that she was practicing, but merely just some witch tricks that she picked up, that didn’t require magic?

  • Jess

    “Whoever dies on behalf of Silas will be resurrected when he’s awakened.” – Yes, but they don’t tell you what species those that die might be resurrected. There has been humans, vampires, etc that have been killed for the sake of finding this cure/waking Silas. 

    For all we know there can be a twist and only the humans are resurrected, or it could be just the vampires. It could be one of those things where it’s “one or the other” or possibly it’s only for “one vampire” or “one human”, like everyone thinks the cure is, where the twist will be that there’s only enough for one.Am I making sense?

  • Jesseladd1228

    As much I agree with you on Elena not taking into consideration, the possibility of Kol being the Original who created their bloodline, I must disagree with your dagger theory. Lol. I don’t think that Kol would have been carrying 4 daggers around with him. I’m sure he has them stored away safely! :)

  • Jesseladd1228

    Bonnie’s mother is by no means a witch anymore. Damon cut off the witchy-voo-doo when he killed and turned her. She is using, and used herbs on Bonnie.

  • Jilly_bean

    I think it was established in last seasons finale in a conversation between Rebekah and Elijah that Klaus started the Salvatore vampire line. 

  • Jilly_bean

    Or perhaps they will be resurrected as something new entirely. Neither vampire or human. 

  • Jess

    By witch tricks, I mean the herbs. 

  • Jess

    That would be rather ridiculous, if you ask me. What are they gonna come back as, ninja turtles?

  • katherine_fan

    He carried a giant stake with him.I don’t think carrying 4 tiny daggers is that far-fetched. :)

  • katherine_fan

    But Elena didn’t know for sure.

  • M.

    I was shocked. Elena made a decision about mass murder! And it’s not like Damon used to do, it’s like somebody murder entire town – good ones, bad ones, innocents, monsters and beloved ones. And she made that decision, because she didn’t know anybody from that line, nobody from that line was her friend. And she made that decision not to save the world, but because she doesn’t like who she is. Really?!  That was most egoistic, selfish thing that I saw at this show. I would understand if that would be Kat – but it was sweet innocent Elena who wants to be a human. I wish that someday she will meet some really good D./S. friend, who lost her/his beloved ones because of her decision. 
    I don’t blame Jeremy, because that is who he is – a hunter, and he almost killed his own sister, it’s in his nature. But Saint Elena? She really should see a consequences of what she did. Not like “A lot of vampires is dead because of me. I’m sad. But I had to do this. Let’s move on”, but like really see somebody who is suffering because of what she did.

  • blahblahblah

    After this weeks episode I’m starting to believe there’s no cure after all (and like someone mentioned here before, it really does look a lot like the sun and the moon course). I just wanna know WTH is the deal with Silas!

  • katherine_fan

    ooh!!Zombies!!I like it!!

  • katherine_fan

    We know Silas is immortal.We don’t know if he’s a vampire.He could be sth else.

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