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Posted by | January 30, 2013, 10:26 (MST) | 36 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: Catch Me If You Can (EP411) - Fun Is, In Fact, PossibleNow that was some diabolical fun. And kind of violent? I wonder sometimes if Vampire Diaries episodes and our reactions to them could be used as some sort of psychological test — because I do not know what it says about me, but it was a delight to watch things get a little more out of control than usual in Mystic Falls.

Most notably: Stefan. Nothing like keeping a character bottled up for seasons (save for a Ripper vacation or two) and then letting him smoke some witchy weed, beat up his brother, and get down with an ex-girlfriend for some doubly crazy sex. Amazing. Stefan wasn’t the only one with little devil whispering into his ear to just let go: Jeremy is thrown into hunter overdrive thanks to Klaus and Damon’s plan; Damon is compelled by Kol to hunt and kill Jeremy and keep Elena a vampire forever; and Bonnie is being toyed with by Shane, who lets her become overwhelmed by her new and limitless power only to rein her back in with his hypnotic mantra that she’s in control. And then there’s Miss Sire Bond, who doesn’t realize she’s not making the same choices as the old Elena despite Matt and Jer being as plain as day about how it’s changed her in relation to Damon. Add in Shane’s fanatical devotion to raising Silas, and Kol’s determination that that will never happen (going as far as to raise the white oak stake against his sister) and Catch Me If You Can is chock full of crazy. Their ids no longer in check, these characters just don’t recognize their behavior as that bad, and it’s wildly entertaining. They’re not crazy — just passionate!

While I am admittedly not that interested in anyone finding the cure ever, the race to find it first became nicely complicated with the various teams and their mythological assets, including the mystery team with the poor bite out your tongue compelled guy. Shane continues to be weirdly compelling, and Bonnie’s dad’s insight into his character doesn’t stop him from being hoodwinked by him. Bonnie’s right to not trust Shane but, as with so many other uneasy alliances between characters (see: Elena asking Klaus for help), she needs his guidance to prevent her from becoming a power-obsessed “time bomb.” He’s created a monster in Bonnie and proven his necessity in controlling her power.

Though Kol did threaten to rip off Jer’s arms (very creative workaround to the hunter’s curse!), seen from a different perspective, Kol is not so much a villain, as the guy who could save the world. His perspective on the larger picture: raising Silas could mean the end of time. Of course, he’s not motivated by general do-goodery to stop a group of self-obsessed vampires from ending the world in order to see if a girl really loves one guy or the other. Kol has his own selfish motivation: he’s immortal and he’d rather not die, thanks. But why does Kol so fervently believe in the threat of Silas, where the others brush it off as a scary story? The followers of Silas he met and killed a few hundred years ago?

Far from being a villain, it is interesting to see Elena turn into the object of derision and frustration. It’s been a hard year to be an Elena fan, and with this episode the characters basically just got fed up with her lack of perspective on the whole sire bond issue. Matt tells her that the old Elena wouldn’t trust Damon with Jeremy after he sided with Klaus’s plan to kill a dozen (or so) innocent people. Jeremy reiterates that Damon does not care about him, but cares about him as a means to an end — as a hunters-mark-to-be-revealed. Whether or not that’s true, it’s a logical assumption for Jeremy to make. And when she repeatedly says she doesn’t want to hurt innocent people or have her loved ones do horrible things, but then fails to make decisions that prevent that, Elena comes off as a hypocrite. Or from Rebekah’s perspective, a child who only thinks of herself. I have to say, the Elena-bashing in this episode was oddly satisfying, and I am a longtime hardcore supporter of that character.

It’s her delusion of having self-control that makes Elena frustrating to the other characters. This season has been peppered with compulsion and overwhelming mythological urges for witches, hunters, and vampires alike but, like Damon in this episode, most realize that they are being manipulated. The hybrids broke their curse. Damon does his best to right the course he’s on by warning Jeremy, by asking him to kill him. But his killer instinct, his hunger for Jer’s blood can’t be derailed by Elena’s request that he fight the compulsion. And she hasn’t fought hers either. Who knows how long it will last, but at the moment Elena is cut off from both Salvatores and at her brother’s side coming up with master plans. Kill Kol, and with him kill his entire line of vampires. It solves one problem — Jeremy not really being keen on a life of slaughtering vampires — but her hypocrisy continues. Who are the vampires in Kol’s line? Are they the Caroline and Lexi types? Or are they incorrigible killers? (Like Stefan or Damon!) The problem with loving vampires who’ve done their fair share of bad, bad things is that when you set out to kill another nameless vampire, you’re not killing an abstract monster, you’re murdering someone. It’s an arguably unavoidable result of the basic premise of this show, and one that creates a strange immorality in the characters we have grown to love. (So back to that TVD psychology test idea: maybe we are like those people who visit serial killers in jail? Is that why I like The Following so much?!)

Oh Stefan. I have to say (as I did on Twitter) this Stefan is my favorite of all the Stefans. Watching him agree to let go, to stop caring (as much as he can…he’s still Stefan), to see his pleasure in snapping his brother’s neck, in bleeding him out to weaken him, and in having a legitimate reason to keep him under lock and key. It was a nice throwback to the season 1 animosity between the brothers, but instead of Stefan being tortured about his brother the monster, there’s a devil-may-care attitude in Stefan that is … just… be still my twisted heart. Though an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind, there was something extremely satisfying in Stefan having his moment of hurting Elena right back after her (compelled) cruel honesty from last episode. A powerful moment, and one in which he not only counters her not-in-love-with-you with one of his own, but calls her out on her hypocrisy. Yes, Rebekah has tried to kill her (and all of them, really), but what has Damon done? Nobody’s perfect!

And speaking of the one and only Original sister, how nice was it to finally see Rebekah in a power position? Leader of her own team, easily seducing the last man she loved, being smart about the tombstone, standing up to both of her brothers (with mixed results, admittedly), and showing off her appreciation for other cultures while she’s at it. She’s something of an underdog among the Originals and, while I don’t believe for a minute that she’s given up on love, it’s a pleasure to watch her pretend.

Compelling moment: The Stefan and Rebekah moment in Shane’s office.

The Rules: We get a refresher on the subtleties of compulsion: only the vampire who compelled a person can “de-compel” them. If you take vervain after being compelled to do something (like bite your own tongue off), the vervain only prevents further compulsion — it doesn’t erase previous commands. (Think Katherine stuck in Alaric’s apartment even after Damon gave her vervain.) Kol, like Klaus before him (with Katherine in the sunlight), tests that Damon is actually susceptible to compulsion by making him stab himself. If an Original is daggered, their compulsion over someone ends. (Like when Katherine escaped the tomb thanks to Elijah being daggered after dinner.)

Other thoughts & questions before A View to a Kill (EP412):

  • Best line: “It’s Mystic Falls. It’s actually one of the least ridiculous things I’ve heard.” (Also, did Sheriff Forbes get a new office? That place looked unfamiliar.)
  • How many people has Kol turned in his 900 years? (He spent from 1910 ’til last season daggered.) Just how large of a vampire genocide would Jer be committing if he could get his hands on the white oak dagger and kill Kol?
  • Why does Kol hate Damon so much? Is there some un-mined backstory there? (Remember the Originals’ ball and all that drama?)
  • Who was the Mystery Man? Is there another team in the Race for the Cure? Team Katherine? Team Elijah? Team Character-We-Haven’t-Yet-Met-But-Has-Been-Cast?
  • Will Stefan and Rebekah stick with their no feelings, no attachments rule?


What do you think of Catch Me If You Can?

Crissy Calhoun is the author of the Love You to Death companion guides to The Vampire Diaries: Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3. Find her online at and tweeting @crissycalhoun.

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  • LoveNina’snewhair

    Thanks Chrissy! Interesting thought on The Following as well. I am not quite sold on that show (of course I am a huge fan of Kevin Bacon, but who is not?!), but hey, let’s be honest, it took me some episodes of TVD as well to become as hooked as I am….

  • delenafan

     @Chrissy:disqus  “Jeremy reiterates that Damon does not care about him, but cares
    about him as a means to an end — as a hunters-mark-to-be-revealed.
    Whether or not that’s true, it’s a logical assumption for Jeremy to
    make. And when she repeatedly says she doesn’t want to hurt innocent
    people or have her loved ones do horrible things, but then fails to make
    decisions that prevent that, Elena comes off as a hypocrite.”
    Interesting observation yet I don’t see in any concrete way how Elena could make any decisions to prevent that?
    Elena isn’t the one calling the shots neither is Damon or anybody else really. It is Klaus. So, how can “weak new vampire Elena” prevent Klaus from making new vampires, compelling them and sending them after Jeremy, Matt and Damon?
    How can Elena prevent Kol from wanting to kill Jeremy, compelling Damon…?
    Now, she said she wants Jeremy to kill Kol. Desperate times call for drastic measures but whether her idea/plan is possible to carry out remains to be seen.
    Let’s face it, growing Jeremy’s mark means killing vampires and if there are none around someone has to make them and that was Klaus. Stefan beat him to that one though.
    Do you see any way that Elena could have prevented any of that?

  • Stevie1421

    I’m with you. Everyone seems be of the opinion, at the moment, that Elena has lost it, but she has made it very clear she thinks the price of the cure is too high. But everyone else has decided she needs to be human again no matter the cost. As usual, Elena seems to be being blamed for something she cannot possibly have control over.
     Speaking of control, I really wish Damon would watch what he says to her. They can probably work around the sire bond but he has to be careful what he says. At the beginning of this episode Damon tells Elena to ‘trust him’ and thinks nothing of it, but he really shouldn’t say things like that to her because it gives her no choice, she probably wouldn’t have trusted him if he hadn’t told her to.

  • darkdimension

    Thank you for your thoughtful review. It’s been nearly a week now and it has taken me this long (with the help of reading lots of thought provoking posts on this site) to come to terms with the latest offerings from TVD. As the fan of the show as a whole, I have found a lot of great stuff to appreciate in the last episode, though I had a hard time to reach acceptance of some statements our characters made. But that’s not what I want to discuss now.
    As a fan of Elena and Damon, this was a very hard episode to watch.
    Your review has brought Elena’s hypocracy in focus, that is what I would like to examine further.
    Is she hypocritical? Or is she simply reevaluating her views?
    Her stand on the cure hasn’t changed. She is most certainly interested in the cure, but not at the cost of risking her brother’s life or humanity. Her feelings about Jeremy on the Hunter’s path haven’t changed either. She never wanted this life for him. But now that he has been forced on this journey by circumstances (he was a Potential, he was then pushed into his first kill by the desperate need for stopping Connor haunting Elena to kill herself, then Stefan forcing him to start his journey), and with the knowledge that Jeremy has a fairly good control on his Hunter extincts, she can do nothing more than to accept that Jeremy is set on his course to complete his Mark. So the next hurdle is how to go about it.
    She was appalled by what happened at the bar. But what has been done, has been done. These new vampires were no longer innocent people, they were vampires with a simple mission of killing Matt. They had to die. So I don’t see that Elena leaving Damon with Jeremy to kill these compelled vampires was at all hypocritical. She has developed deep trust in Damon throughout season 3, she has trusted him to help with Jeremy before, so I thought her agreeing to Damon’s suggestion was completely in character, though certainly brought about quicker and smoother by the SB coming into play.

    Was Elena hypocritical to bring up the little factoid that Rebekah tried to kill her, in fact did kill her, when questioning Stefan’s alliance with her? Again, don’t think so. It is a fact. It was however ridiculous for Stefan to retort with references of Damon trying to kill Jeremy, twice. I don’t want to go into the analysis of the actual truth of the statement, but to point out how irrelevant it was to the argument. Elena’s point was, how can you become friend/allies/whatever more with a person who has killed me, (your ex girlfriend, but would like to think, still your FRIEND)?
    Stefan’s response is how can you love somebody who has tried to kill your brother? (Ok, can’t resist, first he tried to turn him into a vampire, second time he was instructing him to kill him to stop him from killing him.) The answer is of course very different to theses questions. Elena’s answer: I have forgiven him. Stefan’s answer: I don’t care.
    Now the last issue. Elena’s plan to kill Kol. Is it hypocritical?
    Or has she just changed her mind under the new given circumstances? First of all, I would like to maintain that I don’t see a shift in Elena’s principal moral views as a result of her becoming a vampire, or the SB. She wants to protect those she loves at all cost. Even sacrificing herself. But sacrificing others was not something she wouldn’t have done as a human, think of her deal with Ester.
    So now suggesting killing Kol, she is suggesting Jeremy would kill somebody who has used and betrayed him, and sentenced him to death. She would offer her assistance. As a consequence, his hunter mark would be completed with one direct kill. Damon will be free of his compulsion. Jeremy will be safe. And as for the consequence of an unknown number of unknown vampires dying for the cause? For the safety of her brother and her lover? Knowing that as long as Kol is alive, they are both in danger of killing each other? I think that is a harsh decision, but not hypocritical. She considered Elijah as collateral damage as a human, even if she was very unhappy about it. So why not the complete unknown? Her new plan is a quick fix to all their problems. I see no hypocrisy.

  • Shawna Ej

    I agree. That was the first time I really cringed over the sire bond. I don’t think Damon did the ‘trust me’ on purpose, but it was a really dangerous thing for him to say. You could just all the fight leave her and she instantly did what he said. I am a huge D/E supporter, but it was not a good moment for them.

  • sarah

    This has been one of my favorite reviews of yours ever! Everything you said about Elena (and her hypocrisy this season) was spot on! And 100% agree with what you said about Stefan. Great read.

  • Silentlady

    Nice to read your thoughs again,Crissy. And as you mentioned it’s one of the best Stefan character show beside the ripper episodes. I love his new “don’t care anyone/thing exept me”. It’s more authentic to hide his disappoinment behind a wall of half-heartenedess.
    Please, dear writers: I wish a few more episodes with this Stefan!
    And don’t play Elena as a weak, foolish new Vampire or shoud I say pseudo human.

  • darkdimension

    (Post as button pressed by accident, sorry.)

  • darkdimension

    No, she couldn’t have. I agree with you. She is struggling with everything that is set in motion around her, by Klaus, by Shane, by Stefan. There are many things that are out of control, she has to accept that. But she iis not weak or hypocritical in my view. She is proactive. Her plan of killing Kol is a very ambitious and daring plan, certainly not hesitant or weak. Her guiding principal is intact: save loved ones. Whatever the cost.

  • darkdimension

    Damon has told Elena to trust him many times before, as Elena has used this expression many times with Damon too. It’s their thing. They have built their relationship and love on trust. So we need to give Damon a chance to learn that he needs to be careful with these words, as rather than the desired effect of natural reassurance and acceptance of a superior plan, the SB could bring these about. IMO, Damon has realised once the words were out, that the SB was invoked, but chose to leave it, because he was pretty sure Elena would have accepted his suggestion anyway (someone had to get Matt home and provide protection; Jeremy and Damon had to stay focused to kill the compelled vampires, what else was there to do?), this just cut the crap of a futile argument. Sure the incident has brought it into focus for both of them, what a fine line it is to cross from persuasion to invoking the SB, so they definitely need to work on that in the future, once there are no other, more pressing issues to deal with. And at the moment, the SB must be very low down the list of priorities.

  • ihatepeople

    That’s right DD it’s the same thing he told her at the MMF pageant before they even knew about the sire bond. It’s habit for him to offer her reassurance that way.

  • delenafan

     Nice answer. By weak I meant the simple fact that she and also other vampires who are “older and stronger” than her can’t escape doing Klaus’s bidding or fall as a victim to his violent retaliation, threats (to self and loved ones)…
    As an illustration look what he did to force Jeremy to start killing the new vampires, he compelled them and sent them after Matt. Damon couldn’t do anything about it either.
    Klaus wants what he wants and he usually gets his way (even with his own siblings by daggering them and stowing them away in boxes).

  • delenafan

     Thank you for the answer:-).
    By weak I meant the fact that actually even older vampires are no match for Klaus.
    They all have to do his bidding or else suffer the violence of his threats and retaliation against them and the ones they care about.
    To force Jeremy to kill the newly turned vampires he compelled them and sent them after Matt. Damon couldn’t do anything about it either.
    Klaus wants what he wants and usually gets it even with his own siblings. When they disagree with him, he simply daggers them ans stows them neatly in boxes…

  • darkdimension

    I understood what you have meant, and I agree with your ‘weak’ as contrasted to Klaus’s strength. When I used the words: “she’s not weak” I meant it as she is not just sitting idly unable to decide what to do next, afraid to act, scared of anyone. That is what some posters have been accusing her of, saying that the SB has reduced her to a quivering puppet. So I think we agree here completely. You have been moved to question and further examine the same part of the review as myself. You were focusing on defending Elena in her acceptance of the things she cannot change. I was pushing that a little further to say that her actions are a consequence of this and her unchanged super drive of stopping at nothing to save her loved ones. So I see no change in her attitude, behaviour, and no hypocrisy. I think we agree?

  • Stevie1421

    No, you’re right, I didn’t think for a second that Damon purposely invoked the sire bond, but that’s what’s worrying me; he took away her choice without even meaning to. If Damon really loves Elena (which we know he does) then even if he thinks she’s making the biggest mistake in the world he has to let her make it anyway: without making her own mistakes she’ll never learn or grow. 
    I want their relationship to work with or without the sire bond but I hope Damon doesn’t think being able to control her will stop him getting yelled at when he deserves it – he teamed up with Klaus, went along with a plan that got dozens of people killed, put Jeremy in danger and Matt in danger. Elena should NOT be okay with that, and honestly, I love their arguments as much as their romantic moments because it shows you can be passionate about something even if the person you love disagrees. They have different, often conflicting, personalities and I don’t want that to change.

  • Laura

    I agree with you darkdimension. Elena didn’t look hypocritical to me either. She is stating her position same as she did before: protect the ones she loves, even if it means to go and beg Klaus for help( that took a lot of strength).

    She is same compassionate person , but in the circumstances she couldn’t reverse ( or prevent) what Klaus did turning a lot of innocent people into vampires and then setting them to kill Matt. How could she? She did not like the result, and Jeremy having to go in hunter mode was not her favorite plan, but in the end that was what Jeremy was training to do at the Lake House( all set in motion in prior episodes).

    Whether Jeremy kills these vampires or others as initially planned, that was already established: needs to be done to grow the mark. She is agreeable to collateral damage. There is no growing hunter’ mark without killing vampires. there is no cure without the mark. This is the theme of this plot or arc. We all go with it, they all race for it.

    When she plans on Jeremy killing Kol, this is when she actually is trying to make a plan that involves the loved ones to not do horrible things. Killing Kol who is actually an enemy that was set to kill her brother, is a brilliant plan and not hypocritical at all. It will accomplish the hunter’s purpose, and it will take out an enemy, not to mention that Damon’s compulsion will be off. Not sure if the plan will work or how she will do it, but she is planning something this serious. Not hypocritical. There is the whole line of vampires that will die. But everybody and Elena agreed vampires have to die for the mark, the cure.

    As far as the  scene with Stefan , when Elena mentions that Bex tried to kill her, Stefan appeared hypocritical to me. When he was with Elena he agreed that Bex is dangerous and what not, but now he uses deflection to defend her mentioning Damon. He allies with Bex now( not that I mind, it  gives Stefan a good  way to take his mind from the pain), so when was he truthful? Elena did not ask Stefan about Bex as a jealous ex-girlfriend, although to many it seems so. She asked him out of concern that he is spiriling , in a self-destructive behavior.

  • delenafan

    Yes we do :-)!
    I never thought Elena is weakened by the sire bond. She still can think for herself and act accordingly. She just has a lot to deal with (emotions, shocking discoveries about people she thought she knew and trusted; maybe she came to the conclusion that actually Damon is practically the only person she can trust).

    I actually was proud of her when she stated the bold “decision” to send Jeremy after Kol himself; although I do have a problem with lots of “unknown” vampires dying right and left for that. Well, that’s the nature of this show isn’t it? I mean they killed the older Original brother and we saw his line die with him which showed us the tragic consequences of terminating their own Original “ancestor / maker”. The gang as his bloodline would also cease to exist…

    As JP mentioned, if Klaus were to be cured (in case there is such a thing as a cure) what could the ramifications of such an act mean to his bloodline? Will they be cured as well, will they die???

    I think we will be getting more and more hints to the implications of taking the “cure” whatever it might be…

  • darkdimension

    I certainly agree with you on that. And I think Damon will not want this to change either. But I fear that if it comes to Elena wanting to put her life in danger again, or even her trademark attempt at self sacrifice, he will invoke the SB. His priority will always be Elena’s life and safety, and if Elena’s free will puts her life in jeopardy, he will not be ok with it. And I find it very difficult to blame him for that. Elena has just about as much regard for her own life as Damon for his. She is bound to push Damon to stop her sooner or later.
    So I think we agree here. Apart from our perception of what would have happened had the SB not been invoked when Damon asked for Elena’s approval and trust. I think she would have come round to see that Damon’s plan was the right plan, it just would have taken a little longer.

  • guest

    I think we should all remember that everyone was planning on killing all the originals except the one that sired their bloodline last season. Elena was on board with this as a human before any sire bond so you can call it hypocritical if you want but not out of character.

  • Laura

    Nobody can escape Klaus’s plans without facing certain dangers( his favorite – killing everybody they have ever loved). Elena couldn’t do anything to prevent or counteract Klaus’s actions. She is actually bold and strong enough to go to Klaus for help and beg him when she couldn’t convince him otherwise, just to save Jeremy and Damon from Kol. That is her acting, not only trying to help the ones she loves. She may be weak as a new vampire, but she is strong in her actions.
    Klaus wants and takes what he wants. He seems in control, nobody else in MF has any control. Professor Shane knows and hides some things, but not in control. The other teams in the race, also not in control.

  • delenafan

     “he teamed up with Klaus, went along with a plan that got dozens of people killed, put Jeremy in danger and Matt in danger. ”
    This Elena situation with Klaus applies to Damon too.
    What choice did Damon really have when Klaus appeared and demanded Jeremy’s mark to be grown ASAP (almost on the spot if that could be done).
    Klaus deviated from what he agreed would be the course of action with Damon, so he forced the new situation in the bar on them. That’s Klaus in all his “evil glory”.

    That’s why I didn’t understand Matt blabbing about Elena’s misplaced trust in Damon and what not, I mean he saw it all happen live. Klaus called the shots and Damon has no power to make him change his mind. Damon almost died trying to protect Jeremy from his compelled urge to kill him.
    I think people should start looking at things from these “hard facts” perspectives. The most powerful creature on the planet is threatening them all so either they comply, find a way around it, die refusing Klaus’s bidding (along with their loved ones) or find a way to put Klaus down and good luck with that, at least for the time being…

  • darkdimension

    Thank you for elaborating, all valid points.
    I think we need to add one more point though, to defend Elena’s acceptance that all this is happening for the Cure.
    Initially, she was intrigued by the possibility of a cure that could give her humanity back, as she was clearly struggling with adjusting to being a vampire. Strangely enough, the news of the potential cure were delivered to her just when she had come out of her hallucinations with an epiphany of accepting her love for Damon and a shaping resolve to make a go of being a vampire, with Damon. Still, a cure for vampirism would be intriguing and tempting for a lot of vampires who were turned against their will. For Elena, there is also the added incentive of getting rid of the SB. But all this is almost irrelevant, in the light of Klaus wanting the cure and taking charge. Now they have no option than go along with it. So this why it is not hypocritical for Elena going along what needs to be done. What Klaus wants he gets. Jeremy is set. Damon and Stefan are determined for their own reasons. She herself wouldn’t mind the option of taking a cure, but that is not even coming into play any more.

  • Stevie1421

    I’m not disagreeing with anything you’ve posted, I’m agreeing with you. Elena probably would’ve trusted damon, but to me it would have been much sweeter if it was of her own free will. And I know Damon had no choice but to go along with Klaus’s plan but I don’t think Elena knew that. It looked to me as though she’s just arrived at the lake house, saved Matt and then went into the house. Did she know the extent of Damon’s involvement? But I don’t think Damon should be completely off the hook either, he didn’t even try to fight Klaus’s plan – in fact at the end of 4×10 he seemed quite on board with it – but surely he knows Elena well enough to realize that she’d have an opinion on all the dead people, he knows how much it hurts her when people die for her, but he seemed okay with it. he didn’t even say to her ‘This is Klaus’s plan, not mine’

  • Laura

     Agree. Elena was somewhat surprised by the existence of the cure in a very emotional moment of her vampirism, as she was ready to accept it, when she did accept her feelings for Damon. Intriguing and tempting, but she did realize it comes with a price, Jeremy’s humanity and was conflicted there. All in character for Elena. Since she knows of the SB, she has more reasons to want the cure.
    Something just occurred to me, though. When Damon set her free at the Lake House, his words were something like: “i will teach Jeremy to kill vampires and I will go with him to kill vampires without you”. Is she set by the sire bond(!!) to be OK with Jeremy killing vampires? And if so , how can she make plan to kill Kol with Jeremy( when the command was “without her”). SB needs to go… Now I’m confusing myself even more.
    Klaus is Klaus and he doesn’t forgive anybody in his path when he wants something. He wants the cure for whatever told and untold reasons and he won’t stop.

  • delenafan

    We don’t really know what Damon agreed to with Klaus. He seemed quite taken aback when they arrived at the bar and found so many dead / in transition people. I thought Damon was genuinely surprised. It looks like Klaus is in such a hurry to get the hunter’s mark completed.

    Whether Damon was OK with Klaus’s actions or not, Klaus doesn’t give a s***t about that, he just does what he wants to do.

    Elena arguing with Damon about any of that won’t make the slightest difference because Klaus doesn’t care what both of them think or do, he just wants obedience from them or else…

    I think Damon was all for Jeremy getting his act together, growing strong and skilled before doing any hunting. I guess, they would have hunted existing vampires (perhaps nasty ones) one by one and not in this “dangerous” hurried way Klaus forced upon them.

    This is just my opinion about this tragic situation. Damon was in fact between a rock and a hard place so he probably went along with Klaus hoping to have some say in the matter, keep Jer safe and not bring Klaus’s wrath down on their heads…
    So much for going along to placate Klaus for whom all this mark growing business was too slow.

  • darkdimension

    I don’t think SB works like that. She was told to go home, that’s it. She did. She was told this would make Damon happy, she knew damn right this was a lie. Damon told her he was staying on with Jeremy to train him. That was just information and conclusion after the success of Jeremy finding a way to override his Hunter instincts, in other words being able to hold onto his humanity. Damon didn’t say, “you need to accept that I’m staying here to help Jeremy kill vampires without you.” So that was not part of the command. Also Damon cannot influence how she feels about a command. She went home even though she hated to go. That’s why I am a little reluctant to accept that you can actually order someone to trust you. It’s a feeling. And feelings are not supposed to be influenced by SB. So I’m pretty sure that Elena’s trust in Damon’s plan here was not just a consequence of the SB, it was merely supported by it, if anything at all.

  • Laura

     Thanks, I feel better. Got it , you’re right, it was not a command, direct command was just the ” go home” part and it made both unhappy , but she had to obey and he was trying to do what is right by her.
    Elena does trust Damon with or without SB. Homecoming episode is the proof, however right now anything that is telling her to do something coming from Damon is  under scrutiny, because of the SB. “Trust me” is sort of  telling her to trust, but certainly if  you consider it a feeling I see the conflict here. SB influences actions, not feelings. Although he said it without the intention of  a command, she seemed influenced and agreeable too quick, so everybody noticed and did fault Elena for it( ie Matt and Jeremy). They were not there though in Homecoming too hear how quick she did answer to Damon that she trusts him. They can’t compare.

  • darkdimension

    Exactly. Problem is, only Ric had a little bit of insight into Damon and Elena’s relationship. No one else has seen them operating together, they are totally unaware of the level of trust built between them. So out of ignorance, and with the confusion of the implications of the SB, all the gang are questioning everything they do. Is he using the SB? Is she responding to the SB? In fact, most of what’s happening, is just them operating exactly like they have been for a long time. Only now they are under scrutiny of confused (and in some case jealous) eyes and minds.

  • Tania Rahman123

    We haven’t had any of the new episodes in Britain yet, but all the reviews so far are presenting vampire Elena in a bad light, while constantly praising Stefan and Rebekah’s new alliance. The writers themselves said that Elena’s transition was going to be as difficult as possible, and then threw in the cure just as she was learning to accept her new status. OK so Elena slept with Damon, and really couldn’t care less about Kol. Stefan is just as bad as Klaus this season, he wants everybody to do and says as he tells them and constantly goes behind Elena’s back to make shady deals, just because he can’t stand her being a vampire, putting her brother’s life in danger. it clearly does not mean anything to him. Jeremy as a vampire is catch 22, he tells her quite clearly that he’s willing to kill her, so what if he does kill Elena before she can be cured. Does Klaus have a way to raise the dead?

  • Laura

     Oh! Ric , yes he did know.
    Ha Ha ! “Only now they are under scrutiny of confused( and in some case jealous) eyes and minds” So true… Way for Elena and Damon to start  or develop a relationship; between Klaus, the cure and the teams in the race, this “tiny” obstacle of the SB, and the scrutiny, who needs friends like Caroline…

  • darkdimension

    The running theme of this show.
    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    As for Caroline, very much looking forward to her next encounter with Elena.

  • Nisha

     Elena’s strenght, her humanity seems lost. Usually she felt bad about those plans, but not now. The plan to kill thousends of vampires without remorse feels OOC especially since Elena has no idea what this might do to Jeremy who she tries to protect.
    “Jeremy has a fairly good control on his Hunter extinct”

    Noooooo, Jeremy’s hunter’s instincts are on overdrive since he killed during the night, he has a stake in his hands without being aware of it. Is the rist of turing him into a killing mashine by making him kill Kol and so maybe thousends of vampires not the worst plan ever? The situation has often been helpless, but Elena usually tried to find an alternative way, but not this time. They could for example try to desiccate Klaus again by using the ring on for example Liz or try to use Tyler’s plan and put Klaus inother body, maybe Elena’s and him alive. There are options.

    To Damon – The truth is that Damon could have said no and not lead Jeremy and Matt into a trap endangering Matt’s live. Damon could have compelled Matt to leave, making alternative plans with Jeremy.
    Damon siredtalked Elena to come and to trust him with Jeremy. She had no say in this. Usually the strenght in the DE relationship has been the fighting about different opinions, but this is gone. Damon might not want to force her into his way, but this is what he is doing atm. He went to New Orleans intending to kill 12 innocent people to break the SB without even asking Elena if she would be okay with it. He even asked Stefan not to tell Elena and like Damon said himself he would have done it in a heartbeat if he could have broken the SB this way. He is not telling Elena about his plan to let Tyler die at the hands of Klaus or Stefan in 4×09, because  Damon wants the SB to be broken at all coasts. And this is something Elena told him this episode she doesn’t want but he is not respecing her wishes. He is withholding things from her, abusing the SB, maybe not aways on purpose and is so manipulating her. I have doubts Damon wants to find a way out of this. All what he is doing atm is trying desperalty a way to break the SB.

    Elena is hypocritical because she is pointing at Rebekah while the people she cares and loves are not any better. Damon and Stefan killed countless people or turned them. So why has Elena the nerve to point at Rebekah?

    Elena  was
    imo hypocritical because she started the whole fight with Rebekah. Elena daggered her while Rebekah was trying to help them and she didn’t even undagger her after the eveing with Mikeal went down. Elena had her hands in the pland to kill Rebekah and her family. Finally Rebekah killed Elena to save herself and her family, but this is what Elena is doing herself at the moment by wanting Kol dead and so thousends of vampires who are innocent in all of this would die with Kol.
    Elena might be concernd about Stefan, but this is not what she is saying asking. She is not asking him how he is or telling him that she is concernd. She is making it about herself by judging him for spending time with Rebekah. Pointing out what Rebekah did to her without even thinking what she did to Rebekah.

    Actually Stefan’s is not saying” how can you
    love somebody who killed your brother”. Stefan is poining out that nobody is perfect by mentioning Damon and his killing of Jeremy. While sure the second time wasn’t Damon’s fault but the first was only for his own selfish reasons. And with mentioing of “nobody” Stefan is not only thinking about Damon, surely also about himself since he pointed out to Caroline he can’t see what makes them better as Klaus. They all do horrible things to achieve their goals.

    Stefan is hurt, of course he cares otherwise he wouldn’t have been hurt the episode before so much, otherwise he wouldn’t have saved Jeremy and Damon from each other, otherwise he wouldn’t have pointed out the problematic for Elena seeing Damon being compelled and Elena being sired. He has a human reaction. He is not breaking necks, compelling himself girlfriends as being his bloodbag or lashing out on innocent other people. He is kind of a little mean to Elena and he might enjoy it a little too much and I really enjoy this Stefan. It is super fun to watch that snarky Stefan shows her her hypocrisy and gives her a hint that he needs a pause from her.

    I really like in which ways Stefan is dealing with his feelings. It would make no sense if he would be just nice and understanding. He still has not found balance and I really like his sassiness. He might not be as nice and understanding as before, but this is the greatest thing about it. The is a much needed edge for his character.

  • night magic

    i believe Damon cares about Jeremy and im so glad he warned both Elena and Jeremy that he was compelled !

  • Nisha

    ****Great review****. This episode had a great amount of devilish charme for sure.
    Stefan was just the best, funniest thing ever.  I hope he stays a bit like that. I love how he channels his feelings. Rebekah and Stefan are hot together. I hope to see more of them. They make a interesting team. It is fascinating how mean Rebekah can be, but I have never the problem of not liking her. She is a greatly balanced character who has been used, hurt  and daggered way too often. She deserves some form of happiness imo. 

    It is really hard to like Elena when she feels so hypocrite when she is judging several vampires, but loving vampires who are not better and planing a vampire genocide only for her brother and Damon while she has no idea what this will do to Jeremy who is already on overdrive.

    I had a really foogy moment when suddenly Jeremy was bleeding so much. At first he had one little cut in his hand and then suddenly half of his arm was bloody and it looked like he would soon faint, all white in his face. Was there a scene missing with Damon where he got really hurt badly?

    The only thing I didn’t like was the feeling of having seen some scenes before. The Elena tries to tell Damon to fight the compulsion felt recycled from The Reckoning 3×05 when Elena basically tellls Stefan the same. And the Elena Stefan scene reminded me of the Damon Elena scene after Damon slept with Rebekah. Elena basically asks the same questions and tells the same. “Rebekah tried to kill me. Are you lashing out on me?” I liked Damon’s answer back then when he told her that for once something had nothing to do with her.

    Kol. Hmmm I like that one character is skeptical, but his reasons felt a bit shallow.  But I see his point. Why the characters in MF are thinking that Silas will do and bring back who they want to brought back? Silas feels like the wild card where we have no idea what he will do. I hope Kol survives somehow.

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