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Posted by | June 5, 2013, 9:08 (MST) | 45 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

XXHello, hello, and welcome to the last In Review of The Vampire Diaries Season 4! Thanks for your patience in awaiting this post; we hope you’ll accept this sneak peek at the super-sized episode write-ups you can expect to find in Love You to Death – Season 4: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries. The book version will have additional sections – Circle of Knowledge, History Lesson, Previously on The Vampire Diaries, and Off Camera – but below is the review (pre-edit!) that you’ll see in the book. We’re also happy to announce that we can add showrunner Julie Plec to the interview list we teased last month. You can pre-order LYTD4 on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

After high-school graduation, real life begins — or at least it can feel that way as the last rite of passage of the teenage years means everything becomes optional and what happens next is a choice. For most of the seniors assembled in Mystic Falls (congrats for living to see this day!), the question of what comes next is a huge one. That “anything’s possible” spirit of graduation comes into a neat contrast with the guys willing to blow up Grandma and Grandpa at the Grill to see that their immovable destiny is fulfilled. The Hunters return to life determined and more goal-oriented than Caroline Forbes on a prom steering committee. There’s no two ways about it: Silas must be destroyed with the cure. Their presence drives the action of Graduation, as do the resurrected massacred interested in keeping that veil down, but that single-mindedness about their purpose is about as far from the average graduate’s state of mind, and it acts as a supernatural foil to the big decisions the seniors have to make now that high school is over, and they’re moving on to the next phase of their lives — whether in this realm or on the Other Side.

In the season premiere, Stefan told Matt that he doesn’t “have to live” with the guilt of surviving Elena in the car crash, he gets to: “You better earn it.” And after nearly getting blown to bits by a vampire hunter, after graduating with his friends, Matt decides to relish the fact that he’s alive (and that there’s a hot vampire offering to show him the world). Rebekah teaches him that the first rule of truly living is to do the thing you’re afraid of — for her, that’s kissing Matt — and for him, it’s leaving the only place he’s ever known to explore the world. In the context of the “you reap what you sow” theme of the episode, both Matt and Rebekah get what they deserve — Rebekah has been striving to be a better person and longing for love (and for Matt), while Matt has been consistently a standup good friend and slogs away at his crappy job because there’s no one for him to lean on. Now he can enjoy a reward for once, as he embraces the offer that Rebekah makes him after she selflessly saves him from peril. (And keep in mind: though she won’t be killed by the blast, she will suffer the pain of it.)

There’s a parallel between former beaus Donovan and Forbes: Caroline also has an Original courting her, and that infatuation comes in handy as Klaus arrives in the nick of time to save Damon. But tellingly he didn’t come back to town for Damon’s sake, he came to see Caroline graduate. (Of course, Caroline sent him a graduation notice. Oh, Caroline, never change.) And, to boot, he saves her from Aja’s witch attack with what is, perhaps, the most creative beheading of all time. Caroline hasn’t accepted Klaus’s past offers to travel the world with him, as Matt does here with Rebekah, and Klaus wisely instead gives her what she truly wants: a pardon for Tyler. This magnanimous gesture speaks volumes about how far Klaus has come through knowing and loving Caroline, and it’s the one thing he could do to prove how earnestly he wants to be in her good graces. His line about wanting to be her last love is just about the most swoonworthy of all lines ever on TVD, and to think it’s spoken, convincingly, by the man who for two seasons was the gang’s worst nightmares. As Klaus begins his New Orleans adventure, he is, like the graduates, on the precipice of big change, big choices, and new experiences. Like the actors, writers, and crew “graduating” from TVD to The Originals, whose absence will be felt and their presence missed when season five rolls on, Klaus has been a huge part of the past few seasons, and here’s hoping he finds his way back to Mystic Falls on occasion.

Elena’s journey this season has in part been an exploration of a question you’d never want to personally find out the answer to: is it worse to lose someone you love or to lose yourself? Elena Gilbert, overachiever, goes for door number three: both simultaneously, that’s the worst. And after a season of torment, Elena is finally (finally!) able to enjoy herself, as she sits in the cemetery eating burgers and drinking bourbon with Alaric and Jeremy, able to laugh at what’s she done (like burning down their house) before feeling the weight of it. She’s able to feel without losing herself to grief or rage.

Emerging on the other side of her battle acclimatizing to vampirism, experiencing the life of an emotionless version of herself, becoming fueled by rage, and finally having the catharsis of being reunited with her dead brother, Elena also finds that she’s no longer subject to the sire bond. Whatever she feels, she feels. The question of whether Elena earnestly felt for Damon plagued the brothers Salvatore since the bond was discovered (Elena felt sure and at ease with her feelings for Damon), and here she’s able to finally express herself to him with restraint or coercion. Of course, because it’s Damon and Elena, the conversation is passionate and argumentative, but it manages to address a lot of the issues that Stefan and Caroline had with their pairing. Elena knows that Damon is “wrong” for her, but that is in part what fuels her love for him. They challenge each other, and change each other, and never is that more apparent in their fireworks filled, feisty disagreement that surges into their proclamations of love and epic kissing. Neither will apologize for who they are, or how wrong they are for each other — and that’s what makes them so right.

Though Damon gives Elena the cure as a kind of graduation gift, Elena believes that Stefan deserves to have the cure. Knowing that he would have taken the cure himself if he could, to free himself from the guilt and pain of being a vampire, she wants him to have it. In an episode of gift-giving (and re-gifting, in this case), Elena’s marks an important turn in her relationship with Stefan, despite the fact that he doesn’t keep it in the end. She wants to take care of him in the way that he’s always looked out for her. Now that she has come to peace with who she is as a vampire — able to feed on blood bags, free of the sire bond, and her emotions in control — she understands that his struggle is greater than her own. What she says as she gives it to him is that he deserves “whatever you want out of life”; it’s a testament to the love that’s still shared between them, despite her not being in love with him, that she would make this gesture. But Stefan, being Stefan, can’t keep it: he wants her to have what was taken from her in “The Departed.” If she has the cure, she has back that choice of whether or not to be a vampire.

But not for long. In the wake of getting dumped by Elijah, Katherine wants to get even with her doppelganger. She believes (rather hilariously, but oh-so-Katheriney) that Elena has a better life, all the luck. The happiness in Elena’s life is not “deserved” because Elena’s a “good girl” — it’s just luck, if you ask Katherine Pierce. But she messed with the wrong shadow self on the wrong day. In the doppelganger showdown of the century, Katherine’s bad day only gets worse, and she certainly doesn’t get what she wants. Besides it being so freaking cool to see Elena and Katherine have a realistic-looking and kickass fight, it’s an important moment for Elena. She would rather use the only cure in the world on Katherine than be killed. No longer willing to die, as she was with Kol in The Walking Dead, Elena fights for her vampire life, so restorative was it for her to see Jeremy again, to have that family moment with him and Alaric, to be able to have a peaceful reconciliation. And so instead of Katherine getting the super immortality she wanted, she’s had the cure crammed down her throat. What will Katherine Pierce be like as a human? Will she try to turn again? Will Klaus be interested in her hybrid-making blood?

While Katherine’s revenge-seeking attack on Elena comes off as sour grapes (followed by just desserts), Damon proves that he many not actually know what the word “selfish” means. After being infected with the werewolf toxin, Damon goes into hero mode. When Elena realizes what’s happening and that Damon will die soon enough, she urges him to take the cure, but he refuses. Instead he decides to be the brother who concerns himself with the “supernatural apocalypse,” and he distracts Vaughn with a wild goose chase for Silas in order to protect his loved ones, and graduation day, from the obsessed Hunters. Even after Vaughn’s been dispatched — how amazing was it to see Ric grinning at Damon after saving his ass, kicking Vaughn’s, and holding on to the cure? — Damon refuses to take the cure. He wants Elena to have it, and he would rather die than be mortal again. (Which earns him a serious slap from Elena for that choice.) While he’s still his Damon-y self, the bad brother has been pretty good this season and he is gifted with one of the happiest fates of the finale (besides nearly dying): he gets the girl.

Not all of Mystic Falls’ “hero protectors” have their dreams come true like Damon, though. What Stefan jokes he should be doing during the supernatural apocalypse instead of enjoying his brief moment with Lexi, Bonnie actually does: she puts her friends and the town above her own interest, safety, and happiness — even though she’s dead. She promises Caroline a “friend day” and she delivers, but for Bonnie it is bittersweet — she knows that when she hugs her friends before graduation it’ll be for the last time and then when she thanks her father, for everything, it’s her last moments with him. When Kol tries to make her permanently take down the veil, she explains just how desperately she’d love to do just that — to stay in the world of the living, rather than haunt it from the Other Side. But she knows she can’t do unspeakable and irreparable damage to the world just for her own personal happiness. Unlike Kol who flip-flops on his opinion regarding Silas and the Other Side after spending, like, five minutes dead, Bonnie has the strength of her convictions, and while she’ll risk her own life to bring back Jeremy, she won’t risk the lives of anyone else for selfish gains.

And Bonnie’s sacrifice goes further: for the first time her friends are okay, and she doesn’t want them to suffer, knowing she’s died. So she doesn’t say goodbye while she can. Bonnie is successful in putting the veil back up, and in resurrecting Jeremy’s life, but now that she’s on the Other Side, in season five, in addition to losing a best friend, the gang won’t have a witch to call on for magical fixes to big bad problems.

And Jeremy will have to live knowing that his life came at the cost of Bonnie’s. (He should talk to Matt about survivor guilt.) While there are many questions regarding Jer’s future — like, um, everyone thinks he’s dead so how will that be explained? — what’s certain is that he and Bonnie’s romance has rekindled this season and is cemented with what might be their last kiss in Graduation. Jer’s had some experience loving a ghost before (and his relationship with Anna ended his romance with Bon), and Jeremy’s the only one who will be able to still see Bonnie and talk to her, if not touch her. His resurrection, done in great part for Elena, will have a huge impact on her; her identity is so wrapped up in being a sister to Jeremy, just as the Salvatore brothers are to each other.

With Lexi back, for once Stefan chooses to enjoy himself, getting drunk and rocking out to Bon Jovi’s greatest hits with her. He jokes about his “hero hair” but Stefan usually does choose the selfless option: prioritizing others over his own wellbeing or happiness. The events of season four began in the wake of Stefan respecting Elena’s choice, over his own preference, and that act led her to become a vampire. And here in the season finale, Stefan comes full circle: he returns the cure to her so that she will again have the choice — to live as a human or to live as a vampire. Her call, her choice.

Stefan, Damon, and Elena are so inextricably linked that anything that affects one affects the other two. It’s to that point that Stefan (who, granted, has been day-drinking) believes that, now that the sire bond is broken, the question of who Elena loves is more important than saving the world. As much as it is utterly heartbreaking to see his face as he hears every word Elena says to Damon (and their mouth noises), Stefan has developed a single-minded focus on Elena, and Lexi’s advice to him — to move on, to let go — is just what he needs to hear, and follow.

Stefan’s journey this season has been to get Elena back to herself and to find out the truth of how she feels: with her reconciliation with Damon, the cure in her pocket, and her self-assuredness and free will present and accounted for, Stefan’s quest comes to an end. What kind of life is left for him in Mystic Falls? It’s a sad denouement for him, and one that’s made ever more tragic by the doppelganger turn at the falls. As he loads stony Silas from Damon’s trunk into his own, Stefan accepts that Elena chose Damon over him, and while he is not happy about it, he offers an olive branch and sets his brother at ease by saying he’s “not not-happy for” Damon in a huge moment that acts as a kind of blessing for the relationship. Compare that sentiment to his bitterness in My Brother’s Keeper (“Let’s not pretend like this isn’t the best day of your life.”) or his judgment in We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street (“It’s impossible for her to be so blind that she doesn’t see how wrong you are for her.”) Here, Stefan and Damon finally come to a kind of peace and resolution, after spending much of the season at odds over Elena, who she loved and who they thought she should be. It’s a touching, if bittersweet, moment.

Before the final twist, it seems Stefan’s fate at the end of the season is to have his best friend disappear back to the Other Side, to graduate high school for the 17th time and mark the end of this era of his life, and to see his brother win the heart of his epic love. Before she disappears back to the Other Side, Lexi tells him that she believes an unfettered Stefan will one day find another epic love — if he can let go of Elena. But that’s a problem for another day.

Instead of going to Portland or realizing that there’s no need to live in a yurt in Australia (they have perfectly nice modern dwellings), he is dealt a life-changing mythology smackdown — he is a doppelganger, and of Silas, the original immortal and a former super-powered witch — and then he’s immediately imprisoned in a safe and tossed over the falls, a spot he chose for its remoteness. In a horrifying final scene, the water seeps into the safe and Stefan gasps for air — he will drown and heal and drown again until he desiccates and he’ll stay that way until someone finds him. Is this what Stefan deserves? Decidedly not. As with Bonnie Bennett, Stefan gets the raw end of the season-finale twists, but it’s a set-up for a fascinating story turn in season five in terms of character and mythology.

And we’re left duped by the doppelganger one last time. The Katherine-Elena fight seemed like it would end in Katherine’s favor, that Katherine would be the one assuming her doppelganger’s life. But the rug was pulled out from under us: yes, one evil doppelganger would be destroying a shadow self, but it was Silas and Stefan, not Katherine and Elena. How the TVD writers manage to one up themselves for jaw-dropping finales season after season is a mystery best left unsolved (Expression triangle?), but what they’ve accomplished with Graduation is a heartfelt end to an important chapter in the series. No more high school. No more Originals. Tyler is coming back, and Bonnie’s on the Other Side. Elena and Katherine aren’t the only doppelgangers. It’s time to let go and move on from many of the familiar places and faces: the joys of the college years are just around the corner.

Feeling all the feelings - a compelling moments highlight reel:

  • Lexi and Stefan rocking out to Bon Jovi.
  • Alaric, Jer, and Elena having a happy grease-filled meal in the cemetery.
  • Caroline’s voicemail for Klaus, his beheading entrance, and their “last love” moment on the field. Swooning for eternity.
  • Bonnie and her dad having a moment as she graduates, knowing she’s on borrowed time.
  • Damon and Elena’s passionate reunion by the fireplace.
  • Stefan, so stoic, hearing Elena pour her heart out to Damon, and Lexi there for her best friend, hand on his shoulder.
  • “I’m not not happy for you.” “Thanks, brother.” My heart, it breaks.
  • Jeremy realizing why he can’t feel Bonnie’s touch anymore.
  • Katherine beating the pulp out of Elena, but getting the ultimate burn in the end.


The Rules After flipping her emotions back on, Elena is no longer subjected to the sire bond. The amount of werewolf venom determines how quickly a vampire will expire from it. Silas reminds us of two key elements of magic in the TVDverse: Nature demands that there be a balance, and every spell has a loophole. Silas is released from Bonnie’s spell when the veil goes back up, and she no longer has access to her power and was dead-dead. When he made himself immortal, Nature created a version of him that could be killed — the shadow self, or doppelganger. So Stefan is a Silas knock-off, 2000 years after the fact.

Foggy Moments Looking back to the beginning of the season, what exactly was Pastor Young going on about in his letter that he left for April? He wrote, “There’s always been an evil that spread through Mystic Falls, but now a greater one is coming. My death is but the first in the war ahead.” But we’re later told that Shane convinced the pastor that through him sacrificing himself and 11 others, his wife would be resurrected, along with the others killed in the name of Silas. (Which was a big old lie on Silas’s part; he can’t raise mortals, only convince a witch to eradicate the Other Side.) Why did Pastor Young consider himself part of a war in a fight against a greater evil? He was Team Silas.

Vaughn tells Damon he starved to death in Silas’s well, right before he informs Damon that Qetsiyah found him on the Other Side to remind him of his destiny, confirming that Qetsiyah is still an active force. But with the veil down, why couldn’t Qetsiyah herself pass through to take out Silas herself? Even dead witches have an incredible amount of power, as Bonnie and Aja both demonstrated. Is there a reason — other than it not being convenient, story-wise — why Qetsiyah is staying behind-the-scenes?

Where has Connor’s trailer been since he died? Still out on that back road?

Damon refuses to take the cure, even though he’s seconds away from death. Could he not just take the cure, be human for the drive home, and then turn again?

When Bonnie did the spell on Silas, she turned him into stone (as opposed to encasing him in stone); when the spell broke, he turned back into his non-calcified self — so where did the stone casing bits that Stefan found come from? Did Silas stick them in there for dramatic effect, or was his Monster Man form a little larger than his natural Stefan form and those were the extra bits of shed stony coating?


  • When will Rebekah find her way to New Orleans for The Originals?
  • Is Stefan the first Silas doppelganger?
  • Stefan is trapped in a safe at the bottom of a quarry. How long til someone realizes that Silas-Stefan isn’t one they know and love?
  • Katherine is human. She’s going to have to pay for those $500 boots she’s so fond of. What will she do?
  • What will Jeremy’s “Oops, I’m not dead” explanation be? Where will he live since his sister burnt down their house?
  • Tyler has been granted a pardon. Will Lockwood return to Mystic Falls? Can he compel himself a diploma or will he just chill Chez Lockwood with Matt?
  • Matt has the awesomest summer plans. But will it be back to the Grill when his jaunt with Rebekah is over? What will Donovan do?
  • How will Damon and Elena fare, as she heads off to college?
  • Have we seen the last of the Hunters? Of April?
  • Did Bonnie ever intend to give Katherine Silas-level immortality? Or was Bon-Bon just playing Katherine to get the tombstone?
  • If Qetsiyah invented the cure to the immortality spell and she’s on the Other Side with Bonnie, could Bonnie get the recipe?
  • When Silas explains that the spell that turned him to stone broke because Bonnie died, Stefan says, “But Bonnie’s not dead.” And Silas replies, “It doesn’t matter, does it?” Is Silas just giving Stefan the brush-off because he’s about to dump him over the falls, or is there a supernatural significance to Silas’s comment?
  • Since Silas and Stefan are doppelgangers, was Silas 17 years old, like Stefan is, when he became an immortal, Qetsiyah imprisoned him, and she created the Other Side? Or is he more, like, 30, but could pass for 17 on a TV show?
  • Silas has demonstrated a voracious appetite for blood. Is Stefan’s status as Silas’s doppelganger somehow connected to his tendency to go into full-on Ripper mode?
  • Is the Other Side a place of isolation or is it possible to “hang out” with your other dead supernatural buddies? Witches seem to have a position of power and ability on the Other Side (Qetsiyah reaffirms Vaughn’s mission, for example); does that mean that Bonnie will be connected to other witches, her Grams? Qetsiyah?
  • Silas will know, from psychically gleaning from that Stefan, that Elena had the cure. How long will it take before Silas realizes that Elena no longer has the cure? What will he do when he realizes his one goal in life — to die — is unachievable? Go to college? Raise some hell?

Crissy Calhoun is currently writing her Season 4 Love You to Death companion guide to The Vampire Diaries with her kickass co-author, and’s co-founder, Heather Vee. The first three volumes are available here: Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3. Find Crissy online at and tweeting @crissycalhoun.

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  • twirlybird

    What if silas is lying about stefan being his dopleganger he can technically be anyone he wants to be ? So can’t he be a double of anyone?

  • Demetra Christakos

    Terrific (and fun) and very informative summary except for the following: “Neither [Damon / Elena] will apologize for who they are, or how wrong they are for each other — and that’s what makes them so right.” More than two million Stelena fans (Paul Wesley’s Twitter count) might say that they are just wrong for each other ;)

    Secondly, perhaps the doppelganger solution explains why Stefan’s bloodthirst is so much more difficult for him to control than for other vampires: his counterpart Silas was starving for blood for 2,000 years.

  • drich61

    I follow Paul, Ian, and Nina, but do NOT give a damn whom Elena is with. Twitter followers mean nothing about these awful ships.

  • Demetra Christakos

    I know. I am pitifully throwing in any argument I can against the onslaught of support for Delena. My apologies.

  • shoe20

    Don’t think so – Paul in an interview said he would be playing Silas all season 5. Thank God, Paul excels at bad-ass, and after the woosie season they wrote for him I’m sure he needs a challenge and change.

  • shoe20

    I really think your on to something with Stefan’s blood thirst. Elena will experience her bad-boy relationship, and either love it or hate it next season. Stelena is dead and buried like Stefan – the way they wrote the finale, it will take too much to resurrect a plausible return for me.
    For me the Finale has made me reevaluate my need to anxiously wait for Thur night, I’m done watching live. Easier and less stress to watch files later. Sure I’ll watch eventually, but I’m done with JP stringing me along week to week.
    Wrote you something on the other thread, which I’m leaving.
    I enjoy your comments. tks

  • Rose-Petals

    I wonder, Since Bonnie is on the other side wouldn’t she be able to figure out that Stefan is in trouble and that Silas is pretending to be him and then tell Jeremy? Or can’t Lexi just appear to Jeremy and tell him since she is always watching Stefan?

  • Debbie

    I’ve been thinking the same thing, but I can’t think of any reason for Silas to lie. And Stefan being a dop. Can make a very interesting storyline, it could go so many ways, I can’t see Julie plec losing that opportunity.

  • Debbie

    One of the best comments made, which I didn’t think of is Damon, Elena and Stefan are so close that what affects 2 will affect the other one. I never thought about that, but it’s so true…we see this time and time again. This I hope will be the key to finding Stefan. No matter how smart Silas is, my hope is Elena and Damon will see right through it, and will sense right away that its not Stefan.

    As so nicely said above, this episode in my opinion is a new good start for Elena and Stefan. Elena is finally in a good place both as a person and as a vampire, more confident and smarter. Finally, for the first time they can mutually take care of eachother, although as friends, Stefan doesn’t always have to feel like the protector and provider. When Stefan is found, I think she will be a great help and support to Stefan, who may be suffering more than we know. I think she will be mostly be the one to get him through the tough road.

    Truthfully, although he doesn’t like it, I think Stefan is at peace with Elena’s decision which is what the “I’m not not happy for you” comment was for. My feeling is he will accept the happy couple…a huge positive step for Stefan, a good sign of maturity, and will help to his road to recovery.

  • shoe20

    hi Debbie – the problem is the finale destroyed Stelena beyond repair.

    done watching!

  • Debbie

    In your frustration I can say 2 things about tvd. Jp has a great talent of being able to change people’s opinion in an instant. Nothing in tvd land is ever damaged beyond repair, there is always a way to reconcile 2 people and make it seem natural. I’m not saying Jp wants to reconcile stelena because I don’t know, I’m just saying not to lose hope, because it might still happen and will look realistic despite past mistakes.

    And you are making Damon’s character sound very one sided and nobody on tvd is one sided. Everyone has their evil side and their good side, or at least some good intentions. No exception, even klaus is slowly being reformed (they gave our big bad the most romantic line of the series, and we actually believe it, now that’s 2 sides to every Character!). Absolutely hate a character, I’m sure we all have someone we hate. But when you stop seeing any good in one of the main characters, you’re losing everything that tvd stands for…that no one is pure evil or pure good.

    I know as well as anyone s4 had its serious issues. But the show has not lost those 2 big points, that is enough of a reason to keep me watching…anything can happen.

  • shoe20

    Thanks Debbie but for me Stelena is broken beyond repair because of S4. There is no more hope, and iI’M OK with the SL. I.m still confussed how Elena made that choice. There just was no build up to the decision made much less her decision to kiss Stefan off. Too much left unsaid.

  • whoneedsthecullens

    Hi Crissy, thanks for the wonderful recap – it certainly has been worth the wait.

    I just wanted to add two thoughts:

    “so restorative was it for her to see Jeremy again, to have that family
    moment with him and Alaric, to be able to have a peaceful
    When Elena was fighting Katherine, one thing also added up to her power: her recent getting together with Damon. Which for me resonates nicely with Damon fighting Alaric in the Season 3 finale and flashing back to his memory of how he met Elena first. Both fighting for their lives, both drawing strength from a memory.
    And to answer your question why Damon didn’t take the cure to get home and turn back again: I think Julie said something a long the line that the cure is a one way road. You can’t turn back to being a vampire. (Which, I am sure, has a loophole) So even if Damon didn’t know that they couldn’t do that due to the storyelling.

    Season 4 was kinda hard to watch sometimes but overall I loved it. I am looking forward to rewatch it on DVD and reading your super-sized recaps at the same time. Have a great summer.

  • Demetra Christakos

    I would say the response that you are experiencing is definitely one of the challenges for TVD next season. I don’t think you are alone. They’ve been screwing with us.

    In retrospect, Elena acknowledged in the finale that she feels she has not made the best transition to being a vampire. At the beginning of season 4, she awoke to find herself something she never wanted to be. At the end, by renouncing the opportunity to return to being fully human three times over (not taking it when offered by Damon, not taking it when given back to her by Stefan, then forcing it herself on Katherine) she demonstrates her own will to try to live as a vampire. But basically she’s still at square one as a vampire.

    Damon has only desired Elena in competition with Stefan. For four seasons, his desire has been amplified in his not being able to get what he wants. This is a psychological patterning coming from not being able to get to Katherine for 145 years. Unrequited love carries its own compulsion, something I recognize as deeply human from my own life . In a sense, Damon is a bit of a virgin when it comes to a “real relationship.” At the beginning of Season 5, tho he did get in some sense Stefan’s blessing, he will also no longer have Stefan in his life, someone he’s been willing to die for, someone who has been one of his orienting stars for four seasons. They say over and over that Damon has never had any real friends outside of his relationships with Elena and Stefan. So now the burden of educating Damon falls entirely to Elena.

    I kind of feel like Ian Somerhalder’s portrayal of Damon has been fixed at a more surfacey level than Paul Wesley’s of Stefan. So it will be interesting to see if they will allow him more opportunity to act rather than smolder.

  • Demetra Christakos

    I would also like to see someone actually cleaning the Salvatore mansion. Who cleans it? Where are the staff? We’ve seen Damon winding the clocks. Maybe Jeremy will move in with Matt. Otherwise at some point they will have to come up with a kitchen for the Salvatore mansion. :)

  • silent

    Chrissy, it’s a great recap as ever.
    I’d like to add a rule (in my opinion): cause of changing the doppelganger E/K, it could come out this possibility for Silas. Elena is the born doppelganger of Kat and not reversible. So theoretical doppelganger doesn’t exist anymore. In this state Silas could turn into the doppelganger due to loophole. So it might be the first time as Stefans “face” and never before.
    But as least its only a holey construction at TVD to give Paul time for a badass role!
    You pointed out that “the Other Side a place of isolation or is it possible to “hang out” with your other dead supernatural buddies? ”
    But in one episode Anna told Jer that she is alone at the other side and then she had been happy when the vail falls the first time and she met her mother again.

  • AustrianTVDfan

    Shoe I thought you are not a Stelena… and here you are upset about Stelena beeing completely over and you refuse to watch because of it…

    funny… regarding your comments on DC…

  • Cat

    Ok…am SO SICK of American shows using dumb (and innaccurate) stereotypes for other countries-I’m Australian and I don’t even know what a yurt is!! We live in actual houses with fridges and windows and-OMG-air-con!!!! It it supposed to be humourous writing, TVD writers? Because it’s really not. It just mskes Stefan (who i would’ve assumed was well-travelled) and the writers (who clearly aren’t) look extremely ignorant. If my reaction seeks strong it’s just that I’m over it-One Tree Hill did it a bunch of times too (outback jokes when an Aussie character was in it) I hope Claire Holt explained that Australia actually has the world’s 2nd best living standards (after Norway) and America comes in at about thirty…oh well…the truth yurts!!!! End of rant.

  • Debbie

    Damon gets the happiest ending, and I’m happy that I get why. In my opinion, next to Matt, Damon has been the hero of the season.

    Very little does Damon get credit for sticking around town in the beginning of the season despite not getting the girl – just to protect the town from a murderer that killed 12 people, protect them from a new crazy vampire hunter, and to help the girl that he lost cope with being a new vamp. He slept in the same house with his brother and his girlfriend, the woman he loved, and in my opinion did nothing to get in the couples way. Even when s and e were having trouble, and Damon started to suspect Elena’s feelings had grown for Damon, he still defended Stefan (4.6). He was there to support the new vamp every step of the way, and was the only one to offer her advise to make her feel “alive”. Yes, he let her feed from him, but I don’t think that was to get In Stefan’s way, that was simply a way to help her. And the flirting in 4.4, a way to help her have fun and get her to enjoy being a vamp for the first time.
    When Elena’s feelings grew for Damon, she broke up with Stefan, it was her decision-despite Damon’s efforts to keep them together. When Elena confessed her feelings to Damon, yes he slept with her very quickly after the breakup, but it was after the breakup. No wrong doing in my opinion. When he found out she was sired (which gave her that push to sleep with him), what did he do? Stay as far away from her as he could without leaving town. Sure he could have left, but that would have killed them both, they already felt too strongly for eachother at that point-I think he did the most selfless thing he could have done staying away from her.

    The cure storyline, even though it was a mess, showed me how much he loves her unconditionally and deserves her love in return. He doesn’t want her to take the cure, but actively helps the gang look for it because he knows that’s what she wants, and to help relieve her of her vampire guilt. Watching 4.14 again, watching him step aside to let her get the cure reminded me how selfless he was.
    In the end of the season, it was his plan to get Elena’s humanity back that worked with Matt’s help. Elena is now in a good place with being a vamp because of Damon.

    Their getting together has been a long time coming….they have a lot of obstacles to overcome because he doesn’t know how to be in a relationship, because of his esteem issues and her selflessness nature. But at the same time, they will help eachother get through this by challenging eachother, like they always have.

  • Vivs

    I’ve been wondering… Did Qetsiyah practice Expression or the old regular magic involving nature and the spirits? I’m asking because when Silas told Stefan that the spell that had turned him into stone had broken because of the death of the witch (Bonnie) who cast it… wouldn’t that “rule” have affected all of the many other spells that have existed on the show, like the tomb spell that kept all of the vampires locked up even when Emily was dead? Does the fact that a witch practices expression affect the outcome of the spell once the witch who performed it is dead? Is that the loophole? Only nature spells stay active even after the death of the witch, and the expression ones don’t?

  • Bobby

    Good summary-
    But you made one major error. In the finale Silas admitted that HE was the one that created the immortality spell, not Qetsiyah. She must have just created the cure so someone can kill him.

    What I just don’t understand is if Qetsiyah created the cure why didn’t she herself just wake up Silas and force-feed it to him and kill him herself? … sometimes I feel like I’m the only one that thinks about these things…

    I know she wanted him to suffer and all that but she could have insured that a long time ago and just put him on the other side herself.

  • Deirdon

    For all of you worried about stelena i dont think we should worry yet. With a show that is centered around a love triangle, there is going to have to be a time where she was truly with damon. If stelena is endgame, i think it would be better to know that she couldnt be with damon because she has realized it after already being in that relationship.
    As annoying as it is to always be strung along with this love triangle, it has to happen. Besides as much as i want stelena to happen I think delena needed a little something since they have pretty much been teased since The beginning of the series.

  • katherine_fan

    Honestly,I think you explained why Silas got free from Bonnie’s spell a lot better than the TVD writers.If I remember correctly,Silas said it was because Bonnie was dead,but that didn’t make sense; otherwise the veil would have gone back up as soon as she died.So,it was because Bonnie put the veil back up and not being able to practice magic anymore.
    ”Since Silas and Stefan are doppelgangers, was Silas 17 years old, like
    Stefan is, when he became an immortal, Qetsiyah imprisoned him, and she
    created the Other Side? Or is he more, like, 30, but could pass for 17
    on a TV show?”.Oh,Crissy.You’re simply the best!

  • Debbie

    Excellent point! But I personally don’t think it’s expression vs regular witch spell. I just think that every spell period has its own loophole. Clearly, all Loopholes cant all be based on the witch dying, otherwise, as you so greatly explained, the vamps couldn’t stay in the tomb as long as they did after Emily’s death
    . The cure was created by a spell by Qetsiyah, this at least we think we know. Qetsiyah Staying on the other side instead of forcing the cure on Silas herself is really confusing. I think there’s a loophole to the cure as well. Maybe Its the opposite loophole. That the creator of the spell isn’t allowed to leave the other side? If that’s the loophole, then I’m afraid to find out what she’ll do once she finds out the cure was used on someone other than Silas no more cure. No more loophole she no longer has to keep herself hidden. will she then be one of the big bads of s5, show her face In s5 only to get back at Elena for using up her cure? And what for that matter is silas loophole for his immortality? What has to be done to break that spell? It’s possible the Qetsiyah has a lot more answers than we know.

  • shoe20

    Hi Debbie great post, but a few things I see differently.

    I believe Damon stuck around town to continue his quest to steal his brother’s girl, as her already told Stefan. The blood sharing, dirty dancing, and telling her not to trust Stefan, were to support his quest. Damon loves Elena with a love born out of obsession. The same obsession he felt for Katherine until it was transferred to Elena in 2.01.

    When Elena’s feelings grew for Damon, she broke up with Stefan.
    Pretty much cannon Stefan broke up with Elena. “I just can’t do this anymore. (Elena) I know.

    yes he slept with her very quickly after the breakup, but it was after the breakup.

    This is a major problem for me this season. Damon showed me just how much he loves his brother by not waiting a few days to claim his prize. He wasn’t sired or compelled to act on his feelings without any regard for his brother’s feelings. Before you jump me about the prize comment, lets not forget how Damon objectified Elena with his “I got the girl” comment in the finale. There were so many classier ways to say it.

    As far as the cure goes lets not forget Damon told her on the Island (while she was under the SB) that he didn’t want her to be cured. Is it really possible that what Damon told her under the SB this season (You know what would make me happy. – I don’t want you to be cured) had no influence on her in the finale? really?
    I’m not bitter about DE being together, but how the writer’s went about doing it. Destroying SE to make way for Damon – Taking Elena’s free will away with the SB – Destroying Elena by taking her humanity(the core of her character) Basically taking her character to the darkest possible place by killing others and attempting to kill her best friends just so she was destroyed enough to chose Damon. I’m shocked DE fans are not upset at the method the writers used to give them their couple.

  • debbie

    My post sounded like i thought damon was perfect – he’s not, not by a long shot. But there has been a lot of negativity towards Damon and he really impressed me this season.

    I can see why you would think Damon was trying to steal Stefan’s girl with the blood sharing and dirty dancing. Except for one big thing, Damon was ready to walk away and leave town in 4.03 – Stefan convinced him to stay at the beginning of 4.03, despite being pissed at him for the blood sharing. Stefan is not stupid, if he was worried in any way about his bro trying to steal his girl, he would have been more than happy to pack Damon’s bags. And the dirty dancing and blood sharing – yes, absolutely there was a little bit of selfishness in there…but I really think they were done, for the most part, to help Elena out with her feeding and enjoyment of being a vampire.

    Not jumping on you for the prize comment, but a better example than “I got the girl”. That comment wasn’t meant with ill intent, really not so bad for Damon, he said it in private to his best bud, Also, it was repeated by Alaric who has nothing but gaurdian respect for Elena. Elena is treated with nothing but respect from Damon (since trying to kiss her in s1 that is). No abuse of the sb, and she has always been more of a good, loyal friend to him than just an object – he would give her good advise and vise versa, esp at the beginning of s3. Damon is not perfect, he’s had many years of taking advantage of women. But I think Elena has already been a good influence in that department and I’m sure will be even better while they are together (they challenge and change each other..)

    Don’t get me started on the cure storyline, that has been a mess since day one, completely inconsistent. But no, I don’t think her choosing to not take the cure had anything to do with what Damon said in 4.13, because she was fighting to take it in 4.14, despite Damon’s reaction. And had it not been for the hunters and Damon dying, I think she would have taken it in the finale, despite her feelings for Damon. But I am happy she’s still a vamp, I find her more interesting as a vamp than as a human.

    Elena is not Katherine 2.0…he loves Elena, yes, but he’s not obsessed with her. He has backed away from E too many times (2.08, 3.14, 4.14 etc etc) for E to be an obsession. And he backed away, for the most part, so that she was free to be with Stefan. Yes, he loved her, but he did not make it his life’s mission to be with her.

    The bros have serious sibling rivalry…many, many years of serious issues, mostly over women. Neither have treated eachother perfectly by any means…both are at fault for that. Stop falling for the same women! But in the end, if it came down to Stefan hating Damon for the rest of their lives, he would walk away from Elena, no doubt in my mind. But in the finale, you have to remember that Elena didn’t choose Damon, she already made that choice in 4.06, Stefan was just hoping for another chance. And stefan chose to forgive Damon, and actually be happy for him, that speaks volumes in my books.

  • shoe20

    Thanks for the post Debbie! I read mine again and it was a little edger than I actually feel.
    I think what bothered me most about the writing of the finale was 2 things. 1. Elena letting Stefan find out her choice by shouting it from the other room. (not possible for Elena’s compassionate core character. and 2. No closure for Stefan (after 3 yrs JP owed him at least that, and so did Elena.)
    OK, that being said I’m done till next season.

  • Gwen

    Shoe20…I can understand that Stelana fans are frustration with the way things turned out in S4 but Stelena’s relationship and break up was their own doing…Not Damon’s. Stelena ended the moment Elena died and became a vampire. After re-watching some of S4 you can see their relationship begin its slow downward spiral after the rooftop scene. Their relationship /epic love should have been strong enough to survive Elena becoming a Vampire. Complications were evident from the very beginning. Stefan, the kind all feeling person that he is sometimes let’s his guilt consume him. He began to see Elena differently, possible broken, he seemed less hopeful and I believe Elena sensed this right away. As you watch them interact early on in S4 you can tell there is something missing / off. Elena is no longer the same person, she is a vampire she needs blood to survive…animal or human does not matter for a compassionate individual such as Elena she is going to feel bad either way. I know Stefan tried to help her when they were hunting together, but Elena could not keep the blood down and was starving. Why did she keep this from Stefan? The first person she contacts is Caroline, who was not answering her phone so she turned to Damon…again why? Not being honest with each other is one of the first signs there is trouble in paradise. Instead of facing their troubles together they turned to others. Even Stefan, instead of being honest and talking
    with Elena about having too much fun with her and becoming “the ripper” he turns to Caroline, which not only causes another wedge between Elena and Stefan but starts problems between Caroline and Elena friendship. With regards to the blood sharing and dirty dancing again, those were choices Elena made on her own; Damon did not force her to do either
    of those things, plus neither of these events would have taken place if she
    felt she could be open and honest with Stefan. The old Elena would have told Stefan she was starving, she would have
    never felt the need to go behind Stefans back and drink from Damon or Matt (BTW…if it wasn’t for Damon Matt would be dead, Elena was about to drain him because she was so hungry). She would have told Stefan about her hunger / craving for blood, the violent images she was having the strong desire to get the stake from Damon and kill Rebekah. The old Elena would have wanted to have fun (ie dirty dancing) with Stefan, not Damon.
    The old Elena would have felt guilty and told Stefan about the dirty dancing with Damon event but she didn’t Why? S4 continues with lack of trust, honesty and turning to others for support. Even if the writers chose to let Damon die in the end and become a ghost with Bonnie (which I know a lot of posts thought that was going to happen), Stelena still would have had all the same problems/ issues in their relationship that I listed above. Stelena fans need to take a good hard look at
    Stefan and Elena’s relationship after she turned and admit Elena / Stefan break
    up was 100% their own doing and Not Damon’s. Yes, their sweet, innocent love ended when Elena became a vampire but it does not mean a stronger more mature relationship is incapable of ever happening between them. Sorry for the long post…

  • Gwen

    Nice Post Debbie…I really enjoy reading your observations about Damon. S4 was all about Elena’s journey in becoming a vampire, she lost her connection with Stefan (commented below on Stelana’s relationship) but her connection with Damon became stronger. And that connection was all Damon; he was her
    rock throughout S4. Teaching her to be a
    functioning vampire, how to feel alive even in death, never abusing the sire bond,
    watching so she did not go off the rails when her humanity switch was off, plus
    putting up with Elena’s acid tongue, and doing everything in his power to get her the cure. YES, and in the end it was Damon who presented her with the cure,
    which brings me to one of the most important selfless acts by Damon…when Vaughn shot Damon he knew at that moment he was a dead man. He could have taken the cure and saved himself, he could have gone to his baby brother and asked for help, he could have gone to Klaus and pleaded for his life…but he did none of those things. Staying true to his pledge he made in the cave, he was done trying to control everything. He accepted his fate and was at peace with his decision. In fact he even led Vaughn away from the graduation ceremony so Elena and Stefan could have their day. Now the writers could have taken this story in several directions…they could have made Alaric force Damon to take the cure, or let Damon die and become a ghost (which a lot of Stelena fans were hoping so he would hook up with Bonnie) but instead they decided to let Delena finally happen. S4 was frustrating for both Stelana and Delena fans. For Delena fans…the SB, the Cure and No-Humanity Elena went on far too long, plus there were so many missed opportunities to show real growth in Damon / Elena’s relationship (ie: when Elena finally tells Damon she loves him and he tells her to come to him and nothing :-(.

    With regards to the comment about “Getting the Girl”, I don’t think this was a slight against Stefan in fact I don’t think it had anything to do with Stefan, that comment was all about Damon and his journey in finally finding happiness, finding someone who accepts him for who he is, who challenges him and makes him want to be a better person. That comment was not about Stefan but about Damon. That is why Stefan later commented that he was happy for him, because it was all about Damon’s journey in finally finding happiness.

    Elena choice not taking the cure was 100% entirely her choice, No influence from Damon, SB free, her free will, something the old Elena would do. Just like the old Elena, she says she wants it but there was only one and she could not be selfish and take it. Then she offers it to Stefan again 100% old Elena. I get that Stelena fans are not happy with Elena’s choice but it was her choice, her decision. Like Lexi has said to Stefan let go and move on….

  • Debbie

    Hi Gwen, excellent points made, I agree with you 100percent. Stelena is responsible of for their breakup not Damon. As soon as Elena turned Stefan couldn’t handle the guilt and missed the old human Elena. this in turn led Elena to feel broken and unhappy, led her to not trust or feel confident in Stefan and for Stefan to not feel confident in himself. At least for now they are better as friends.

    Elena’s feelings for Damon at the same time grew, but due to many obstacles they couldn’t be together. He was unsure of her feelings due to the sb, she was after the cure which could have ended her feelings for Damon, and then she had no feelings and was intentionally cruel. It’s now clear that these obstacles were there in part to delay the inevidable – that Damon prooves that he can handle these obstacles well and overcome them, which has brought him up to hero status (at least where Elena is concerned)- now he is deserving and ready for a dramatic delena finale and real relationship s5. His finale sacrifice of not “controlling everything” is really a good development for Damon, and his biggest downfall. I hope he doesn’t lose that ability to fight for what he needs, and to remember that his life has meaning too. Stop hating yourself so much!

    You were so right when you said there were a lot of missed opportunities for a real relationship. I hope that our waiting through the obstacles was worth it!

  • Gwen

    Thanks Deirdon for your objective observation about Stelena as well as Delena. I had and idea that I would like to run by a Stelena fan. What if you are right, Delena needs to happen and Stefan needs to move. Let’s say that Elena’s family friends from Denver have a daughter Elena’s age who goes to college with Elena. She is a combination of Lexi / Caroline/ Elena and Katherine all rolled into one. She can relate to Stefan’s demons (similar to the couple in Silver Lining’s Playbook), she challenges him, brings out the passion in him, makes him face his demons and forces him to have fun and be less self righteous. She could have some sort of super natural power and possible a descendant from Silas’s one true love, which Stefan has to help save her from Qetsiyah. I like Stefan and want him to be happy. The end game might be Stelena but I think they both need to grow and change before they can come back together. :-)

  • Gwen

    Thanks Debbie…I know we have a long way to go before S5 begins but I am really looking forward to it Speaking of Damon handling things…I can just picture the following opening scene…Damon pouring himself a drink, on top of the world because he got the girl and in walks Elena with a huge smile on her face. Damon immediately thinks it is because of their new found relationship and that she finally has closure with Jeremy. But Elena is about to rock his world with the news that Jeremy is not only alive but needs a place to stay, they need to come up with a great story why he is back from the dead and that she forced Katherine to take the cure..In walks Katherine wanting protection, while Jeremy / Elena want to kill her, and Stefan (ie: Silas) shows up, telling everyone he has changed his mind…he has decided to stay…talk about must see TV. I expect S5 to test Damon / Elena relationship (Katherine, Silas causing problems, Jeremy testing Damon’s patience, Elena off to school meeting new people and than their is always trying to save the world stuff just to name a few) but I strongly believe they can overcome whatever is thrown their way (based on a lot of the points you made above, and then some)…it looks like the writers will have enough material to make for an exciting S5. Can’t wait….. :-)

  • Gwen

    Wow you both raise some very good points. With regards to Bonnie’s spell…It seems to be very similar to the one her mother performed on Mikael. Like Mikael, if Silas got one drop of human blood he would come back to life. I guess this particular spell is also severed if the witch dies…might be interesting to re-watch the old episodes when Bonnie’s mother talks about the spell she performed on Mikael. We were always told the cure was meant for Silas. Now that Katherine has taken it will she truly become human or will she now have some new found powers? And both Silas and Qetsiyah will be after her…talk about on the run again? It is also going to be interesting to see how Stefan and the Salvatore family history fits into all of this. And one last question, could Silas one true love have a descendant (a new possible love interest for Stefan) that we learn about?

  • Gwen

    Great recap… :-) I especially liked reading about Matt / Rebekah, Klaus (very interesting take on Klaus graduating as well) / Caroline, Katherine and Stefan. So many of the posts center around the triangle, it is nice to read about the development and outlook of the other characters. Also thanks for adding clarity to the graduation episode especially when the veil went back up and Silas was freed from his cast tomb.

    In response to the “foggy moments” section and Damon not taking the cure. One of the rules about the cure is that once you take it you cannot turn back into a vampire or you risk death. This rule has been talked about during several interviews but was has yet to be made clear on the show. JP’s recent interview points this out now that Katherine is human. So I am assuming Damon was already dying…why take the cure only to risk certain death turning back into a vampire is my guess.

    I just re-watched 4X22 and another foggy moment I had was how did Silas know in the cave just before Bonnie turned him to stone that Qetsiyah was a “No Show”? We know that she was able to contact the hunters on the other side, which tells us she is in that world, so why the “No Show”? Did Silas put some special spell on her? Did she think he was too powerful because of all the energy he had from the massacres, that he could destroy her? Did she not want Katherine to have super immortal powers? I guess we will find out in the fall.

    On another note – has anyone scene the new S5 group photo (You can find it on Latino Post)? Rebekah / Klaus are gone (which is expected),Meredith is missing from the picture but Jeremy / Alaric and what looks to be Jenna are in the photo. Has anyone heard anything about Jenna returning? Maybe S5 is opening up a realm a new supernatural world…a Ghost World…

  • Suchtie

    The group photo is an old one, that’s why Alaric and Jenna are on it.

  • Suchtie

    Silas want’s to die as a human so he can be reunited with his true love. But Qetsiyah doesn’t want him to be with her so he has to suffer with not being able to die.

  • Suchtie

    Last weekend on Bloody Diaries Con in Germany Paul Wesley said he was a little bored by Stefans character this season. So next season should be great for him – even though Nina Dobrev has set high standards on playing two characters on this show.

  • Suchtie

    “Even dead witches have an incredible amount of power, as Bonnie and Aja both demonstrated.”

    Who is Aja? lol

    “Damon refuses to take the cure, even though he’s seconds away from death. Could he not just take the cure, be human for the drive home, and then turn again?”

    If Damon would’ve done that even baby vampire Elena would’ve been a little bit stronger and faster than him. I think Damon is too proud for that.. and who knows if the cure even works properly. It was with Silas for 2,000 years… but I guess we’ll see if it did on Katherine…

  • Gwen

    Thanks Suchtie…I thought so as well but they are showing it in reference to S5. I just thought it was strange.

  • Mel

    I completely agree. I’m Australian too (yayaya), and when Stefan said that line about living in a yurt, i was like, what? Whats a yurt? I looked one up and i was still at a loss to what it was. I have never seen one in my life. I Had to pause the episode while i had the same rant in my head. Hahaha

  • Demetra Christakos

    Julie Plec talking about Delena starting off next year unknowingly having a monster in their midst (AKA Silas/Stefan) just put a big smile on my face. Now Damon can see what it’s like! Not to be mean, but it should be hilarious kismet.

  • Thirsty Like A Vamp

    Stefan was drunk and having fun with Lexi. The yurt reference has more to do with his own situation than the housing in Australia. If Elena doesn’t pick him, he will have to do some soul-searching and contemplating outside of MF. And as it turned out a yurt anywhere in the world would be a much more better place than the safe at the bottom of the quarry lake. All the melodrama in the show needs to be balanced with some comic relief.

  • love_IS_lovely

    You wrote an excellent summary of this season! I particularly loved the fruition of the Damon/Elena romance flowing along the metaphor of that formal dance they do without touching. …Not saying they didn’t touch of course, but just metaphorically speaking. It was the most romantic TV series I have ever watched. I was totally into the Stephan and Elena romance too when it started in the earlier seasons and I believed that Damon was an irredeemable person at first as intended. And that plotline was good, but I think what really made this show outstanding and different from other romantic plots for me was that they didn’t stop with the cookie-cutter idea of good and bad and true love being the person who asks you out the fastest, or the idea that true love only comes along when you are not already dating someone or that it all works out somehow magically if the true lover waits his turn patiently in the wings and holds his tongue. I liked the intricacies and stumblings of the hard work that Damon had to do to win Elena, and the way that even if other spectators in this time period think Damon is “stealing” Elena, Stephan at least for his part seems to realize that they are competing for her from day-1, and just like Damon he can only do his best to win. I like the difficulty and complexity that the initial impressions of Damon as bad, Stephan as pure and Elena as innocent lent to the writers’ next task of showing us why Damon and Elena could be so intensely attracted to one another at this point in their development without detracting from Stephan’s character-value. And I thought they did a great job playing with the issue of the sire bond, which in an ironic way finally provided Elena with the freedom to act out her true feelings, though of course then she had the problem of proving the actions belonged to her. But I liked the way that even with the sire bond “excuse” her friends lash out a bit about her choice, and she and Damon have to face and consider the rebukes, and that Stephan suffers like a real person would suffer–quite like Matt suffered when Stephan came to town and won Elena away from him. I think for beautiful, nice girls like the Elena character, this difficulty of bad timing and lack of a basis for recognizing the ultimate “epic” love until it supercedes the previously “epic” one is all pretty realistic. I had no idea what heights loving someone/being loved could reach until I met my husband. And I first met him while on a date with his next door neighbor who I’d thought was the bee’s knees. So, like Elena I schooled myself in propriety for a year, but I sure am glad I finally gave in to the happy ending.

    The relatable truths underlying the fantasy in this series make it all the more romantic to me. The honesty of Damon’s selfishness, worn on his sleeve despite his love, also worn on his sleeve, is beautifully portrayed. And the character-consistency is great since just like bloodlust, you get this hint that maybe for Stephan selfishness runs repressed too– and perhaps just as intensely as Damon’s if not more so too. The two brothers’ characters seems like two expressions of similarly intense drives, which is what makes them so special. Anyone worried about Stephan not finding another love is not thinking like a good Cupid. I am holding out hope for human-Katherine and Stephan getting together. He thought she was an angel when he met her, and it gave her pause, remember? She seemed to love him with her human side, which didn’t seem to be the case with Damon, whose company she just reveled in as a vampire. It doesn’t all have to land the way I want it to of course, but I’ll just say again that I love this series. Thank you to its writers for the complexity! It all bundles up into very human, whole characters who I will watch and rewatch.

  • stefan@crazy

    i dont like it that damon and elena is together stefan is the one and always be the one so i its unfair

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