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Posted by | October 5, 2013, 10:00 (MST) | 35 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

XXIt’s been a long summer without The Vampire Diaries, especially since most of us didn’t spend it shacking up with a beautiful vampire, sending postcards from the Other Side, or having champagne-fueled threesomes (I presume…), and season five kicked off with a fresh and fun episode. Fresh and fun but also, you know, full of suffering, torment, violence, near deaths, and actual deaths. It is, after all, The Vampire Diaries.

This is a tricky moment for any television series populated by teenagers (whether mortal or immortal): when high school ends, and there’s no longer that one convenient place to bring all the characters together. But even though the gang is all over the map (underwater, on the Other Side, in the Mountains of Appalachia…), the episode wasn’t. Across each storyline was the desire to hold on to some form of normality, to try to be functional no matter the circumstances. For Caroline and Elena, that means not outing themselves as vampires on their first day as freshmen at Whitmore College. These two as roomies is so far incredibly entertaining, and with Caroline’s hilarious and sweet turn in this premiere, it feels like maybe we’ll have a more Caroline-heavy, and nuanced, season for the character than we did last year. While she still has her Tyler drama — is Michael Trevino fated to another season of leaving Very Important Voicemails? — Caroline is all panini presses, imagining Megan-is-a-hunter scenarios, and ready to get into kidnap mode in the most awesomely Caroline way. Pair that neurotic control freakiness with the perfect mix of emotion Candice Accola gives us as Caroline lies in bed, crying at the news that Tyler won’t be joining them at college but grateful to have Elena, there at her side, charting the unknown together. Could be a good year for Caroline fans. And Elena fans.

Remember back in season one when Elena said she used to be fun? Well, gloomy graveyard girl is on hiatus in I Know What You Did Last Summer. Bonnie is right: Elena does look happy at Whitmore — and she’s had a pretty decent summer of lovin’ too. The little shoulder shrug smirk move, in response to Caroline’s question of what a normal freshmen-y thing to do might be, has totally rocketed into my top 5 Elena moments of all time. Of course, their attempt to be normal, functional college kids is doomed from the start . . . along with Megan. What at first seemed just like a touching moment may turn out to be a clue in the Whitmore Mystery: Liz tells Elena that her father fell in love with medicine at Whitmore College, and by episode’s end Elena has found a photo of her dad on the dead girl’s cell. What the heck is up? (And many more questions, below.) We don’t know much about the good doctor Grayson Gilbert, but it looks like this will be the season we find out.

Whether a few hours away at Whitmore College or back home in Mystic Falls, the normality that seems to have lasted since graduation comes to a brutal and bloody end. A college party (with super hot flyer guys…stick around and try not to get killed, Jesse) takes a turn for the grim when Megan goes sailing through a window, killed by a vampire. Meanwhile, Silas puts his favorite knife to work on the leaders of Mystic Falls, first compelling Sheriff Forbes and slicing her wrist, before in a truly horrifying moment, slitting the Mayor’s throat while the entire town watches, compelled into stillness and silence. A pleasant town event, a normal college party, a supernatural-twist-free threesome — those are not experiences the TVD gang gets to have. Even Jeremy manages to get expelled on his first day back at school, picked on for being the freak who faked his own death and reacting as if he was battling a supernatural creature and not a run-of-the-mill human jerk. Jeremy’s not yet used to his Hunter strength and agility, or the necessary secrecy that goes along with being mystically endowed, but his new roomie, Mr. Damon Salvatore, will teach him the ropes. This new pairing is also just the best. These two have so much tense history — and, awesomely, Jer is not shy to bring up the whole ‘you killed me’ thing — and the dynamic between the two is nice and complicated with Elena away at college, but still very much present in their lives. Damon is keen to keep the darkness away from her; he withholds the truth about Katherine, about Silas and Stefan, about Jer’s expulsion and near death, so that she can go on enjoying her new college life. It’s as close to being a normal supportive boyfriend as Damon is capable of, given the circumstances. And it’s pretty endearing…though likely to blow up in his face at some point down the road.

And Bonnie Bennett has just the same motivation. She refuses to let go of her “I’m still alive” ruse, forcing Jeremy to keep her loved ones duped, a lie that will no doubt be revealed one day soon with the way these TVD writers like to blaze through storylines. (Side note: love how quickly the That-Ain’t-Stefan reveal happened.) Bonnie’s putting on a happy face in the first half of the episode: she tells Jer she feels lucky to be able to talk to her best friends from beyond the grave, she wants Elena and Caroline to have their happiness, and when she stands beside them at college, unseen, it’s the most bittersweet moment. She’s there, and they have no idea. No idea that she won’t ever be joining at them at Whitmore and taking up that now vacant third roommate spot. As the episode progresses, we start to see Bonnie hitting the limits of her ghostly status: she can’t help Jer convince Damon that Silas is back, she can’t help Jeremy when he lies dying in the road after the car collides with a telephone pole, and most heartbreaking of all she can’t do anything to stop Silas from murdering her father in cold blood.

Though she’s (basically) alone on the Other Side, Bonnie has found ways to still be a presence in her loved ones’ lives, even after death, and in an inverse of that situation, Stefan finds a way to keep his loved ones with him, even as he is alone and suffering. Stefan’s living a nightmare; the horror of being trapped for months in a coffin-like prison, drowning, dying, and then doing it all over again with only your own tormented thoughts for company is a little too much for anyone’s brain to handle. So Stefan basically mind-whammies himself: he hallucinates his home — open space and daylight and sustenance — and, in the shape of his brother, Stefan tells himself to give up and turn off his emotions. While he’d still be in pain, as he drowns and drowns again, he would lose all the other emotional torment if he flipped his switch. And he very nearly does. As much as Stefan has a literal, external shadow self in Silas, he also has splits within: the conflicting voices in his head arguing for one course of action or another, which he personifies as Damon — urging him to give into impulse — and Elena. Stefan seems surprised by her appearance in the hallucination at the end (though it’s his own imagination that has conjured her), and he draws the strength to hold onto his humanity, just as he did back at the beginning of season two in their brief phone call on the night of her 18th birthday. While Graduation had Lexi urging Stefan to let go, here he chooses to hold on — to his humanity, to what his love for Elena inspires in him. It’s a poignant reminder that the people you love are with you even when you’re alone.

But what if you’ve spent 500 years deceiving, using, cheating, killing, making enemies, and running from them? Enter Katherine Pierce, Human Edition. What I love-love-loved about this Katherine (and we’ve met a lot of variations of this woman over the course of the series) is how little she’s changed. Sure, she now understands how much work mere mortals put in to look even 1% as good as she normally does, but where it truly matters she is still so very Katherine. Like the girl who hung herself to escape Klaus and Rose and Trevor, Katherine solicits help from Damon but as soon as she realizes she’s reached the limit of his goodwill, she scrambles to save herself. The scene in the car with Jeremy is great: Jeremy is giving her the silent treatment — he’s been commanded to protect the person who fed him to Silas, left him for dead, and unleashed all kinds of hell of earth — but when he turns that car around, she kicks into high gear, negotiating for her life with all she’s got. When her pleas fall on deaf ears, Katherine Pierce doesn’t accept her fate: she changes it. Crafty and quick thinking, she crashes that car and leaves Jer for dead — again. I love that the human Katherine has great importance to Silas’s plan (for reasons yet to be revealed), and our girl is back on the lam. Bruised and bloody, in a bathrobe and bare feet, no less. TVD may have lost a villain we loved to root for when Klaus left to be King of New Orleans, but Queen Katherine is proving more than capable of re-filling that role on this series. Long may she reign.

With Katherine as willing as ever to kill off Jeremy to serve her own interest, Damon is given a chance to show just how much his feelings about Little Gilbert have changed since Damon first came back to Mystic Falls at the beginning of the series. There were a few choice callbacks to earlier seasons, tweaked for the new era that is season five, but none so poignant as Damon saving Jeremy and giving him a little hug, as he came back to life — now his caretaker, not his murderer. It’s a good thing that Damon is in Hero Mode, because with his brother trapped in the quarry, Bonnie dead, Matt brain-zapped by mysterious/sexy foreigners, and the college co-eds out of town, he’s leading the charge against the impressively villainous Silas.

Of course, we met Silas last season, wearing all manner of disguises, but in I Know What You Did Last Summer we finally get a taste of his personality. He’s snarky, he’s all-knowing, he hits where it hurts. And not just when it comes to dishing out the physical violence. He casually reminds Damon that Stefan has historically been the Chosen One when it comes to their shared lady loves; he points out to Katherine just how vulnerable and weak she is; even poor Liz Forbes gets a dig (“Eating your feelings?”) before being sliced into — he really is that psychic. Silas is clearly experimenting with the limits of his abilities — chugging blood all summer — and a few new rules are established and mythology details given (see below), but the biggest question isn’t how many people he can dupe in one go. It’s the one he flat-out refuses to answer: what is his plan? What does he want with Katherine? As the one who consumed the cure, she’s got very special blood running through her veins — both laced with the cure and with her Petrova doppelgänger blood. And judging by their little tub-side flirtation, the two baddie doppelgängers onscreen together again, for some nefarious plan or another, would be a delight. The possibilities are endless with such an exciting start to the new season, and new era, of the show. Is it Thursday yet?

Compelling Moment: Silas murdering the Mayor, in front of the unmoving townsfolk with Bonnie’s screams the only sound. Absolutely chilling.

The Rules: Lots of refreshers on the rules in this episode! Bonnie can communicate with Jer, but they can’t feel each other and no one else can see her. She is also now without her witchy powers, so she can’t do a thing when Silas cuts her father’s throat. Speaking of Silas… He unloads a lot of important fun facts regarding just what he is and what he’s capable of. First of all, do not call him a vampire. He’s an immortal; vampires are just perverse knock-offs of him. He is unkillable, he needs to drink human blood in order to sustain himself, he does not have super speed, but he does have super psychic abilities — mind control, mind reading — and the more blood he drinks, the greater his ability. (R.I.P. Mayor #3.) He also has speedy healing abilities, like a vamp. When Silas touches Jeremy (or presumably any other Hunter), Jer gets a chill where his Hunter’s mark used to be — akin to the way a witch can tell someone’s a vampire by touch.

Foggy Moments: Back in The Five, Elena and Damon were able to waltz right into a party at Whitmore College, a flyer the only invite they had, but here Elena and Caroline are barred from entry because they haven’t been invited in by the homeowner, even though they have the invite from Jesse and a flyer. So, only some frat houses at Whitmore have people living in them? The comment about someone owning the house doesn’t quite jive with the established invitation rule.

Other thoughts & questions before True Lies (EP502):

  • Some random awesome things that must be mentioned: Matt Donovan and Rebekah Mikaelson. Katherine’s terrible/awesome hair. That amazing transition from Elena dunking underwater in the tub to Stefan trapped in the water-filled safe. The music — perfect song choices, every one of them. “Damian.” “Damon.” And once again: this.
  • Does Silas have fangs, or did those come with the vampire upgrade too? In The Walking Dead, the victim we saw in the hospital, drained of blood by Silas, had his wrists slashed, and Silas gives Liz a slice at the block party in this episode. Is that just how the guy likes to drink, or is he without the chompers to bite right in?
  • The mystery of poor Megan! How did she end up as the girls’ roomie #3? Did she know they were vampires, or did someone give her that vervain-laced “protein water” to protect her from her roommates? Who killed her and why?
  • When was that photo taken of Megan and Elena’s dad? Before May 2009 when Grayson Gilbert died? Is Elena’s (adopted) dad somehow alive? Does he have a doppelgänger too?
  • What did Nadia’s sneaky friend to do Matt? (My guess: nothing good.) What do freaky black eyes signify — possession? Demonic something-or-other? What language was the guy speaking in? Are Nadia and her friend witches or something else? Did she know what the Gilbert ring was when she stole it? (Will she be returning Rebekah’s earrings as well?)
  • Resurrected Jeremy is still a Hunter, Silas still lives… Does that mean there are still four other Hunters (or Hunter potentials) out there?
  • Could Katherine become a vampire again, or would she stay dead if killed with vampire blood in her system?
    Which do you think is more miserable for Katherine: being on the run in blister-causing heels, or being on the run in bare feet and a bathrobe?


What did you think of I Know What You Did Last Summer? Sound off below!

Crissy Calhoun is the co-author, with Heather Vee, of Love You to Death – Season 4: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries and the author of the three previous volumes in the series ( She tweets @CrissyCalhoun (often) and blogs at (sporadically).

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  • noodle

    This review is seriously missing some Matt

  • noodle

    my mistake its right at the bottom

  • Crane

    I was a bit confused by Silas not having vamp speed. Didn’t he have it when he stabbed Klaus in the back (when he made Klaus think he left some of the white oak stake in him)?

    Am I misremembering or did the writers change stuff retroactively?

  • Jay

    I think people forget that Silas has said that he isn’t a vampire. He IS the first immortal, but the vampire fangs, speed, strength came when the Originals were created some 1000 years later. My guess is that he has no fangs. He did take offense to Liz calling him a vampire. Yada, yada, I could go on.

  • Giuseppe’s Son

    He was in Klaus’ mind. Klaus hallucinated that Silas stabbed him but in actuality Klaus was not harmed. Silas’ true power lies in the mind.

  • Giuseppe’s Son

    TVD is back and so are you Crissy! Loved this recap. One of your best ones yet. There’s so much to consider. I haven’t had time to process yet. But I know I liked what I saw.

    As a die hard Caroline fan, I am glad to see her filling up screen time doubling as college vampire girl extraordinaire AND Elena’s roommate. It was also good to see her getting along good with her mom.

    A foggy moment for me is Elena’s reaction to seeing her dad in the phone pic. No way she just stares and frowns. Her dead dad is in her (now former) roommates smartphone like 5 pics from the start. This reeks of recent. How can this be? He died over 3 years ago. Seems like it would have seriously tripped her out.

    Because she wasn’t upset neither was I. I could care the least about that story line now. Just think her response should have been more powerful. That was a hug reveal.

    Other than that everything went totally well! So glad to have TVD back. :)

  • Nisha

    I didn’t unterstand the Silas Katherine scene. She cut him and was able to flee….sorry but This was typical TVD unrealistic. Last season Silas had no problems to beat Klaus and to make him believe he had piece of the white oak stake in his back using vamp speed and now just a little cut and Katherine can flee…ughhhhh.
    After seeing Silas fight with Klaus, Silas should have had no problems to take down Katherine, Damon and Jeremy at the same time. He could have also used his mind power. I really hope those mistakes don’t happen too often, they have too many foogy moments. I don’t understand why they make things more realistic and true to the mythologie they gave before. It feels so relative what a character is capable of…..always changing, depening on the storyline they want to tell…..

  • Crane

    Ah yes, thanks, now I remember. Silas never had the stake in the first place, because the next time we see it, Rebekah has it.

  • Thirsty Like A Vamp

    No one has the slightest idea what Silas is up to. I have the feeling he let Katherine get away. Getting easily into anybody’s brain he definitely picked up that she’s a runner. So he’s letting her run into somebody’s arms, who might be working for him.
    Anyways it’s hilarious, some months ago Kat had a whole town compelled to do her bidding and now she has half a town chasing her.

  • Thirsty Like A Vamp

    The college mystery and Elena’s connection to it is shaping good. Great point with the foggy moment. I doubt Damon had ever a problem to enter a sorority house when he was hanging around campuses, otherwise he would have warned the girls.
    Maybe it’s not about the actuall owner of Whitmore house, but the place itself, some witchy ground, secret society of witches and hunters, and Grayson was a part of it back in his college days.
    The dead witches in MF have their own ways to keep out unwanted guests from the place where they had been burned at stake.

    I’m also wondering how many Silas Hunters beside Jeremy are out there. Could be even six now. Jeremy did die, so technically a pottential could have been activated.

    Nadia and her friend sounded like they were speaking some slavic language, but I have little to no idea what they were saying.
    Esther got through to Alaric everytime he died wearing the Gilbert ring, the ring is a connection to the Other Side. My guess is Nadia and her coven somehow enhanced it, but being witches they need a human, Matt, to make the link to the Other Side work and with the synopsis for an upcoming episode it seems like they will be either controlling Matt, he will be their eyes and ears.

  • Debbie

    We are assuming that Silas wants. Katherine dead…I think he wants her alive. I think thirsty said it beatifully, chasing kat feels like a game to me, he’s toying with her. He said he wanted the hunter too, though his main interest seems to be kat. What his real goal is still to follow.

  • stevie1421

    Okay, I have a couple of crazy theories to share; my theories are almost always wrong but humor me.
    What if Elena’s father died in the crash with vamp blood in him? I think if that Megan girl had photos of him on her phone they’re unlikely to be from 2009. If Grayson had become a vamp he would have left MF because in those days the council was completely intolerant of vampires.
    My other, even crazier theory: what if Megan is Elena’s half sister (sort of). If Megan was also starting college then the two of them would be about the same age. Jenna told Elena her mother wanted a baby but couldn’t conceive, so what if her father ‘wondered’, and then Isabel and John turned up with Elena after he’d had an affair with someone? For me the timing of that seems to fit.
    I know Julie Plec once said she’d be unlikely to write that Elena’s parents are alive but it wouldn’t be inconceivable for one to have become a vampire. If true, he could have been the one who gave Megan vervain. If she didn’t know about vampires, then someone would have given it to her, and the only reason you would give a human vervain would be to protect them.

  • Lauren Ripley

    Does anyone know when the vampire diaries is showing on itv2 in the uk?

  • Silvia

    Did anyone else recognize, that Kol’s number is still in Elena’s phonebook? :D

  • Shanice

    They need to stop hiring people to be Mayor, I mean third mayor and he’s already dead. RIP Mayor (Bonnie’s dad).

  • dman_24


    Glad to have my favorite show back. I can’t say I was the most enthusiastic of fans looking forward to the new season — given my frustrations with the previous one — but I still love the show and I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us. Here’s hoping they don’t disappoint us this time around.

    I have to say — I’m loving the vibe this season. I know it’s only been one episode so far, but it definitely has a season one feel to it. Caroline and Elena are friends again (How great is that; love their interactions); Elena is actually smiling (I guess Damon must be doing “something” right. Ahem. lol); The Originals aren’t there anymore to take up extra storylines, leaving TVD to concentrate on its core characters and their relationships with one another, while giving the Silas storyline a slow-burn, not revealing too much too soon (smart plan); Jeremy is in trouble, again — what else is new? (I guess bullies don’t like people that fake their own deaths. Who knew? lol) Everything so far I’m definitely liking. Season one was about our characters. And it looks like they’re heading in that direction again.

    “Don’t ever call me a vampire” — Silas. Well, okay. Got it. I won’t. But what should I call you? I mean….. come on, I have to call you something: Warlock; Witch; Scary man; Bond? (BTW, Paul Wesley could definitely play James Bond.) Nothing? Okay, I give up. Silas, you’re just too much. :)

    SE fans: Look away. Now!

    Believe it or not, but I’m actually liking the Damon and Elena relationship. Who knew right, me being an SE fan and all. But it definitely has a nice feel to it. They seem like they’re genuinely in love, and they show it. Those small lovey-dovey moments I complained about wanting to see — they’re there. And Elena seems really happy, which makes me happy, so how can I complain about it? Sire Bond? What’s that? lol

    Damon, as an SE fan, I give you my blessing to date Elena. You’ve earned it, as far as I’m concerned. You won’t hear any more complaining from me. Anything else would be from an objective point of view. Good luck, and treat her right.

    Bonnie is one of my favorite characters, and I don’t like how she’s been treated throughout the seasons: often relegated to side storylines or I-need-a-witch-now moments. I’m disappointed in the writers for not giving her consistently good storylines or including her in the overall plot taking place. And I don’t like the fact that she’s a ghost, not able to go to college or interact with her friends and family. BUT, the nice thing that came out of this is the sweet, beautiful relationship she has with Jeremy. I’ve always liked those two together, and her being a ghost hasn’t changed that. Sure, he can’t feel her, but their interactions are genuinely touching and life-like, making it all the more sad given the present circumstances. Those two belong together, and it’s tragic that they’re not. I hope Bonnie joins the living again, so everything can go back to normal (Whatever that means in Mystic falls). :)

    I’m also liking the murder-mystery storyline taking place at the school. It seems like a good chance for the girls to play detectives, while trying to understand the tie-in to Elena’s father’s role in all of this. I’m sure there’s a reason he was in that picture with Megan, and I’m betting it’s not long before we find out. I wonder if he went to school there and was part of some secret school society (reminds you of something else. Haha!) that fought vampires. I’m sure it’s something big, whatever it is. Also, maybe with this reveal we’ll get to see Elena’s parents again (especially her father), since we didn’t spend much time with them during the series run. A couple of flashbacks would definitely be welcomed.

    Poor Stefan. Trapped under water, dying (definitely not of thirst. Too harsh? lol) and dying, time and time again. That must be absolute torture. At-least if you’re human you could just die and get it over with (don’t tell me being human is overrated, Damon), but a vampire — no such luck. I feel for you my friend. At-least you have a view. Wait……. not even that! (Angel reference BTW. Similarities much TVD) How cruel is Silas to do this to him? I would wish for his sweet, torturous death, but that’ll be giving him what he wants ( How sick is that?). I wouldn’t be surprised if Silas needs him alive for one of his twisted schemes, hence the watery grave that seems to be his residence these days. I know he will not be a happy camper when all of this is over. I just hope he doesn’t turn back into the ripper. Been there. Done that. Maybe a little darker, a little more sense of perspective……. a little more assurance of his priorities? Whatever happens I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

    Poor Katherine. Human does not look good on you — regardless of what Silas says. The messy hair; the downtrodden look; the bad fashion choices: Are you trying to make us feel sorry for you? Well, mission accomplished: We do! But I do have to say (and I rarely ever say this): I thought Nina was overacting a bit in some of those scenes with Damon. When she first appeared, for someone experiencing such a cataclysmic change Katherine seemed a little too nonchalant with some of her responses. I thought she would’ve been a little more emotionally desperate. She eventually got there with her plea to Damon, but I was expecting that a little sooner. Other than that Nina did an excellent job as always.

    What will become of Katherine It clear she’s hurt from the accident, so what will happen to her? Will someone pick her up from the road and carry her to a hospital, or will she tough it out, trying to stay under the radar as much as possible? She could really use some friends about now. Problem is — she doesn’t have any! She spent more of her life running from Klaus, alienating whatever friends she could’ve had with her constant betrayals and manipulations, and now when she needs them, all she’ll have is a list of enemies to content with. Kind of an harsh existence given that most of her enemies are such powerful beings. I’ll be curious to see if Damon would try to find her. It’s clear he still cares about her in his own small way, and soon as Jeremy is okay, I wonder if he’ll go after her. Katherine has done a lot of horrible things in her life, so, is this payback for it? Does karma play a role in that universe too? It certainly seems like it, and Katherine is caught in its grip right now. Good luck to her, wherever she is.

    Finally, we bid farewell to another parent in Mystic Falls. Now it’s Bonnie’s dad — the illustrious Mayor Hopkins. Can’t say I’m surprised, since parents seem to drop like flies in this town (Hmm…… does someone on the staff have some mommy and daddy issues? lol). But it was kinda sad what happened, and seeing Bonnie devastated and not being able to help made it all the more heart-breaking. I hope she’s finding some comfort with her grams; She need all the help she can get. Such a sad situation.

    TVD is back — and that’s always a good thing. This episode did not disappoint — a trend I hope continues. True Lies here we come!

  • GermanTVDFan

    Normally I only read and do not post due to my English, but now I feel I must answer you, because your words here show me again why I always love to read your comments! Your perception is and has always been insightful, never insulting and most of all you do not see things and stories as you w a n t them to be but as they really are and how the writers tell them. I miss former posters such as GeorgiaPeach, VampLover, Iansfan, Cherrie ….they had the same adult perspectives as you, so I’m glad to read at least from you, dman (I still remember the time there was no additional 24 in your name..!)

    Everybody has his/her favourites but nevertheless one should also look at the wider picture. The writers show us in a wonderful way characters and their development, their struggle to become happy, their efforts to protect their beloved ones and so on. If one of them makes a bad choice – okay, that happens, but they always have good intentions and reasons why they decide like that.

    The writers show us a story of love, passion, friendship, forgiveness. Sometimes life is not easy and it offers you different ways to go and you never know in advance whether it’s the right one. Afterwards it’s easy to judge!

    Always looking forward to reading your thoughts!

  • Kate

    So far as we can find, they have not yet announced a date. We will post it when we see an announcement!

  • Demetra Christakos

    The “person” who still seems missing-in-action to me is Elena. Her solemnity as a human was the emotional core–and the dignity–of the show. If you want to hang the series on the relationship between Damon and Elena, it needs to grow up fast. Compared to Season One, this episode opener reads like TVD lite: enjoyable, but not as compelling :) As someone who once quit her job to move to the Jersey Shore to see Bruce Springsteen in clubs, I can tell you there is plenty of pathos to be mined when Elena finds herself in love with a “rock star.”

  • Kari

    I thought it was one of the BEST season openers we have ever had. So much happy & funny before we had serious…and we had enough mystery to keep us all happy. I smiled as each person came onto the screen. Katherine as flirty with Silas was amazing! Damon/Jeremy scene was VERY STRONG with emotion.

  • dman_24

    Thanks for the compliments GermanTVDFan. It’s always nice hearing from you. I hope you’re doing okay. I miss those other posters too. Hopefully in time they’ll come back, cause the site is certainly not the same without them.

    BTW, the reason for the slight name change was the result of me signing up with Disqus. I couldn’t keep the regular dman — or at-least I didn’t know how to — so I added the 24 (which is actually my birthday). I’m still getting use to it. :) Bye.

  • napoli

    Well said! In interviews Nina has indicated that the season will be getting darker for her. It’s not surprising that she is like this for now because she is emulating her BF who continually espouses no guilt and turn it off when it gets too hard.

  • napoli

    Great comments! I didn’t find Elena’s reaction so surprising because she still hasn’t allowed to full range of emotions to hit her. If so, the real Elena would feel guilt ridden over having killed Kol and potentially thousands of vampires that are like Caroline and Lexi and as you so correctly pointed out, seeing her father she showed nothing but surprise at seeing his face but emptiness in her heart toward him.

  • shoe20

    The tub scene was obviously Stilas plan to get Kat moving. When he held her down he said “ready for a field trip?” Her death was never his plan (yet), or he just could have told her to drink the tub dry. LOL

  • Demetra Christakos

    Actually it’s lucky they were able to actually check into their dorm room.

  • Gwen

    Interesting assessment of Kat / Silas…makes sense…if Silas wanted her dead he could have killed her as easily as he did Bonnie’s father…he seemed to be punishing her for taking the cure…speaking of the cure…Kat is now one big cure pill, so Silas needs her alive for now. Kat knows what it is liked to be hunted and chased for her blood. Whatever Silas has in mind it will not end well for her. Not sure what storyline they are going after, but it feels a lot like the moonstone all over again, ingredients needed for that spell were – moonstone, vampire, werewolf, witch, dobbleganger, what will it be this time? Maybe starting with Kat and the hunter? Like you said we will find out here soon.

    Another thought…the 2 individuals who Silas has not played mind control games on are Elena and Kat…Why? Is it because they are dopplegangers or because they are descendants from his “one-true-love” and it is out of respect?

  • Gwen

    Any idea what happened to Matt? Who did the witches have enter his body? Could it be Qetsiyah?

  • Gwen

    Why did Bonnie spend the entire summer dodging Carline and Elena instead of figuring out a way to have the witches help her come back to life?

  • marie

    Yes! Couldn’t she switch back with someone who was dying? You can’t tell me she was the only witch running around mystic falls to do those spells….

  • dman_24

    “Is it because they are doppelgangers or because they are descendants from his “one-true-love” and it is out of respect?” OR, maybe for some reason he can’t manipulate them. Perhaps their doppelganger status prevents him from doing so.

  • Giuseppe’s Son

    Thanks! That makes sense. I didn’t realize she was still suppressing feelings.

  • lynne

    So that explains it,, lolol

    Thanks for the update.

    In the beginning, I thought maybe I was posting to 2 diff dman’s. The fog has cleared!!:)

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