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Posted by | October 23, 2011, 10:34 (MST) | 83 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Elena in Smells Like Teen SpiritI need to get a thesaurus, because the phrase “another amazing episode” is going to get tired this season. But Smells Like Teen Spirit was another amazing episode. As the seniors (and Jer) returned to Mystic Falls High and reflected on how different their lives were one short year ago, we were treated to a number of callbacks to season 1 to share in that feeling of how simple things used to be. But thank the TVD gods that things have become so damn complicated.

Unquiet Spirits: After drowning himself to talk to Vicki last episode, we know how desperate Matt is to see Vicki and not feel so lonely, a feeling Vicki shares. It makes them easy marks for the Original Witch to target. By using magic on both sides of the living/dead divide (Matt performing a spell in his garage, and the witch doing juju on the Other Side), Vicki was made more corporeal. She could manipulate objects, appear wherever she wants without assistance, and though no one but Matt and Jer could see her, she could feel. Which led to that touching sibling hug — before the bonk on Matt’s head with the wrench. Way to taint a precious moment, Vick. Vicki agreed to a deal with the Original Witch: she can be freed from the near-total isolation of ghost existence, if she kills Elena thereby cutting off Klaus from his ability to create more hybrids. It’s a price Vicki’s willing to pay (and let’s be honest, Vicki was never a big fan of Elena’s), but Matt realizes that having her back is “wrong” (his version of “the balance of nature is upset”) and he certainly won’t stand for her killing anyone in order to assuage their loneliness. Though Vicki has been sent back by Matt when Bonnie cuts off the magic that’s pushed her into the living side, at the end of the episode Anna touches Jeremy and they both feel it. It’s as though the magic that was done to allow Vicki greater access to the living world affected the unquiet spirits in the greater Mystic Falls area. Was that a deliberate act by the Original Witch, or a side effect to messing with the balance of nature?

In his truck at the beginning of the episode, Vicki tells Matt that he was always better at being a part of “this” than she was, but Matt is far more isolated now than he was last year. In the past two episodes, we’ve seen Matt and Bonnie hang out (if you can call panicked save-your-friend’s-life magic sessions “hang outs”); could a closer friendship between these two be on the horizon? Her romance with Jeremy crowded by the spirits of his dead girlfriends, Bonnie is frustrated by Jeremy’s lack of understanding of how it feels for her and by his lack of communication skills. With Jer and Anna’s handholding at the end of the episode and confession that they can’t stop thinking about each other, it seems like Bonnie and Jeremy’s romance may soon come to an end.

The Return of the Obnoxious: Caroline had a d-bag vampire boyfriend this time last year, who used compulsion without subtlety and was on the wrong side of the fight. And Tyler’s first day back at MFHS is troubling for Care, who sees in him the return of the pre-werewolf personality. In all the excitement of Tyler becoming a hybrid, I had forgotten that the same “heightened personality” issues would affect him as they do everyone who is turned vampire. But with Tyler, it’s more complicated than merely an exercise in self-control. He’s been sired, and though Tyler doesn’t want to be anyone’s “freaky hybrid slave minion,” we don’t yet know how powerful the hold that Klaus’s blood has over him in guiding his decision-making. Does he give in and feed on Rebekah’s gift because she tells him Klaus would want him to, or because he’s a baby vampire and there is an open neck wound in front of him?

I love how Rebekah has decided that since she’s stuck in Mystic Falls, she may as well have a little fun while she’s here — and she’s going to play the part of the usurping new girl who takes Caroline’s popularity, status on the cheerleading squad, and boyfriend. Just as she tells Stefan, it’ll never be a fair fight between Caroline and Rebekah — with age comes strength and experience; and we’ve already been told she has a mean streak and impeccable instincts about people. But what she lacks is Caroline’s heart and the determination that gives her. Curious to see how this develops, especially after Tyler’s midnight snack.

Klaus’s other left-behind minion — the bodyguard of a human blood-bag — is almost bested in Smells Like Teen Spirit but is nonetheless impressive in his villainy. I have to say, as awful as Stefan is (and playing Twister with your breakfast is pretty … twisted), it’s a ton of fun to watch. Paul Wesley seems like he is having a grand old time being the obnoxious Salvatore brother, playing the tormentor, bully, and enforcer. And it’s making the love triangle even more fascinating: Stefan watches Elena watching Damon get his “flirt on” with Rebekah and comments on her jealousy, knowing that Damon would love that it bothered her to see them together (even though it was her idea). And though Stefan and Elena share a meaningful look (or a look that looks meaningful? this show…) when he catches her, Elena has her share of moments with Damon too — when he shows her the way to a vampire’s heart (oooh) and when he unnecessarily dabs some ointment on her cheek, which is totally just an excuse to be in close proximity and stare at each other. Both brothers have also made oaths where Elena is concerned: both Ripper and Regular Stefan will always protect her, and Damon has sworn to never leave her and, in this episode, says he’ll do whatever she needs him to. For those of you with strong feelings about Elena’s romantic destiny, is this torture? Because for me, it’s an absolute delight. The messier, the better.

Warrior Princess: As it’s been since season 1, Elena’s humanity is her strength. Without giving up hope that Stefan will once again find his own humanity, she’s determined to be her own bodyguard and learn to defend herself. Despite living with vampires, werewolves, and witches for a year now and often being their target, Elena has never felt unsafe in this way: Stefan, the person she loves, attacked and fed on her and would likely have killed her, had Klaus not needed her alive to be his blood bag. So in Smells Like Teen Spirit we see sleepless Elena drag her butt out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to train with Alaric in the forest (amazing), and her resolve extends straight through the whole episode. She trains, she follows Alaric’s advice to put some meat on her bones, and she comes up with a plan to trap Stefan until Mikael can kill Klaus. (And it would’ve worked if it weren’t for that murderous stoner ghost.)

It’s been difficult to watch Elena’s singular focus on Stefan in the early part of this season: she knows he’s leaving a trail of bodies but she doesn’t seem to react to the horror of that reality; she just wanted him to come home so she could draw out his old self. In The Reckoning she witnessed him kill firsthand, and in a great moment got angry with him, telling him that he owed it to her to fight against Klaus’s compulsion. Her unwavering need to remember what happened has sparked that Petrova fire. She’s going to fight to protect herself from being his or Klaus’s victim again and she’s going to fight to bring back the Stefan she knows. The final exchange with Stefan in this episode was classic: the cruelty of his closely whispered insult, calling her pathetic, and instead of breaking down, Elena finds the strength she didn’t have that morning when she was staking the dummy. Don’t underestimate Ms. Gilbert; she’s the strongest person Alaric knows.

For Elena to ask Alaric to train her in vampire hunting was a smart move — she can learn a ton from Ric, and not just about the nitty-gritty of fighting. He has experience in having a loved one turn into a ruthless vampire, and uniquely understands the pain Elena is in and the drive that it’s giving her. And it also gives him a purpose (beyond teaching a motley supernatural crew about American history). He continues to watch out for Elena, hovering around her interactions with Damon to make sure those lingering glances don’t linger too long or too meaningfully.

Though Klaus was AWOL this episode, he was still very much in control of the characters, a situation that soon may be upset should Mikael follow through on his statement to Katherine that not only can he kill Klaus, but he will.

But until then, there’s a pesky ghost infestation problem in Mystic Falls and Mason’s ruining the Salvatore mansion décor…

Compelling Moment: Not-sober Elena! Her half-faked, half-real unhinged on the bleachers act was entertaining, charming, and heartbreaking, and I loved how it forced the misbehaving Stefan to turn straight-edge. And that tantalizing moment between them when he catches her … and then is shot in the back.

The Rules: When Tyler expresses his staunch Team Klaus support, Damon suggests that it’s a result of being sired — a rare phenomenon where a new vampire (or, in this case, vampire-werewolf) feels loyalty to the vampire whose blood created him. Mikael reveals that he does not feed on living things: he feeds on vampires.

Foggy moments:

  • Did Elena really not tell Alaric about the whole Stefan-is-her-bodyguard thing until Stefan showed up at school? Alaric and Elena live together. I know the writers need these moments of exposition to remind the audience of just what the hell is going on, but the lack of communication among this tight-knit gang is bonkers. Be more like, Damon, y’all — he called Elena post-haste after Rebekah took up residence. If When something weird happens, activate the phone tree.
  • Was the bonfire party on school property? It seems really weird to have a raging party with a keg in plain view and drunken teenagers at an event held by the “Spirit Squad” promoted with posters in the school. But whatever, it’s Mystic Falls; I guess they don’t have to keep teen drinking on the DL anymore. Go Timberwolves!
  • Who invited Rebekah into the Lockwood mansion? Off-camera invite from Mayor Lockwood? (For those wondering about how Rebekah got into the Salvatore house, there is no living owner; any vampire can wander in, like Katherine did in the season 2 finale. Elena died in the sacrifice and the whole deed-signing thing was rendered useless.)

Other thoughts & questions to ponder before Ghost World (307):

  • The Buffy reference was so worth the wait and perfectly timed with Alaric and Elena’s forest training session playing out so very Giles-Buffy. (And the Damon-Elena “this is the way to a vampire’s heart” moment reminded me of the Angel-Cordelia training scene in Angel.)
  • By draining the blood of other vampires, isn’t Mikael kind of just drinking human blood by proxy? Like a baby bird getting regurgitated food from its mama bird? Not the highest of moral high ground — unless something terrible happens to the vampires he drinks from. Which brings me to my next question…
  • What happens to a vampire who is fed on and drained of blood? Are they left desiccated but still alive? If feeding doesn’t kill a vampire, does Mikael finish them off with a stake or beheading? Is our girl Katherine going to be the new occupant of that tomb in Charlotte, North Carolina? Or is her intel on Klaus enough to make her a necessary ally for Mikael?
  • (Clearly I am fascinated by this vampire-blood-sustained vampire…) Could a regular vampire survive on the blood of other vampires, or is Mikael special in some way?
  • Did Rebekah drop a big old clue to the Original family’s history when she asked Mr. Saltzman about the Vikings?
  • Have we seen the last of Vicki?
  • Mason made his cliffhanger surprise appearance, beating up Damon for a little revenge fun. Which other spirits are now more corporeal in Mystic Falls? Will they be visible to those who have died and been resurrected in some way (a.k.a. 99% of the MF population)?

What did you think of Smells Like Teen Spirit? Sound off below with your likes/dislikes, theories, and predictions!

Crissy Calhoun is the author of Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries and Love You to Death — Season 2. When not obsessively re-watching CW shows, she works as managing editor at ECW Press in Toronto. She blogs at and tweets @crissycalhoun.

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  • Anonymous

    I wonder if like in the promo Mason will actually help Damon.  I am guessing he won’t be too thrilled with Klaus ‘siring’ Tyler.  And once again we could delight in the reoccurring TVD theme of: previous enemies becoming buddies against a greater, common enemy.

  • carrie

    Damon likes things clean,  that’s funny.LOL   Last season Stefan had to clean up Damon’s bodies count.   Can’t figure Damon out, first he wanted Stefan on the human stuff so they could wreak havoc but ever since Damon found out Kat doesn’t love him he’s just gone all weird.  Damon and Stefan will always be there for each other, good and bad times.  I’m looking forward to them working together as a team as brothers.

  • Teganegan

    Foggy moments for me… Who invited Tyler into the lockwood house never mind how Rebekah got in??  Also quite dissapointed with Caroline for not making sure Tyler feeds properly and handles his urges.. why would Rebekah be hooking him up with blood bags/tempting him to feed from humans when Caroline surely should be giving him vampire advice?
    If stefan had lost his humanity he would surely be really pis*ed about Alaric shooting him and being in on the Stefan-nap plan? aka wouldnt think twice about killing him (he is wearing his ring but still!)

    Still love TVD obvs!

    Cant wait to see what happens next!

    Delena forever!!

  • SLH

    I think that Mikael is the Originals father…Not Klaus’s since his mom had an affair with a wolf, but Rebekah and Elijah’s perhaps?  That would explain his hatred for Klaus, and who knows what happened back then but I’m sure they’ll explain how they became Vampires and why he is against them….and probably always has been.  It seems like he’s trained himself to drink vampire blood like Caroline’s father trained himself against compulsion…..  #justsayin

  • kathleen

    Good point, were the Originals a family of Vikings? Would like to see Elijah and Klaus in Viking dress in a flashback. That would be fun.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, Damon likes his house in order and clean.  It was funny when he put the plastic down under the “torture” chair Mason was in because he did not want blood on the rug.  It was ironic though when the werewolf pack put Damon in the same “torture” chair, blood got on the rug anyway.  Then in this episode, Damon is rolling up bloody rugs again thanks to his baby bro.  Just a little comedy along the way.  Help me out though, because I don’t recall Stefan having to clean up bodies in behind Damon, other than when Alaric came into the Salvatore house, attacked Damon and ended up dead for a short time thanks to the ring. Of course then there was Vicki Donovan, but Stefan did not clean that up…Damon did. You are right though, Damon and Stefan’s brotherly bond is very strong…unbreakable…. through good times and bad.  I am hoping Damon will be the one to show Stefan the “loophole” in Klaus’s compulsion. 

    As for Damon wanting Stefan stronger and on human blood, he was right but it needs to be in moderation and from a blood bag not directly from Elena.   Stefan has got to find a way to balance his vampire nature with his humanity and not allow his guilt to weigh him down.  Otherwise he will be back to the self loathing, broody, boring and guilt ridden vampire he was before.  I like Stefan better when he has a more carefree nature. 

    There is nothing better than the Salvatore brothers and their brotherly bond.  Perhaps this is something that Klaus has underestimated.

  • Anonymous

    You´re right but Paul said in one of his latest interviews that he tries to play ripper Stefan with a little bit of his old Stefan character shining through. And that´s what it is. Maybe there´s still a rest of old Stefan somewhere, otherwise he would certainly have killed Ric.

  • Anonymous

    Mason and Damon becoming buddies? – Hmm, do you think he is the super dangerous allience Damon works together with (as was said in the episode index?) But then Mason wouldn´t torture Damon. (Although I know, who gets such a second chance after what Damon did to him there´s no wonder he takes revenge)
    Anyway I always enjoy it if the men on the show work together, so let´s get done with the revenge and then help Elena!

  • Anonymous

    I don´t know, didn´t Damon dance through Stefan´s room with Vickie, smashing everything he could get hold of? That were the times when Damon didn´t have a room (I mean he had one, but we the audience didn´t see it) I don´t think that Damon cleaned up this mess. At this time of season one he did what was fun and didn´t care for the feelings of his brother.
    And after he realized that Katherine wasn´t in the tomb, he had a party with loud music and a lot of girls in the Salvatore living room. I think it looked a bit messy at that point of time, too.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Mason tortures Damon & then learns about Tyler being a hybrid.  I would think Mason would be pretty upset if he learned Klaus not only turned Tyler into a vampire, but that he also might want him to be a puppet too.

  • Anonymous

    HI Iansfan,
    The only room in the house Damon has ever trashed was Stefan’s and that was out of frustration & hurt both times.  The first time was when Damon was dancing through the house with Vicki Donovan and was trapped inside the house because Stefan had taken his ring. Damon and Vicki danced into Stefan’s bedroom and trashed it.  Who could ever forget the Damon dance on the upstairs banister.  The second time was after Stefan killed Andie Star and Damon was hurt and frustrated that his brother had once again embraced the  the ripper side, or so he thought.  

    As for the three college girls Damon was partying with at the Salvatore house after Katherine was not in the tomb, he did a snatch, feed, erase and returned them back to their dorm with only a headache..No harm, no foul, no bloody mess on the floor. 

    None of the following Damon kills were in the Salvatore house:
    The other bodies, such as the  druggies in the woods, Damon burned them in the woods (like a bonfire) and cleaned up after himself.  This was after he had been denied blood and locked in the Salvatore cellar. When Damon killed Lexi in order to get the Founder’s council off the trail of him and his brother, Damon turned her body over to  Sheriff Forbes and put her in the trunk of the sheriff’s car.  Outside the Mystic Falls Grill, Damon had killed the boyfriend of the girl he compelled to accuse Lexi as being the vampire that killed her boyfriend.  It was all part of the plan to give the Founders council a vampire.  Damon killed Logan Fell in the woods to protect Stefan because Logan had shot Stefan with wooden bullets.  The sheriff buried Logan to keep it quiet, but Anna had already slipped Logan her blood, which is why Logan became a vampire that Alaric killed.  Damon killed Coach Tanner in front of Stefan in the school parking lot, but both of the brothers left him there.  Lets face it, Coach Tanner was a complete ass. How dare he yell at Stefan like that…no wonder Damon killed him.  Also, I will never forget Damon going into Fredrick’s  vampire lair to rescue Stefan.  Along with Alaric, they must have put down at least 8-10 vampires for Pearl and Anna to clean up.  Damon killed Bree at her bar in Georgia because Bree betrayed him and put Elena in danger.  The campers Damon killed at the beginning of the series was to announce his arrival in Mystic Falls to Stefan.

    As for Jessica in the middle of the long lonely road, that was Damon having a heightened emotional crisis after having to perform a mercy killing on his friend (with benefits)  Rose.    Snapping Jeremy and Alaric’s neck was also when Damon was having a heightened emotional crisis. They made the mistake of confronting an already irritated vampire.  Elena will always be the exception because Damon values her life above everyone else including his own. 

    I do not remember Damon not cleaning up after himself, especially at his house. He is trying to put down roots and have a life in Mystic Falls.   Damon is not a messy eater and has never left dead bodies laying around in the house like Stefan has. The scene of Stefan and his twister game in this episode was reminiscent of Stefan in 1864.  That is why Damon left the first time, taking the Bennett bloodline with him when he could not save Emily from the burning stake.  He was concerned that Stefan’s behavior would get them both killed. Damon set fire to the farmhouse where the two dead girls were in Tennessee because he was covering Stefan’s tracks, which he had apparently done frequently in the past.

    Obviously as a vampire Damon is not a saint and has had his share of kills, but at least he is not a messy eater that leaves dead bodies around his house, or a trail leading to his front door and he certainly does not write the names of his victims on a wall.

  • Anonymous

    It´s a bit shocking to read such a  long list of dead people and nonetheless I love the character of Damon so much, but you´re right he always cleans up his own mess and from his perspective he always had a reason to kill. He didn´t do it just because he was  hungry or in vampire mood.
    Interesting, the more we get Stefan´s backstory the more do perspectives of  the good and bad brother shift. I haven´t ever believed that this would happen.
    And here you can see the geniality of the writers. The whole dynamic of the show has been turned inside out.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah- I’ve been wondering if she’ll come back herself as well….you know what they say, if you want something done right, you should do it yourself:)

    I think what concerns me the most about this: If the Original Witch is powerful enough to reach beyond the grave, if she manages to find herself in present day Mystic Falls- can you imagine how powerful she would be then? Our poor Bonnie wouldn’t stand a chance:(

  • Anonymous

    Now, now GP- can we share Klaus? I have half a mind to adopt that British devil myself:)

    Yeah- I feel bad that Rebekah’s character has gotten so much hate…I just can’t understand it….Claire Holt is playing the part of the spoiled, pampered brat very well:) Yes, I do think she’s the baby of the family and may very well be the only girl.

    I’ve never thought that Elijah would be aligned with the citizens of Mystic Falls- blood will always be thicker than water and Klaus is Elijah’s brother……so if anyone thinks Elijah will be on anyone else’s side, they should probably think again:)

    Kat most certainly shouldn’t be killed off in this way….I was positively livid myself when I watched this episode. I didn’t see her turn green, though, so I’m hoping for the best. Kat being gone in this way is not something I’m willing to accept:)

    I’m really interested to see how the writers plan to develop Damon & Elena’s relationship… far, it’s obvious that Elena is very attracted to Damon….I just don’t know how far the writers will go with it, but I can’t wait to find out:)

  • Marie

    Ok, so my first thought was “why is Katherine waking Mikael when she knows he kills vampires?” Doesn’t seem to scream self preservation which she is known for. My follow up thought was “Damon can show me how to find a vampire’s heart aaaannnnnyyy day!”. Anyway, why was Anna saying Jeremy should not wake Mikael? If he only kills vampires and Jeremy isn’t one of them and she’s dead already…who cares? Obviously Klaus is scared of Mikael which I think is good, but why did he leave Rebekah behind? Why did she stay and not take off? I think Klaus needs a love interest to further screw with him. AND I think someone from Damon’s “love” past needs to come back into the fray to make things a little more crazy and confusing for Elena. Let me clarify: someone he cared about and not someone he could discard like trash…

  • guestttt

    I think you only remeber compulsion when yr becoming a vampire  :) 

  • Elle

    I think the key to Stefans Humanity is Damon, Not Elena.. he needs his brother there to relise its possible. I HOPE SO!


    No i think that only the ones who are brought back to life can see ghosts (the ones who died from natural causes and are brought back to life)…


    oh yess i forgot about Isobel and Uncle John?? will we also see their ghosts??

  • Addicted to TVD

    Another foggy moment for me:Elijah said in ep 219 that the hybrids would be a threat not only to vampires but to everyone and Klaus’ curse was the way to ensure the balance of nature to remain intact.
    However, Vicki said that the witch wanted the balance of nature compromised, so Elena (whose blood is the key for the hybrids to transition successfully) had to die.In my opinion, the hybrids are needed for keeping the nature in balance,since their bite can kill vampires not only on full moon but anytime.Vampires are the most common supernatural entities on the show and common werewolves are not a serious threat to them.Hybrids are the next step in the evolution of werewolves and they can keep the vampires in check.Vampires are so easy to make-they are the real danger of the balance of nature.And could destroying this balance be the witch’s way to crossover from the spirit world to the actual (?) world in order to take her revenge on Klaus?With the help of Mikael, maybe?

    P.S.:I never believed that the witches cursed Klaus for the nature’s sake.As we ‘ve seen they only care for their own kind and they ‘re not to be trusted.

  • Anonymous

    She would be very very powerful. So can’t Bonnie team up with Lucy that cousin of hers. She was the witch in episode Masquerade?!

  • Addicted to TVD

    I stand corrected.I thought Vicki said that the witch wanted to ‘destroy’ the balance, but she actually said she wanted to ‘restore’ it.Still, I think that my hybrid theory is pretty solid.And I still think the origin of the curse had nothing to do with the balance of nature,especially since the witch didn’t care for it when she helped Vicki cross over.;)

  • Sarah

    Another super charming review! I agree, TVD is delivering an awesome season, and I’m thoroughly enjoying Stefan. xo

  • Guest

    this drunk crazy elena is cool :)

  • Anonymous

    Okay this might be off topic but, with Tyler being a vampire/werewolf do you think he can have vampire puppies? In the books he can have puppies and the girl whose having them turns into a werewolf so in the tv show would the girl having the vampire puppies turn into a hybrid?

  • Teganegan

    i hope so :) 

  • Missalx

    Dont wake Mikael. How hard is that to understand. Y did they make katherine look so absentminded in this ep..!?!?!?!? She is usually a few steps ahead. Major Disappointment.

  • Tania Rahman

    It was nice to see Elena taking charge of her life and training with Alaric to protect herself against Stefan. Love it when she stabbed him with the stake after he told her how pathetic she sounded. This coming from Klaus’ ‘pet Ripper’. I also got a sneak peek of ‘Ordinary People’ where she reduces Rebekah to tears. Note; Rebekah starts bawling that Elena is being mean and she has not done anything to her. Er… yes she did, in the gym, she bit Elena when she realised Elena had her necklace. Can Stefan ever do anything right? PS, are the kids of Mystic Falls ever going to graduate?

  • Tiaserena

    Not only in regards to drinking, but also sex drugs and sleep overs: these students behave more like university kids than high school students in general. A couple of the parties (including Birthday) looked like fraternity or dorm parties. Not to mention everyone has their own car – no need to borrow mom’s car or negotiate use…

  • Tiaserena

    Never thought that Vikings would have such biblical names like Mikae, Estherl, Rebekah or Elijah…

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