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Posted by | November 8, 2012, 9:49 (MST) | 18 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: The Five (EP404) - The Importance of FeelingsHappy TVD Thursday! What better way to prepare for tonight’s new episode than to revisit last week’s. (Sorry for being so tardy with this post, my friends.) Let’s flashback to a time of horrible Franken-storms and an election on the horizon, college road trips and glorious 12th-century Klaus hair…

The Five was an episode with flashbacks, rather than a flashback episode, in my opinion, and while it is always welcome to see the wigs, Elijah, and a Rebekah-heavy arc, the storylines felt as if they were operating in isolation from each other, rather than integrated in a way that makes a TVD episode really sing. Compare it to Bad Moon Rising (with its Damon and Elena plus third wheel college-road-trip while Stefan stays at home to investigate the new supernatural element in Mystic Falls) or Klaus (best flashback episode ever?), where even when apart the characters are pushing toward a common goal — whether it’s a plot point or emotional beat or both.

Between Elena’s learn-how-to-feed road trip and the revelation of Rebekah’s past love affair with one of the Five, there was a common thread of getting so caught up in something that you lose sight of what truly matters to you. We witness what Klaus sees as Rebekah’s ultimate betrayal: choosing the promise of love — and humanity — over loyalty to her family, to her brothers whom she promised to stand beside always and forever. Klaus’s biting observations about Rebekah’s desperate need for love and affection, her “pathetic” trusting nature that leads her into one betrayal after another. And when you consider what we know of Rebekah’s history, it’s quite tragic. She’s been ‘killed’ by so many people she loves and trusts: her father when he turned his children, her lover Alexander, her brother (multiple times), her mother; even new pal and confidante Elena daggered her. And in The Five, she walks right into Klaus’s trap despite knowing better, despite knowing his tricks and manipulations. Klaus uses Stefan, and Stefan uses her undying romantic spirit to get from her what they want. What prevents her character from being a total sap is her ferocity. She is smart, she knows the game that’s being played and has been for a thousand years, but she refuses to change who she is. She is fundamentally the same as the day her mortal life ended. Her humanity is unwavering: she loves earnestly and desperately and she always will. She has her dibs on Donovan, and it’s important to note that she hasn’t compelled him. She wants to earn his forgiveness, wants him to properly love her. She won’t cheat at something so important. Here’s hoping that someone notices Rebekah’s absence soon and gets that dagger out of her. April? Help a girl out.

Step Away from the Edge: Onto Elena and her foray into being a Damon-style vampire. Loved the initial feed on Roofie Guy. Loved how hardcore vampire this scene got, with blood streaming down Elena’s neck while she gleefully danced and fed. Then the party was instantly over. With Bonnie as witness, Elena snaps out of her fun-time frenzy and starts thinking again — questioning what she’s doing and moralizing about it. Which, fair enough, is what Elena does. But what’s been slowly bringing me down this season so far is not that Elena is struggling with her vampirism, but how she’s struggling.

Each episode so far this season, in one way or another, she’s said that she can’t survive this. Now that she’s immortal, she’s feeling the least herself, not in control, incapable. Her everything-will-be-okay spirit is gone and — while it’s totally plausible that she’d react this way; it’s a big life change becoming a bloodthirsty vampire — it makes her journey hard to watch. Her moments of joy (whether standing on a speeding motorcycle, or feeding on unwitting college students) are fleeting. Instead of the usual Gilbert can-do attitude, Elena thinks of all the reasons things won’t work (like how Caroline can’t be her blood-control teacher — give it a shot!) and worries about how terrible things could be (thinking she’ll be a ripper too — aren’t they, like, super rare?). And then there’s Stefan’s high-alert concern that Elena will lose her humanity. More than with other new vampires, he seems to believe that Elena is a greater risk of turning it all off and keeping it off forever. Is she? Or is she uniquely prepared to not lose her humanity, thanks to what she’s witnessed, who she loves, and her own compassionate personality? While Elena’s and Stefan’s concerns are very much in character, they’re also kind of, um, a drag. And perhaps they’ve been overplayed a little to set up the importance of what was introduced in this episode: the Cure.

There were a lot of “please make this turn out to be the Sun and Moon Curse part 2” reactions to this twist, and understandably. If there is a cure for vampirism, what happens to our show? The quest that Stefan and Klaus are on has a game-changing result if things go as planned and things are what they seem. Of course we know that with The Vampire Diaries, it’s always wise to be less trusting than Rebekah.

Let’s consider how reliable our source is. Alexander told Rebekah that there was a cure for vampirism. To gain her trust, to betray her, he was telling her what she most wanted to hear: that she could be human again, that they would be married, that he loved her. And in the present day, the cure stands to make other dreams come true. What does Klaus want most? His hybrid army, and the cure could make that a reality. What does Stefan want? Elena to be human again. Was Alexander telling the truth back in 1114? Could he even know what the “weapon” was? The thing about a story told by a crusading knight who looks like a Disney prince, which sounds too good to be true, is that it probably is too good to be true. After all, a cure for vampirism is not necessarily a cure for death and every single vampire’s human life ended on their way to becoming immortal.

At any rate, Stefan would be wise to remember that when you make a deal with the devil, you lose more of yourself than you bargain for. It wasn’t hard for Klaus to get Stefan back into his clutches — willingly doing his dirty work for him, manipulating and betraying Rebekah, and now keeping a big secret from Elena and his brother. The plot thickens!

Compelling Moment: Connor’s daring, determined escape was amazing. And super gross. That man is a certified bad-ass.

The Rules: The Five are hunters with supernatural power, created through magic (like vampires). They cannot be compelled, and have superior strength. While the original members of the brotherhood had their full tattoos, Connor’s grows with each vampire (or hybrid) he kills.

Foggy moments: Why didn’t the 1114 A.D. vampire released into the sun run at vampire-speed into the shade? Poor survival instincts! Don’t frat boys live in a frat house? I assumed Damon and Elena would require an invite in, one more personal than a flyer passed along by Bonnie. When did the Original family leave Mystic Falls? At some point, Finn fell in love with Sage there — was he just on a little side trip to Italy with his siblings or had he left her behind? What happened to the girl whose drink was roofied?

Questions & thoughts before tonight’s episode, The Killer (EP406):

  • What kind of truck did Rebekah buy Matt?
  • Who was the witch who created the Five with her “dying breath” (and with fire)? How did she choose her five hunters? (Other than high-level of general fitness.) Did she forge the daggers? Or was there a Mystic Falls connection, say Ayanna, who knew the details of the original vampire-making magic. How did the Five know that their tattoo was a map to the weapon/cure? How did they learn about the Originals? Was there someone else guiding them?
  • How does Professor No-Last-Name fit into this puzzle? He tells Bonnie he’s not a witch, but has alternative ways of practicing, and he holds enough power over Connor that the vampire hunter follows his order to go to Mystic Falls. Is Professor Shane also a member of the Five, or a mastermind behind it? What happened to Connor’s buddy from the army who marked him as a potential? What was the Five up to for the past 900 years?
  • Was each of the Five’s tattoo identical or do all five markings fit together to create one super-map?
  • Is it Jer’s “true destiny” to become one of the Five? What caused Connor’s tattoo to one day start appearing? Could that happen to Jer? (He’s already decapitated a hybrid, so first kill isn’t the ‘activation’.)
  • Elena can’t keep anything down but blood from the vein: “call it the doppelganger curse.” What about Miss Katherine? We’ve seen her drink blood not from the vein on a few occasions, but she’s also a lady capable of acquiring a high tolerance for poisonous vervain by drinking it on the daily over a hundred years. So, has she overcome her “doppelganger curse” . . . or did she ever have that problem? (Katherine, please come back, we have a question for you.)
  • Here’s my nutrition plan for Elena: supervised feedings from Matt, Jer, and Meredith. Then team up with Sheriff Forbes and go Dexter on the criminals-at-large in the MF area. Win-win.
  • How long til Bonnie hooks up with Professor Shane?

Crissy Calhoun is the author of the Love You to Death companion guides to The Vampire Diaries: Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3. Find her online at and tweeting @crissycalhoun.

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  • 8Dana8

    “What caused Connor’s tattoo to one day start appearing?” –someone wasn’t watching carefully enough? Connor said he was with that guy in Iraq – assumed army, no-one goes there for summer vacation – so one day it appeared on Connor and he said he never saw him again. Well, it’s not hard to figure out.The guy died. Hence Connor is his replacement, the tattoo appeared. Well, let me say it again: Connor, die finally. no-one likes you.

  • Kayjee17

    Love the review as always, Crissy, and we’ll forgive you for being late.  Sure you had a great reason.
    What is with the Damon-bashing on the show lately?  I know this isn’t just my imagination because I’ve caught the question in the comments on other reviews.  He REALLY needs to leave town and let them all screw things up royally so that maybe he would be appreciated when he gets back.  He set out to teach Elena to feed on people without killing them – AND SHE DID!  What is so evil about dancing around with blood on you at a halloween party?  Or is it just that she didn’t retreat off and brood about how taking these people’s blood might have weakened them so that they get a cold and their GPA falls?  They really need to do surgery on vampire Elena and implant a backbone STAT.
    So, other questions to ask:
    If there is a cure and it really works, will an old vampire become the human equivalent of their current age and wither away? 
    If not, then if an Original takes the cure, will all their bloodline return human a’ la’ Finn’s death followed by Sage’s death?  This one has potential since Alexander believed it would be a cure for all vampires – and he went to a lot of trouble to get Originals daggered and in his control.
    Will Jeremy start getting his tattoo after Connor (or another of the Five) dies and he kills a vamp?
    Tune in to TVD for answers…

  • mary.m155

    I was wondering about the Ruffie girl too…I’m sure Damon took her drink away from her after the fact…?

    Loved Your Dexter comment..I am a big fan…& that such a great idea ;)

  • mary.m155

    So, when Connor dies…Jer will take his place?

  • Readytogo

    Great review as always. Bonnie and the professor: that would certainly fit the track record of Bonnie’s complicated relationships. Katherina definitely needs to come back. And btw I actually did like the high on frat blood scenes between Damon and Elena, wasnt disappointed like many other fans. Crazy thought: if the cure exists, maybe Stefan wants to feed? it to Klaus, to finaaally get rid of him :)

  • 8Dana8

     This is my assumption from I’ve heard and seen so far.

  • Cherrie

    DAMON/ELENA ~ Elena is
    finally laughing at Damon’s jokes. Lol, I love that. I actually freaked out
    when Elena hugged Damon. I was so happy. Granted it may not be the kind of hug
    that I would have wanted but it’s still a hug. The fact that Elena hugged Damon
    & he hugged her back for the FIRST time ever makes me unbelievably happy.
    After three seasons the DE fans finally got a hug. You know I loved their dance
    scene at the party, but they were so out of it. Instead of being high on drugs
    they were high on blood. Of course that ended quickly when Bonnie saw them
    & Elena realized what she was doing. But what I liked about Bonnie is that
    she didn’t judge Elena or say anything to hurt her feelings, all she did was
    listen. Of course she told Damon that she didn’t want Elena to be like her but
    that’s totally understandable considering what was happening. You know, I will
    always root for Delena to be together because I just love them so much.
    However, I don’t like that Damon acts like it’s no big to feed from someone.
    Elena hates it & she feels bad but Damon does not care about that. Which is
    so ridiculous because he should know that Elena is compassionate & loving
    & that she hates being the cause of so much pain.  She feels guilty. I know Damon may act like
    he does not care but deep down he does. Elena wants to hold onto her humanity
    & instead of pushing her into the dark side Damon should help her keep her
    humanity instead of waiting her to turn it off. Sorry, but that really pisses
    me off because Damon should not want what happened to him & Stefan to
    happen to her. I would also like to say that this episode was hyped up so much
    & it did not live up to the hype. Yeah DE was great but it was nothing like


    REBEKAH ~ Felt so bad for her
    in this episode. You know she is really starting to change & redeem
    herself. Which I know in time she will. All she wants is to be loved & in
    the end she just keeps getting betrayed. When she said that she envied
    Stelena’s love I wanted to cry because she feels like she will never get that.
    I mean Stefan was with her first & she did love him but when she woke up
    after so many years of being in that tomb she found out that he’s moved on
    & has found love with someone else. The poor girl can’t get a break. Also
    Klaus is the worst brother ever, but then again it’s not so shocking since he’s
    Klaus and he’s pretty evil. However, that last scene where he daggered her
    showed that he did care. I think everyone was crying in that scene. Stefan,
    Rebekah, and even Klaus. It was a bit sad. Furthermore, I think her scenes were
    my favorite in the episode. Claire did a fantastic job & they were pretty
    interesting to watch.


    KLAUS ~ So there is a cure
    vampirism? Huh, who would of guessed? Well, I kind of did since he saved Elena
    in 4×03. He wants to turn her human so she can be his blood bag forever. Don’t
    really know how I feel about that. Also I really loved the Klefan scenes. I
    just do. Stefan was actually funny in those scenes. I bet Klaus is still
    holding out hope for Stefan to come back to him hahaha. Okay, we’ll see I
    guess. I mean he did convince him not to tell the two most important people
    (Damon/Elena) about the cure so…And he got Stefan to turn on Rebekah & fess
    up where the sword is, and it worked. I wonder if he’ll even find it since it’s
    been centuries. A part of me wants him to find the sword & figure out the
    cure for vampirism but then again this show is called “The Vampire Diaries” for
    a reason. I’m conflicted lol.


    STEFAN/ELENA ~ They are so
    cute. I mean they always have been, but I think the reason I actually enjoy
    their scenes now is because they were apart for the entirety of season 3, so to
    see them together again is kind of great. For most of last season Elena was
    miserable. She was just so unhappy & missing Stefan. It was obvious from
    3×01 when she was just laying in bed looking all depressed. She wanted him back
    more than anything & now that they are together again I think it’s only
    fair they are happy even for a second. That forest scene was adorable. I loved
    how jealous Stefan was lol. Moreover, I liked what he said to Rebekah “If it
    meant that I got to be with her. Have children, grow old with her, if it meant
    that we die together. Be buried together. Then yes, I take the cure.” He knows
    that’s all Elena wants. To be human again & he would give that to her if he
    could. Not really sure how he’s going to keep that secret from her because
    she’s going to be wondering why he’s acting all strange & wanting Connor
    alive. But then again if he tells her & gets her hopes up what then? It
    will still hurt her. Such a complicated situation in my opinion. Anyways, I
    like their last scene on the porch. They last time they were on the porch was
    in 3×14 when Stefan walked away from her. Now he’s there comforting her. Like
    he has done a million times before. And in that moment she needed it. Just to
    feel safe & to feel like everything is going to be okay. I mean who
    wouldn’t want that?



    3×05 – Stefan: “You’re right.
    Because through all of this you are the one thing that kept me from giving up.”

    4×04 Elena: “You’re the one
    who’s getting me through this.”


    3×01 – Elena: “Stefan if this
    is you, you’re gonna be okay. I love you, Stefan. HOLD ONTO that. Never let
    that go.”

    4×04 – Stefan: “Yes, you
    will. I promise. You just have to HOLD


    2×20 – Elena: “I was supposed
    to grow up. Decide if I wanna have kids, start a family, grow old…”

    4×04 – Stefan: “If it meant
    that I got to be with her. Have children, grow old with her, if it meant that
    we die together. Be buried together…”


    *As per usual Damon was
    awesome with his one liners. “Hats of to these idiots.” “What is this?
    Witchipedia?” “And these are the two lovely ladies I just rippered.” LMAOOO! I
    love him.


    * Jeremy just keeps getting
    hotter. Like seriously, I can’t stop starring.


    * “Let me name the million
    other people I rather being having dinner with right now.” LOL Stefan was
    actually hilarious! I love that.


    * Damon was such a badass
    walking away from Elena & Bonnie in that episode. He looked super sexy.
    Kind of like he did in 3×14 when he beat up Kol & walked away. So hot.


    FAV QUOTE ~ “Go right ahead.
    Laugh at the girl who loved too easily. But I would rather have lived my life
    than yours, Nik. No one will ever sit around a table telling stories about a man who
    couldn’t love. Do it. Look me in the eye and do it, you coward. Do it!”

  • katherine_fan

    I like Connor.

  • S.

    I think we can assume that whatever truck Matt gets, it will be a Ford.

  • katherine_fan

    Rebekah quoted her father Mikael when she said to Klaus ”Do it,you little coward”-I loved that part. I’m wondering (hoping) if she’ll demonstrate the temper she got from her father when she gets undaggered.

  • katherine_fan

    Rebekah’s scenes were my favorite ones,too and I loved this quote.Can you tell me what Rebekah said about Finn?I can’t make it out.I think she said ”I’ve lived better than Finn”,but I’m not sure.

  • 8Dana8

    So you’d rather they kill little animals to feed? Do you really think those bunnies take an orange and a piece of chocolate, rest for 15 minutes and hop off their way? No. It’s better to Snatch Drink Erase. I would add Heal before Erase but oh well, optional. If you’re looking for fast food.

  • ihatepeople

    Wow a Bex and Katherine combination…could be fun. I don’t think Bex will be in a trusting mood when she wakes up so she might have to do it on her own.

  • katherine_fan

    Bex is always in a trusting mood-that’s what gets her daggered every two minutes.That’s why I think they’ll be a great team.Bex is the most trusting person in the planet,Kat is the least trusting person.And I really want Bex to kick some ass instead of practising with the cheerleaders. Bex’s temper and Kat’s ‘Petrova fire’ FTW!

  • Stevie1421

    Yeah I’m glad someone else is mad at Damon for what he did. I got the distinct impression he wanted Elena to lose it. Does he not realize what it would do to her if she hurt someone? Or does he think if she went nuts she’d suddenly choose him? Sometimes Damon only seems to like Elena’s compassion when it benefits him, other than that he seems to think she ‘cares too much’ and she should be more like him.
    I know what you’re saying about Stefan being in a complicated situation but he should definitely tell Damon and Elena. I mean, since when was Klaus trustworthy? And why is it okay for Stefan to plot a way to make Elena human without even mentioning it to her? And keeping such a big secret from Elena and Damon is only going to push them closer together when they find out. If I can see that, why can’t Stefan? Of course, pushing Elena closer to Damon can be good or bad depending how you look at it :p

  • Jazz

    So my theory about Elena’s diet “issue” is that, unlike Katherine, she was actually sacrificed for the curse, died and came back, and now, after the curse has been lifted, she has been made a vampire…I think that while Elena and Katherine are both doppelgangers, it is those things that make her vampire experience unique. 

  • Tania Rahman123

    Love flashback episodes and this one was no exception. Poor pathetic Rebekah, I actually might feel sorry for her at some point, and you begin to understand how she became such a ‘mean girl’, by being betrayed by Alexander and Klaus’ extreme anger towards her.He’s quite abusive towards her. I still think the writers are overdoing the ‘mean girl’ angle and Klaus is still as one dimensional as ever. Nice to see Elijah again.

    I hope the FIVE actually help the storyline and don’t overburden it. What is this greater evil that’s supposed to be coming and please don’t make the vampire cure only about Elena and Klaus’ need for hybrids. In fact it would be nice if another vampire received it, especially one who doesn’t want it, like Klaus.

    Note to the writers, if an actor can’t do an English accent, leave it out, otherwise no one can understand a word they’re saying.

  • Annie

    I wasn’t mad at Damon at all. It’s in his personality to feed like that, he always complains that there is too much doom and gloom and claims that brooding is Stefan’s lot, not his. We’ve seen Damon feed off sorority girls before, it’s how he rolls, the guy likes to dance.

    I don’t think Damon can complain about Elena caring too much, because he cares too much also. I believe when he says that she’s more like him it’s personality wise and I agree, he doesn’t need to make her like him, she already is. Elena like Damon loves fiercely, acts impulsively, is stubborn, and breaks others as easily as she herself is broken. They are different in that Elena wears her compassion like a badge of honor while Damon buries his.

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