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Posted by | April 6, 2012, 9:22 (MST) | 52 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: The Murder of One (EP318) - The Threat of ExtinctionAfter a few episodes that felt off, The Murder of One shines as an example of all that makes The Vampire Diaries the show we love so very much — high stakes, excellent twists, complicated conversations, siblings bickering, a little shirtless torture, and a reminder that good whittling is hard to find. Welcome back, TVD.

The Salvatore brothers have been called self-destructive many a time, but in this episode, the poor guys have no idea that their diabolical master plan is incredibly self-destructive. When the linking spell was introduced in Dangerous Liaisons, some fans theorized that it would take out the whole vampire species, but as it turns out it is not a new spell that threatens every single vampire. It’s the bloodlines that run all the way back to the spell that created them, their family ties. The death of one of the Originals means the death of every vampire they sired. What a shocker for our Mystic Falls friends: all those times they tried to kill Klaus and his family. If they had succeeded all vampires, friend or foe, would be dead. It’s the perfect twist to raise the stakes as we head into the final four episodes of season 3.

The white oak stakes make literal the proverbial double-edged sword: what will save them from the threat of Klaus and company will also kill the vampires (and hybrid) among them. And in a less literal way, this episode also reflects on those double-edged swords; often what keeps the TVDers alive is also their greatest source of pain. Alaric’s ring has resurrected him time and again, but it’s also turned him into a killer. He can’t trust himself, he can’t be left alone (even with the help of Bonnie’s herbal psycho suppressant), and the weight of the murder, which he can’t even remember committing, is heavy on his conscience. Bonnie’s magic is a source of great strength, and she’s used it to save her loved ones many a time, but it’s also a weapon of destruction. As in this episode, Bonnie is constantly called upon to do something that she believes is wrong, something in the service of evil to prevent some immediate threat. And, of course, the prime example of this double-edged sword idea comes in the form of our beloved vampires. Their immortality has a high price: a thirst for blood, an appetite for the kill. As Caroline explains to Alaric in a scene fraught with tension, when she was first turned, she killed a stranger and she liked it. All of the vampires, including straight-edge Finn, have blood on their hands.

Even the things that should be all sunshine and roses — love, hope, and family — are a source of pain on The Vampire Diaries. For Elena, the brothers she loves have saved her life and brought her happiness, but they’ve also been the source of incredible suffering and torment for her. The vampire siblings, in particular Klaus and Rebekah and Stefan and Damon, prove time and again that those closest to you can hurt you the most. And all this messy, complicated business is what makes an episode like The Murder of One such sophisticated, compelling television drama. It’s impossible to make clear-cut decisions, like in the conflict between Stefan and Elena over whether to save Damon or proceed with the kill-Originals plot. Or just ask Elena, who isn’t capable of clearly labeling her feelings for Damon when Stefan asks her to.

What is clear (at least for some of our characters) is the belief that someone can be saved. With Alaric, Caroline is very aware of the choice she is making, to follow the Elena Gilbert Handbook rather than demand retribution for her father’s death. Rebekah does the opposite with Damon — punishing him for mistreating her. The gang as a whole sees the Originals as the exception to the Can-Be-Saved rule. (Even Elena is determined to wipe out all five Original siblings, as a result of the Abby-gets-turned incident from All My Children, “collateral damage” demanded by Elijah.) From a storytelling perspective, the gang’s need for retribution against the Original is a plot necessity. Klaus is the villain — and he knows it and relishes in it. He destroyed Well-Adjusted Stefan, he murders at will, he takes whatever he wants, and he has a lifelong need for Elena’s blood — especially now that he’s renewed his interest in making a hybrid family to replace the kin who have deserted him. In Stefan’s confrontation with Klaus, Klaus reveals just how clearly he understands the role the he plays in their lives. Stefan’s ex–best friend and worst enemy knows he’s the target for Stefan’s anger, the big bad who helps redirect attention from the multitude of lesser evils committed by the ‘good guys.’ Like Caroline says, they all have blood on their hands — even Matt Donovan who delivers the death blow to Finn and wipes out an entire bloodline of vampires. And as much as Stefan hates Klaus, he listens to him. As he tells Elena, he now realizes the truth thanks to what Klaus said and the hopelessness of his pursuit to kill the Originals: he has been wasting his time in seeking revenge, and will instead look at himself and face what he’s lost.

Another thing that made this episode so great was Ms. Bonnie Bennett. It’s such a rarity to see things from Bonnie’s perspective, to see her emotion and private moments, but in The Murder of One, we get to see the effect Klaus’s actions have on her. She’s again forced to betray her morality, to react to the threat at hand. This girl is constantly under extreme pressures — this time, happy go-lucky Jeremy is the target — and (just in the nick of time!) she breaks the linking spell under duress. While she doesn’t have a humanity switch like a vampire, she will have a breaking point. Bonnie’s come close to the edge before — when she was ready to burn Damon to death in the MFHS parking lot springs to mind. How far from the edge is she? Will she decide Klaus is right — that being “emotional” isn’t worth the cost?

In the ramp up to the season finale, the various plot threads are coming together: we don’t just have one villain to contend with but two. The secret psycho killer has a weapon that could kill an entire bloodline of vampires — and if I were Crazy Alaric, I’d be aiming for Klaus for maximum dramatic impact.

Compelling Moment: A light moment this time round — the banter among the gang as they plan their attack on Klaus and Rebekah was classic.

The Rules: Bonnie unlinks the Original kids with a spell that requires their blood. The death of Finn reveals that the bloodline of an Original is tied together: shortly after Finn is killed, Sage and her sired crony, Troy, vomit blood and then croak, along with every other descendent of a vampire sired by Finn.

Foggy moments:

  • I guess Elijah gave Klaus a vial of his blood before leaving town? Or are those bros still in touch, as Klaus is with Kol, his errand boy in Mile High City?
  • Klaus seems surprised Rebekah has a soft spot for the Salvatore boys, but she was madly in love with Stefan a short time ago (from her perspective), so her affection there should be no surprise. And speaking of, is Rebekah totally over Stefan, or has she just realized it’s a lost cause because of Elena?
  • Why did Caroline let Alaric go home alone? Wasn’t her duty to watch him and make sure he stayed Alaric?

Thoughts & questions before Heart of Darkness (EP319):

  • Did the Salvatores and Alaric keep all those wood shavings and bits from their whittling and sawing? I bet they could MacGyver another stake!
  • Though Rebekah’s plan to bleed Damon until he can be compelled so she can force him to kill Elena or Damon is evil genius, she could use a little help on the torture front from her big bro. Compare the dream Katherine gave Stefan in Memory Lane, a nightmare of Elena macking on Damon, to Rebekah’s sweet rescue fantasy for Damon. Too kind, my dear Rebekah.
  • “See you in physics class.” My favorite throwaway line of the episode.
  • In Bringing Out the Dead, Elijah and Klaus revealed that it was the blood of the original doppelganger, Tatia, that was used to turn the Original kids. So when Mikael died, his children were safe from dying themselves, because it wasn’t his vampire blood that sired them — even though it was his big idea that invented the whole species. Does that tell us anything about Tatia? Is she still alive? Was she just used as an ingredient in a spell and never a proper vampire?
  • It’s really too bad “Vampire Almanac” Slater is dead. He would be really helpful in sorting out these bloodlines.

What did you think of The Murder of One? Sound off below with your likes/dislikes, theories, and predictions.

Crissy Calhoun is the author of Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries and Love You to Death — Season 2. When not obsessively re-watching CW shows, she works as managing editor at ECW Press in Toronto. She blogs at and tweets @crissycalhoun.

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  • Lindsay Smith

    How is Klaus still alive after wielding the dagger to re-dagger Kol and Rebeka?  The dagger used on Rebeka is the same one used on Elijah…….. hummmmmmm………

  • Sara Corbin

     because he is a hybrid!

  • Martinaabdelmalak

    The thing is that stefan is tourched by elena being with Damon so that is why Katherine used it but rebaka used the opposite which Elena might have feelings for Damon but it would make his brother miserable and would require him to be the good guy but rebacka wanted to tease him of what he want but can’t have.

  • Cherrie

    Great Review!! 

    STELENA ~ I loved their scenes in this episode. Mostly because they were talking about Damon haha. Seriously though, I thought that their last scene was heartbreaking. My heart definitely broke for Stefan. I’m just glad that he is on his way back to the Stefan that I’ve missed so much. He took responsibility for his actions & is owning up to them. Finally! Considering it was only 7 episodes ago that he was threatening to turn her but things have changes since then. Moreover when he said “I love you. I will always love you.” I was about to cry. The way he said it showed that he truly meant it. Not like I doubted it but I guess after a long time it was nice to hear. Plus it was so damn sweet & just the fact that he finally showed his feelings/humanity is even better! However, isn’t it weird that in 3×14 Elena was telling Stefan to show that he cares & to feel something but now that he does she tells him that she doesn’t know what she feels?! That sucks for him. Since this show is a love triangle Damon/Elena are bound to happen but that doesn’t mean my heart won’t break for Stefan. That’s the worst part for me as a Delena shipper. Knowing that Stefan is going to get hurt. I mean no matter who she chooses someone is going to get hurt & since I love all three of them I know it will be a bit hard to watch. I feel like in the upcoming episodes Stefan will finally start fighting for Elena. I guess it’s about time since he has been so distance from her this whole season. Wow, Stelena really has changed a lot in one season. I mean this time last year they were all lovey-dovey & together. 

    DELENA ~ They had one REAL scene in this episode but I still loved that scene. It was so cute. Elena really needs to stop pretending to be mad at Damon. Stop the act girl! I knew that the face touching scene was a hallucination from the moment it began. “This was much different in my head” Damon says & I totally agree with him. It was much different in my head as well when I first watched the promo. Oh well, it was still a nice scene. I love any D/E scene whether they are fighting, laughing, having a heartfelt conversation, saving one another, whether it’s a dream or if it’s real. I love them all! I also love that Elena couldn’t deny her feelings for Damon. Yeah, it sucks to be Stefan in that moment but my D/E heart couldn’t help but get excited! Everyone knows that Elena has feelings for Damon. By everyone I mean Caroline, Matt, Bonnie, Rebekah, Katherine & now Stefan. Everyone knows except Damon! It’s time she tells him. In season 2 it was everyone else telling Damon that he was in love with Elena until he admitted it to her in 2×08 & then again in 2×22. This season it’s Elena. We are so close you guys. So close. Next episode (3×19) is going to be great! ♥

    SALVATORE BROTHERS ~ “The Salvatores may fight like dogs but in the end they would die for each other. At least they know what family means.” OMG Rebekah I love that you ship Defan! Because so do I!! 

    KLEFAN ~ “What is wrong with you? Do you really have no appreciation for me? I have given you someone to hate, to loathe, a target for all your anger so you don’t have to turn it on yourself. I give your life purpose as your friend.” LOL!! Awww Klaus misses Stefan! That line seriously made me laugh but also made me feel a bit bad for him. Sorry Klaus, but Stefan will NEVER choose you over Damon or anyone really lol. He even realized that towards the end of the episode. That hating Klaus is pointless. Yay! 

    * Caroline said that Rebekah was desperate enough to enough to sleep with Damon but did she not forget that not too long ago she wanted to get with Damon? He never compelled her to sleep with her. He did however compel her to not let anyone know that he was feeding on her. She wanted to get into his pants the moment she saw him at the grill. Caroline I love you, but don’t be a hypocrite. I wonder what she’s going to think of Elena once we get DEx?! 

    * “He’s a victim of something supernatural. He didn’t ask for this. It jut happened to him….neither did Stefan or Tyler.” Ummm I’m sorry but isn’t she forgetting someone? What about Damon? He didn’t ask for it either! 

    * When Damon said “Not last minute attacks of pity for anyone.” He meant that he did not want Elena to screw up the plan but it’s ironic that she ended up wanting to screw it up to save Damon? Just saying.

    * How great it was it that Matt, the bus oy, the human, the outsider was the one to kill an Original?! Love you, Matt. Please keep him on the show forever! Please!

    * The Damon torture scenes were cringe worthy. I could not watch the scene where Klaus compelled Damon to leave. I was in tears. The look on his face when Rebekah released him & he was on his knees was heartbreaking. He was so lost and vulnerable in that scene. OMG stop with the Damon torture! When I was watching the scene all I kept saying was “My poor baby is in so much pain but he still looks so cute.” & my sister was like “Isn’t he 15 years older then you & the character that he plays does NOT exist!” Umm does she not know that age is nothing but a number & that I can pretend Damon is real for at least one hour of my life?! Silly girl LOL!

    * In 1×22 Elena reassured Stefan that she loves him but ONLY cares about Damon & that he has nothing to worry about. However, in 3×18 she couldn’t tell him the same thing because she’s falling for Damon. If I was Stefan I would be crying right now lol. I mean that must really hurt.  

    * I agree with Caroline “I miss the well adjusted Stefan.” He’s getting their at least. Also can we please have more Steroline scenes?! I love their friendship! 

    * Goodbye Sage! I wish I could say that I will miss you, but I won’t! Although he crying over Finn was sad. She waited 900 years for him & now that he wanted to live again he ended up dead. That’s really depressing.

    * “I mean did you not learn did you not learn nothing from the moonstone in the soap dish?” LOL! That line cracked me up. No one is ever going to let Damon forget that will they? LMAO!

    Overall, I loved this episode. It was a lot better then the last two. To be honest I like or love each episode of TVD. That’s just me. There isn’t one that I hate. “The Murder of One” was great & I’m looking forward to the last episodes of the season. Although, I don’t want it to be over! 

    P.S. April 19th needs to hurry up because I need to see my Jeremy & some hot Delena scenes! 

    I know, super long post. If you actually read all of this THANK YOU! 

  • Guest

     Actually I think its cuz he’s an Original. Rebekah used it on him when she first got out of her coffin in Chicago even though it didn’t work. I don’t think Tyler can use the daggers…

  • TVD*fan

    GAHH!! The word is TURNED not SIRED. Everyone seems to be making that mistake…siring is for hybrids

  • Tania Rahman

    Yes, let’s not forget the poor girl who’s blood was used to create the First Family, if the producers do ever decide to actually feature the character it would be nice to surprise us, ie for Elena to actually have a blood relative as an ally, seeing as Katherine hates her, Uncle John and Isobel ie mum and dad couldn’t really care less about her unless her life was in danger. We’ve only heard Klaus and Elijah’s side of the story. Don’t they just love playing victims?

  • mary.m155

     He can only be killed with a white oak stake not a dagger?

  • mary.m155

    I think that Tatia is the new big bad…coming to town baby! I have had that theory since the dinner party with all our boys. I knew there was something fishy about that convo.

  • Rose-Petals

    “Didn’t you learn anything from the moonstone in the soap dish?”
    My favorite line.

    i loved this episode; it had a lot of emotions and revelations.

    Rebekah/Klaus- i love their relationship and scenes together. While rebekah is impulsive and revengeful like Klaus, she is also moral (in her own way) and rightful like Elijah. Like Elijah, Rebekah has an unconditional love for her family and i love how while finn tried to get her killed she still cares for him. When Finn died Rebekah was upset because just like she told Klaus, he was their brother. And i love how rebekah confronted klaus about that and so decided to se the salvatores free.

    Bonnie- i love the moment where we finally see her breakdown. Bonnie couldn’t hold in her pain anymore and wanted to just leave so she left damon in klaus’s house but she held herself together long enough to get him help.

    Sage/Finn- there love story was very sweet and interesting and i wish that it could be explored more but it was nice. Also i wish we were told why finn wanted to die since her loves sage so much, did he think she was dead or did he forget about her?

    Damon/Elena/Stefan- the scenes were beautiful and touching as always.

  • Londongirl9063

    Still think it could have been better. This whole season was a bit of a disappointment after Ordinary People. I hope we get to see a flashback with Katherine and Finn and there alleged romance in 1492.

  • Anagha

    I think evil alaric is going to try kill they vampire line that the salvatores belong to because he wants to kill all the founding members and the salvatores are a founding family

  • Londongirl9063

    If Tatia was the original doppelganger then that would mean poor Nina would have to play 3 characters. Very compelling idea though if she came back. However if the 4th season is centered around her, how long can they pin the show on the Originals and Doppelganger plots. Where would they go from there? what else would there be to explore ? Not that i mind i love the whole Original / historical angle. Its my favorite part.  

  • Laura42

    I think that when somebody is turned with vampire blood that person is sired by that vampire/it is his bloodline. However they used the term SIRED only for the kind of excessive loyal bond that Tyler and the hybrids have with Klaus. Damon said that is rare for vampires, but maybe it isn’t so rare for hybrids. What we have been told is that siring happens sometimes in vampires(rarely), always with hybrids(so far).

  • Cherrie

    Sorry guys for the typos.

  • Drich61

    Actually, I think down the road we will learn that all vampires turned by all the originals will be sired to that original. It will not be just a hybrid (Klaus) thing. Sage and Finn may have been in love, but I think she was also sired to him. This has no effect on the bloodline thing. Siring to Damon is rare because the originals have not turned many vampires, and lesser vampires do not cannot sire their turned vampires.

  • Drich61

    Damon did ask for it, Katherine did not compel him or hide anything from him. He drank her blood willingly. He didn’t plan to be killed at that time, but it was in his plans.

  • SoMo

    haha.. That awkward moment when Klaus basically said that he was being evil just to make Stefan happy! LOL! That was epic! I love Klaus! I’m so happy about the new twist becoz it means MAYBE Klaus has more chances for survival.

    And for me the most compelling moment was when Stefan and Elena talked. Or when Stefan rescued Damon.

  • Juliamac

    I really loved this show at one point but I think the writers are doing a very poor job at the moment. There is absolutely no consistency in the plot lines at all, too many twists and turns and to be honest I think we’ll get to see a season 4 but not a season 5

  • Canderella

    Just had a thought, maybe they are going to kill Katherine at the end of this season. Then they’ll have room for Tatia and a new love triangle or fiveangle (?) could start :)

  • Cherrie

    Yeah but then when he thought she was dead he wanted to die. Stefan made him turn. Therefore he did not ask for it. I mean back in season 2 I remember him being so depressed over Rose’s death that he killed that girl and before he did that he confessed that he hated being a vampire and he misses being human more then anything in the world. To me that looks like someone that did not want to be turned. Yeah you’re right about him wanting to turn for Katherine but he thought she loved him and was going to be with him and when die it was obvious he wanted to die as well.

  • cute7

    “Stefan Or Damon” ♥ღ♥ ღ♥ღ

    ♥ღ♥ STELENA ♥ღ♥

    ♥Stefan is fiercely loyal. 
    Stefan knew his relationship with Elena wouldn’t be able to survive his ripper road trip with Klaus, but he went anyway to save Damon’s life

    ♥Stefan and Elena have history. 
    Back in the day, Stefan and Elena were Mystic Falls High School’s golden couple. Pretty much the only thing they ever fought about was the best way to protect Elena. 

    Stefan’s caring and romantic. 
    Remember when it seemed like the only way for Elena to survive Klaus’s quest … Stefan planned out an amazing venture to the elusive Mystic Falls where they watched the sunset, discussed their shared future, and celebrated her (supposed) last day as human. Not every guy will do that for you!

    ♥Stefan’s flawed, but he’s trying. 
    No one’s perfect — even if they look it. Will admit Stefan’s issues are heavy ones, but at least he’s trying to deal with them. Before Klaus pulled him off the wagon, he seemed to have it all together. 

    ♥He tries to protect her.
    Even in the midst of his ripper madness, it took Klaus’s compulsion to get Stefan to bite Elena. But he still managed to stop. Even the big bad Original was surprised at how strong Stefan’s restraint was when it came to his lady love.

    ღ♥ღ DELENA ღ♥ღ
    ♥Damon is too hot to handle. 
     From his intense, sea-colored eyes to his glorious chest, Damon’s just otherworldly gorgeous. Frankly, Elena has shown remarkable restraint by not jumping his bones before now.

    ♥He’s changed.
    Damon has a history of murdering those close to the people he loves the most. Now, when his feelings get hurt, he’s quicker to sink into a drunken coma and find a blonde to hook up with. Okay, he’s not perfect, but it’s baby steps.

    ♥Stefan’s not all there. 
    seen hints of Stefan’s coming redemption, but he still loses it a bit at the site of blood… The last time he fell off the wagon, it took Lexi a decade to get the younger Salvatore cleaned up and back on track.
    ♥Damon’s been devoted. Stefan did an incredibly noble thing by sacrificing himself to save Damon — but Damon was there to pick up the pieces when his brother left. Regardless of Stefan’s motives for distancing himself from Elena, it was Damon she ran back to every time he rejected her. 

    ♥Taste test. 
    With the trio hurtling towards a dramatic conclusion in the Season 3 finale —Elena can’t really make an informed decision unless she tests drives her feelings for Damon. Sure, cuddling in bed and having one hot kiss on a porch is great, but…

  • Sasha

    My question is, after knowing that killing an Original kills all the turns that descend from that Original, why are we still trying to kill Klaus? Why risk it? You have someone who is going to ensure that Elena lives her entire natural life. Her blood seems a small price to pay when she has the bargaining power she has. Elena is the one who should be making a deal with Klaus.  She will cooperate if he leaves all her friends alone.  When Klaus makes a promise, he honors it.  

  • ihatepeople

    They might have to come to a mutual agreement with Klaus. The plan to kill him seems to be temporarily on hold at least until they can figure out who they descended from.

  • ihatepeople

    Could be. JP said Katherine wouldn’t be back for the rest of this season but she said that before and she showed up to help Damon with Mikael’s plan. I hope they don’t kill her though. I’m sure at some point they’ll bring Tatia otherwise they wouldn’t have brought her up.

  • ihatepeople


  • blue moon

    completely agree. the writing has seriously declined this season and i’m beginning to wonder what the point is? In most shows you can see what the entire season is building up to but they’ve basically spent the whole season trying to kill klaus (and failing) and now it turns out they won’t even be able to kill him (the writers love joseph morgan so much you know they won’t kill him off, at least not yet, he’s basically carried half this season  anyway). soooo what’s the point? Are they gonna try to make this alaric psycho killer the new “big bad”? because that just seems weak. this season has had a lot of filler episodes and a lot of running in circle. unless they finish this season with a big bang and have a killer first half of season four they should just end the series soon, it’s just not going anywhere… (and i’m saying this even though i LOVE the show, this season has just been kind of a bust since they returned from the winter break)

  • blue moon

    if they do kill him that would be the salvatores resigning tyler to death and i’m not sure the mystic falls gang would be okay with that? once they introduced this bloodline thing (which was really pretty obvious actually) it made most of the season kind of pointless since they obviously aren’t going to kill klaus now. they only thing the writers MIGHT do is kill klaus and say the mystic falls vampires are descended from elijah (since the writers are in love with him and the gang seems like get along best with him anyway)

  • blue moon

    if they do kill him that would be the salvatores resigning tyler to death and i’m not sure the mystic falls gang would be okay with that? once they introduced this bloodline thing (which was really pretty obvious actually) it made most of the season kind of pointless since they obviously aren’t going to kill klaus now. they only thing the writers MIGHT do is kill klaus and say the mystic falls vampires are descended from elijah (since the writers are in love with him and the gang seems like get along best with him anyway)

  • Georgia_Peach

     Finn was daggered for 900 years. He never met Katherine.


    Help me out here, I read all the time people saying that the writing is all over the place…..can you give me some examples? I don’t see it, and I’ve been wondering what people mean when they say that….


    If you’ve been watching TVD since day one, you’d know that all of their “big bads” tend to have layers and they tend to stick around….(Remember Damon & Kat?)

    The first part of this season wasn’t about killing Klaus, it was about discovering more about Stefan, learning more about the Original family, watching Damon & Elena become closer…the second half of the season so far has been about killing Klaus because Stefan was in vengeance mode, and meeting the rest of the Original family…and watching Elena’s feelings for Damon pretty much push her away from him.

    I’m not sure why everyone thinks there has to be a”big bad”…it’s all about trials & tribulations, and it’s an on-going story. It’s not a monster of the week type story.

    Because they’ve had a few episodes you didn’t like you think the show should come to an end? I’ve loved this entire season, so I’m really not sure what your point is when you say they should just “end the series soon” when there’s still so much story to tell. Just because you can’t guess where the season is going doesn’t mean  that’s a bad thing, it’s just a little different from what you’re used to, and that’s a good thing;)


    What alleged romance between Finn & Kat? Finn was daggered for 900 years, Kat’s only 500 years old…..the math doesn’t add up for Finn & Kat to have had a “romance”.

  • rose

    I completely agree. I don’t understand why people have been saying that the writing’s messed up and all over the place. Personally, I’ve enjoyed this season equally as the others if not more. I love where the show’s going and hope to see more. 

  • Georgia_Peach

    I agree with you.  I do not see where the writing has been all over the place this season.  The writing has been fantastic. 

    The introduction of the Originals has been one of their best story lines and there is still so much more that can be told.  The layers to Klaus and the portrayal of that character by Joseph Morgan has been outstanding.  By the end of season two, as a viewer, I wanted the Mystic Falls gang to find a way to kill him.  Now where the story is to date, I want Klaus to survive.  The writers have successfully made me care about Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah. I find myself on a campaign to save Klaus and his Original siblings.  That is excellent writing!  

    While this season has been about Klaus and his siblings it has coincided with Stefan’s journey.  The glimpse into Stefan’s human blood issues the writers gave the audience in the episode Miss Mystic Falls in Season One was only the tip of the iceberg.  In season two Stefan was sipping amounts of blood from Elena, which as it turned out was a dangerous thing to do.  This season has taken Stefan back to his darkest days as a Ripper, which has shown the audience a completely different side of Stefan, which is a part of his personality.  Now the audience is getting to see Stefan face his demons and balance his nature as a vampire.  This is something he has to do to survive.  Feed on human blood in moderation and do it with self control.  In the episode 1912 it showed where the Salvatore Brothers were in their existence as vampires.  Fifty years had gone by and Damon was living in the shadows and considered himself spoken for by Katherine.  Stefan was on an animal diet, which made him weak.  Neither brother expected Stefan to feed so hard a head would come off of his prey.  Stefan fled in horror and continued down a 10 year path as a Ripper with no conscience.  Damon lived with the guilt that he did not go after his brother and help him.  This time, in present day, Damon will be there to help his brother.

    The story has come full circle from the Salvatore brothers being turned in 1864, learning Stefan was the one who forced Damon to transition, Damon walking out on Stefan and leaving Stefan’s blood lust a problem for Lexie to solve, to 1912 in which 50 years had past since the brothers had seen each other, all the way to the Salvatore brotherly bond of present day.  Hopefully with Damon’s help this time, Stefan will continue to live it, own it and function as a vampire.  It is as though the writers have put the story of Stefan’s battle to overcome his demons into a gift box, wrapped it and tied a bow around it for the audience. 

    The writers did the same thing with Damon’s journey through seasons one & two.  Damon had to love, care and feel again.  In The Descent, which is one of my favorite episodes and I still cry every time I watch it,  showed Damon’s complete emotional meltdown over what happened to Rose and the guilt he felt that she died saving him.  That episode gave the audience an insight to what Damon really felt.  Damon wanted to be human again and knew he could never be what Elena wants him to be.  He cannot change the fact that he is a vampire.  In order not to just exist as a vampire, the episode “1912″ showed the audience that Sage taught Damon how to live it and own it as a vampire.   His ability to care for others again all rested on his love and care for one human girl named Elena Gilbert.  Again the writers gave the audience a present wrapped in a box with a beautiful bow around it.  It is so ironic that Damon’s lifeline to live as a vampire was Sage, whom turned out to be the ancient lover of Klaus’s older brother, Finn.  Wow!  These writers are fantastic!

    There is no true “big bad” on this show.  It is not based on a “monster of the week, or “monster of the season”.  As it turns out they all have multiple layers to their personalities, which at first the audience may hate and then the audience may love.  Damon, Katherine and Klaus are all perfect examples.  This is all owed to the extraordinary writing team that TVD has assembled.

    The story is still being told through this season and will continue into next year.  The journey of Elena, Damon and Stefan is a TV series long… not just season to season.   They are three people that love each other dearly.   However, as long as Elena, as a human, cannot accept the nature of the vampire, I see a big elephant in the room.  I have no problem with Damon loving Elena and being a protector and friend, but unless she is willing to turn into a vampire, which she isn’t right now in the timeline of the story, I see nothing but heartbreak for both Salvatore brothers.  For now, Elena’s behavior towards Damon is grating on my last nerve.  Perhaps at some point Elena will love one brother enough to turn, but then that is part of the journey the three of them are on.  Their journey together is far from over.

    Damon is my favorite character on the show and I want him to have an eternity of happiness.  Should the writers decide to write the story with Damon’s epic love story being with Katherine (or even Rebekah for that matter), who is a vampire that owns it, lives it, loves it, and will not judge him to the standards of a human being to lay constant guilt on him of who or what he is, I would be fine with that.  However, any vampire in order to stay connected to his humanity must have love and/or a human connection.

    Katherine is such an awesome character with a strong will of survival and perseverance.  No matter what has been thrown at her from a young woman giving birth to a daughter that she loved only to have her child taken away at birth, to being banished from her family and homeland, to where life took her as a young woman’s journey into Klaus’s clutches just for the fact she was a human doppelganger just like Elena, to the heartbreaking necessity she chose by turning herself into a vampire in order to survive, only to find out her actions brought death to her entire family.  Her life story is heartbreaking, but her will to survive continues……. her driving force, much like Stefan’s has been this season, is her need for revenge against Klaus.  The very thought that after 520 years of needing and wanting revenge was put on hold to save Damon’s life spoke volumes in how deep she can also love. 

    I am looking forward to watching Klaus “court” Caroline… all with a very slow burn.   I am hoping the writers introduce Tatia and not have her just reference to in conversation.  I want to know more about the Originals, their past and what the future has for them.  I want to know just how did the Originals/Salvatores/Petrovas come together in ancient past.  As for Esther, I am hoping Bonnie sends her back to the land of the dead never to return.  And mostly I want the “kill Klaus” train to leave the station and completely derail. 

    The writers big reveal of each Original sibling as the maker of a vampire bloodline, was perfection and actually in line with some vampire lore.  I was sad to see it was actually Matty Blue Eyes, the innocent human of the group, whose hands now have the blood of a thousand year old bloodline on them.  A thousand years of vampires, some evil, but some that were probably sweet like Caroline,  Rose, Lexi and Anna all dropped dead in an instant.  Vampires living their daily lives and not wanting to harm any humans…. think Slater, the little “tech history researcher” guy that Elijah murdered.  Finn, the older Original brother, that did no harm to anyone in Mystic Falls was the one they killed.  He appeared to be the Mama’s boy and had a gentle nature about him.  He loved one woman, Sage, and she was the only human he ever turned into a vampire so they could live an eternity together.  His vampire bloodline continued through her.  The writers gave us a bit of  history regarding Sage and Finn as human lovers. By their  conversation they had to sneak around to meet because Finn’s family did not like him consorting with a commoner.  After he was turned into a vampire and then turned Sage, Klaus daggered him to over 900 years of hibernation, yet Sage never stopped loving him.  That was so sad!  Vampires can be very evil or very good, but they certainly love with passion. As a viewer, watching Finn taking his very first shots of tequila sitting across from Sage and knowing the plan was to kill him, I found myself actually hoping Finn would live and Stefan, Elena, and Matty Blue Eyes would fail.  Now that is good writing because, as a viewer on Team Mystic Falls, I should not have cared about Finn being murdered, but I did.  Finn was an insignificant character that barely had screen time, but yet the writers made me care about him and presented Finn to have a very gentle soul as a human living in that time period and also had a gentle soul as a vampire.  

    As for Elena, I have a feeling the choices Katherine had to make 520 years ago may be looking back at Elena in the mirror.  Life is not going to get any easier for her just by virtue of the fact she is a Petrova doppelganger.  Just like Damon and Stefan cannot change the fact they are vampires, Elena cannot change the fact she is a supernatural occurrence.   Alaric and Jeremy are all that is left of what Elena considers her family and she is being torn by her feeling for Damon and Stefan.  I’m sure the audience will need plenty of tissues by season end.

  • Guest

    So true! And this new storyline has so much potential and so many implications. Team Elena is actually considering vampire genocide (they want to kill all the originals except one). That is pretty unethical all things considered and its awesome! Then you have who sired Rose. If it’s Klaus, almost everybody will be on board with keeping him alive except maybe Bonnie, depending on how much more of this shit she can take. If Rose’s sire is Elijah then the  well then the only people protecting Klaus are Caroline and Elena for Tyler’s sake. The Salvatores don’t give a damn about Tyler. If Damon was willing to sacrifice Bonnie last season to kill Klaus he’ll definitely being willing to sacrifice Tyler now. And now that Stefan doesn’t do whatever Elena says he’ll probably be on board with that. Then there’s the entire vampire race. How long will it take for other vampires to figure out what’s going on and come to Mystic Falls to stop the original killings? So many possibilities. This season has been awesome in my opinion and I believe enough think so for there to be a season 4 and a season 5.

  • Anon

    There is a feeling going around that this season has been a bit sub-par. If you don’t see it, that’s fine, but the undercurrent is there.

    For me, a lot of the characters that have been introduced this season are weakly drawn and uninteresting. In this category I would put Meredith, Finn, Sage, Abby, Jamie, Esther and Mikael.

    They killed off a lot of fan favorites last season, like Jenna, John, Isobel, and Rose, and the new characters really don’t cut it.

    Rebekah is the best of the new characters. The rest are meh.

    Secondly, the mythology is looking a bit strained this season. In Season One and Two, there were the usual gripes, but the mythology basically held. Now there are actual mistakes.

    The first mythology mistake I couldn’t wave away was Ghost World when Anna told Jeremy about Mikael being in the tomb in Charlotte, when it was actually impossible for her to know that information.

    And the retconning has gone too far. Try watching Season One now knowing what you do now. It’s not pretty. Like when Damon asks Stefan why he drinks animal blood ‘because we’ve never actually talked about that’ when now they tell us that Damon was well aware of Stefan’s blood addiction issues.

    Elena’s character has been totally assassinated this season. The girl with the morals has looked on while her boyfriend brutally butchered hundreds of girls her age and never blinked an eyelid. I was hoping to see some sort of feeling, some indication that she struggled with what Stefan had done, but there was zippo. Nothing. Nada. All that mattered to her was her boyfriend.

    She’s strong and resolute one minute, throwing herself at Stefan’s feet and begging the next. She’s smart one minute, and stupid the next. Compassionate one moment and either bitchy or oblivious the next.

    Third, the storyline has sort of zoomed all over the place. The entire second half of last season was geared towards killing Klaus, and this season has also been all about killing Klaus, and now we can’t kill Klaus. I’m getting a bit sick of it all. The whole ‘Klaus thing’ needs to be resolved, soonish. JoMo is great, but the writers need to put up or shut up with regard to what they are doing with him, either killing him or keeping him. It’s gone on too long.

    One of the great things about TVD Season One and Two was how they kept twisting it up with regard to who the Big Bad was. First Damon was, then the tomb vamps, John Gilbert, Isobel, Katherine, Elijah, then Klaus. Every time you thought you knew who was the biggest threat there was a new one around the corner.

    For the whole of Season Three, the biggest threat has been Klaus. And it is kind of hard to see how they could top that. But it is kind of samey now. Bad!Stefan, Mikael, Esther and Pyscholaric have been lame diversions rather than real threats.

  • Shannon

    Ding ding ding! lol

  • Shannon

    I’ll give my input tomorrow, i’m too tired to write my weekly or everyday novel, lol but i see some of my fellows fans going all out, happy sigh, I love you guys, haha….freaks/devoted fans just like me. = ) Goodnight all(it’s 3:53am, but w/e) TVD FOR LIFE!! D/E 4EVER! 

  • Sasha

    Yeah, it just seems to me that Klaus isn’t their biggest threat, at all. He’s had so many opportunities to kill Stefan and Damon, and he hasn’t.  He wants Elena alive and human, which is what everyone in MF wants. Their biggest threat is Esther who wants to kill all Originals and all vampires. I feel like they should be trying to get rid of Esther. Do they really need to kill any of the Originals at this point? I don’t think so. But what do I know? This show sometimes.

  • blugold

    Do the Originals know about the killing off the bloodline effect? If they found out do you think(after the Salvatores figure out who turned Rose), that an Original that they’re not descended from might turn Elena to protect themselves.

  • Sasha

    That’s a really interesting thought. Which is precisely why they shouldn’t be trying to kill any Originals at this point. This bloodline reveal changes everything. They’ve got one stake left, so they get to kill only one more Original.  Why kill any of them.  Let’s dagger 3, and let Klaus be. Seriously. I don’t see the benefit of killing any one Original.

  • ihatepeople

    I don’t think the originals know at least they weren’t told by our gang in the last episode. If they were aware I would think that Klaus would’ve mentioned that to the Salvatores to keep them from plotting against him and the other originals.

  • ihatepeople

    I think Klaus enjoys the game he plays with the Salvatores kind of like entertainment. LOL. Now that the bloodline connect has come to light we may see a reluctant alliance between our MF gang and the originals to get rid of mommie dearest. I’d mentioned before after the ball episode that Esther wanted to make her children human in order to kill them which was odd. Now that we know that when an original dies so do all of those they turned then are we to assume if Esther turns her children into humans that all vampires will turn human too? Wetpaint brought up an interesting twist to this recently wondering if by turning her children human before she kills them that it might prevent all other vampires from dying. Not sure why she wouldn’t want to just wipe them all out if that’s true. Wetpaint also brought up what I had previosly speculated about that maybe one of the Salvatores turns human for the season finale instead of Elena turning into a vamp. Damon wantee to be human more than anything so possibly? Again all just theories. Four more to go to find out the cliffhanger.

  • Sasha

    OMG, I hope you’re right!  That’s such a good question.  Does turning an Original human, turn all his or her descendants human?   I would love to see Damon turn into a human, just for a little while.  

  • ihatepeople

    I know the show doesn’t necessarily follow what happens in the books but Damon did turn human for a bit in the books. However, Damon in the books wasn’t happy being human and tried everything to turn back into a vamp. Damon of the TV show said in season two how much he missed being human. It would be interesting to see if he would make that choice if it’s even possible to be with Elena since he was willing to become a vamp in order to spend eternity with Katherine. That would certainly be an adjustment and a shock for everyone.


    “The first mythology mistake I couldn’t wave away was Ghost World when
    Anna told Jeremy about Mikael being in the tomb in Charlotte, when it
    was actually impossible for her to know that information.”

    Hmmm-  Anna was alive and well in the 1990′ her knowing about Mikael being entombed in Charlotte isn’t a stretch. Sure, she was busy trying to get her Mom out of the MF tomb, but that doesn’t mean she was to busy doing that, to pay attention to what was going on in the “Vampire World”:)

    “And the retconning has gone too far. Try watching Season One now knowing
    what you do now. It’s not pretty. Like when Damon asks Stefan why he
    drinks animal blood ‘because we’ve never actually talked about that’
    when now they tell us that Damon was well aware of Stefan’s blood
    addiction issues.”

    Actually, I was under the same impression as you..that Damon didn’t know about Stefan’s blood issues- however, not talking about something and not knowing are two separate things. Knowing what we know now, especially Damon’s frame of mind when he spoke those words to Stefan, it’s possible that Damon was just screwing with Stefan and trying to get him to admit his problems. Like I said, not talking and not knowing are two very different things….and if I remember correctly, at the time, anything Damon could do to irritate Stefan was Damon’s priority no. 1 thing to do;)

    Regarding Elena: well, what do you expect from a girl who was on a one way ticket to commit suicide last season? Is involved with a vampire whom she claims she loves, yet is disgusting by vampires in general, and doesn’t want to be one herself?

    “Third, the storyline has sort of zoomed all over the place. The entire
    second half of last season was geared towards killing Klaus, and this
    season has also been all about killing Klaus, and now we can’t kill
    Klaus. I’m getting a bit sick of it all. The whole ‘Klaus thing’ needs
    to be resolved, soonish. JoMo is great, but the writers need to put up
    or shut up with regard to what they are doing with him, either killing
    him or keeping him. It’s gone on too long.”

    The second half of last season was geared toward breaking Klaus’s curse, which he did. Then as we know Stefan went on a 4 month long road trip and decided that he was going to find a way to kill Klaus, all because he was in revenge mode…and as we know, every attempt has failed. I don’t see that as “writing being all over the place”….Stefan had a goal, it’s to bad that Klaus has been one step of him every step of the way. But I’m voting for never killing Klaus and moving on….I have to admit, that part is becoming very wearisome;) By the way, I think by this new bit of vampire lore that has been introduced, the whole “kill Klaus” thing is pretty much resolved…at least I hope so;)

    As to characters, in Season 2 we had Mason, Jules, Brady, Luca & Jonas Martin, Greta Martin, Maddox the Warlock, Slater the Vampire Computer Geek, & Andie Starr ect….can you honestly say you cared about any of them?

    In the place of Jon, Isobel, Jenna & Rose, we’ve kept Elijah as a re-occuring guest star, added Klaus to main cast and been given Rebekah, Kohl, Esther & Mikael….the Original Family…oh yeah, and Abby Bennett along with Jaimie. I’ll admit, I could care less about Abby Bennett or Jaimie…but meeting the rest of The Original Family? I absolutely cared about that. Mikael’s dead, Finn is dead. Mikael was used to show how Klaus grew up and what kind of life Klaus had with his family as a human & Finn was used to give us more vampire mythology. Esther will most likely be sent back to the Other Side (hopefully soon) and I’m not sure what will happen to Kohl…so really, in the whole scheme of things, is it really that bad?

  • mary.m155

    plus finn is dead, i don’t see any kind of flashback happening with him….Katherine has better taste than that… ;)

  • Guest

     It’s quite possible that Anna knew about Mikael’s entombment. Pearl told Anna about Mikael and it makes sense that Anna would keep tabs on what happened to him seeing as she seemed genuinely frightened of him.

    As for retconning, they’re always retconning Stefan’s bloodlust. In season 2 we learned that Lexi helped Stefan gain control even though in the 1st season Stefan tells Elena that he didn’t have anybody help him control his bloodlust in Haunted. And when Lexi showed up in 162 candles and started drinking blood in front of Stefan, she said she admired his restraint and claimed to not have any. So nothing new there

    Elena’s lack of concern for what Stefan has done isn’t surprising at all. If killing people were a real problem for her she would’ve never become friends with Damon.

    Season 3 has followed a different pattern than season 1 and 2. That is called change. But people won’t like it because Billie’s 6th rule of Television is actually true. Here’s the link:

  • Shannon

    Ok…wow how late am I…please no one kill me, lol…ok soooo let me start off with that extended promo….  i’m surprised not one of you have come to the conclusion or realized that that shirtless scene is very possibly a Damon/Katherine flashback…..2 separate scenes cut together. She’s staring at him in the bed while she’s laying down watching him button his shirt or w/e, THEN the part when her eyes are closed and he lays down next to her…..i strongly believe it’s a flashback, but the other part with the convo they have, and that hand holding part, that’s def. Damon and Elena…i KNOW Ian’s and Nina’s hands…especially Ian’s (lol i’m a freak) and those are def. their hands, and i’ve been studying everything, pisses me off, cuz I feel like once they start to have that convo, the convo we all been dying for!!  (All as in Delenas,mb some stelenas? I said maybe) that Kol will bring his dumb ass in there and ruin it all!! UGH!!!!! PLEASE GO JUST LET DELENA HAVE THIS OUT!! AND ELENA DON’T SCREW UP THIS MOMENT OF TRUTH WHEN DAMON ASK THAT QUESTION!!! JUST SAY IT ALREADY!! EVERY1 KNOWS…….BONNIE, CAROLINE, MATT, STEFAN, ALARIC, KATHERINE, KLAUS, REBEKAH, TYLER(SOMEWHAT), HELL EVEN MEREDITH AND LIZ CAN FIGURE IT OUT IF THEY HAVEN’T ALREADY!!…..Ok moving on…..I loved that dream scene with Delena, I loved the lighting on their faces it was so sweet and gentle, Damon was so soft with her god I love that, and I KNEW it was a dream, didn’t fool me at all, but a very sweet dream, first time someone played with Damon’s mind, with the dream thing which was nice to see. I really liked how Elena stood up to Stefan in that scene of what she thought was right to save Damon, and it really really bothered me when Stefan was all “I know ur concerned about my Brother’s Life” Like he emphasized on the word BROTHER…to make her feel guilty or to make her feel like it was HIS brother she was talking about, like it was wrong for her to show concern or affection…..I mean ok, maybe he didn’t INTENTIONALLY mean it that way, but that’s how I felt about it, and it bothered me….not to mention when he went to save Damon, I felt he felt, because of Elena’s reaction, felt obligated to do it. I didn’t see too much worry in his eyes, just a little anger? Well he was angry with Elena during that scene, but it seemed he calmed a little then when saw Damon just had a hint of anger in there, maybe he was just annoyed? Ugh! ANYWAY, that scene at the end with them, smh, At least she didn’t NOT say she didn’t have feelings for Damon, IF SHE WOULDA DID THAT!! JULIE WOULD HAVE HEARD MY MOUTH!!! I’m not gonna get into it, cuz I don’t wanna have a heart attack, lol……I liked when Stefan and Klaus argued…”What is wrong with you?” “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Lmao..when Klaus turned and said that I laughed so hard! He was so frustrated…..heavy sigh…boy do they need to die, that whole storyline shocked the hell out of me, now they have to find who turned Rose, smh,,,,it’s never easy on this show is it, lol yea let’s drag this out, smh,(sarcasm) I’m curious to know who turned Rose myself….ok let me break this down before I keep rambling..Rebekah, nice she got bored and realized it was hopeless, family of it all thing, looks like she’ll be turning on Klaus?? I’d like to see that, can’t wait to see Jeremy next episode…Bonnie…let it out girl, just let it out….poor thing……Alaric!!! uur alter-ego is pissing me off!! Time to do a Me, Myself, and Irene, call that dude out and fight him til u get that dagger!! lol…..The 19th is taking FOREVER to get here!!! AND PLEASE DON’T INTERRUPT MY HOTEL DELENA CONVERSATION!!! IF UR TAKING THAT SCENE FROM THE BOOKS,(ONE OF THE MOST INFAMOUS SCENES BETWEEN THEM) I WILL DIE HERE AND NOW!!!…..Ok i’m done, man that felt good to get out, lol.

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