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Posted by | April 28, 2013, 18:49 (MST) | 17 Comments
Category: In Review, The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: The Originals (EP420) - Run This TownAh, remember the old days when we met the Originals and they were so incredibly awesome and we all thought, “That family needs its own series!”? TV dreams do come true, my friends, but rarely do they look so good (and sound so good) as The Originals did on Thursday night. Serving as the backdoor pilot for the series — which has already been picked up! — the episode was framed with Mystic Falls action, but its heart was in New Orleans.

In The Originals we see Klaus return to a city he loves, to a city he was once happy in with his family, and he finds it better run by his protégé Marcel. All that Klaus has ever wanted Marcel has; he has “bettered” him. And with Mikael no longer the driving force behind Klaus’s choices, he can have a home, a family, an empire, and power that stems from a mix of loyalty and fear. Elijah is crucial in directing that choice: his “pep talk” encourages his brother to make a choice that seems to scare him more than a little bit. This is what he earnestly wants, and together they might just be able to pull off the coup.

And boy can Joseph Morgan pull off the task of leading a series: he’s long shown us that Klaus can be more than just a villain opposite the Mystic Falls kids, but that he’s a legitimately compelling leading man in his own right. And in The Originals he finally gets his. Besides his deep affection for Caroline (who’s made it abundantly clear she’s not going to be swayed by his charms any time soon), what reason does Klaus have to stay in Mystic Falls? Stefan will not be his best mate, Silas has the cure making Klaus safe from his mind games, and chasing down Tyler and Katherine always seemed like more of a diversion than a purpose. With Elena a vampire, and there being next to no chance of her becoming human again, Klaus has no doppelganger blood source with which to rebuild his hybrid gang — and they were a flop anyway. It’s no surprise that Klaus is drawn to the city again, to its culture and vibrancy, and to the potential it holds for giving him all he’s dreamed of.

But there’s the pesky problem of Marcel. Here’s hoping that Klaus and the witches never, ever, ever succeed in getting rid of Marcel, because he is a ridiculously charismatic badass. Has there ever been or will there ever be again a karaoke debut scene that’s so killer? Marcel has a devil-may-care, cavalier attitude, but his every choice and his every word is precise and deliberate. He gives Klaus a warm welcome to town, but he is careful to demonstrate how in control of the vampires, witches, local humans, and out-of-towners he is — and that he learned his rules for ruling from Klaus himself. I could watch these two stand off against each other for hours on end (and I will – next fall on The CW!). While Marcel pops vervain (again, very deliberately in front of Klaus to let him know he can’t be compelled), Klaus makes it clear that he has one thing Marcel will never have: true immortality. There is only one weapon in the world that can kill Klaus, and he is in possession of it. In addition to that power, he now has some valuable allies: the witches of the French Quarter, once a force to be reckoned with.

I adored how witchy this episode was, establishing a new-to-us and entrenched-for-them tension between the witches and vampires, which has never been front and center on The Vampire Diaries in such a vital way. There is a community of oppressed witches ready to rise up, and a powerful clan of vampires determined to keep them down — instead of being focused on an individual witch and her personal struggle, the Devereaux sisters were ready to die fighting in taking down Marcel. And what Sophie figures out — that Hayley is Klaus’s baby momma — helps her rope in the Original brothers to their side. Judging by the reactions on Twitter, for most people the pregnancy twist landed like an unwelcome surprise. But does this have to be awful? I think there’s a good chance it could be awesome. Let’s keep in mind that there is no baby yet — there’s a fetus, and a pregnant lady who will have a giant target on her back if anyone finds out Klaus is the father — and this show has at its reins a woman who is just as cognizant of the dangers of babies Renesmee and Connor and all the lame ways this could play out; she’s as much a fan of supernatural stories as we are. Let’s have some faith that Julie knows what she’s doing and where she’s going with this. Because what this twist has done, so far, is give hope to Elijah and Klaus, a renewed sense of family to the Mikaelsons (even if Rebekah is a holdout for now), an uneasy alliance between the witches and the Original brothers, and a reason for the one and only Phoebe Tonkin to stick around.

Family has always been at the core of The Vampire Diaries, whether it’s the Salvatores or the Gilberts, or the Mikaelsons or the families characters choose for themselves. Elijah sees a chance to get what they have always wanted: the isolation that drives Klaus, the desperation that Rebekah feels could be assuaged. Elijah himself is willing to say goodbye to Katerina in order to be a brother to Klaus, in order to help him be the king of New Orleans.

There’s a new kind of original on the way, and I for one am beyond proud of the TVD team for creating this supernatural offspring of its own.

Compelling moment: Marcel declaring himself King. Thank the powers-that-be that we have more Marcel to look forward to when The Originals goes to series. Hot damn.

The Rules: Jane Anne snatches some of Hayley’s hair to use in her Pregnancy Test spell. When a hybrid and a werewolf love each other get very drunk… Though vampires cannot procreate (“but they sure love to try”), Klaus as a werewolf-vampire hybrid and Hayley managed it, which Sophie describes as one of “Nature’s loopholes.”

Foggy moments: Why didn’t Jane Anne and Sophie let Nature take its course, and figure out if Hayley was pregnant that way? They could kidnap Hayley and keep her in the alligator bayou, if they need to. What’s so urgent about their situation that it’s worth Jane Anne losing her life over? If Marcel has been controlling them for what seems like a while, a few more months wouldn’t make a big difference, would they?

Other thoughts & questions before She Comes Undone (EP421):

  • Is it a coincidence that Cammie the Brave Bartender is “new blood,” which I take to mean new to town, i.e., she just happens to arrive at the same time as Klaus…? Overthinking it or suspicious?
  • How does Marcel know what the witches are up to?!
  • How wide of a reach does Marcel’s witchy-control have? Could a witch go on vacation to, say, Mystic Falls and do magic that Marcel wouldn’t know about? Is his power linked to the individual witch from NOLA or to the specific territory?
  • How far along into her supernatural pregnancy is Hayley? And do werewolf-hybrid offspring come to term in 9 months like a human?
  • Could any hybrid procreate or is Klaus special in some way? (I mean besides the obvious ways he’s special.) Is there something special about Hayley’s werewolf line?
  • How much does Katherine know about what’s going on — does she know Hayley is preggers, or that witches are looking to revolt against Marcel?
  • Why doesn’t Sophie want Elijah to just kill Marcel right away? (Besides the fact that it would ruin the series’ premise…)
  • Who’s gonna break first: Elena or the Salvatore brothers?


What did you think of the backdoor pilot for The Originals? Will you watch in the fall? Sound off below!

Crissy Calhoun is currently writing her Season 4 Love You to Death companion guide to The Vampire Diaries with her kickass co-author, and’s co-founder, Heather Vee. The first three volumes are available here: Season 1Season 2, and Season 3Find Crissy online at and tweeting @crissycalhoun.

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  • mvalmeida

    Great review. I love this episode. Can’t wait for more Klaus and Elijah.
    And loved the scene where Klaus calls Caroline. There is still hope for the couple.
    The scene where the bartender talks about the artist/Klaus was pretty intense too.

  • whoneedsthecullens

    Great recap, thanks, Crissy.

    And I am totally with you on the Julie front. She knows what she’s doing, I am sure of that, and the baby stuff is so not gonna be cheesy. The Originals will rock!
    Yeah… so who is going to break first … that is not only the question of the next ep, it is kind of an overall question of the series…

  • crissy calhoun

    Agreed! Loved both those moments.

  • trixee

    Hi Crissy! I agree the Originals were awesome!!! I am totally in the baby storyline… it will be different than TVD where the brothers protect Elena because they love her… here they won’t be protecting Phoebe because they love her… they just want her baby… it’ll be interesting to see where she fits in after the baby is born.

    I have one nitpick however : it was how Elijah just dropped Katherine like a hot-potato. He made a huge speach a few weeks ago about not wanting to give up on her but Klaus just snaps his fingers and Elijah answers the call.

  • Klaus<3

    I’m pretty sure Katherine knows Hayley is prego, she does after all tell the Salvatore brothers the wolf girl Haley is JUST what they needed to get rid of Klaus…FOR GOOD :D (Nina Dobrevs acting is great this season. Lol) I have some suspicion that Katherine is the reason the French quarter witches know that there was even a possibility klaus could be the father (Sophie didn’t mention that she has the ability to sense paternity) and seeing as Katherine seems to be all-knowing about all-things and she was def in New Orleans earlier in season 4 (we know this thanks to the sexiness that is Gavin Vaughn and the wolf slut Hayley) one can only assume she knew of Klaus and hayley’s little trist. I def think Katherine will return to NOLA and join Elijah …one can hope at least ;)

  • docvape

    So Hayley is a slut why? Because she had sex? What does that make Elena who bounces between brothers or Caroline who drives a wedge between best friends? If anything Hayley is the most average

  • KJB

    Question: What century did Klaus and his family live in New Orleans? Was this 100 years ago? 200?

  • snowflake

    I loved

  • snowflake

    I loved this episode. I hated the baby twist first, but now I like that they will go for Klaus feelings through a baby instead of a romantic love. Can’t wait the moment Klaus sees the baby and realizes he loves it. Hope so.

    Marcel has the most enchanting smile. Brilliant villain. How do they do this? How do they get these villains that seem impossible to hate? :D

    Very excited with the chance to see witches in control of their powers and taking back their destiny.

    Camille scene with Klaus was beautiful.

    I am sold. I am there.

  • Aaron!

    I loved the episode, restored a bit of faith towards Julie. One question though, did Danielle Campbell appear? I thought she had been cast but I never saw her.

  • Kate

    She has been cast, but did not appear in the pilot. She’ll show up in future episodes! Her character’s name is Davina.

  • Aaron!

    Sweet, thanks! Yeah I remember something about a Davina. Lol. Kind of wanted her to show up though. Thanks. :D

  • snowflake

    Well, Elijah. He makes big speeches about family and then he could not care less about Kol.

    Katherine somehow being dropped was the most expectable thing ever. Nina Dobrev does not have a twin. But the fact that it was Elijah to choose to dump her was sadder for me than the reverse. Because Katherine was for once going for love and because Elijah chose Klaus, and Klaus is not the best bet for happiness. What did Kol do to not deserve such a loyalty?

  • BeeBlood

    Loved the “Originals” Episode/Pilot!! :-)
    Klaus & Elijah were so convincing… they need their own TV show. Marcel is gonna be an intriguing character.

    I wish they had Kol around.
    People don’t seem to like Phoebe Tonkin that much but I think she’s really great! (even though she has much better chemistry with Tyler).

    This is really gonna be exciting and potentially darker (like Angel vs Buffy). I wonder actually, what a post-highschool Mystic Falls will look like?

  • Gwen

    Well you may get your chance to see a little more romance between Elijah and Katherine. Several recent articles on S5 mention Kat and Elijah rekindle their relationship but more on Kat’s history.

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