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Posted by | October 18, 2011, 8:11 (MST) | 51 Comments
Category: In Review, The Vampire Diaries TV

Vampire Diaries In Review: The Reckoning (EP305) - No Turning BackElena’s life is the worst. She shouldn’t even try to be happy anymore, because the second that girl smiles, her worst nightmare is just waiting to pop up around the corner to make her suffer. Season 3 was already exceeding my very expectations, and The Reckoning was another amazing episode, one that delivered many clues to the past (read the two excellent posts on hybrid and mythology speculation if you haven’t already!) and set up so much complicated plot and relationship goodness for the future.

Before we get into the “crazy and unhappy bits”: this episode was in particular a great example of how well-crafted TVD is. The writers and actors (deservedly) get mad love weekly, so let’s high-five the rest of the crew that creates a beautiful, atmospheric, dramatically and effectively lit, tightly edited show with stunning locations (I loved that TP’d pool) and a score and music cues that add so much to TVD. So many elements are resonating to make the series as strong as it is. High fives all around.

Lost Boy: The opening scene of the empty high school, the sound of that mysterious clanking, led us to Matt Donovan — in a perfect illustration of just how alone he is. The spooky noises he hears could be one of the supernatural creatures that he knows haunts his town, it could be the ghost of his dead sister, or (as it turned out to be) it could be his best friends in the world (including two ex-girlfriends) having fun without him. I was glad to see both Caroline’s and Bonnie’s concern about how Matt is doing — though his life is the least supernatural, it’s arguably the loneliest. When he describes to Bonnie that the previous summer he only had two problems (Elena and sucking at CPR), he’s actually downplaying how long his life has been challenging. Then he was living with his wild-child sister, rarely seeing his mom, and had a long AWOL father; it’s always been tragic for Matty. What I loved about his choice in this episode (to kill himself and have Bonnie bring him back in order to speak to Vicki and save Tyler) is that it played on the two sides of Matt’s character, his deep melancholy and his willingness to help his loved ones, no matter what. As Katherine says to Jeremy, Matt doesn’t hesitate to take one for the team, making a sacrifice that’s both selfless (to save Tyler) and tragically selfish. He just wants to say goodbye to his sister.

I loved how human a solution Matt came up with — you don’t need magic to bring someone back to life. But because of that choice — and how well it worked — Matt is now a part of supernatural world. He can see Vicki. The build-up — him knowing that his dead sister is there, watching him — made the moment when he did see her, on this “side,” a really emotional moment. (Yes, I cry over Matt-Vicki moments. Always.) Now Matt has the same ability as Jeremy: he can talk to the dead (including the long dead Original Witch) through Vicki. Will he communicate with other ghosts?

Rebekah is right: Tyler and Caroline are so cute together. I could go on about how charming Caroline is in every episode, but just a few compliments this time — loved how Caroline wants the gang to be happy, even amid all the unhappiness, and that she instantly went into protective mode when Rebekah showed up, stepping in front of Tyler to defend him from the unknown threat of the “new girl.” I loved how this episode refused to dilly-dally — Klaus nabs Elena before the title card, and he understands that everyone works better with a firm deadline! So in a great moment of villainy, he motivates the gang to find the solution to the hybrid problem by experimenting on Tyler. Beyond the initial torturous transition — in a science classroom, of course — poor Tyler’s now done with his fair share of writhing around and suffering through monstrous changes. Being a hybrid means he is no longer bound to the moon; Tyler can change at will as we have seen Klaus do. Will being a hybrid be a good thing for him? Though Caroline wants everyone to be happy — and Tyler is ecstatic — I share that look of concern she has. Nothing is ever simple in this cruel, cruel TVD world. Will Klaus want Tyler as his “comrade”? Because of his werewolf side, Tyler is not susceptible to Klaus’s compulsion like Stefan is, but Klaus has other ways of motivating people do what he wants.

The Failsafe: In a classic TVD twist, Klaus’s hypothesis that Elena’s survival has been the hitch in his plan turns out to be false; her blood is the missing key ingredient to his hybrid experimentation. An elegant solution to keep Elena’s character relevant to the mythology of the show with her doppelgänger-sacrifice role has been completed, the fact that Klaus needs Elena to live — and stay human — in order to create his long-dreamed-of hybrid pals nicely inverts the shape of the target that was on her back last season. Klaus needs to keep her safe and has just the foot soldier for the job.

I found Klaus to be an impressive villain in this episode: we’ve heard how dastardly and smart he is, and we got to see it in action this episode. He’s cautious (he wouldn’t kill Elena until he knows he can) but he is sure to have a little fun in doling out his punishments for the lies and betrayal perpetrated against him. As we learned with Elijah when we first met him last season, the Originals live by a code of honor; Klaus has stuck to his word and not killed Damon. Stefan has not been honest; he’s betrayed the code. And Klaus seems deeply disappointed in him for that. Like in Season 1 when Damon wanted his connection with Elena to be honest (Bloodlines), Klaus wanted to come by Stefan’s loyalty honestly and didn’t resort to compulsion all summer long. Stefan has done everything Klaus asked of him, playing the role of the dutiful henchman and murdering countless people over the last few months. Stefan says to Klaus, “Whatever you ask of me, I will do.” But Klaus catches him in his lie: there was one thing that was holding him back — his love for Elena — and Klaus strips that from him by forcing him to turn his humanity off. Stefan has fought to hold on to his humanity through his powerful need to completely give in to his ripper side and he even manages to thwart Klaus’s command to drink from Elena. But in Klaus’s wrath, his will overpowers Stefan’s and destroys his defiant love for Elena. Now Stefan means it — he will do whatever Klaus asks of him. And the worst part is now he’ll enjoy it. As Klaus says to Elena in the gym, “I invited him to the party. He’s the one dancing on the table.”

Not that the gang didn’t already have motivation to kill Klaus, but now it’s the way to free Stefan from compulsion. But even if Klaus were to be killed, would Stefan want to regain his humanity? Or would he be so far gone into the bloodbath lifestyle of the ripper? Returning to Mystic Falls to be the guilt-ridden love of Elena’s life may become as unappealing to him as it seems now to Klaus. Is there a scenario in which Klaus himself would remove the compulsion from Stefan? We’ve had hints of it before, but again in this episode, the idea that Klaus is primarily motivated to sire a hybrid race by a deep sense of loneliness is raised again in The Reckoning. Is there a “love is the answer” solution to Klaus’s villainy? (I hope not. Rage on, Klaus!)

I found it an interesting reminder in that final scene in the Salvatore library when Damon called Stefan “brother”: even though Stefan’s as far gone as he’s ever been, Ripper Stefan is still Damon’s brother, and their bond has so far been unbreakable despite everything they have been through. It’ll be potentially explosive to see them face off over Elena — in a way that once again twists their relationship to her and to each other. Once again they are both her protectors, but with Stefan no longer earnestly concerned about her or feelings. Have I mentioned that I love how amazingly cruel this show can be? “By all means, carry on.”

Damon chose to leave town at end of previous episode, but his road trip with Katherine is immediately frustrating (and not just sexually frustrating for the once-again rejected Katherine). She knows that keeping Damon from returning to Elena will require some convincing and she tries to get him distant enough — geographically, by stealing his phone, by coming on to him in the car, and by reasoning with him about the long-term benefit of raising Mikael instead of running back to Mystic Falls. But he turns back. Though he wants to save his brother by killing Klaus, his primary motivation is to protect Elena. Their difference of opinion of how he should behave himself matters little to him when her life is in danger, and she needs him. Having witnessed Stefan kill Dana and Chad, seeing him fight and lose against Klaus, and being herself the victim of his attack, Elena knows that Stefan is really gone — and tellingly she doesn’t take the necklace back. What she’s wanted all summer she finally has: Stefan is back but he’s a full-on, remorse-free ripper. Refill that glass of bourbon, girl.

Compelling Moment: Damon’s pledge to never leave Elena again — and Stefan’s perfectly timed “Well, isn’t this cozy.”

The Rules: We get another glimpse of communicating from beyond the grave: Ghost Vicki is able to move objects and send a text message from the Other Side. When Matt is dead (or nearly dead?), he sees Vicki and speaks to her, temporarily on what is probably the Other Side; the Original Witch gave her a message to deliver. Brought back with good old-fashioned CPR, Matt is now able to see Vicki and hear her. Tyler is successfully made into a hybrid with one key alteration to the method Klaus had tried before: the potential hybrid must drink the blood of the doppelgänger to complete his transition. That detail was the Original Witch’s failsafe to keep Klaus from siring his own species; if he broke the curse on him, the doppelgänger would be dead, and Klaus would therefore be unable to create any more hybrids. Though we don’t yet know the how, Katherine tells Damon that Mikael is capable of killing Klaus (“dead-dead” not “dagger-dead”). As we saw with Bill Forbes and compulsion last episode, Stefan is able to struggle against Klaus’s compulsion — but in the end has his will overpowered.

Foggy moments:

  • I’ll blame my jet lag if I’ve missed anything ridiculously obvious, but nothing stood out as particularly foggy in this ep…


Other thoughts & questions to ponder before Smells Like Teen Spirit (306):

  • R.I.P. Dana and Chad. Senior year won’t be the same without you.
  • “Given the choice, doppelgänger or hybrid, I go hybrid every time.” Any significance we can read into this line about Klaus and the Original Petrova lady?
  • Interestingly, if Klaus had only listened to Elijah about the doppelganger-resurrecting elixir 500 years ago, this whole mess could have been avoided, and Klaus could have had his hybrid comrades for centuries now.
  • The way the information from the Original Witch via Vicki is received and interpreted by Klaus makes it seem reliable. Can we trust that the Original Witch truly did communicate through Vicki, and that Vicki was really looking to help save Tyler? If so, what does that say about Anna’s insistence that Vicki is “darkness” and cannot be trusted?
  • Mikael is awake! Bound by chains, entombed, and looking a little desiccated, Mikael is nevertheless alert. Who is this “vampire who hunts vampires”? Is he an Original?
  • What made the Original Witch hate Klaus so very much?
  • Is Rebekah’s bad attitude toward the “doppelgänger bitch” simply jealousy over Stefan, or does it date back, say, a thousand years?
  • With the necklace now in Damon and Elena’s possession, will Bonnie be able to use it to contact the Original Witch for some intel? How will they get any scheming done with Stefan, now the dutiful henchman of Klaus, watching over them?
  • Where has Klaus gone? Will he try to make more hybrids with the doppelganger blood bag? Or will he go into hiding from Mikael?


What did you think of The Reckoning? Sound off below with your likes/dislikes, theories, and predictions!  (And my sincere apologies for being so late with this post!) 

Crissy Calhoun is the author of Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries and Love You to Death — Season 2. When not obsessively re-watching CW shows, she works as managing editor at ECW Press in Toronto. She blogs at and tweets @crissycalhoun.

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  • Natasa Anastasiou

    One thing that should DEFINITELY be included in foggy moments: seeing how easily Bonnie unstrapped the weights from Matt when he was in the pool, doesn’t it stand to reason Matt could have released himself? No matter how strong his suicidal tendency, in the end his body’s fight for survival WOULD have won over and knowing he could unstrap himself, he SHOULD have.

    Most likely the writers did think of this, but for the sake of moving the plot forward…

  • KatAttack

    Such a great episode… one of my favorites. Great recap!

  • Anonymous

    Loved the recap! I think this episode was one of the best episodes in VD’s history, it was just amazing. It was so intense and well written. I LOVED it!
    Can’t Stefan turn his Humanity back on though? If you think about it Klaus compelled him to “Turn it off!”, he didn’t say anything about not being about to turn his feelings back on. Stefan could still be safed…

    PS. I missed Ric!

  • Anne91

    One thing that seems weird to me. Well, John, Alaric, Jeremy&Elena had died and came back before (I mean before 2×22) – John, Alaric&Jeremy – all 3 killed by Damon and came back because of their rings (+ the few extra times they died :D), and Elena – in the sacrifice. Yet, none of them has ever been able to see ghosts before. Don’t you find it weird?

  • Emmsi

    One foggy moment: The witches told Bonnie that there would be consequences from brinning Jeremy back to life and we all thought it was the whole Anna and Vicki thing. BUT! Now Matt can see Vicki too. It seems kinda lame that the witches talk about big consequences for brinning Jeremy back, when it can happen to any human by doing CPR. Why is it so big this time with Jeremy? Or did they mean something entirely else?

  • mary.m155

    they weren’t brought back by a witch. they were brought back through the power of the ring? And the witches told bonnie, bringing back people to life has consequences…so i guess thats why.

  • Lauren Knott

    I’m probably the only one who feels this way, but even after all the awful things he’s done I felt really bad for Klaus. Joseph Morgan an amazing actor and I really hope we get to keep him for a long time. 

    There were so many things about this episode that made it great. Everyone brought their A-game, but I think the MVP of this episode was definitely Stefan. Paul Wesley killed it. He’s amazing, and I’m so glad PW finally has something else to work with besides being Elena’s compassionate and understanding boyfriend. 

    I also felt really bad for Matt. I’ve always liked Matt, and I feel like the actor is just so underused. 

    “Given the choice, doppelgänger or hybrid, I go hybrid every time.”  
    Maybe this does have a little bit of significance. Klaus seems to really resent Katherine and Elena, and if he was in any kind of romantic relationship with the Original Petrova, it might make sense. He might hate Katherine and Elena because they look just like the woman he used to love, but they’re NOT her, so he hates them. Elijah might have a soft spot for doppelgangers, but not Klaus. 

    Rebekah’s “doppelganger bitch” line–I really don’t think it’s anything more than jealousy over Stefan. 

    I am so excited to see Seabstian Roche in action. I’ve watched him on General Hospital, and if it’s true that his Mikael is going to be the big bad this season, then he is going to be amazing and we are all in for a real ride. I think it would be way too obvious if it were revealed that Mikael is the Original Father. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be welcome to that theory, but I think it’s way too easy and The Vampire Diaries is never easy or obvious. I think whoever Mikael is, he must have some sort of personal vendetta against Klaus, and I know there are a few theories floating around that Mikael is the Original Petrova’s father, though I think that theory might be a little far-fetched. Whoever he is, I’m very excited to see him in action. 

    About the Original Witch: I thought all this time that the reason witches forced Klaus’ werewolf side dormant is because they wanted to protect the balance of nature, but apparently the reason is much more personal. Maybe she was in a relationship with Klaus. I don’t think the Original Witch and the Original Petrova were the same person. If Klaus loved or cared about someone and the Original Witch hated him, then the person sacrificed would have had to be important to Klaus. Maybe the Original Witch was a jealous lover? Honestly, I don’t know. But I can’t wait to find out. 

    Whoa, sorry for the super long post! 

  • Kiki

    I thought a lot about that, too. Maybe someone who came back from death can only see ghosts if the ghosts are looking for that person? Anna and Vickie tried to get in contact with Jeremy but maybe no ghost tried to contact Elena or Alaric yet.


    This means that Jeremy could also see Jenna if he thinks about her; or that Alaric could see Isobel (if the theory that Alaric who came back from the dead could also see ghosts)… but as mary.m155 said, Jeremy was the only one who came back from the dead by a magic spell by a whitch… but then the question is: why would Matt also able to see ghosts??

  • Jorge Luiz

    Emmsi, I think the witches meant there will be consequences if you bring back to life someone who wasn’t killed by a supernatural.

  • Elclaws

    Wonderful recap Crissy! You have expressed so well the Matt situation and highlighted how extremely lonely this human amongst supernatural friends is!
    However, I am adding another compelling moment next to yours and that’s the hospital scene (because these 2 moments for me go together)-and I am actually surprised you did not comment on it. The moment Damon entered the hospital and that song started playing I was already welling up. Very little is said in this scene where a beaten up Damon scoops up a very fragile Elena in his arms and tenderly carries her in his arms; but I found it extremely moving and powerful, coupled with his declaration never to leave her again  in the last scene. The hospital scene proves that dialogue is not always necessary with acting skills that cause emotions like these!


    Definitely… I litterally melted during this 2 scenes :)

  • Silentlady

    At this
    point of the season I’m coming into question how long TVD will go. Until now
    there’re so many twist and turn; the characters changes really fast.  What will be suggesting that the end of the
    TVD seasons is not far away? Because of… a TVD without D/E/S triangle wouldn’t
    a real TVD show any more (in my opinion). And now we stuck in a situation with:
    finally bad ripper Stefan, a Damon who will always be with Elena (it’s not
    really new) and be the good guy (?) and Elena who won’t decide by heart.

    By the way,
    Crissy your recap is great as forever.

     Foggy moment for my:  why doesn’t Elena run away in instead telling
    Stefan begging not to feed on her?

    What do you
    think of this?

  • Jorge Luiz

    Because Klaus said “If she tries to run, fracture her spine.”

  • Anne91

    but my came back to life by cpr :D

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the consequence is that the 100 witches cut off the connection to Bonnie and she no longer has that tremendous power they gave her.

  • Anonymous

    you´re right and isn´t it very deep love if Damon offers to wipe out the terrible memories of Stefan´s brutality to ease Elena´s pain even if just this kind of help would bring her back into Stefan´s arms and away from him. I´ve never seen Damon so selfless. The humanity that he misses so much and that he struggled with the whole last season, is shown here in such a beauty and dephts that I was deeply touched.

  • Radiomuse

    Foggy moment for me: where was Alaric? & How did Kat & Jer got to the Charlotte cemetary if Damon took the car lol. (minor foggy moment)

  • Anonymous

    There was another foggy moment for me: How and why did Stefan stop to feed on Elena? Didn´t he say he wouldn´t be able to stop? Did Klaus stop him? They blacked out when Stefan bit Elena.


    Because at that same moment Klaus realised that Elena’s blood is the missing ingredient to create hybrids, so most probably Klaus stopped stefan…

  • Anonymous

    Damon didn´t take the car. He walked (or rather run)

  • Anonymous

    What the writers want us audience to believe is that due to the hybrid thing the whole supernatural world has gone to pieces. In one of the coming episodes ghosts have violent encounters with Damon. (The witches´s ghosts never liked him and have anyway never showed up) It will be interesting to see how they manage to calm them down …

  • tvddeservesoscars

    Seriously, where was Alaric? He was all ready to take charge of his new guardianship role, force himself into the council, and make vervain rain down on the town. Then this episode he doesn’t notice that Elena and Jeremy were gone all night? Oh, Alaric.

  • Anonymous

    Elena and Jeremy were preparing a party, Ric is not the party type. So I think he was just at home thinking that they are enjoying themselves.

  • tvddeservesoscars

    Elena and Jeremy were not preparing a party. Elena was participating in senior pranking on a school night. Jeremy was unaccounted for basically.

  • michaela

    John, Alaric, Jeremy and Elena were brought back after being killed by a supernatural entity. When jeremy died the second time he was shot, and with matt it was drowning. Those are considered normal, because they are human deaths not driven by a supernatural force. Being brought back by a human-caused death is not in the norm and creates consequences, hence Matt and Jeremy now having Medium qualities.  

  • Dids

    I cannot stop thinking about the fact that if Vicky could send a text message……… SHE COULD HAVE SENT MATT THE MESSAGE AND SAVE HIM A TRIP TO THE BEYOND!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I´m sorry, I´m not a native speaker, what is senior pranking, I thought it was some kind of party…

  • tvddeservesoscars

    Oh no apologies. Besides, my comment/question wasn’t serious. I was just making fun of Alaric. I’ll try my best to explain senior pranking. Students in their last year of high school do tricky things to their school and teachers. It’s students playing a bunch of tricks on the high school. What is your native language?

  • Addicted to TVD

    Awesome review as always.In my opinion,the compelling moment was Stefan staking himself in order not to kill Elena.On that note,Klaus telling Elijah that love is a vampire’s greatest weakness in 219 and compelling Stefan to turn his emotions off as a way to fix him in 305,my guess is that Klaus had his heart broken in a thousand tiny pieces by someone-and it still hurts…
    Mikael may be after Klaus and Rebekah but why would he go after Katherine or Jeremy or anyone else if he only targets the Originals?He prefers to keep his true identity secret is probably the reason but you never know on this show.Anna told them it was a terrible mistake to wake him and I believe her for one simple reason:When you have an all powerful 1000-year-old hybrid who can’t be killed and then you find out that there is someone who may knows how to kill him (and that at least 2 Originals are running scared when they hear his name),you try to learn more about this guy.You don’t wake him right away.What is Katherine’s plan?They ‘ll offer him tea and cookies and he’ll spill everything that he knows to complete strangers?!Oh wait!They did that with Elijah and we all saw how well that stupid plan worked out!
    *I just have one question:Are Pearl and Anna actual mother and daughter?
    In the 1864 flashbacks, Anna seemed to be human and when she and Damon were fighting in ‘Fool me Once’ she wasn’t stronger than Damon which means they had the same (vampire-wise) age.I think Anna was turned after Pearl got locked in the tomb so as to see her mother again. Pearl was approximately 400 years old.If she was Anna’s biological mother,she would turn Anna right away in order to be together forever,right?If this theory is right,Anna could easily overpower Damon in 114,but she couldn’t.In my opinion,Pearl met Anna around the 1860′s  and she took her under her protection and then Anna became a vampire b/c she knew Emily protected the vampires in the tomb.I just wish we ‘d known more about their relationship before they died in season 1.:(

  • Anonymous

    The part where Klaus says between Doppelganger & Hybrid he goes hybrid EVERY TIME, makes me wonder like in this article, if this doesn’t have greater significance to the Original Doppelganger.  What if the Original Doppelganger was a woman Klaus tried to have a child with & the pregnancy had supernatural complications so he risked the mother’s life for the Hybrid baby’s life?  Anyway, I was thinking, what if the Original witch was the Doppelganger’s mother/relative & she cursed Klaus for trying to ‘breed’ & vowed to stop him then & there.

  • tvddeservesoscars

    I remembering reading your other theory about how the white oak tree might have some special significance. I really like that theory so much that I hope that is part of the Original story. It would be epic and romantic to see that tree in a flashblack, and lovers meeting there. Would also explain why they burned the tree down, the reason being twofold.

  • Cherrie

    TYLER~ OMG Tyler is a Hybrid! He better not let that get to his head. However, he is the best protection they have if Stefan tries anything. I just hope he doesn’t switch sides & join Klaus :(. I just get the feeling he will.

    STEFAN & KLAUS~ I love how at first Stefan was able to resist the compulsion because of his love for Elena. He fought so hard. However, it did overpower him the second time Klaus compelled him. By telling him to “Turn it off!” It was really sad & quit frightening. I really do miss the old Stefan but I am excited to see this side of Stefan. The one that does not give a f*ck. Moreover, Klaus ran scared LOL! I love that Damon was able to scare him off. However, he will be back because he does need Elena’s blood to make more hybrids.

    STEFAN & ELENA~ When Elena was convincing Stefan that if he really tried he can fight the compulsion & he replied “Why because I love you?” And then Elena said “Yeah that’s right Stefan because you love me. You’ll fight because after everything we’ve been through, you owe me that” the way that she said that broke my heart. Nina delivered that line so well. Moreover, Stefan realized that he did owe it to her but he admits that he can’t help who he is. Then when he was trying so hard to fight Klaus it showed exactly how much he loves her. Even Rebekah said it “You really love her don’t you?” Yup he really does.

    BONNIE & MATT~ So glad Bonnie was able to save him. I love that Matt wanted to help & that he was able to see his sister, Vikki. Not only when he was dying but even after he came back. I just love the smile on his face when he sees her. I’m so glad Bonnie was there for him, because I love their friendship & Matt really needs some friends right now since he really doesn’t have anyone anymore.

    DAMON & ELENA~ How amazing was the scene where Damon takes her in his arms & carries her home?! I LOVE DELENA! I remember the first episode that I started shipping them. It was episode 1×11 & in that episode he saves her from the car accident & carries her away. 3×05 reminded me of that scene & it just made me love D/E even more. However, this time Damon is not the same Damn he was back in season 1. He’s changes so much. OMG & then the scene where Elena asks Damon where he was & he replies “I shouldn’t have left. I promise you. I will never leave you again.” I can’t believe I didn’t die after seeing that scene LOL. OMG I was freaking out when he said that! As much as I LOVE Stefan (& don’t hate S/E) I just want to see Delena together!♥

    ENDING~ When D/E were having that touching moment I swear I thought that they were going hug or something, but then I hear Stefan’s voice say “Well isn’t this cozy?” My heart dropped. I was like “What the hell?!” OMG I was shocked! The way he acted was startling, but then again he’s compelled not to care so it makes sense. Moreover, when Jeremy & Katherine opened the tomb at the very end & the vampire who hunts vampires aka Mikael opened his eyes I AGAIN was shocked & freaked out. This show is just amazing! I love is sooo very much lol.

    SIDE NOTE ~ How crazy is that Stefan & Damon has somewhat switched roles? However, although things have changed I still don’t associate Stefan as the old Damon or Damon as the old Stefan. They are two completely different characters & I rather just not compare them because I love them both for different reason not because they are fairly the same. Also, like you mentioned in the review Damon & Stefan’s bond has been so far UNBREAKABLE despite everything that they have been through & I hope that it continues to stay that way even though Stefan is not himself at the moment. I LOVE the Salvatore brothers & even though they may never have the relationship they had in 1864 I don’t want anyone or anything to ruin the progress they’ve made since then. I mean who knows maybe their relationship will be even better then before :).

    I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode. Stefan being all bad-ass (so hot) & not giving a f*ck while Elena is determined to defend herself & I think Damon is helping her (DELENA!). Also anyone else this Stefan is going to be sarcastic & snarky? Oh & a douche? It’s going to be so much fun to watch! Thursday needs to hurry up! ♥

  • Red_blooded_woman

    Person who wrote this is obviously damon biased.

    praisning caroline and matt but not stefan?

    unnecesarry comparison of klaus and stefan to damon and elena in 1×11? wtf?

    campelling moments: damon first, then stefan? no sabbing himself? no yelling NOOO! to klaus after so much struggle? because in the moment when stefan yelled no, a very compelling piece of music started to play, and you praise music in the first part of recap.

    sorry if i’m rude, but i am soooo sick of damon and double standards due to majority of fanbase. sooo sick and angry and sad.

    p.s. paul wesley is the best actor on TVD

  • Aishaluvsaunts

    Why would he unstrap himself , he did it for a reason.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, I didn´t know that and btw – I´m from  Germany ;)

  • guest

    Rude much? Sorry but double standards are in the works from all fanbases. Paul is a good actor, no doubt but so are the rest of them!!!

  • Steph

    I’m totally thinking that at some point Klaus had to make a choice… whether he was with the original witch and left her for the doppleganger, thus making the witch angry and cursing her… OR… Klaus had to make the decision between becoming a hybrid and his love of the original doppleganger, and when he choose hybrid, the witch used the doppleganger as a reminder of what he gave up.

    Either way, both scenarios over time would probably make him hate himself, hate the doppleganger, and feel very very lonely.

    Then again, with TVD, once you think one thing, its quickly shown to be wrong wrong wrong!

    Isn’t it funny how once Elena is with one brother, you want her with the other, and vice versa ? When she was with Stefan I wanted her with Damon.. now that Stefan’s all bad I want her with him! hahaha. Its like every love triangle ever…or maybe I’m attracted to bad boys.

    Compelling moment for me: when Stefan fought the compulsion!! and when he screamed” NO!” at Klaus. omg.

    Also, Damon vowing to never leave Elena again.. and Stefan walking in all douchey. LOVEEEE.. the tables have turned!

    Does anyone else want Elena to gain some sort of superpowers? I know the ones in the books were kind of lame.. the wing powers…and I know its important to have her human to show her vulnerability..but it would be cool to see something in her change one day.

  • Anonymous

    This doesn’t have much to do with last episode but when they were preparing the tricks I wondered if students in the USA really do so many tricks. TV series often go over the top. Where I live the students do these tricks one year and the next (100) years no one’s allowed to do that anymore because the students this year did too much. I hope you understand what I mean?

  • Emma Johansson

    Yeah, but what were the consequences for Jeremy? Matt gained the same ability as Jeremy and he wasn’t killed by supernatural or brought back in a supernatural way.

  • Emma Johansson

    Oops, logged in with the wrong account… :P I am Emmsi as well!

  • Deishizzle13

    I bet it had something to do with not being killed supernaturally. All those you mentioned who were killed before died for supernatural reasons. Jeremy and matt just died naturally without any super powers or magic.

  • Guest

    You’re so sick, angry and sad that fans of the show all feel differently about who their favorite characters are? People. Say it with me. The show is not real.

  • Mary

    I felt so bad for Klaus as well. Couldn’t help it :) Joseph Morgan does so awesome in this role. One thing I would like to point out, with feeling sorry for him, is there nothing more ‘human’ than not wanting to be alone. Humanity is, and has always been, everything to this show. Now seeing Klaus display this, wow. He feels alone even having his ‘original’ sister with him.
    Seabstian is great. He was amazing on Supernatural last season, glad to see him back, and back on another of my favorite shows.

  • Kiki

    Well I live in Germany and believe me we did tricks worse than that

  • Tania Rahman

    Haven’t seen Homecoming yet. We know next to nothing about the Original Petrova, except that her blood was used to bind Klaus werewolf side, she probably turned up much later in the equation. We know that Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah’s mother was the Original Witch. Katherine tells Elena in series two, the curse was bound by the sacrifice of Petrova blood, and a doppleganger was created as  a way to undo the spell, but we have seen witches use their own blood to seal spells, what if Original Petrova was RELATED to the Orignal Family some how, a blood relative. Just a theory

  • Tania Rahman

    I think that Rebekah and Klaus are really one dimensional, shallow characters. Klaus is supposed to be an all powerful, wolf – vamp hybrid, but his entire life revolves around a) breaking the curse and b) now learning that he needs to keep Elena alive to create hybrids. Rebekah is, at the moment a cheap Katherine wannabe, in love with Stefan (what a surprise) so she wants Elena out of the way. Klaus was perfectly willing to bash Elena around, until he realised that he needed her blood to create hybrids. Nice trick Mother Original, but when on earth did the poor original Petrova get tangled up with the First Family, because now it looks as though Rebekah knew her as wel.

  • Tiaserena

    I think it’s even foggier how a little girl like her pulled a big guy like Matt from the pool. Have you ever tried? It’s incredibly hard to pull an inconcious body from the water… Not to mention she would need to swim with to the border, leave him drifting while SHE got out of the pool before pulling HIM out… No wonder they did not show it. Or maybe she has enough “ju ju” to float him out of the pool, just not enough to bring him back to life.

  • Tiaserena

    The only reason I can think of is because Vicky was trying to contact him too.

  • Tiaserena

    About Stefan stacking himself, and Rebekah skewering him earlier… Was I the only one who noticed the incredible regenerative properties if HIS SHIRT????

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